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3 Weeks To Go !!!!!!!!!!


20 Days To Go !!!!!!!!!!


Presidents Report                                                                                                                 27th September.2016
Hi to everyone, well what another great week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham
I believe the joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Berwick went off well albeit quite a few of our Rotarians, me included were unable to attend due to this nasty Bronchitis that has taken a few of us down. Not for the count though as we are mostly up and feeling better. Caz Walsh has really had a bad trot though so our best wishes Caz
Goran was present at the Joint meeting with Berwick last Wednesday night. They talked about the Balibo project, in Timor Leste, which we were a part of along with the Berwick Port Melbourne and Cranbourne Rotary Clubs, These clubs along with our initial donation of $3000 and the help of equipment supplied by DIK, provided building and fitting out a Dental Clinic. Now we are involved in a joint matching grant to be able to achieve more funding for more projects such as Computers and Sporting equipment for the various kinders, primary and secondary schools in the area. Goran also mentioned how interesting it was to learn more about Rotary from a different club and to see how Rotary Clubs work together and their shared vision. He also mentioned Roger was fined for his love of 10ply tissue..I guess you had to be there.
Roger gave his report on behalf of the Car Show Committee so we will need to make the 13th November a huge success, so keep the date free for an all club member to be involved on the day. We will need quite a few people on the ground from the both clubs including manning 3 BBQ’s. The gates, parking etc.Rosters will be sent around next week.
Greg was informing us about our plans for our Indian friends visiting next year from the Rotary Club of Poona Downtown. They will be starting with a few days being hosted by our club and then off to Conference. If you are able to host any of the visiting Indian Rotarians please inform Greg as we need as many homes as we can
Jokers wild went off with a very late ticket purchase from Roger but thankfully he didn’t pull out the Joker, bad luck Roger, so it will jackpot again till next week.
Greg was telling us of the BBQ we held at Lakeside, purely to help out the “Fish for Life” day to support kids with Cancer. The weather was pretty awful but this didn’t deter the winner who reeled in a 44cm fish. Not a bad effort .
Peter Rowlands advised the second of the two Shopping tour days on the 6th November has been cancelled due to a lack of support.  I do hope the Rotary Club members and if possible the Inner Wheel club of Pakenham will get behind us with the remaining Shopping Tour to he held on 5th November as the numbers for this day are coming in very slowly. Many thanks to Caz for all her work on organising this outing and please let’s get behind her and to  support the Clubs fundraising efforts.
Good luck to Peter Rowlands for a couple of hospital visits he will be having over the next week or so
I do hope you all have a great week and along with Noel can I say “GO DOGGIES”
Lyn B
Have a great week
Lyn B

Fish for Life BBQ Support
The ”Fish for Life” kids Fishing day was a great success with over a hundred fish being caught on the day. The largest being a Rainbow Trout 44 centimeters long.
It’s Spring Time! The weather should be getting warmer and the birds should be singing.
But the winter chills have caught up with our President Lyn, and quite a few other Rotarians are feeling under the weather.
A good rest and relaxation are the best remedies. So please all rest and all get well so you can make it to our next meeting.

Annual General Meeting:
Our club Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th November as part of our regular meeting.
The election of President Elect (to be President 2018-19), President Elect Designate (2019-20), Secretary (2017-18)
and Treasurer (2017-18) will be decided at this meeting.
This weeks joke
A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old canons and laws of the church by hand.
He notices, however, that all of the monks are copying from copies, not from the original manuscript. So, the new monk goes to the old Abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up! In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies.
This an extract from the Rotary Club of Berwick re our combined meeting on Wednesday 21st of September 2016
A great meeting with members and partners from the Rotary Club of Pakenham joining us.  A fantastic way to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. 
David Dippie from Donations In Kind (DIK) spoke about the Balibo Project Partnership.  The clubs in this project are Berwick, Carlton, Keilor, Pakenham and Port Melbourne. 
Geoff presenting Roger Thornton with a Service Above Self award for 12 hour on the toilet at Balibo.
Hi Roger, we are also trying to source a wheelchair for a 12 y.o mentally and physically disabled girl. Her only mode of transport is being carried by her mother. She came to our attention through the Dental Clinic as she lives in one of Balibo's outlying villages. Should I be contacting Daryl in Dili or is this an appropriate channel? Regards Michele
We sourced a few and the pink one looks to be adjustable 😄
We organised for it to be shipped and got the following response.
Bonoite Roger,
Thank you so much for your help and support. This chair will give Cecilia a better quality of life. She spends all day either being carried by her mum or laying on the floor which is also her bed day after day. I am so grateful for your assistance.   It breaks my heart to see this type of thing but knowing through the generosity of others we can make a difference restores my faith in humanity. My profuse thanks and appreciation.  Kind regards Michele
Rotary at Work and doesn't it make us all very proud...........

Presidents Report                                                                                                                  13th September.2016
Another hectic night at the Rotary Club meeting, welcoming David once again
We also welcomed Pam and Fiona from the Council initiative “Together We Can”   The girls talked about Family violence in the community and it was extremely scary as to the number of families having terrible trouble with violence in the home.  One of the statistics in Cardinia Shire is that there is a violent incident relating to some form of family trauma every 75 minutes. As you can see there is definitely the need for this program to be introduced. Children are most affected when there is violence in the home and it is evident in the way a lot of these children treat other children at school in the classroom and the playground. They are copying what they see at home and there is a definite need for education both with the parents and the family as a whole.  Of course there is also the need for intervention with police and community groups when a family structure breaks down. Initially it may be that the mother and children need a safe house for a time.  The push at this time is to get the mother and children back into the family home and with monitoring by police and other authorities they can at least feel safer with the male not given access.
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Geoff Young
Trevor Bailey came to the club to give us a matching speaker to the one he gave us last year. A big thank you to Trevor and now we may be able to get some of the more technical members to sort out the sound system at last.
There is no meeting at the golf Club on Tuesday as we are joining Berwick Club for a combined meeting to learn more about the Rotary Foundation Grant on behalf of the Balibo Project Partnership.
Please make sure we have a good turnout from our Rotary Club
Have a great week
Lyn B
Presidents Report                                                                                                                  6th September.2016
Club Service on Tuesday was again a fantastic meeting with all Rotarians having input in some form or other
We welcomed Vicky Perera back into our Rotary Club after a nine months spell
Tony Murray from Bunyip Garfield gave us a quick overview of the Pakenham/Bunyip/Garfield Car Show to be held on 13th November
Wakies dance made a good profit once again, well done Ian
Caz tabled the Community Service Committee report whilst Goran and Geoff Y spoke about International and Youth respectively. Copies of these reports can be emailed if requested.
Geoff advised the annual “Mock Interviews” went well at the Secondary College on Friday, Marta was particularly impressed
Marta made a presentation to the club regarding what she and Sandy have been doing with regard to membership. The couple have been working and from the sound of it have lots of new and exciting ideas. This is exactly what we need and not to be patronising but please encourage them if they need anything from any of you
Ian Wake along with George Blenkhorn has been talking about getting a market up and running at the “Footy” ground. This now seems to be viable as the Football Club is opting out of the first and third Sundays. This is a great opportunity for our Rotary Club to pull together as a team and support this venture. George is looking into it more extensively and will report back to the club at his earliest.
Sergeant George was up to his tricks taking over from Ken in his absence and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Peter van Diemen
Suggestions were made to have more community based projects and I personally would like to give the Baptist Church who runs the food van a bit of help in their setting up etc. I would like to pass this to Peter Rowlands, Chairman of Community for him to discuss with his team and eventually involving the Rotary Club as a whole.
Next week’s meeting our speaker is Pam Martin from a company we supported on their opening day “Together We Can”
Have a great week
Lyn B
As the old song says “oh what a night” It surely was, “The newbies” headed by Caz Walsh and Ian Venables took us on a journey, last Tuesday night 
We arrived at the Golf Course and were treated to some delicious nibbles.


Caz, Ian and their team were selling Raffle tickets and also handing out Lucky Dip prizes to quite a few of the party

From the Golf Course we carpooled and headed off to the Cardinia Club for a delicious meal and were well looked after by the manager Luke.

Again there were lucky dip prizes and wine all organised by the “A” Team

Once again we were on the road, and this time we arrived at “Club Officer” where we enjoyed fantastic desserts, with the last of the Lucky Dips and the drawing of the various Raffle prizes.



I overheard lots of laughter when some of the party opened their “Lucky Dip” prizes

A huge “Thank You” to Caz for her exceptional effort in getting this the “Inaugural Progressive Dinner” off the ground. (are you up to it Caz???) Ian, David, we couldn’t have done it without you and many thanks to all the other members for their support. 

Have a great week and remember our Club Service meeting on Tuesday 6th Sept. 

 Lyn B