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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Pakenham!

We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Pakenham Golf Club
Oaktree Drive
Pakenham, VIC  3810
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Hi There Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hi to all, just a reminder that next week, there is no meeting at Pakenham.  Bunyip/Garfield are catering for our club at their Bunyip/Garfield Bowls Night and they need to know numbers for attendance.  Can you please let them know as soon as possible.
Regards Lyn Squires
Presidents Report 10 th January 2017
Happy New Year to all of you and I hope the Christmas/New Year was a lot of fun
Now back to reality with the new 2017 Rotary Year upon us
Our first meeting back was very informative with Grant Austen showing us how to operate the Clubrunner
system that we are using
This system as most of the Rotarians noted, was how user friendly it is
Grant by the way has done a great job with the Website and is always updating and organising the same
He would like to know if any member would be able to supply a better photo for the masthead
The present one that most of you would notice when you logged in is of a group of houses in Lakeside, so
something more appropriate would be great. Send in your ideas to grant via email if possible
Roger along with D.I.K. asked for help in collecting various exercise books/pens/pencils etc for our Balibo
project. Many thanks to Wal, as he had been to Aldi and got a huge amount, also thanks to Noel for
helping me as we spent all day yesterday depleting all the available stock in Pakenham. So we look like we
will be able to send quite a lot to fill the container when we find out how much has been sourced by the
other clubs
Sam’s ticket gave him the chance to have a go at Jokers Wild yet once again and much laughter prevailed
as Grant tried to rip him off with his own ticket...
No final figure on the Trailer Raffle but according to Tim A he is sure we have gone over the previous
year’s total. Rotarians and Inner Wheel members should pat themselves on the back for such a fantastic
effort. Great to see the two clubs working so closely together.
Don’t forget the BBQ on Saturday. Volunteers need to be at the shed at 9.30 to go to Windermere Blvd
which is the shopping centre opposite the Golf Club The BBQ is in the park on the left just up the hill past
We had a few sniffles when reading the email from Michelle to do with the Balibo Project. We saw photos
of the two wheelchairs we sent via D.I.K. To think these children haven’t been mobile since birth and now
can get around of their own volition is extraordinary
That’s all from me this week and look forward to next week’s meeting. Our guest speaker is to be DAVID
Farrelly from Neighbourhood Watch, so that should be interesting
Till then
Yours in Rotary
Lyn B
Remember the Wheel Chairs,
Back in September of 2016 we ran the story of the young girl in Balibo who desperately needed a wheel chair and how through Donations In Kind we were able to ship several Wheel Chairs along with other things in a Container.
Well the container arrived and the wheel chairs were delivered.
The E-Mail that was received in part says
A wonderful day today with delivery of wheelchairs to Cecilia and Sr Johannes. Both were over the moon. We took Cecilia to Balibo hospital so that the Doctor could fit her for the chair and explain it's workings to her mother. She didn't want me to take her home and made her mum wheel her 5kms home so she could take in the sights. I don't know if you realise but she is carried everywhere by her mum or cushioned between 2 people on a motorcycle for long distance travel. 
I was so overwhelmed with emotion.  She radiated so much joy that can't be captured in a photo. People gathered around and were so happy for her. Rotary has given so much joy not only to Cecilia but her family and friends.
And we have pictures as well......Check out the Photo Gallery by clicking here PhotoAlbums/wheel-chairs-by-donations-in-kind
Hi Greg

My Weekly Report from the last two weeks:

On Friday the ninth of December, I went to our third and last Rotary Camp at Forest Edge. It was really good to see all the people again and it was weird to see how excited the outbounds were, because I can exactly remember how excited I was and now almost half of my exchange is over.
So we had as in all weekends lots of fun and we talked a lot, ate a lot and good and went for a bushwalk.
On Sunday after all the Outbounds left with their parents, the Inbounds packed our two Minibuses and started driving to Geelong. The first night we stayed in Cabins at the Caravan Park there. For dinner, we went to the local Pub and had a chicken parmagiano and for Breakfast, we cooked some scrambled eggs and bacon.
Then we had a swim at the beach there and after lunch, we drove off to Apollo Bay where we stayed the rest of the nights. After we arrived there, we went into the water again and after dinner, we enjoyed the sunset during a little walk at the beach.
On Tuesday we went to see the twelve Apostels and we had our Photosession with our flags. There were a lot of Asian people and it was really funny, because they all wanted a Photo with us and our flags.
Because we spent pretty much all day in the Bus, I and a few others went for a run along the beach, but we walked almost the whole way.
On Wednesday, we went to see some Parrots and after we fed them, they were flying on our head, shoulders and backpacks. After driving a little bit up a dirt road, we saw a koala which was sleeping in the tree and on our way back, there was another one, climbing down a tree.
For the afternoon, we all rented a surfboard or a Buggieboard and we tried to surf but it was my first time on a Surfboard and the waves were really bad so I wasn’t successful at all.
But on Thursday morning we got up really early and we tried it again and I could knee a couple a times which isn’t too bad for the first time surfing without a teacher or someone who can show you what you have to do.
Then we had our last Breakfast with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, tinned spaghetti, beans, toast, cacaopops, pancakes, and the rest hamburgers and sausages of Wednesday evening and after we packed up, we headed back home.
But because my hostfamily was staying in Melbourne for Thursday night, I was away for one night more and we went to see the Myers windows, had dinner in Chinatown and had a look at the Christmaslights.

It was a really good trip and I can’t wait to the ride to conference where we are all Inbounds together again.

Last Saturday, I went to stay with Bronwyn and Tim for a few days and I was there for their big family christmas party with 40 people. It was so noisy, but I enjoyed it a lot, because I met so many people and the food was good as well.

The last two days, I spent with backing cookies and muffins for Christmas and I think I’ve already eaten half of it.

Merry Christmas
Presidents Report                        13th December
Hi to everyone, where has this year gone. I know we hear it all the time but this year seems to have
galloped along and we are nearing 2017
Last Tuesday,we welcomed Gordon Sampson from KWP/LL and Neil Lucas along with Rhonda O’Connor as
guests of our Club
Rhonda and Neil both gave us a very information talk on the new Cancer/Heart Centre to be opened in
Berwick. The schedule is going according to plan and they both spoke of the options patients will have
The oncology unit is already up and running, and helping people from the area as well This is a huge
benefit whereas before there was the long trek into the city and such
So glad everyone is getting behind Helen with the Trailer Raffle Roster. It is such a huge job and I do hope
Helen knows how much our club appreciates her input. If you haven’t put your name down there is still
time and every little helps.
After a short Board Meeting it was decided along with Sandy that she will only take on the role of
President Elect for the year 2017/2018. Many thanks for that Sandy and I know you will enjoy the Role
with a view to being President in 2018/2019
That leaves the Club with a dilemma as we need a Secretary to help Greg in his year as President
2017/2018. This is a challenging role to say the least but there is a Rotarian our there who would fill the
shoes well, we will be talking to you in a little while. Also our current Secretary Peter van Diemen will
definitely be there for training and guidance.
Needless to say there is not a lot of extra for me to say this week, only remember the Xmas Break-up at
the “Cardy Pub” on Tuesday 20 th . Booked 6.30pm
Catch you on Tuesday
Letter received Eade Calderwood  Pakenham Racing Club.
Hi Peter
Now the dust has settled (literally & physically), just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the wonderful support by Ian & you and the Rotary Team on Saturday.
Dealing with your designated buggy drivers was an absolute pleasure and I could not have wished to have a more pleasant group of volunteers to assist. They were great with our customers, drove very safely, assisted when we needed to change travel routes, and patient when I needed to make calls on the run.
Given the overwhelming success of the car park shuttle concept, we have already booked in more buggies for next year (2x6 seaters and 6x 4 seaters)
Can you please earmark a repeat of the same next year with 8 drivers in two shifts (maybe a slightly earlier start time).
I will be processing the December Community Grants funding meeting next week, so look forward to allocating and banking your funds before Christmas.
PS: Would be great if you or Ian could pen a few words to us on how you found the day and any improvements you would recommend for next year.
The Rotary club of Pakenham along with Pakenham Racing Club would like to invite all District 9820 clubs to attend a night at the races, to celebrate the Rotary foundation Centenary.
Pakenham Race Club has donated the feature race to Rotary (eg. Rotary Foundation Centenary Handicap) , free entry to the meeting and the use of the Skyline Suite exclusively.
The Skyline Suite can seat up to 220 people and has captivating views that showcase the home straight and surroundings.
A two course meal will consist of a set Entree and a choice of two mains from their fantastic Platinum menu.  Drinks will be at bar prices. 
Cost: $65 per person 
Date: 9th March 2017
Time: 6pm-9pm
RSVP and Payment: 24th February 2017
This is a non- profit event but the amount of advertising through Racing Victoria will showcase Rotary around Australia and overseas.
Pakenham Racing Club is also offering for any club or individual to name their  own race.  This would include naming rights and a table of 10 in the Skyline at a cost of $1500.00.
To book for this fantastic night racing you can go directly to the Pakenham Racing Club web site or use the link on the Pakenham Rotary web site.   
The Rotary club of Pakenham will be in contact with each club early in the New Year to pass on a flyer for your club and more information.   Looking  forward to a great celebration of the Foundation Centenary and a night of fellowship.
Click on the Link Below to get to Pakenham race Club to book tickets