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We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Pakenham Golf Club
Oaktree Drive
Pakenham, VIC  3810
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Presidents Report
The Rotary meeting for 16th August was a huge meeting
 Rosa gave a short talk about her week and is now staying with the Venables family. This will be great for Rosa as there are children her age and younger in the household.
Rosa has told us of the definite No No’s relating to her stay in OZ. which are, No Driving, No Drinking, No Drugs and No Dating. There are two more that have had to be added to the list No Tattoos or Piercings.
After a meeting attended by Bronwyn Mepstead who along with myself is Rosa’s counsellor, she advised us of some of the issues that Exchange Students have to deal with.
The main one is respect and we as Rotarians need to take care of our language as these students are young and vulnerable. Another thing is their mobile phone use and they have been told NO Mobile Phones at meetings and yet they see other Rotarians using their phones so a bit confusing to them about our double standards. Everyone needs to be polite and courteous to each other. We will be conducting a more intensive session about this important issue at Club Service.
Our guest this week was Mark Fawcett based at the Cardinia Cultural Centre in Lakeside. What an impressive presentation about CCC in the present and the future aspirations for this venue in the not too distant timeline
Mark brings to Cardinia a wealth of experience in his working life. Working in theatre in London and many venues in Australia from Mackay in Qld to Melbourne to now his tenure with the CCC
A reminder, about our Partners Night on the 30th August. Don’t forget to bring your partners as we are set to have a fantastic night and many thanks to the “Newbies” for organising this event. We also are planning a great weekend away in Nagambie on the 9th September. 21st September is a combined meeting with Rotary Club of Berwick, more on that later
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Lyn S – second time not lucky.
All our best to Helen van Diemen with her struggle at the moment we are all wishing you well.
Next week’s meeting is to be our Service Committee meetings (Firesides) and all Chairman need to allocate a committee member to take minutes to be sent to Peter van Diemen for presentation to the next meeting on 6th September
Have a great week
Lyn B


As planned for our big cook up everything when to plan A
The day began at 7.30Am at the shed where the BBQ trailers were cleaned and ready to go. Thank you again David. We arrived at the  Pakenham Culture Centre and set up ready to cook at 8.30AM. The weather look very onimus, so we took extra precautions to make sure we stayed dry. We had 10 Rotarians and 2 Rotary supporters there and we cooked the   550 Lamb chops, 550 Burgers and 1,100 Sausage just in time to be platted up 12.15PM. The massive wind storm missed us, but the rain started settling in.
Ken Rook was invited to give an insight about Rotary at the event, which I believe was well received. 
BBQ Organizer,   Greg Peck,

Presidents Report
The Rotary meeting for 9th August went off again without a hitch.  Rosa gave a short talk about her week and was pretty happy with “Fish” for taking her to the MCG. They went to watch the Saints. I guess there is always a down side to things. Rosa was really impressed with eating in the dining room and when I asked her did she have a “Pie”, she said she sure did, with a huge grin as I expect a few people had already asked her the same question.
Wakie gave a report on his dance last Saturday and said the numbers were down a bit but who can blame people for not coming out on these cold evenings. Many thanks to his helpers as we were stretched with both the dance and the Deb Balls
Geoff J gave his report on the previous Friday and Saturday night Debutante Balls. They were a huge success and as a guest I was truly honoured to be representing our club. Noel and I along with Sue & George Blenkhorn on the Friday night and our Mayor Jodie Owen on Saturday night were the official party for the Debs to be presented. It always amazes me to see the boys and girls in their street clothes at rehearsals and then to see them morph into these amazing looking young confident people. It is a credit to Geoff and his team, (namely Marta, Caz, Goran, Greg, David and even Wakie got into the action helping out at rehearsals) for all their hard work over the previous 10 weeks. Marta and Caz, the Cultural Centre Ballroom looked a picture. The tables were gorgeous with the balloons and roses. Again thank you to Henry, Bill and their team for dismantling the stage etc., at the end of the evening.
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Wal.
All our best to Helen van Diemen with her struggle at the moment we are all wishing you well.
Next week’s meeting we have as our guest Mark Fawcett from the Cultural Centre with Wakie as Chair.
Lyn B