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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Pakenham!

We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Pakenham Golf Club
Oaktree Drive
Pakenham, VIC  3810
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PRESIDENT'S REPORT                                               13TH JUNE 2017
An interesting evening at Rotary last Tuesday with our special guests, George and Sue Blenkhorn giving us a power
point presentation on their recent visit to Iran

A little bit about Iran
Iran is home to one of the world's oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating
back to 7000 BC.[1] The south-western and western part of the Iranian Plateau participated in the traditional Ancient
Near East with Elam, from the Early Bronze Age, and later with various other peoples, such as the Kassites, Mannaeans,
and Gutians. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel names the Persians as the first Historical People. [2] The Medes unified
Iran as a nation and empire in 625 BC.[3] The Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC), founded by Cyrus the Great, was the
first of the Persian empires to rule from the Balkans to North Africa and also Central Asia, spanning three continents,
from their seat of power in Persis (Persepolis). It was the largest empire yet seen and the first world empire. [4] The
First Persian Empire was the only civilization in all of history to connect over 40% of the global population, accounting
for approximately 49.4 million of the world's 112.4 million people in around 480 BC. [5] They were succeeded by the
Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian Empires, who successively governed Iran for almost 1000 years and made Iran once
again as a leading power in the world. Persia's arch-rival was the Roman Empire and its successor, the Byzantine

The Persian Empire proper begins in the Iron Age, following the influx of Iranian peoples. Iranian people gave rise to the
Medes, the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empires of classical antiquity.

Once a major empire of superpower proportions, [6] [7] having conquered far and wide, Iran has endured invasions
too, by the Greeks, Arabs, Turks, and the Mongols. Iran has continually reasserted its national identity throughout the
centuries and has developed as a distinct political and cultural entity.

The Muslim conquest of Persia (633–656) ended the Sasanian Empire and was a turning point in Iranian history.
Islamization of Iran took place during the eighth to tenth centuries and led to the eventual decline of Zoroastrianism in
Iran as well as many of its dependencies. However, the achievements of the previous Persian civilizations were not lost,
but were to a great extent absorbed by the new Islamic polity and civilization.

Iran, with its long history of early cultures and empires, had suffered particularly hard during the late Middle Ages and
the early modern period. Many invasions of nomadic tribes, whose leaders became rulers in this country, affected it

Iran was once again reunified as an independent state in 1501 by the Safavid dynasty, which converted Iran to Shia
Islam as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in the history of
Islam. Functioning again as a leading power, this time amongst the neighbouring Ottoman Empire, their arch-rival
for centuries, Iran had been a monarchy ruled by an emperor almost without interruption from 1501 until the 1979
Iranian Revolution, when Iran officially became an Islamic republic on April 1, 1979.
Over the course of the first half of the 19th century Iran lost many of its territories in the Caucasus (which it had been
ruling intermittently encompassed for millennia), comprising modern-day Eastern Georgia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan,
and Armenia, to its rapidly expanding and emerged neighbouring rival the Russian Empire, following the Russo-Persian
Wars between 1804–13 and 1826–8.

George and Sue also mentioned how friendly the people were and that they a fantastic experience considering that Sue
wasn’t all that keen in the beginning to travel to Iran

The deb Balls are going along as expected with the first of the training sessions commencing tonite. Please check the
Roster sent out by Geoff Janssen.
Make sure if you are unable to attend on your rostered time that you swap with another fellow Rotarian on the Roster.

Have a great week.

President Lyn
Last Tuesday’s service meeting was well attended.
Peter Rowlands and Geoff Young gave their last candid unedited reports. Roger gave us an update on progress in Timor-Leste on the Balibo project. Their full edited reports will be in our Annul Report handed out at the Presidents change over meeting to be held on the 27 of this month. 
George spoke about the Rotary Foundation’s Centennial Celebration Dinner held last week. The Centennial Celebration Dinner hoped that a target of one million would be raised with donations and bequests. George informed us that a staggering $5 Million was pledged. (I am sure I heard that correctly) George also spoke about Rotary’s on going commitment to the eradication of Polio which has almost been accomplished. The Rotary Foundation has been rated overall 97.87% exceptional, which “exceeds industry standards” according to Charity Navigator’s assessment.
Ian Wake is organizing the next Community Dance which will be the Annual Ball. He has two bands playing so it is going to be a night to remember. The bowl scan kits have all be sorted out.
Geoff Janssen has the Debutant Ball well in hand. He is having a third registration night this Sunday.
Terry Williams has taken on membership and gave us an update on district membership. The total district’s membership is about the same as last year .
I am going to start taking notes from the next meeting, so I can recall more accurately in my future reports.
Congratulations and bad luck Michael for not picking the elusive Joker.
That’s about it for now.
P.E. Greg.
Presidents Report                                                                 30th May

We had a truly fantastic Rotary Meeting with Goran Galic taking over the Golf Club for an unusual evening

We had a “Murder Mystery” night with all the Rotarians dressed to kill in Hippie Gear which was the theme
for the evening

Along with the host who firstly served as the “Guru” and then became the Detective, he hosted a very
funny evening with our demure Erica Peck as the “Murderess”

Yours truly received choccies for picking the “Murderer” George Blenkhorn also received choccies for the
best theatrical death scene the detective (host) had seen.

The star of the show though was Marlon Galic dress as a “Bag Lady” as was her character for the night.
What a show stopper she was and also received choccies.

Goran many thanks for organising the night and a suggestion that we have this event every year

Rotarian and Partners had such a great time I think the general consensus was that we definitely host one
of these nights in the new Rotary Year

My year is coming to a close so there are a lot of preparations behind the scenes in organising our
Changeover on the 27th June

Geoff Janssen will need help with the Deb Balls training nights and he is organising a roster, so please be
available to help if you can

That’s all from me this week, till our Club Service Night on Tuesday.

President Lyn
OK, so last night we had our Murder Mystery Night and a great time was had by all that attended.
We need to give a big thank you to Goran and Marlon for the effort they put in to organize the evening,
It was wonderful to see everyone get into the spirit of the evening and dress up appropriate to their characters and we could not let the fabulous death scene played by our beloved George go without being mentioned.  I have never seen someone take so long to die and then to see him squirm at the mention of an autopsy was strange to say the least.
One has to wonder if it is true that some of our leaders were actual very carefully type cast, but hey will leave it to you to work that one out.
If you want to see pictures of the night then log on and go to the members only pictures under the photo gallery menu but be warned we cannot be held responsible for what happens when you look at these pictures.......
Once again it was a great night and to those that missed all we can say is bad luck you missed a great night....
And once again well done Goran and Marlon......