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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Pakenham!

We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Pakenham Golf Club
Oaktree Drive
Pakenham, VIC  3810
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Hi Greg

here is my weekly report:

Last Thursday started very exciting the Basketball season in school and we went down to Philip Island to verse Newhavencollege. In our Basketballteam we are ten players and at least half of them play basketball outside of school so we started very good in the game. Then the "beginners" came in the game and the coach told us that we should just try because we were winning so high. I even got two free shots and it even went in the basket, but it didn't counted because I stepped over the line. But it was so much fun and I talked to a lot of other people I've never seen before.
Also on Friday, we didn't had normal school because we had swimming carnival. I swam three times, two times I had to swim in the under 21 instead of under 17 because a lot of people didn't wanted to swim. But I came second in one race so I got a Ribbon to put on my Blazer. On Friday night, we had a family dinner where I met all the children and grandkids of Bill and Margaret.
On Saturday morning, when I got up, Margaret was already preparing Scones and a bit later, two friends came and we had beautiful Scones for breakfast. Then Margaret dropped me off at Tim and Bronwyns house where I helped cleaning a bit for their big party on Sunday. I stayed there over night and after the last preparations, the first people arrived. We had a lot of food, cakes and slices and I enjoyed it just to talk to all the different people and to see all the family again.
On Monday in school at lunchtime we had again Basketballtraining and on Monday night venturers. There we did Masterchef where we had three groups and we had to cook a entre, a main and a desert - on a hiking stove.
My group did chicken noodle soup, risotto and chocolate pudding which didn't really worked, but we just covered it with a lot of chocolate sauce and it still tasted good. It was a lot of fun and in the end we just went all around with a fork and tried all the other menus.
On Tuesday night, I did all my homework in PE (sport) because I had to learn all the different important bones and joints. I was really happy that I got it all done, but on Wednesday we got all the important muscles and some more anatomical terms to learn. But I find it quite interesting so it isn't too bad. Yesterday night I went to the meeting in Garfield where I got my first sponsors for the bikeride and I get more and more excited about it and I can't wait until it starts!!!

This was my week, I hope I didn't forget anything ;)
Macular Degeneration (MD) - Australia’s Leading cause of blindness
Donna Hendry senior education officer from the Macular Disease Foundation Australia outlined the
importance of eye health to Pakenham and Bunyip/Garfield Rotary clubs at a joint meeting on
Wednesday 15 th February. The meeting was well attended by Pakenham Rotary.
Although there is no cure for MD, there are treatments that slow down its progress. Early detection
of the problem is vital and it is important that older Australian’s have their eyes tested every year.
MD begins in the back of the eye when the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) breaks down. The RPE
is like a “garbage collection system” it breaks down the waste products from the retina. When it
does not work fatty deposits build up and these can be seen as yellow spots by a professional eye
Reduce the risk
 Have a yearly eye test and make sure the macula is checked
 Don’t’ smoke
 Keep a healthy lifestyle, control weight and exercise regularly
 Eat a healthy well- balanced diet
 Eat fish two to three times a week, dark leafy vegetables, nuts and fresh fruit daily. Limit fats
and oils
 Use an ‘Amsler Grid’ daily to check for symptoms of MD (Grid below)
Cover one eye, focus on centre dot. If lines are not straight or centre dot is blurred or missing
have your eyes checked!
 Provide adequate protection for your eyes from sunlight exposure
Rotary Foundation Centenary Feature Race Evening
The Members of the Rotary Club of Pakenham Invite You & Your Guests
to Attend a Twilight Meeting
at the Pakenham Races
TIME:  6-9PM
COST:  $65.00 PER PERSON     Includes Entry to the Racecourse plus
                                                                   2 Course Dinner in the Skyline Dining Room   
 VENUE:  Pakenham Racecourse, 420 Nar Nar Goon – Longwarry
                                                       Road, Tynong VIC 3813   
DRESS:  Neat Casual 
     Please book on line - on the Pakenham  Racecourse Web Site :- 
 Click Here  ----> 
We are Looking for an ICONIC photo.
Yes, that is right we are looking for an iconic photo that truly reflects Pakenham and the surrounds.
So we are running a competition for Rotary members to submit a photo that they think truly reflects Pakenham, past or present, to be used as our banner.
The winner will receive 3 bottles of wine.
So if you have a picture that you think is a winner, login and go to the members only stories for more details.........
Presidents Report     7th February 2017
Last week being Club Service we missed PE Greg, to host the meeting but we managed.

As usual we had some lively discussions and hopefully everyone who had input was satisfied with
the result.

For those of you who weren’t at the meeting the main points for you to take on board are as

Sunday is the Valentine’s Day dance organised by the Bunyip/Garfield details in the Scribe.

Peter Rowlands as Chairman of Community is putting together a team for the Relay for Life on
Friday 24th through to Saturday 25th February. Peter needs a lot of help so please try and help out
even for a couple of hours from 4pm setting up until 12pm next day. You can contact Peter
directly or catch him next week.

We are helping with the Wally Wombat Trail at the Show on the 18th March. As well we are
manning a Rotary Information booth, so please contact Sandy or Tim Mepstead for any details
Bunyip/Garfield’s Golf Day on 1st March.

And last but not least our Rotary Foundation Race Day on 9th March, please book your seats and
even try and get a table organised as this is a big event for the Rotary Club of Pakenham marking
100 years of Rotary Foundation.

Next week we are at Bunyip/Garfield Club of WEDNESDAY 18th Feb for a Macular Disease
presentation so there will not be a meeting at Pakenham.

Till next week,

Lyn B
Hi Greg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This week went over really quick because I did so many different things:

On Thursday, school started again and it was the normal school start. We all had to tell each other a lot about the holidays but nobody was specially excited that school started again.
On Friday, my day was already a bit better because I went to a meeting for the Basketballteam and I was very excited about it.  On Monday, we then had the tryouts which was really good fun and I really enjoyed it and would like to continue with it, but there were a lot of very good girls there who’s place in the team was already almost set, but I still thought that if I don’t get in, I could still go to the Softball or tennis team. But yesterday, I got an email and I just got in the team with a bit of luck (another girl can’t play tomorrow) so tomorrow we will go to newhaven at Philip Island and play against the school there. I’m really happy and a bit proud that I can go and I’m soo excited.
On the weekend, I went on a beachcamp in Rye with Venturers where we had a lot of fun. We were mainly at the beach, jetty jumping, snorkeling, swimming, snorkeling, jetty jumping, swimming and jetty jumping. We also went to the rock pools where we went swimming again and climbing around. We were 12 Venturers and about 7 Leaders and we just all enjoyed the time there with a beautiful weather. On Monday night we had minute to win it night where we did some different games like transport smarties with a straw from one place to the other and the one with the most smarties in one minute won. It was good fun and I actually don’t even know who won.

This was my week and I can’t wait for tomorrow to go and play Basketball.

Have a good week