Presidents Report 15 Dec.

Another busy Rotary week has passed. While we have been enjoying ourselves here at Pakenham, important decisions have been made at a higher Rotary levels such as:-  The Council of Resolutions has adopted 17 resolutions to recommend to RI Board. The RI Board of Directors will consider all resolutions that the Council adopts. There was a wide range of resolutions on varying topics. The first resolution passed was “To request the RI Board to consider recommending that each club have a strategic planning committee.”

For more information and to see all the resolutions go to:-


I have received an email from Janne Speirs who is already putting her team together for next year. PP Carol Crewe from the Rotary Club of Hazelwood has accepted the role of Youth Exchange Chair for District 9820, commencing in July 2018, following the indication by PP John Reeve from the Rotary Club of Peninsula 2.0 that he will not be continuing in this role after the 2017-2018. Carol has suggested that a letter of request for Youth Exchange Committee members be put out to all Clubs in D9820. What they envisage is a Committee including a minimum of one person from each of our seven Clusters. Anyone interested must have a current Working with Children qualification and is hold a current Voluntary Youth Declaration registration. They also need to show commitment to, acceptance of and willingness to work within the procedures and policies of Youth Exchange as directed by Rotary International and the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) which is the program’s overarching governing body in this State. Carol’s desire to ensure that training for the Committee is started as early as possible in 2018. Anyone interested please contact or Carol at by the 20th January 2018 so that training can be undertaken from February.


Oh and lets not forget that Wal was the luck one in the Joker's Wild draw, but of course we all left happy as Wal failed to find the Joker and so the hunt goes on and the prize pool grows.



That’s about it for now,


Regards to all,



President's Report 15th December 2017-12-17 13:00:00Z 0
Once again the Pakenham Rotary Club was volunteering at the Pakenham Cup to transfer people from the Car Park to the gates at the start of the day and then the return journey at the end of the day.  Of course the Rotarian's were well behaved and very courteous and did their job with a smile.
These pictures show just some of the workers going about their job, and to all the volunteers we say thank you.  We also would like to give a big thank you to those who volunteered to help sell the Trailer Raffle tickets at the Races as well.
Pakenham Cup Day 2017-12-17 13:00:00Z 0
Last Week’s Meeting.
In 1967 we hosted Cathy Mitchley, an International Youth Exchange Student from South Africa.  Cathy stayed with Doherty’s, Russo’s, Wilson’s, Elliott’s and Rook’s.  Her Counselor was Roy Armitage.  Gary and Alma Elliott were Cathy’s last host family and have continued to keep in close contact.
In October 2017 Cathy, now Cathy Vorster, came and spoke to our club about her experiences as an exchange student, her life in South Africa and especially the plight of Rhinos.
Last week we were fortunate to have Cathy’s daughter Jessica as our guest speaker.
Jessica started by reading the following letter from Cathy:
Good evening Mr. President, Rotarians and Guests.
Some of you may remember me either from 2 years ago, when I was asked to address you all briefly on the occasion of my visit to Pakenham, or some of you may remember me from being an exchange student in your club 30 years ago, some of you will have never heard of me.
By way of introduction, I have sent my proxy – my daughter Jessica to read this to you as a greeting from South Africa and to express my best wishes to you all for the upcoming Festive Season. 
At the tender age of 18, I landed on he doorstep of Roy Armitage, suitcase in hand, proudly representing my Rotary Club in Newcastle, South Africa, this was 1987.  Politically I wasn’t embraced by all Australians, if you recall our political landscape was a lot different in the 80’s, but I have to say that almost everyone who got to know me at the time, were very supporting and I was embraced into the heart of this wonderful club.
The Pakenham Rotary Club and its very special Rotarians singlehandedly changed the course of my life.  My horizons were broadened by the amount of travel I was fortunate enough to experience during my exchange year, the people that I met along the way provided me with the confidence to represent myself in any situation and I developed an understanding that communication was the one skill that can join cultures, cross political and religious divides, and tolerance to accept those of beliefs and practices.
Fast forward to 2017 and here before you stands my beautiful daughter who decided to retrace my steps and gain some understanding to the stories, the legends and the history of this little Shire that influenced her mother’s life so profoundly – I hope she is doing me some justice.
I feel this is like what is called “paying it forward”.  Jessica has recently qualified with an honours degree as an Advanced Life Practitioner – loosely referred to as a paramedic but with the skills of a fine surgeon.  She’s probably blushing s she is of a very modest nature.  The nature of her work is rather unpleasant as we live in a very violent and sometimes dangerous country and her safety is always at risk.  However, it is the desire to “fix” the world that drives her to be successful in this somewhat risky career path that she has chosen.  I would like to think that her community service is somehow derived from or in a small part due to my relationship with Rotary and the worldwide community work which is the pledge of each Rotarian, to make the world become a better, healthier and safer place.  We have a lot more work to do I’m afraid.
For the sake of time and in closing, I’d like to thank you for your role in changing my life and providing me with the friendships that have stayed with me most of my life.  To the Rook family who I know are still deeply involved with this club, thank you as always for the impact you made in my life and I have make special mention that if it wasn’t for Marcia’s sewing skills, I may have never had any clothes to wear as the generous Australian hospitality was so well received by me that I grew out of my clothes at the rate a 5 year old grows out of shoes.
Finally to the Elliott family who are such an intrinsic part of my life and my own families lives, and have been over the span of 30 years.  Your
kindness, generosity of nature, your warmest of hearts that have kept me dear, have often left me without words, (if you know me that’s an unusual state) but it’s love that we share that has brought my child to your doorstep, with her suitcase in hand and the desire to embrace the Aussie hospitality.
Thank you for your kindness, I hope she behaves herself (but no too much).
Merry Christmas to you all, may you have a prosperous 2018 and if you ever find yourself on the Southern tip of Africa and in need of a place to rest your head, our home is always open and I welcome you one and all. 
I can attest to the fact that South African hospitality is just as good as yours however our exchange rate is very favourable.  Come and enjoy some of our first class wines.
Thank you and good evening, Cathy Vorster.
 Jessica then went on to tell us about her role as a First Responder.  She does not drive an ambulance, she responds alone in a BMX sports car, having reached speeds of 220 k/h on the freeway. On arrival her first task is to assess the safety of the situation and if necessary wait for police back up to arrive.  She than attends to those involved in preparation for the ambulance.   Her training included such things a cliff and mine rescue and helicopter work.
We must commend Jessica for the outstanding and courageous work she is doing.
Last Week''s Meeting 12/12/2017 2017-12-17 13:00:00Z 0
Our President Greg received  the following in an e-mail so if you are interested in attending you will need to let me know by e-mail to no later than noon on Wednesday the 13th of December.
Dear Greg, We will be hosting a tour of the new St John of God Berwick Hospital at Kangan Drive on the evening of 14th December (6.30pm – 8.30pm).
We would like to invite your Pakenham Rotarians members.
Please can you rsvp to me by Wednesday 13th December with the total number of those attending.
Kind Regards Gillian Coyle 
Tour of the new St John of God Berwick Hospital 2017-12-10 13:00:00Z 0
Inner Wheel Invite 2017-12-10 13:00:00Z 0

Presidents Report Dec 10th


Yesterday, Pakenham Race Day, I believe went extremely well with all our commitments being filled. Thank you very much to all who helped organizes and volunteered on the day. Special thanks to Barry Hodge and Caz Walsh who stepped in and helped the day run smoothly. A big thank you also to our Inner Wheel Colleagues who helped make the day a success. Thank you also to everyone who, helped hand out a huge number of candles in the evening supporting Pakenham’s annual ‘Carols by Candle Light’ at Toomuc Reserve.

At Tuesday’s meeting Jim Wilson introduced Senior Sergeant Nathan Prowd, who is heading up a ‘Community Awareness Campaign’ spoke about his commitment to stepping into the wider community. He acknowledged the tidal wave of change in our communities and the changes that have to occur in Policing as we go forward.  Victoria Police, in association with Rotary have established a successful partnership to deliver the Victorian Police Leaders Mentoring Program. Jim Wilson from the Rotary Club of Berwick is Nathan’s mentor. The program is a structured development opportunity that partners a Police member with a Rotary mentor. The aim of the program is to increase understanding of, strategic leadership and community engagement at individual and ultimately at an organisational level.


See :-

Grant missed the elusive Joker, but we are still in the early stages of the game. Geoff Young brought a guest with him Thushari Sumanasekera, I hope she enjoyed the night.

Well that’s all for now.

Regards to all,


Greg Peck

President's Report 10th December 2017 2017-12-10 13:00:00Z 0
There is of course a brand new Hospital which has been built in Berwick and the Pakenham Rotarian's were invited along for a tour before it opens so on the 14th of December a number of Rotarian's went along for a look.
We would like to thank the Hospital for the invitation and hope that all the Rotarian's that attended were on their best behaviour and enjoyed the Tour.  
So here a few pictures of the tour.
And of course someone had to test the bed didn't they.
The Tour of St John of God Hospital 2017-12-09 13:00:00Z 0
Dear Inner Wheel and Rotary friends,
Here is the updated roster for next week which will prove a particularly interesting challenge next Saturday with the Pakenham Cup and Carols by Candlelight requiring assistance as well as the Trailer Raffle being stationed at the Pakenham Cup.
Please do check the roster and please let me know if you may be able to fill one of the empty spots.
Many, many thanks.
Roster Girl Helen
Trailer Raffle as at 3rd of December 2017-12-03 13:00:00Z 0

President Report Dec 2nd

Last week ended with our club cooking sausages at Bourke Park supporting the White Ribbon Family Day. This year’s event focused on children’s voices and experiences in domestic violence situations. Every child has the right to feel safe where they live, learn and play. The theme “Safe Kids – Safe Communities” is I feel a very important issue that needs all the support it can get. Unfortunately for the organizers the numbers were low and we had a surplus of sausages which we donated to the 4C’s Crisis Relief Centre in Pakenham, who gratefully accepted them to distribute to where it needed most.

Last Tuesday we had Haydn Thompson and Rob Nobelius from the Pakenham Golf Club update us on the development happening at the Golf Course. It is a very exciting project that will be a great community asset.



Oh and of course the Jokers Wild did not go off again and Bill was left holding the 6 of Spades, so jackpot increases and we keep looking for that elusive Joker.


On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Minaret College Grade 6 Graduation, where Rotary supported the College by awarding there Community Service Award. We stayed for super and had an interesting talk with the Principal where he talked about the future vision of the school.

The trailer raffle rolls along smoothly, thank you to all those members who have given their time to fill the roster. Only 3 weeks till the draw, so I am looking forward to seeing a full roster.

Last Friday I attended our Melbourne South East District Governor’s Presidents gathering in Narre Warren. We are planning to organize a large fund raising event. Possibly a Cabaret Dinner with The Blues Brothers playing at the new Bunjil Place at Narre Warren. Let me know your thoughts on this. Also there is a possibility to have a movie night at Fountain Gate with a new release film.

Thanks about all for now,


President's Report 2nd December 2017 2017-12-03 13:00:00Z 0
So once again the Rotary Club of Pakenham provided the BBQ facilities for the White Ribbon Walk which was held on Saturday the 25th of November 2017 and the photos below give you some idea of who was there and helped out on the day.
White Ribbon Walk 2017-11-26 13:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report Nov 25 2017.

So many of us take for granted the many opportunities we have to take a holiday and
get away. Being able to take a break and relax is something that helps the soul and
gives families the opportunity to connect. This was highlighted on Tuesday’s meeting by
Rosemary Teed. Rosemary has worked with youth and families throughout her life and
set up a trust called “Magical Getaway Foundation”.
Their mission statement; “To provide hope and lifetime change through a first ever holiday,” sums up their
commitment to community.
Teage Rook (wearing the same shirt as Ken!) has recently
become a board member of the Foundation and supported Rosemary with her
presentation. Rosemary gave everyone her book titled “Your kids need you as a
parent, not a friend” to everyone. The book focuses on practical down-to- earth tips for
parents and carers and the reality that every single child matters.

Sergeant Sam won the Joker’s Wild raffle but the elusive joker is still in the pack.
Near the end of our meeting Allen Davis guest of Past President Lyn Bunce, presented
us with a Banner from his RC of Shipley Yorkshire we of course also presented Allen
behalf of their President John Briggs.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll give a run down on today’s “White Ribbon Day” march
next week.

Regards to all,
Greg Peck.
President's Report 25th November 2017 2017-11-26 13:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report Nov 2nd
Hi All,
Last week at our partner’s night and was also, District Governor Don Ripper’s
official visit. Marta and Geoff Jansen added to the evening with Halloween flair.
Every one enjoyed the evening. Don spoke about the beginnings of Rotary and how
it has progressed to what it is today. The main theme of Don’s talk was the
Importance of attracting new members and how we must stay relevant in our
community. I think Don also gave us a tick (job well done) to the way our rotary club
is progressing and how we are running our club.
I would like to thank Ken Rook and his team again for the organization and running
such a high standard Primary School Public Speaking Competition. We are still
receiving thank you emails from the participating Schools. I think this event
demonstrates how Rotary is remaining relevant in Pakenham and also promotes
confidence and self esteem in our youth.
Being very close to Polio awareness day George Blenkhorn spoke equally as well as
the students about this important Rotary project. George explained that Rotary and
its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative nearly 30 years ago; the
incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000
cases a year to just 37 cases in 2016.
Next week don’t forget, we will be meeting with Bunyip/Garfield Rotary Club at
Garfield Bowling Club.
Well that’s about it for now,
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
For more photos of the DG's visit click on the link here photoalbums/31st-october-dg-s-visit
President's Report 2nd November 2017-11-02 13:00:00Z 0
Dear President Gregory,
Following our very successful ‘2017 Rotary Tour of New Zealand’ we are running a similar Tour again next April.
This year’s tour was limited to Australian Rotarians but next year we have also invited American and Canadians.
We would therefore appreciate your assistance to ensure your Members get to consider this opportunity for ‘International Rotary Fellowship’, as well as to participate in our wonderful ‘Rotary Tour of New Zealand’.
Attached is the brief details and anyone interested should email us to receive the full tour details.
We trust you can ‘mass email’ this to your members, and/or place the attached advert in your Bulletin.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours in Rotary
Peter Hawkins
2018 Tour Coordinator
The Rotary Club of Pakuranga (Inc)
District 9920
New Zealand
Mobile: +6421758478

The Rotary Club of Pakuranga invite you to join The Ultimate

17 Day Rotary Tour of New Zealand  6th – 22nd April, 2018.

Image result for usable pictures of new zealand result for usable pictures of new zealand


The Tour Key points and Highlights are:

  • The Tour includes 4 Rotary fellowship events.

  • The Tour size is limited to 26 persons. (Within a 30/33 seater coach.)

  • Accomodation will be 4 to 5 star and includes all breakfasts.

  • A professional ‘Top Tour Guide’ will travel throughout the Tour.

  • An optional 4 day pre-tour to Northland/Bay of Islands is also offered.

Here are some of the 62 tours/visits, of which all but one is included within the Tour price:

Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, Auckland Sky Tower, 2 hour tour of ‘Hobbiton’, Te Puia ( Rotorua centre of Maori culture and geothermal wonders), Huka Falls, Napier wine tasting,  Wellington’s

Te Papa Museum, Weta Workshops, Ferry to Picton, Hanmer Springs, Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki, Arrowtown, Queenstown, Milford or Doubtful Sounds, Dunedin and Christchurch City Tours.

Below are two of the typical comments we received from all our 2017 Rotarian tourists:

  • We thought the tour was fantastic.   Sharron (the Tour Guide) was brilliant.

  • We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the tour and you are to be congratulated.

The 17 day Tour Price is approximately: AU$6,200pp share twin. AU$8,000pp single.

The 4 day pre-tour Price is: AU$1,420pp share twin. AU$1,800pp single. To receive the full 9 page itinerary email both  and

Rotary Tour Of New Zealand 2017-11-02 13:00:00Z 0
OK, so everyone needs to take note of the proposed schedule of venues for the sale of our Trailer Raffle tickets so that you can consider when and where you are going to volunteer to help.
The schedule is as follows:
Thursday     Nov 9th     Pakenham Race Cub                           Friday         Dec 1st     Arena
Friday         Nov 10th   Heritage                                            Saturday     Dec 2nd    Aldi
Saturday     Nov 11th   Coles at Cardinia Lakes                       Thursday     Dec 7th     Heritage
Friday         Nov 17th   Market Place                                      Friday         Dec 8th     Market Place
Saturday     Nov 18th   Aldi                                                   Saturday     Dec 9th     Pakenham Cup
Sunday       Nov 19th   Footy Market                                      Sunday       Dec 10th   Cardinia Lakes
Wednesday Nov 22nd   Aldi                                                   Wednesday Dec 13th   Aldi
Thursday    Nov 23rd   Market Place                                       Thursday    Dec 14th   Arena
Friday        Nov 24th    Main Street (Sandy's)                         Friday        Dec 15th   Market Place
Saturday    Nov 25th    Stadium Basketball                            Saturday    Dec 16th   Stadium Basketball
Wednesday Nov 29th   Aldi                                                   Sunday      Dec 17th   Footy Market
Thursday    Nov 30th   Coles Lakeside                                    Wednesday Dec 20th   Aldi 
                                                                                          Thursday    Dec 21st   Main Street (Sandy's)
                                                                                          Friday        Dec 22nd  Market Place
                                                                                          Saturday    Dec 23rd   Market Place   (Draw)
Trailer Raffle Roster 2017-11-02 13:00:00Z 0
Well you are probably not going to believe it but once again the luck of the Irish has only partly worked as YES, Michael O'Brien had his ticket drawn out for the chance to find the Joker.  But of course the luck of the Irish only goes so far and once again Michael failed to retrieve the Joker from the deck.
So the Joker once again proves to be elusive, so you need to be at our meetings and buy a ticket for the chance to get the Joker......
Jokers Wild 31st Oct 2017-11-02 13:00:00Z 0
CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT 2017-10-31 13:00:00Z 0
After conducting our Primary School Public Speaking Competition we received the two following letters of thanks from participants.
Dear Rotary Club of Pakenham,
I am just writing to thank you for the opportunity to perform in the Speech competition last night. It was a wonderful experience and we were all made to feel very welcome. Your host Ken was excellent as he made us relaxed and at ease, making it less scary for all of us.
I thought it was wonderful listening to all the children and the speeches were both interesting and inspiring. Although I am a teensy bit scared of garden gnomes now!
It is amazing that you are able to give 11-year-old girls like me this chance to represent not only ourselves, but also our school. I felt very proud of myself and Sophie.
The prizes were very unexpected, but very much appreciated. I was overwhelmed by the Rotary Club’s generosity.
As I mentioned in my speech, the stage is my happy place, so thank you once again for the experience and happy memories you helped create.
Milie Paterson
Beaconhills College

Dear Mr Rook,

I would just like to say a big thank you for hosting the Rotary Public Speaking Contest. This was a great opportunity for me as I love pubic speaking and I enjoy getting up in front of people and presenting speeches that everyone can enjoy. I would mostly like to say thank you for the wonderful plaque and the check as I wasn't really expecting such a generous prize. You were a amazing host and very kind and positive. When I went home that night I was not only proud of myself but I also didn't want to leave the warm and happy environment that is in the Rotary Club Room.

Thank You


From Sophie Pinkerton (Encouragement Award)


Now, doesn't that make you proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Pakenham.


And WELL DONE to all those who were involved in the organisation and running of this annual event.

School Students Say Thanks 2017-10-26 13:00:00Z 0
Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2017
Our 20th Primary School Primary School Public Speaking Competition saw 18 students repesenting 9 schools from Nar Nar Goon, Officer and Pakenham present their speeches on a wide range of interesting and complex topics to an audience of around 80.  Once again the quality was outstanding and judges Lyn Bunce, Helen van Diemen and Barry Morris, had an extremely difficult task.  Scores were so close it took scorer Des Wynne quite a while to finalise the winners.
Champion Speaker:  Kaylan Deane, St. James Catholic Primary School.   Topic: “Lies Told at School”
1st Runner Up: Yowanii Kaedo, Pakenham Springs Primary School.  Topic: “Raising Hope”
2nd Runner Up: Milie Paterson, Beaconhills College.  Topic: “The Day has Come.”
President’s Award: Mitch Rook, Officer Primary School.  Topic: “The Real Heroes”
Chairman’s Award: Kiana Angus, Beaconhills College.  Topic: The Problem with Kids Today”                                
Encouragement Award: Sophie Pinkerton, Beaconhills College. Topic: “My Hero”
All students were excellent and once again their choice of topics was amazing.  We heard about all sorts of things including:  Coral Bleaching, Animal Cruelty, Lost Cities of the Modern World, Same Sex Marriage and Nostradamus’s Forgotten Prediction.
Feedback from teachers, parents and students was outstanding.  Thanks to all who assisted and attended.
PP Ken Rook.
Check Out all the Photos of the night in our Photo Album photoalbums/2017-primary-school-public-speaking 
Oh and while you are there check out both the Public and Member Only Photo Albums from Other Events......
2017 Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2017-10-26 13:00:00Z 0
This is just a reminder that at our meeting next Tuesday we will have the District Governor in attendance and as such the meeting will be a Collar and Tie event with Partners welcome to come along as well.
Could everyone contact (by email preferably) Peter van Diemen our Dinner Attendance coordinator informing him of their partners attendance.
It would be great to have as many members and partners there as possible, so please make a real effort to come along and show your support for our club.  Remember it is a 6:15 pm for 6:45 pm time frame and as it is the District Governor's visit the meeting may run longer than normal.
District Governor's Visit 31st Oct 2017 2017-10-26 13:00:00Z 0
OK, so lets all pay attention and note the following:
Reminder that the raffle starts on Oaks Day 9th Nov at the racecourse starting at 10.45 am and continues till we pull the pin normally about 6.30 pm
The Racing club also still expects us to drive the golf carts on Pakenham Cup Day, the 9th of december, when we also sell our raffle tickets and 6 to 8 members are needed to drive the golf buggies plus we will need raffle ticket sellers.     
This is a major fund raiser s we need as many people to help as possible, so please try your best to get your name on the roster for selling raffle tickets at one of the chosen locations.  
But please make sure your name is on the roster.
Thanks Everyone, we know you will not let us down. 
TRAILER RAFFLE 2017-10-26 13:00:00Z 0

Presidents Report Oct 20th


Hi All,


Spring time has arrived with warmer weather here at last!  We had perfect weather, especially last Sunday at the Pakenham Megamart Car Show. This was a huge success with about 1300 classic cars being shown. We were given a big thank you from Car Megamart, Karlie Thexton for “manning” the gates and managing traffic flow.


We also had a big thank you from the Casey Cardinia Foundation organizers, for assisting them at their fundraising dinner event last Friday.


Captain Eric. Captain who?  You might ask!  Well, Captain Eric (Wieckmann) from the CHIPS (Christians Helping In Primary Schools) gave us both an entertaining and informative talk about the important program they run in Primary Schools in our area and the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I presented a cheque to Eric on behave of our club after his presentation. Captain Eric was very appreciative and thanked us for our donation.


“All of CHIPS’ programs are tailor-made to assist primary school communities with their specific needs, which also includes supporting Principals and school staff who are under stress and facing difficulties, either personally, or as a result of their occupation.” Quotation taken from their web site. For more information about CHIPS, visit their web site:-  


This week we were approached to assist with a unique group of ten South Sudanese young people, by sponsoring one from Pakenham into RYLA next week. We are very excited to get this group, even though it is late in the program, we were informed by District. Peter v.  recommended to the Board that we support this initiative. After a few emails flying around we have the approval to pay for the young person from Pakenham to attend.


Next week as you all should already be aware is, The Primary School Public Speaking Competition. This has and I am sure again, will be a very entertaining night, not to be missed. See you there.


Until next week,


Best regards to all,



President's Report 20th Oct 2017 2017-10-22 13:00:00Z 0
Next Tuesday, 24th of October, is our Primary School Public Speaking Competition.
Start is 6:30pm sharp
No meal will be served.
We have a good number of speakers with a variety of topics, so it should once again be a great event.
Hope to see you there. The bigger the crowd the better the experience.
Primary School Speaking Competition 2017-10-17 13:00:00Z 0
Officer Specialist School Says THANK YOU 2017-10-16 13:00:00Z 0

Hello Ken,


I would like to sincerely thank the Rotary Club of Pakenham volunteers for their assistance to set-up, coordinate and pack up at the Casey Cardinia Foundation Annual Charity Dinner on Friday night.


The volunteers were incredibly helpful, willing, and contributed immensely to the smooth flow of the proceedings including the silent auction, main auction, and raffles. The volunteers were a wonderful support to both myself and Kamya throughout the evening, we really couldn't have had such a successful night without them. Special mention to Goran and Greg for all their hard work and stepping up into coordination tasks on the night - they have excellent job prospects in sales and security!


Once again, it has been a pleasure to have the support of the Rotary club of Pakenham. I am deeply grateful for your support of the Foundation during this event each year.


Kind regards,


Therese Howell
Executive Officer
Casey Cardinia Foundation Ltd

We are a small team but we'll try and get back to you as soon as possible. 

If your matter is urgent please telephone and leave a message.

Casey Cardinia Foundation Says THANKS 2017-10-16 13:00:00Z 0
Back by popular demand! Peninsula Rotaract Club is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a big Casino Night on 24 March 2018. Save the date! More details to come soon.
Inline images 1
   PO Box 11190, Frankston, 3199
    Peninsula Rotaract Club Inc.
Rotaract Casino Night 2017-10-08 13:00:00Z 0
District 9820 Pakenham

Dear Member,
It has been a long time coming, but the District 9820 Conference in Sale. 16th to 18th February 2018 is now open for registrations. 
Information on accommodation, speakers and registration options can now be found: 
You may also be interested in visiting the Conference Facebook Page:

If you have any general questions about the District Conference, you can contact the District Secretary Helen Lanigan by email on: 
If you have any registration questions, I am always at your service. My best contact is also by email,
I think this will be a very easy District Conference to attend being so close. I am looking forward to being part of our great District and supporting this Conference. I know I will learn something, meet Rotarians I would not have met and build on my Rotary Network. I hope I will see you there too!

Yours in Rotary

David Button
Rotary Club of Berwick Project Director 2015-16
Rotary Club of Berwick Foundation Director 2016-18
Rotary Club of Berwick Webmaster 2015-18
Rotary District 9820 Webmaster 2014-18
Rotary District 9820 Conference Registrar 2014-2018
District Conference Email:
RC Berwick Web:
District Web:



District 9820 Conference in Sale 2017-10-08 13:00:00Z 0
Koo Wee Rup / Lang Lang Golf Day 2017-09-24 14:00:00Z 0
From: Balibo House Trust <>
Date: 22 September 2017 at 3:06:06 pm AEST
To: <>
Subject: Your invitation to an evening with the Hon Penny Wong
Reply-To: Balibo House Trust <>

Remembering the past... working for the future!

The Balibo House Trust invites you to fundraising cocktails to raise money to
build a Prep-Grade 2 school in the nearby community of Belola.

An intimate event featuring drinks, nibbles and the Hon Penny Wong, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, as guest speaker. All for a great cause!

Space is limited, tickets are selling fast. Book as soon as you can.

Where: Candela Nuevo, 2 Queen Street, Melbourne
When: Wednesday November 1st, 6pm-8pm
Cost: $85 per ticket – drinks and canapés provided.
Cause: All funds raised go to building a Prep-Grade 2 school for the community of Belola, enabling 120 children to get that crucial headstart in their education!

Belola Fundraiser Featuring Hon Penny Wong - Book Now

If you can't make it to this event, we would love for you to donate directly to the project. It's 100% tax deductible.

Donate to the Belola School Fundraiser

For further information email or call Nandy Gurr on 0433 176 016.

Thank you for your support,
Terry Bracks and the Balibo House Trust team

More about Belola and the Prep-Grade 2 school project
Belola is a community 5km from Balibo. 120 children from preschool to grade 2 live in Belola and currently have no school. Some walk 5km up the hill to Balibo but for most it’s too far.

The early years are vital to a lifelong opportunity of education and learning. Help us help this community and their future generation.

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From: Munro-Smith, Pam []
Sent: Sunday, 24 September 2017 8:37 PM
To: Roger Thornton; Peter Rawlings; Roger Skipsey; DIK Admin Victoria (
Cc: Carol Allen; 'Tom Goulding'; Merv & Chris Williams
Good evening all.
I'm sorry for the change, but I am travelling to Afghanistan on Friday for work. I will return on October 8th. The shipping container is required at DIK at least one week prior to loading, along with the additional items to fill the container.
As a result, the plan is to load the container on Saturday October 21st.
I hope that this change does not cause any inconvenience.  Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing those who are able to make it on the 21st.
Best wishes,
Pam Munro-Smith.
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Hi All,
Last week we had Jason and Jacob from Colt (Cooking over lunch time) and Bolt (Bicycles over lunch time) Schools program. Jason explained to us that a large
number of primary and secondary students are disengaged from learning. However working with these students once a week over two terms, discussing
social behavioral issues while teaching them about bike maintenance has achieved positive outcomes for the participants. The students participating have
shown improvement in self-esteem, confidence, classroom behavior and increased motivation to name a few.
This is a real grass roots program and fits in very well with Rotary’s “Basic Education &amp; Literacy” theme for September.
                             "Education is a social process, Education is growth, Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself. "  a quote from John Dewey
The big news last week of course is Ken scooping up the Jokers Wild jackpot. I just read our web page and learnt we really have two winners. Congratulations
Lyn and Ken!

RI President Riseley is asking Rotary members to work together to advance the tradition of Rotary: Making a Difference in 2017-18. He is challenging all 1.2
million Rotarians to simply plant a tree before Earth Day on 22 April 2018. This is something we can easily achieve in Rotary Park in combination with our
Community Service chairman Ian Wake’s 5 year vision for Rotary Park.

Well, that’s about it for now, until next week,
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
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Preparing for Spring Check Out what Bunnings are doing 2017-09-14 14:00:00Z 0
OK, so the first question that has to be asked is :
Is this guy our most unpopular Member??
The second question is WHY????
YES, thats right our long running Joker's Wild went off last night and the man with the biggest smile, Ken Rook, walked away with the very large pool of money.  All we can say is that thank god he has to share it with Lyn Bunce.  At least that way the win isn't as big as it could have been, they get half each.
So is this Guy really the most Unpopular Member at the moment?? 2017-09-12 14:00:00Z 0
Lay of the land
David Young congratulates his good friend George Blenkhorn on his Agricultural Achievement Award. 
“I think over about 20 years I would have worked every Christmas Day. It was always a good day to work because you quite often got some Christmas cake” former Cardinia Shire Mayor and recipient of the Cardinia VFF branch’s Agricultural Achievement Award George Blenkhorn.
Last Friday night at the Nar Nar Goon Community Centre, the Cardinia branch of the Victorian Farmers Federation recognised two local residents who – though born overseas – have made invaluable contributions to the local farming and agriculture landscape as RUSSELL BENNETT reports.
Last Friday night at Nar Nar Goon, a whole host of dignitaries – along with well over 100 members of the local farming community – gathered for the Cardinia Victorian Farmers Federation branch’s 31st annual dinner.

Victorian Farmers Federation president David Jochinke, McMillan MP Russell Broadbent and his wife Bronwyn, Bass MP Brian Paynter, Cardinia Mayor Brett Owen, Cr Graeme Moore and wife Sue, members of neighbouring VFF branches, Cardinia VFF president and former Cardinia Shire councillor David Young all gathered to recognise former Cardinia mayor George Blenkhorn’s contribution to the local farming landscape.

In being named this year’s recipient of the Cardinia branch’s Agricultural Achievement Award, Mr Blenkhorn became the latest in a line of richly-deserving winners including – over the past decade – Russell Broadbent, Frank and Karen Rovers, Frank Crameri, Eric Kent, Noel Campbell, Bob and Joan Rose, Chas and Marie Harding, Barbara and Alan Bullen, John Coleman, and Peter Van Dieman.

Ian Anderson, who hosted the dinner, said it gave him great pleasure to announce Mr Blenkhorn as this year’s winner.
“This award recognises those individuals who have made a long and everlasting contribution to our farming community,” he said.
“Indeed I’m immensely proud to be part of a farming community that has so many people who have made a great contribution to our area.
“Tonight’s recipient of our award is a person who has just worked tirelessly for agriculture and the community for his entire life.”
Mr Blenkhorn has been an active member of the local community since he, his wife Sue, and their three children emigrated from the UK in 1977.
“Within a very short period of time of arriving here in Pakenham, George became a partner in the veterinary practice, continued to ownership, and then retired out of the business some 10 years ago,” Mr Anderson said on Friday night.

“George has always been well-respected and appreciated by all the organisations that he’s been involved with.
“(He’s been) A Rotarian for close to 30 years, race day vet at VRC race meetings here at Pakenham and associated racecourses, life member of the Pakenham and District Agricultural and Horticultural Show Society – including serving a term as president, (and has served on) the committee of the PB Ronald Trust for more than 12 years and acted as chairman for the past two.”

Mr Anderson spoke about how the Trust had gone through a period where it struggled to attract young recipients, but Mr Blenkhorn had been a driving force in reinvigorating it this year.

“George has also served eight years as a Cardinia Shire councillor – serving one term as mayor,” Mr Anderson said.
“He did say to me that he could only become a councillor when he retired from the veterinary practice because he didn’t have time to do it before then.
“Your contribution to the community has been outstanding. George, we – the agricultural community – thank you sincerely and hope that you receive much pleasure in accepting our agricultural achievement award for 2017.”
Cardinia VFF branch president David Young, who served a term on council alongside Mr Blenkhorn, said many in the local community wouldn’t realise just how significant a contribution he’d made.

“A lot of people wouldn’t realise that when George was first elected to council, the budgetary position of the council was in a parlous state,” he explained.
“We were one of the few councils in Victoria that the Auditor General had to oversee our budget to make sure it was in line with best practice.
“George was eight years on council and he served on the audit committee of council and he brought a lot of rigor to that committee.
“A lot of councillors will have things they can point to that they’ve achieved – a building, perhaps, within the shire.
“George, through his rigor and overseeing of the budget, has probably made a bigger contribution to the many people in this room than just about any other councillor.
“I know a lot of people think the rates have gone up, but they would have gone up a lot more if George hadn’t been on council.
“In his eight years on council, he helped bring that budget back into line.
“George’s contribution to this rural community wasn’t inconsiderable while he was a councillor, and yet he won’t have that large building.
“But there is one facility in the shire that George can be justly proud of and that’s the special school in Officer.
“I know he and Sue, his wife, lobbied very hard for that school to be built in the Cardinia shire and that’s a major asset for the shire and for that we can be very grateful.”
Upon receiving his award on Friday night, Mr Blenkhorn was clearly – and visibly – shocked.
“I really wasn’t expecting it,” he said.

“I thought my contribution to the agricultural community was long passed but I came here in ’77 to help the practice in Pakenham with cattle work.
“Life goes on and I was at the practice for nearly 30 years serving the community – horses, dogs, cats – 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
“I think over about 20 years I would have worked every Christmas Day. It was always a good day to work because you quite often got some Christmas cake and I remember up in Gembrook one day the Italians up there had some special grappa!

“When we came to Pakenham, the first day we came here in the main street it was a hot day in January.
“The only thing missing in the main street was a hitching rail and a horse. There wasn’t a man, dog, cat or anything and we thought ‘good god, what have we come to!’ but just look at it now. “In those days you’d go down the Seven Mile by the Main Drain and look back at Pakenham at two o’clock in the morning and you might see one light. Now you hardly need car lights when you’re down there.

“The agricultural community has been very good to me and I really appreciated the work I was doing. It was an absolutely fabulous job to have and working with the local community and local farmers I was very, very fortunate.”
North American ex-pat, Dr Pat McWhirter was the guest speaker at Friday’s dinner – talking about Tooradin’s Harewood House, which she acquired in the early 1990s.
A specialist bird vet, she has completed a PhD on the history of the property just outside of Tooradin, which borders Western Port and has become a focus for her intense interest in the bay and enhancing local wildlife corridors.

Harewood is a heritage-listed property bounded by Lyall’s inlet, Cardinia Creek, and Western Port, and also the South Gippsland Highway.
“Higher up the catchment there’s evidence of 33,000-year history,” Dr McWhirter said on Friday night.
“If you go and look at Frankston, their little bit of aboriginal history is buried in warehouses. Our generation can do better than this, guys.
“I come from North America and that’s twice as long as any human history that we’ve got in North America – likewise in Britain – so in Cardinia we’ve got something that’s really special.

“I just don’t think we necessarily appreciate it as much as we should.
“We now have a new airport coming probably 11 kilometres to the east of Harewood and we’re going to have a city the size of Adelaide and I’m very mindful that we’ve got some really interesting wildlife that’s unique to the world and I’d hate to think that we’re just going to have suburbia or warehouses going all the way from Monomeith back to Tullamarine.”

Harewood’s stables date back to the 1850s, with the house completed in 1868.
“I don’t think there’s any reason why you can’t have development and native animals as well,” she said of the local area.
“You’ve just got to put careful planning in to allow them to co-exist and have an understanding of what their habitat requirements are.
“It’s a unique, beautiful, vulnerable heritage. We’re all connected and whether you’re a farmer, an artist or a poet, or a scientist or developer, I just think we should be good custodians.”
Well done George
Is that really our George Blenkhorn 2017-09-10 14:00:00Z 0
Once again we have provided our services to cook the BBQ Lunch for the BIGGEST BOYS and again this year our own Ken Rook was one of the guest speakers and his speech is below:
Address at Biggest Boys Lunch 1st September 2017
Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to say a few words about the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
Last year I gave a bit of an overview of what we had done in Pakenham since our charter in 1961.  Today I will focus on an ongoing long-term project that is a great benefit to our town.
In 1992 we had the idea to create a Rotary Park.  We chose a site but the Council had other plans. 
In 1997 the Council plans had dissipated so we had another look at the site, which is between the Pakenham Consolidated and Toomuc Creek.  We noted that the school children were walking along the highway to access the sports grounds, which we felt was quite dangerous.
In 1998, through the lobbying of relevant authorities and some fund raising we instigated the building of a foot bridge just south of the highway, alleviating the need for the children to use the highway. 
We then constructed a gravel walking track on the west side of the creek from the bridge to the railway line. There already being a concrete footpath on the east side.
In 2001/2002 we notice at the southern / railway end a makeshift creek crossing had been made of rocks.  This was ok when the water level was low but was considered unsafe, especially to children if the creek was flowing faster, which could happen quite unexpectedly after rain.
Again, after lobbying authorities and fund raisin a second footbridge was constructed near the railway line.  Thus creating a complete walking circuit.
In 2002 the area was officially named Rotary Park.
In 2003 a picnic shelter was built near the first bridge.
In 2005, to celebrate 100 years of Rotary the Walking track was officially named “Rotary Centennial Walk”.
Also in 2005 we also conducted a tree-planting event in Rotary Park and invited primary school children to come along and plant a tree.  The many children who took part all received a certificate to commemorate the event.
In 2007, with Ben Cook, I was a consultant with the Shire for the Toomuc Creek Bushland Reserve Masterplan.  Some of the recommendations have been implemented.  Including having a concrete footpath replace the gravel track.
1n 2014 with some encouragement from Rotary the Shire constructed a walkway under the railway line connecting Rotary Park to the Heritage Springs Estate.
In 2015 we constructed a picnic shelter south of the railway line in Heritage Springs.
In 2016 we installed a fitness station in Rotary Park
Some previously installed seats had been damaged so we will be installing more seats this year.   The seats will bear plaques in memory
of long serving Rotarians who have been ‘Called to Higher Service”.
I recommend that you to do your self a favour and go for a walk around Rotary Park.  An important environmental area that was on the edge of the township, and is now virtually right through the centre of Pakenham.
In this months Rotary magazine there is an article about men’s health and it says that more men die from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer.
As a prostate cancer survivor I urge you all do yourselves another favour. See your doctor and get checked.  I did and I’m still here.
Public Relations Director, Ken Rook.
To see photos of the members at work then click on the link below:
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OK, so on Tuesday the 29th of August 2017 we had a fun night organised by our President rather than the normal meeting we had a Casino Night and we all used our own very special Roto Dollars to enjoy the evening.
Lots of fun was had by all that attended and you can see this in the photos that can be found on our website or by clicking on the link here to see the photos.
so go have a look at the photos......
OUR Casino Night 29th August 2017 2017-09-03 14:00:00Z 0
OK, so our club membership fees are now due and you should all have received your Invoice, via e-mail.
Please make the payment either directly to our Treasurer  Des Wynne 
or by direct credit to our Bank Account,
the details of which are below:

Bank Details for Direct Debit Payments

General Account:

Subs. Meals BSB 633 108 ACCT 143351294

Please specify your Surname and Initial as the reference number for the payment

Yearly Membership fees are NOW Due 2017-09-03 14:00:00Z 0

President’s Report September 2nd.


Hi All,

We had a great time with our Casino night last week. The best part is that every one was a winner! No one lost a cent even though some gambled away all their “Roto Dollars”. Geoff Young, Goran and Marta were the clear winners at the end of the night accumulating the highest number of ‘Rotos’ between them. Many thanks to the Apex Club of Drouin and Warragul, for providing the Casino gear for our use.

Back to the real world and our hard earned dollars; did you know you can win almost every time you spend a dollar by checking out the great deals at:-   or just Google “Rotary Global Rewards - My Rotary.”  

You can get discounts from Harvey Norman, Amazon and many more.  


September is here with a flying start. We successfully cooked an amazing number of chops, sausages and hamburgers for the ‘Big Boys Lunch’ at the Cultural Centre. When I arrived (I didn’t sleep in!) the chops were almost done and the hamburgers and sausage cooking was in full swing. Many thanks’ to Bill who organized everything, and of course all the hands on helpers who were turning over the meat on the BBQs as fast as they could. We managed to get everything cooked just in time for it to be served. Well done and a big thankyou!

Ken gave an excellent talk to all the participants gathered there, about what else, Rotary!

September is Basic Education & Literacy Month. Everyone has the right to learn to read, write and enjoy the power, pleasures and independence of being literate. For some the journey will be easy, for others it will take much hard work and unfortunately for approximately 18 percent of today’s world population it will never happen. Something to think about when we drive our grandchildren to school…………………


Well, that’s about it for now. I have to go and help pack up the dance, until next week,

Best Regards to all.


President's Report 2nd September 2017 2017-09-03 14:00:00Z 0
Yarram Golf Day 2017-08-27 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
What is RLI?
The Rotary Leadership Institute is an international network of Rotary and provides a series of fast-paced, interactive, three one-day sessions designed to refine the leadership skills of Rotarians and increase their knowledge of Rotary. The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) believes that excellent club leadership is essential to the future of Rotary in a complex and fast changing world.
Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared towards the modern Rotarian’s busy schedule.
Who is the course for?
Most Rotarians have not been exposed to the great scope of Rotary around the world and may have not considered what leadership skills are necessary to move Rotary forward. Rotary clubs are encouraged to select several candidates each year for the RLI. Participants return to their clubs with enthusiasm, new contacts, fresh ideas, an increased understanding of their potential as Rotarians, and with the valuable skills for their potential leadership in the club.
Topics include:
  1. My Rotary World
  2. Creative Service Projects
  3. Analysing a Rotary Club
  4. Building a Stronger Club
  5. Club Communications
  6. Vocational Service - Ethics
  7. Leadership and Team Building
  8. Effective Leadership Strategies
  9. Membership - Attracting, engaging and retaining members.
  10. The Rotary Foundation
  11. International Service
  12. Public Image & Public Relations
  13. Making a Difference
Benefits of attending?
Some comments from previous District 9820 participants:
  • “Very well presented course with topical and relevant information and practical ways to improve as a Rotarian”.
  • “An enjoyable day of expanding knowledge of Rotary Leadership within Rotary”.
  • “This is a valuable exercise I think for all board members and potential incoming board members”.
  • “All good value as a newer member to Rotary. An informative day”.
  • “As with session one the information outlined in the current session was both highly beneficial and valuable”.
  • Great three days of learning and networking.
  • Assisted in clarifying the complicated, cohesive range of activities and objectives with which rotary in involved.
  • The leadership training session has been a regarding experience. To hear and share ideas from different perspectives and length of service. The level of workshops was excellent for this session. Overall there should be more of this and I will encourage others to attend next year.
  • Excellent presentations by all facilitators. Good pace and good topics covered for us to learn. Very worthwhile experience
  • A fantastic program which should become compulsory part of a member’s life in Rotary.
Course Dates (All Saturdays)
Session 1
Sat 7 October 2017
8.30am to 3.30pm
Session 2
Sat 11 November 2017
8.30am to 3.30pm
Session 3
Sat  2 December 2017
8.30am to 3.30pm
The cost is $75 per head for materials and catering. This is normally paid by clubs.
Balcombe Grammar School,
389 Nepean Highway,
Mount Martha
For further information or nomination form please contact:
David Hanlon (District Training Team) on E: or mobile 0414 996 798. 
ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE Oct 2017 2017-08-27 14:00:00Z 0
OK, so there was very loud appluase for the Joker's Wild this week.....  The question has to be asked though was it for the fact that the illustrious Mr Begg had the lucky ticket or was it because he could not catch the Joker, oh well either way the pot grows....
Where is the Joker Aug 22 2017-08-27 14:00:00Z 0

Presidents Report August 27th

Hi All,

Our guest speaker Pam Munro-Smith from Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) gave a great first hand insight into the wonderful work she has done with ACER, over the last 3 years since she first went to Lesotho. Lesotho is a high-altitude landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa. Pam also brought in different types of Basotho hats and Basotho Tribal Blankets to show us.

The ACER web link below gives detailed information about Pam’s work

“Making-a-Difference” in Lesotho. Rotary’s Donations in Kind is also supporting her work there.


This last week has been a busy one with the Debutant Balls on Friday and Saturday. Geoff and his team have done a fantastic effort again getting this important event running smoothly.  There are photos on facebook and in our Gallery on the website.

September is also starting off very hectic with the “Big Boys Lunch” followed by our Community Dance and then Mock interviews at Pakenham Secondary College.

Oh and of course that elusive Joker has failed to be caught again. 

Well, that’s about it for now, until next week,

Best Regards to all





How good does our President look???


President's Report August 27th 2017-08-27 14:00:00Z 0
Back Row- PB Ronald Trust trustees Bill Ronald, Janette Young, Ian Thomas, George Blenkhorn, Don Duffy, Wal Macdonald and Graeme Moore
Front row - Awardees Brendan O;Brien, Ashlee De Boer, Tegan Ward and Michael Enticknap
To view all the photos then click here PhotoAlbums/pb-ronald-trust-2017
PB Ronald Trust 2017 2017-08-20 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Repot                                         for 15th Aug  
As I am writing this, the weather has turned really cold. The weather forecast is snow down to 600 meters. Only four days to our next meeting (22nd Aug) our guest speaker is Pam Munro-Smith - Lesotho – DIK.
Every one will be glad to know that I picked up our 2017/18 membership books to be handed out at the next meeting.
I attended the PB Ronald Memorial Trust Awards Presentation Dinner last Tuesday. My views of our youth were reinvigorated. The four recipients’ who each spoke about their chosen careers was inspiriting, as was one of the past awardees’ Jess Murphy.
The Rotary Club of Pakenham supports this Trust, and I was honored to present a donation to support this program into the future.
Jason Ronald, the youngest son of PB Ronald gave an in-depth insight of the achievements his father had in his various roles, in particular as a board member of the Royal Melbourne Show (RMS). During his time there Peter B Ronald implemented changes and growth to the RMS bringing in record numbers of visitors every year in succession. PB Ronald was truly a great community minded man. Thank you, George and the Trust members for organizing such an excellent event.
August is Membership Month, which means it’s time to celebrate our Rotary club, and the good we do in our community and around the world.
There are many ways to celebrate, but here are some ideas from District 9820:
“Say it loud, say it proud!”
Let everyone in your Facebook friends know that you are a proud member by changing your Facebook profile to the “I’m a Proud Rotary Member” which can be found as a graphic display on Facebook. Copy and save the graphic as your profile picture for August. Go on, give it a go!
‘We Are Rotary’,using the hashtag #WeAreRotary, post photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram of our club members at work in our community or abroad to show how Rotary makes a positive impact in the world.
Rotary - Making A Difference.
Rotary clubs are known for the high-impact service projects we undertake locally and globally. Get motivated by reading stories about our service projects and how they improve lives on Rotary Showcase.
Be sure to follow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what Rotary members around the world are doing to celebrate Membership Month.
What does Rotary mean to you?
Rotary members have pushed polio to the brink of eradication, delivered clean water to those in need, improved their local communities, provided scholarships to the next generation of peacemakers, and continued to do good in the world.
I am proud to be a member!
Well, that’s about it for now, until next week,
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
Presidents Report 15th August 2017-08-20 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Repot                                   Aug 8th
This week Elizabeth and Aleysha, teachers from Officer Specialist School gave us a passionate talk outlining their role in the school.
The school ethos is: “Dare to Dream.” 
Officer Specialist School opened in 2014 with about 70 students; it has now over 180.The School is purpose built for students aged from 5 to 18 years, with a broad range of challenges, from mild to severe intellectual & associated disabilities, such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy. The school accepts student who live in the Shire of Cardinia and Casey with an IQ Below 70%.
Elizabeth and Aleysha also explained to us, that the main Problem the Students have is physical restrictions, such as tight muscles, “w” sitting and the inability to sit comfortably for an extended time, while participating in activities.
The solution they found is the “Scallop”. A special light weight seat that gives the students many benefits, these range from better focus, less fidgeting, increased eye contact, improved concentration and all around better posture, while sitting on the ground or in a chair.
After Karen and Aleysha’s presentation, we presented them with a cheque to help reach their goal of purchasing 30 Scallop seats.
Karen and Aleysha were almost in tears of joy when accepting our cheque. We also encouraged them to contact other Rotary Clubs to donate funds to help reach their goal.
The Jokers Wild is still hiding in the pack, better luck next time Michael.
Everyone was surprised when Marta produced a surprise birthday cake for Geoff Jansen.
We ended the meeting with hearty bidding to purchase a bottle of Red wine. Congratulations Grant!
I had an interesting Wednesday with Grant emptying the Breathalyzer machines, we have in Pakenham. The interesting part is; after arriving home I received a phone call from Roger.
The Cardinia Club had short paid us!
The conundrum is.  Why did Grant and I walk out $80.00 short? 
I will explain what we did:-
Rather than having a pile of $2.00 coins to bank we asked the teller there to exchange them for notes. We handed over the coins and she weighed them and stated that we had 130 coins and preceded to hand over $ 130.00. Grant said they are $2.00 coins which she checked, saw her error and handed over $260.00. We left, job done.
Then, shortly after arriving home I received Roger’s phone calls and return to the Cardinia Club. The Teller explained to me how she had short paid us.
Why? I will inform every one at the next general Meeting. I have been arriving early at the Golf Club, the bar opens at 5.30 and will shout everyone there a drink before 6.00.
Well, that’s about it for now, until next week,
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
Click on this link to view the photos from our meeting......PhotoAlbums/aug-8th-meeting-photos
President's Report 8th August 2017-08-13 14:00:00Z 0
So why did SAM Auction the Wine and who bought it????? 2017-08-13 14:00:00Z 0
THE JOKER IS STILL HIDING 8th August 2017-08-13 14:00:00Z 0
P.B.Ronald Trust:
Tuesday 15th of August's meeting is the annual P.B.Ronald Trust Dinner.
Following the sudden death of Peter Bruce Ronald in July 1989 our club instigated the formation of the Trust which received great support from the Pakenham Racing Club, Pakenham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, the
then Shire of Pakenham (now Cardinia) and the public.  The Trust was established with in excess of $40,000.
Scholarships are presented each year to students from within the Shire of Cardinia to further their studies in agriculture, horticulture or local government.  Three areas in which Peter was enthusiastically involved.
Peter had a sheep farm on the site of the Heritage Springs Estate on
McGregor Road.  He was an outstanding citizen of the shire, having been a councillor for 23 years, serving two terms as Shire President.  He served on the committee of the Pakenham Racing Club for 45 years and the Pakenham A & H Society for 50 years, serving as President of both.  He also served many years on the committee of the Royal Agricultural Society, being President in 1973.  He was actively involved in several other organisations within the shire.
In 1979 Peter was honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and appointed a Companion of the order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) for his exceptional community service.
The first P.B Ronald Trust Dinner was held on Tuesday 26th October 1991 to raise fund for the Trust.   Since then Scholarships have been presented to students in their chosen fields of study.  The dinners are official meetings of the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
Ken Rook
Rotary Information Chair.  
WHAT AND WHY IS THE PB RONALD TRUST 2017-08-13 14:00:00Z 0
CASINO NIGHT 2017-08-06 14:00:00Z 0
The JOKER is STILL ELUSIVE 2017-08-06 14:00:00Z 0
Bonoite all, 
We delivered another wheelchair to a 24.y.o female today Lucilia Pacheco Soares Gama. She lives in a remote location in Leolima one of the poorer Sucos in the Sub District. 
I've put a post on our Facebook page thanking Rotary and Geoff for the generous donation. 
It's taken a while but we are determined to ensure the chairs are given to those in most need. Plus the road is really bad but we made it! 
Lucilia is from a single parent family as her Father died some years ago. Please pass on our thanks to Geoff. He has improved the quality of life for this young lady. I've included a photo of her last chair so this one is a huge improvement. She hasn't had a chair for quite a few years now. So a huge thank you from the gang at CLC. We don't know where we would be without Rotary. Obrigada barak 
Kindest regards
Click on the Link below to see Photos
More News From DIK 7th August 2017 2017-08-06 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report Tue Aug 1st
Hi All,
Our President Elect, Goran chaired his first Service Meeting on Tuesday.
Goran has great ideas planned for the rest of the year with the Service meetings. This year he plans on focusing his service meetings around the Rotary International Calendar, with emphasis given to the relevant Service topics.
We welcomed back Vicky and our guest Josie.
Grant missed the elusive Joker, which means even more suspense next week.
Community Service Committee will be the only committee to have regular Fireside Meetings this year. International and Vocational/Youth Service Committees will have informal meetings, to implement and arrange the secondment of members as required on their projects. Being a smaller club, we are lucky that everyone is always ready to help and support projects.
Peter Rowlands has done an amazing job manufacturing Benches for Rotary Park. Peter took on this task to produce a superior bench at a far lesser cost. Peter informed us that the Park Benches are nearly ready with only the plaque details to be finalized.
August, on the Rotary International Calendar is: - “Membership Extinction Month” I mean “Extension Month!” We are already engaging in new ways to promote Rotary Pakenham in our community. Our Web Page is up-to-date, and we made it on to the front page of the Pakenham Star news paper. Our Facebook page is breaking records with more “Hits” and “likes” received each week.
There are always interesting articles in the Rotary Down Under magazine, on how to modernize clubs and meetings agendas, with the possibly of attracting new younger business and community minded people. We at Pakenham Rotary have already implemented some of these ideas. 
The question is?
Are we, as a Club prepared to go further and revisit our meeting schedules?
Well; with that thought in mind. ………….….
Best regards to all,
President's Report 1st August 2017 2017-08-06 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report                     July 25th
Hi All,
Boy a week goes so fast!   
At our last meeting we had the pleasure of listening to Calvin Finch, winner of the Harold Bould (Cardinia) Kokoda Award 2015-16. A program Pakenham Rotary Club supports with a donation. Calvin submitted the winning essay of approximately six hundred words: - “Why they would you like to trek the Kokoda Trail and the importance of the Kokoda Campaign in the Battle for Australia”. This is an annual competition open to all year 10 students from all the Secondary Schools within the Cardinia Shire. The purpose of the competition is to encourage young people to research and understand the sacrifice’s made by so many ordinary people, like the farmer, Harold Bould from Cardinia, who went to fight in WW2 to keep this nation free. Harold Bould was one of ten children and their family farmed potatoes and onions. Five brothers enlisted for service during WW2, Harold and his brother Keith did not come home. Private Harold Bould served in B Company, 39th Battalion, and was killed in action at Kokoda Village, on 29th July 1942.
Calvin gave an in-depth insight into his experiences at Kokoda. He outlined his preparation for the journey and meeting the other participants, mostly from Trinity Boys Grammar. He found that he was not as fit as the other students were, as he found it difficult to keep up in training and on the hike. Calvin went on to describe his journey to New Guinea and how hard it was to come to terms with the plight of a third world country.
He spoke with passion about the long days staring at 4-5am and collapsing in camp after dark, sometimes as late as 10pm. He described the 96km trek and
the amazing changes in vegetation and animals that he saw  continuously throughout the long days in this mountainous country. Calvin spoke emotionally about his first-hand experience of the hardships soldiers endured while fighting in Papua New Guinea and the emotions he experienced at the end, seeing the massive grave site.
Asked if he would go back? He answered with a smile; he would love to go back!
The Joker is still safe and in the pack, but the excitement is increasing each night. It was great to see Wal back and our new visitor John.
Well until next week,
Best regards to all,
President's Report July 25th 2017-07-30 14:00:00Z 0
This Weeks Star Newspaper 2017-07-30 14:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club Meeting on the 15th of August is the P B Ronald Dinner, to be held at the Pakenham Race Club, Tynong. The cost is the usual $25 each and partners are welcomed, drinks at bar prices.
The trust was established in 1991 as a Memorial to Peter Ronald, a very well known Pakenham identity, with the purpose to provide small  ( in order of $1000 to $1500 grants) to help students undertaking tertiary studies in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and local government.
This year we had 5 applicants for grants and the interviews were held last Friday. A decision on the applicants receiving the grants on the 15th will be made by the trustees during the coming week. 
The Trustees are drawn from the Pakenham Agricultural Society, The Pakenham Racing Club, The Pakenham Rotary Club and the Pakenham Community.
George  Blenkhorn
P B Ronald Dinner 15th August 2017 Reminder 2017-07-23 14:00:00Z 0
President’s Report                                                                    July 18
Last week we had the pleasure of having a joint meeting with our friends from Bunyip/Garfield Rotary Club. They had organized Paddy and Howard from the Level Crossing Removal Authority to present an insight on this huge project, to remove 50 railway level crossings through out Melbourne. Nine of these are on the Pakenham line and are being removed by constructing a “sky rail”. Unfortunately the Cardinia Shire’s level crossings have not been included in the 50 level crossings to be removed.  
On a brighter note, we were again visited by Kamya Foster and her daughter Jemima, with her best friend Hannah. This time we had arranged for them to visit, so we could present them a Certificate of Appreciation for their outstanding fund raising effort, for the Wheel Chair for Kids program. This program provides wheel chairs for children in developing countries across the world. There is more to this story though! Each wheel chair makes a life altering change to not only the recipient, but also the family. Many of these children need to be carried by someone, so these wheel chairs make a great impact to the lives of many.  An excellent example of “Rotary Making a Difference”
(Some of the above is taken from a speech made by PP Trevor Westland at District Assembly.)
I am currently working on our Membership book which is taking up more thought and time than I had anticipated. We have had to do some last minute changes and it will be at the printers soon.
Michael O’Brien had another go of drawing the elusive Joker, and elusive it still stays!
We all wish Wal a speedy recovery from the flu.
Our condolences go out to the family of Sam Owori. Rotary International President-elect, who died unexpectedly last Thursday evening in the United States as a result of post-operative complications from a planned surgery.
That’s about it, until next week,
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
President's Report July 18 2017 2017-07-23 14:00:00Z 0

OK so last week at our regular meeting we had a visit from two little angels. And the story went something like this, we had a surprise visit, by Kamya Foster (nee Rook) and her 9yo daughter Jemima, with her best friend Hannah. They came to present us with $100 they raised for Rotary Wheelchair for Kids project. This was done completely on their initiative, Kamya assured us.

So this week they were back at our meeting at our request and they got the surprise this time. They were presented with certificates of appreciation by our President Greg Peck.


The Angels Returned 2017-07-20 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report                             July 11
At the start our regular meeting last week, we had a surprise visit, by Kamya Foster (nee Rook) and her 9yo daughter Jemima, with her best friend Hannah. They came to present us with $100 they raised for Rotary Wheelchair for Kids project. This was done completely on their initiative, Kamya assured us. After they left, Kamya sent a text message to me stating the girls “were stunned into silence with the offer, the club has made to top up their donation” to purchase a wheelchair. Kamya went on to say how she wished we all could have been “privy to the excited chatter and giggles in the car when they realized that they had a part in changing someone’s life.” 
What an outstanding display of “Making a Difference”
It is with sadness Honorary Rotarian member Roly Hewson was “called to a higher service” and remembered with a minute silence. (
I would like to congratulate Past President (X2) Ian Wake again for his 46 years service to Rotary, what an amazing effort. Ian joined Rotary on July 1st 1971.
Last Tuesday, being the “Presidents Night.” I decided to start with a short screening of Rotary International President Ian Riseley talking about Rotary’s theme for 2017-18. “Rotary Making a Difference” Ian spoke about, “the power of Rotary to make a difference for those who need us.”  Ian then went on and reaffirmed how, “In Rotary we know we can do more together, than we can ever do alone, it’s the principle on which our service is based, and it’s true, at every level at Rotary.”  We then passed the microphone around the room, so every one could state their opinion, which direction that they would like to see our club going this year. There were some vey good suggestions that the Board will consider and implement. Grant had the unenviable job of quickly writing them all down so we can review them all.
The illusive Joker is still in the pack, so the jack pot is now a sizable amount.
Best regards to all,
Greg Peck.
President 2017-18
President's report July 11th 2017-07-16 14:00:00Z 0
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Honorary Rotarian Roly.
Roly joined the Rotary Club of Pakenham in February 1975 and served the club and the community with enthusiasm and pride.  He served on all club committees being Vocational Service Chair 1978/79 and 1990/91, Community Service Chair 1980/81 and International Service Chair 2008/09.  He was Bulletin Editor in 1991/92.
Roly was club President in 1982/83, Secretary 1986/87 and served as Sergeant-at-Arms on three occasions, a job he did with great flair.
Roly was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in 1990.
He stepped down as an active member in December 2013 an in acknowledgement of his excellent service to our club he has been appointed an Honorary Member each year since.
Roly epitomised the Rotary ideal of representing his vocation.  He had the classification of “Livestock Auctioneer” and was well know throughout the district for his humour and auctioneering skills.  He was once described in the Weekly Times as “a legend of the land”.  He used his skills to great advantage for many years leading a team of auctioneers at our annual White Elephant and Clearing Sales.
Roly, a good Rotarian, a good friend and all round good bloke.  Will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Our sincere condolences to Shirley and family.
Rosa left Australia for Zurich at 9.25pm on Wednesday 12th July 2017.
Rosa’s departure was a little dramatic.  She didn’t want to go home as it meant the completion of a year’s holiday and she was returning home to two hard years of school and a big catch up.
We loaded the car with all of Rosa’s luggage at 5.30pm, having asked Rosa “Are you sure you weighed this”?  “Yes” she says, “it’s exactly 30kg, excluding my hand luggage”.
Well guess what?  As an A Grade maths student, Rosa cannot read our scales at home.  At the airport check-in, her luggage weighed in at 39.5 kg.  Her hand luggage 9.1kg, plus her blazer, pillow that wasn’t really a pillow, a cylinder with her waterskiing photo and of course her trumpet.
The lady checking Rosa in chose to ignore the extra hand luggage but said it was $100.00 for every kilogram over 30kg, plus GST.
Over to the airport scales we go to reduce and repack her bags.  We finally arrived at 30kgs.   It should be noted that Rosa flatly refused to remove her AFL football from her luggage.
Rosa is still convinced that the bags weighed in correctly.  So if you have a weight problem, feel free to come over to Mepstead’s place and you will instantly lose 9.5kg.
Whilst sorting out Rosa’s gear and what to take and what to leave behind on the floor in the airport, she could not leave some things, so off she went wearing her brand new St Kilda pommy hat and scarf and wearing one jumper with two wrapped around her waist and more hand luggage than one person can carry.
Lots of tears and hugs all around and Rosa was on her way, having crammed more into 355 days than most people do in several years.  In her last week since her presentation to Rotary, Rosa had an outing or an activity every day, including sleepover, dinner, museum, party, another sleepover, movies, lunch, farewells with friends, another party, then a farewell to Mepstead’s party, then a lunch and another goodbye to all her adopted family children.
When this goes to print, she will be home.
If you didn’t get to read Rosa’s write up in the Pakenham Gazette on 12 July 2017, do so.  I am sure our Scribe editor will tag it on a Rotary Facebook or add it to the Scribe.
Rosa, see you in Zurich.

Tim and Bronwyn Mepstead
Rosa's Last Report 2017-07-16 14:00:00Z 0
Hi All,
We have had a very busy time since my last week’s article, where Rosa did a fantastic presentation of her stay in Australia. Rosa also had prepared a video about her stay, but she was unable to show it because of a technical hitch. Rosa’s experiences this year and her sight seeing accomplishments were amazing. She has been, seen and participated in more activities than many Australians that have been here all their lives. 
On Wednesday night Bunnings held a Community Recognition Night, which Ian Wake and I attended.
Inner Wheel was also well represented there with Erica, Marcia and Pam. Pakenham Rotary is definitely in the Bunnings "loop" and we look forward to having future Sausage Sizzle there. Ian asked if we could have our trailer raffle at the store so we could sell tickets and they were very receptive to the idea.
On Thursday night I attended the Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham Changeover night. Erica transition to President went smoothly as expected. Now Erica and I are both Presidents of our respective clubs in the same year!!! (See our Facebook Page and web site for photos) I don’t know if this has happened in the past?
Well, until next time,
Best Regards to all.
President Greg.
President's Report 4th July 2017 Grant Austen 2017-07-09 14:00:00Z 0
Change Over Night Photos Grant Austen 2017-07-02 14:00:00Z 0
President Greg’s Report     
Hi All,
Well the changeover went vey well, with everyone attending having a great time. (Well that’s what I heard.)
A big thank you, to Lyn and her out going Board, a great job done with great out comes.
We had Alan Sloggett dressed in what Ken called an idea for our new club “uniform” colours. Alan amazed us with his magician skills. I was standing next to him, and did not see or could work out how he managed to move various items around.  Alan kept performing one new trick after another to our amazement.
I am looking forward in “my” year to take up the challenge, Ian Risely (President Rotary International) has set, especially the theme for Rotary in 2017-18.
“Rotary: Making a Difference.”
All Rotarians, each and every one of us is already making a difference to so many people locally and around the world.
Congratulations again to all our Paul Harris Award recipients, who as we all know are already “Making a Difference”
Rotary is not perfect, and we at Pakenham Rotary as well as other Rotary Clubs have a challenge ahead of us. We have to look at where our club will be at the end of “my” year, and also where it will be in 5 and 10 years.  This will be a challenge for the whole club and not only for the Membership committee.
The main areas of my focus:-
1. To keep our existing  projects happening.
2. To tackle Membership as a matter of urgency. Not a simple task but one I will start!
To Reverse the Trend
To make changes in areas, such as, our Gender imbalance and attracting younger members. More on this latter.
3. To inspire all members to look for new challenges
Thank you for reading this.
Photos from our changeover are on our web page
Best Regards,
Gregory Peck.
Pakenham Rotary Club 2017-18
President Greg Greg Peck 2017-07-01 14:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 26, 2017
Presidents Change Over
See it happen Live. Tomorrow night at 6.00PM for 6.30 Start.
Be there>
President Changeover 2017-18 Greg Peck 2017-06-25 14:00:00Z 0
Presidents Changeover Greg Peck 2017-06-25 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Jun 13, 2017
PRESIDENT'S REPORT                                               13TH JUNE 2017
An interesting evening at Rotary last Tuesday with our special guests, George and Sue Blenkhorn giving us a power
point presentation on their recent visit to Iran

A little bit about Iran
Iran is home to one of the world's oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating
back to 7000 BC.[1] The south-western and western part of the Iranian Plateau participated in the traditional Ancient
Near East with Elam, from the Early Bronze Age, and later with various other peoples, such as the Kassites, Mannaeans,
and Gutians. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel names the Persians as the first Historical People. [2] The Medes unified
Iran as a nation and empire in 625 BC.[3] The Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC), founded by Cyrus the Great, was the
first of the Persian empires to rule from the Balkans to North Africa and also Central Asia, spanning three continents,
from their seat of power in Persis (Persepolis). It was the largest empire yet seen and the first world empire. [4] The
First Persian Empire was the only civilization in all of history to connect over 40% of the global population, accounting
for approximately 49.4 million of the world's 112.4 million people in around 480 BC. [5] They were succeeded by the
Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian Empires, who successively governed Iran for almost 1000 years and made Iran once
again as a leading power in the world. Persia's arch-rival was the Roman Empire and its successor, the Byzantine

The Persian Empire proper begins in the Iron Age, following the influx of Iranian peoples. Iranian people gave rise to the
Medes, the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empires of classical antiquity.

Once a major empire of superpower proportions, [6] [7] having conquered far and wide, Iran has endured invasions
too, by the Greeks, Arabs, Turks, and the Mongols. Iran has continually reasserted its national identity throughout the
centuries and has developed as a distinct political and cultural entity.

The Muslim conquest of Persia (633–656) ended the Sasanian Empire and was a turning point in Iranian history.
Islamization of Iran took place during the eighth to tenth centuries and led to the eventual decline of Zoroastrianism in
Iran as well as many of its dependencies. However, the achievements of the previous Persian civilizations were not lost,
but were to a great extent absorbed by the new Islamic polity and civilization.

Iran, with its long history of early cultures and empires, had suffered particularly hard during the late Middle Ages and
the early modern period. Many invasions of nomadic tribes, whose leaders became rulers in this country, affected it

Iran was once again reunified as an independent state in 1501 by the Safavid dynasty, which converted Iran to Shia
Islam as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in the history of
Islam. Functioning again as a leading power, this time amongst the neighbouring Ottoman Empire, their arch-rival
for centuries, Iran had been a monarchy ruled by an emperor almost without interruption from 1501 until the 1979
Iranian Revolution, when Iran officially became an Islamic republic on April 1, 1979.
Over the course of the first half of the 19th century Iran lost many of its territories in the Caucasus (which it had been
ruling intermittently encompassed for millennia), comprising modern-day Eastern Georgia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan,
and Armenia, to its rapidly expanding and emerged neighbouring rival the Russian Empire, following the Russo-Persian
Wars between 1804–13 and 1826–8.

George and Sue also mentioned how friendly the people were and that they a fantastic experience considering that Sue
wasn’t all that keen in the beginning to travel to Iran

The deb Balls are going along as expected with the first of the training sessions commencing tonite. Please check the
Roster sent out by Geoff Janssen.
Make sure if you are unable to attend on your rostered time that you swap with another fellow Rotarian on the Roster.

Have a great week.

President Lyn
President Report 13th June 2017 Lyn Bunce 2017-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Last Tuesday’s service meeting was well attended.
Peter Rowlands and Geoff Young gave their last candid unedited reports. Roger gave us an update on progress in Timor-Leste on the Balibo project. Their full edited reports will be in our Annul Report handed out at the Presidents change over meeting to be held on the 27 of this month. 
George spoke about the Rotary Foundation’s Centennial Celebration Dinner held last week. The Centennial Celebration Dinner hoped that a target of one million would be raised with donations and bequests. George informed us that a staggering $5 Million was pledged. (I am sure I heard that correctly) George also spoke about Rotary’s on going commitment to the eradication of Polio which has almost been accomplished. The Rotary Foundation has been rated overall 97.87% exceptional, which “exceeds industry standards” according to Charity Navigator’s assessment.
Ian Wake is organizing the next Community Dance which will be the Annual Ball. He has two bands playing so it is going to be a night to remember. The bowl scan kits have all be sorted out.
Geoff Janssen has the Debutant Ball well in hand. He is having a third registration night this Sunday.
Terry Williams has taken on membership and gave us an update on district membership. The total district’s membership is about the same as last year .
I am going to start taking notes from the next meeting, so I can recall more accurately in my future reports.
Congratulations and bad luck Michael for not picking the elusive Joker.
That’s about it for now.
P.E. Greg.
PE Report Greg Peck 2017-06-09 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce
Presidents Report                                                                 30th May

We had a truly fantastic Rotary Meeting with Goran Galic taking over the Golf Club for an unusual evening

We had a “Murder Mystery” night with all the Rotarians dressed to kill in Hippie Gear which was the theme
for the evening

Along with the host who firstly served as the “Guru” and then became the Detective, he hosted a very
funny evening with our demure Erica Peck as the “Murderess”

Yours truly received choccies for picking the “Murderer” George Blenkhorn also received choccies for the
best theatrical death scene the detective (host) had seen.

The star of the show though was Marlon Galic dress as a “Bag Lady” as was her character for the night.
What a show stopper she was and also received choccies.

Goran many thanks for organising the night and a suggestion that we have this event every year

Rotarian and Partners had such a great time I think the general consensus was that we definitely host one
of these nights in the new Rotary Year

My year is coming to a close so there are a lot of preparations behind the scenes in organising our
Changeover on the 27th June

Geoff Janssen will need help with the Deb Balls training nights and he is organising a roster, so please be
available to help if you can

That’s all from me this week, till our Club Service Night on Tuesday.

President Lyn
Presidents May 30 Lyn Bunce 2017-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
TRF Centennial Dinner 2017-05-30 14:00:00Z 0
OK, so last night we had our Murder Mystery Night and a great time was had by all that attended.
We need to give a big thank you to Goran and Marlon for the effort they put in to organize the evening,
It was wonderful to see everyone get into the spirit of the evening and dress up appropriate to their characters and we could not let the fabulous death scene played by our beloved George go without being mentioned.  I have never seen someone take so long to die and then to see him squirm at the mention of an autopsy was strange to say the least.
One has to wonder if it is true that some of our leaders were actual very carefully type cast, but hey will leave it to you to work that one out.
If you want to see pictures of the night then log on and go to the members only pictures under the photo gallery menu but be warned we cannot be held responsible for what happens when you look at these pictures.......
Once again it was a great night and to those that missed all we can say is bad luck you missed a great night....
And once again well done Goran and Marlon......  
Our Murder Mystery Night 30th May 2017 Grant Austen 2017-05-30 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce
Presidents Report 16 TH May 2017
What a great meeting we had last night

Geoff Janssen reported on the Deb Ball information night. At this stage we will host two balls, from over
100 people attending the information session. Geoff needs at least 6 Rotarians or partners to help with
the registration night. Anyone that has previously helped in this manner would certainly be welcomed, but
don’t let that hold you back as anything you can do would be appreciated. Please be at the dance Studio
at 5.30pm on Sunday 28th May

There will be a Roster organised to make sure the load is shared as far as the training nights, with the first
one being 18th June, Dates/Times to be advised as soon as Geoff has finalised the numbers for the various

Our guest speaker, Phil Butler was very interesting and was talking about his life and career as an
agronomist. For those of you who don’t know the definition of agronomy: Mr Google says Agronomy is
the science and technology for producing and using plants for food, fuel, fibre and land reclamation. It
encompasses work in the areas of [plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology and soil science.
He now works for E E Muir and has had huge success with various orchard growers etc from Mooroopna,
when he and his family first moved from New Zealand. Now settled in Pakenham area and working locally
He has a wife Johanna and three children Jonty, Anneke and Skylah.

I had coffee with Trevor Longmuir yesterday and he is looking good. He still has a bit to go to get a handle
on his business after such a long time but his family support has helped him through. We wish you all the
best Trevor and can’t wait till you get back to Rotary

Rosa as usual our smiling Exchange student gave a report on her comings and goings over the past week.
She is a pleasure to have at our meetings and it is wonderful to see how much she has grown since she
came to us last year as a shy little girl. She is involved in so many activities, that she is learning more each
and every day. Good work Rosa

Our Golf Day last Friday was a huge success and our thanks go to Ken Rook and his team for all the work
they did to make it the great day it was.

Peter v missed out on the Jokers Wild this week, bad luck Peter!!!!!.

Don’t forget to keep Tuesday 30th May free. Goran and his team are organising a Murder Mystery Night, to
be held at the Golf Club. As this is a partners nights, please consult your better half and book them in for a
fun fun night. Goran will be sending information out to a few members who he will choose to take a part
in the mystery.

Just on closing Annual Reports need to be into Peter van Diemen by the 20th May at the latest.

Enjoy your week

President Lyn
(Apology form the Scribe Editor who some how missed putting this into last weeks Scribe)
Presidents Report 16 TH May 2017 Lyn Bunce 2017-05-23 14:00:00Z 0
Deb Ball Registration Night Greg Peck 2017-05-23 14:00:00Z 0
Koo wee rup Change Over 2017-05-18 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on May 10, 2017
Presidents Report 10TH May 2017

What a great meeting we had last night.

It was great to see a few of our Rotarian partners at the meeting, as we had a full program
Firstly a big welcome to Michael O’Brien who was inducted last night as our newest member. He was
supported by his lovely wife Mary, just returned from visiting family in Ireland. It was a pleasure to meet
you Mary.

Geoff Janssen reported on the Deb Ball information night. At this stage we will host two balls, from over
100 people attending the information session. Geoff needs at least 6 Rotarians or partners to help with the
registration night. Anyone that has previously helped in this manner would certainly be welcomed, but
don’t let that hold you back as anything you can do would be appreciated. Please be at the dance Studio at
5.30pm on Sunday 28th May.

Our guest speaker, Peter Costas was very interesting. Peter is a feature writer with magazine Steak & Land
magazine and he is a Councillor in the Baw Baw Shire. Peter is also an auctioneer, Agent, Nurseryman, and
his wealth of knowledge on live cattle and carcasses was really informative. He gave us a few hints on what
cuts of meat to buy and how to recognise the better quality cuts.

Rosa as usual our smiling Exchange student gave a report on her comings and goings over the past two
weeks. She is a pleasure to have at our meetings and it is wonderful to see how much she has grown since
she came to us last year as a shy little girl. She is involved in so many activities, that she is learning more
each and every day. Good work Rosa.

Don’t forget our Golf Day on Friday; if you haven’t yet registered give Ken Rook a call as we are down on
numbers. I will catch you on one of the holes to take money off you, so beware.

Ken missed out on the Jokers Wild this week, bad luck Ken!!!!!.

Next week we are hosting Phil Butler who is an Agronomist You will need to attend to find out what that is
all about.

Don’t forget to keep Tuesday 30
th May free. Goran and his team are organising a Murder Mystery Night, to
be held at the Golf Club. As this is a partners nights, please consult your better half and book them in for a
fun fun night.

Just on closing Annual Reports need to be into Peter van Diemen by the 20th May at the latest.
Enjoy your week.

President Lyn
President Lyn May 10 Lyn Bunce 2017-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Can some one take a better Photo than this?
The DEADLINE for our ICONIC Photo has passed
and as we received absolutely no entries there is no prize winner.
Therefore we will stay with our current banner
unless someone can offer a better picture for us to use.
Yes, that is right we are still on the look out for an iconic photo that truly reflects Pakenham and the surrounds.
So if you have a picture that you think is appropriate, then send it to our webmaster at .
No ICONIC Photo was received Grant Austen 2017-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Our newest member was inducted by President Lyn Bunce at our meeting on Tuesday the 9th of May.
We all wish Michael O'Brien well in his time as a Rotarian.
Of course all our members will make Michael and his wife Mary, pictured below with President Lyn, welcome at all our club functions.
Our Newest Member Grant Austen 2017-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Last weeks meeting went smoothly as expected.
Lynn started the meeting with birthdays and anniversaries, then handed the meeting over to me.
At the start, we had a short visit from Kerri Adkin the guardian for Sam Beckett. We presented her with a cheque from the Rotary Club of Pakenham Beckett Family Trust account. She was presented the cheque for young Sam, the nine year old (at the time of the accident) who miraculously survived a car crash that killed his parents and two younger siblings.
We then continued with reports and updates of up coming events.
Ken reported that the Annual Golf Day is organized and has enough helpers.
We also have enough helpers for our community dance.
Secretary Peter informed us of the correspondence received.                                      
Peter also reminded the Board and Committee Chair persons, that their reports are due May 20th. The next Board meeting is this Monday 8th.
Allan Collier has asked me to pass on the news that he is our new Assistant Governor (AG)
District Assembly is only on Sunday May 21st, we will meet at Star News Group Car Park, Army Rd Pakenham at 8.00AM for car pooling.
Terry Williams informed us, Inner Wheel’s Turtles Australia Speaker night has been postponed. The annual "Biggest Morning Tea" lunch is going ahead at 12 noon, at the home of Pam and Alan Chalmers. 6 Sundew Crescent, Pakenham on Wednesday 12th May.  The cost is $10.00 per person with friends and partners welcome.  This is a fundraiser for the Cancer Council.
Treasurer Lyn handed out a 2016/2017 list of organizations that we have already contributed to and opened the discussions on where we could allocate more funds.
Our community dance is this Saturday and we have enough helpers to make it a success again.
At our next meeting we will be inducting Michael O’Brien into our club.
I think that’s about it.
Regards to all,
PE Greg
PE Report May 2 Greg Peck 2017-05-01 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Guest Speaker: Tara from Downer Group
At Tuesday’s meeting we had an interesting insight presented to us by Tara, Downer’s Group Project Public Relations Manager about the new railway yards and works depot being built at Pakenham East. Tara explained how the new facilities are to service the new high capacity trains currently being built at Newport workshops by the Downer Group. Currently Metro Trains is progressively increasing the capacity of existing trains from 798 to 900 passengers, by ripping out seats near the doors to increase standing room. The new high capacity trains being built will carry 20% more passengers (I make that 1080).  The new railway depot at Pakenham East will be used to maintain and service, these new high capacity trains. The project will create 300 jobs in the construction phase and then 100 ongoing. 
We were also informed that local roads will be upgraded in the vicinity to caterer for the increase of heavy vehicles needing access to the site. Tara concluded her presentation with an artist impression of how the depot will look when they finish, assuring us that the site will be landscaped to blend in with its surroundings.
I think we should go back to Steam!!!!!!
Tara Guest Speaker April 11 2017 Greg Peck 2017-04-16 14:00:00Z 0
District Assembly 2017 District 2017-04-10 14:00:00Z 0
Good Morning/Evening to all
Above is a flyer from District International Chair Janne Spiers regarding the 500th Container to be sent this century
What a milestone and I hope we as a club can celebrate this event
Yours in Rotary
DIK invitation 2017-04-07 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Apr 04, 2017
Service Meeting April 2017
Hi All,
Last Tuesday’s meeting went fairly quickly due to no Fireside meetings, and therefore no reports.
It was great to see the return our guests Bev and Michael.
Secretary Peter gave his usual excellent report and also reminded us of all the up and coming events. Peter also reaffirmed a commitment we made at Conference that we would donate monies towards Rotary’s clean water program.
Extract from a follow up email from Peter Sindrey Secretary from Rotary Club of Lakes Entrance
“During the Governor’s Ball I suggested that if all 50 Clubs were willing to donate $200 each, the total funds coming from this act would amount to $10,000 – sufficient to pay for two complete SkyJuice units.  From feedback we received on the night, and later, I think that Clubs believed this to be a worthy venture.  
It would also mean that a substantial gift would be made as a direct result of us all attending a great Conference.”
This will now be taken to the board for final approval.
(More information about Rotary’s clean water program and SkyJuice involvement is in last weeks scribe.)
All it takes is $24.00 to provide one person with safe water. 
23 Million People now have safe water because of Rotary.
2030 is the year Rotary plans to finish providing everyone with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in the world. This is an amazing challenge with an ambitious goal. Our club will endeavor to support this program into the future.
Ian W. reported that the community dance went well; he also stated a small increase in admission charge was inevitable.  Ian also informed us that the Rotary Park Seats are being built by our own Peter R. and will be made from galvanized steel to a design approved by Cardinia Council.
We also had a straw survey of internet usage; detailed results will be in next weeks scribe.
The Joker is still in the pack, better luck next time Peter.
Sam took on the Sergeant roll and he did a great job in extracting fines and keeping the meeting on track.
Thanks and that’s about it for now.
Have a great day,
PE Report April 4 Greg Peck 2017-04-03 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Rotary District 9820
59th Annual Conference
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2017
Wrest Point Convention Center
Hobart Tasmania
A wonderfully organized conference that offered participants the opportunity to discover something about them selves while focusing on the aims and objectives of Rotary.
The theme of the conference focused on ‘Children are our Future’ with our DG and speakers highlighting the importance of investing in programs that empower children. Research has highlighted that education is the key to success for both positive wellbeing and a productive future. The keynote speakers all wove this into their talks, giving us examples of how in their own life experiences.
The CEO and founder of the ‘non profit’ Skyjuice Foundation Inc. Rhett Butler outlined the importance that all children throughout the world should have access to clean water. The foundation has been working for 10 years and has developed a special filter system that filters water in a sustainable way that can be used in remote and disaster areas. Skyjuices clean water programs is now in over 53 countries. Rhett outlined that 750 million people in the world do not have clean drinking water, and alarmingly 4,000 children die each day while over 50% experience extended absences from school due to water related illnesses. Skyjuices has partnered with Rotary in many communities to ensure clean water. Rhett encouraged clubs in District 9820 to raise funds and become involved.
SkyJuice Foundation
Don Elgin a motivational speaker who represented Australia in athletics at four World Championships, three Paralympics’ Games, two World Cups and a Commonwealth Games was born without the lower portion of his left leg. He stressed that a positive mental attitude and the right mentors anything could be possible. His stories were based on his own life and he continually outlined that he was the happiest bloke alive! He spoke about being an ‘Aussie battler’ who was born in the bush and he continually inspired us to “have a crack” to make a difference and be a better leader at home, at work and at Rotary. Don talked about how to cope with and embrace change as something to look forward to.
He also an author and wrote ‘One Foot Beyond the Podium’
Don Elgin
Learning to appreciate what you have in life and not to focus on the things you don’t have.
Erica and I really enjoyed the social side of the conference and the entertainment. Throughout the conference the DG’s granddaughter, Lucinda De Silva sang, she was fantastic. The Saturday night Governor’s Ball was a lot of fun with excellent food and wonderful entertainment with ‘The Blues Brothers Revival Band’. In line with Pakenham RC tradition being president elect, it was great to have those from our club attending the conference to drinks in our room.
To sum it up it was our first District Conference, and we had an amazing time during the conference and exploring some of the fantastic places that Hobart in Tassie offers.
We are looking forward to the next conference at Sale 16th to 18th Feb next year.
District Conference Greg Peck 2017-03-31 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Mar 30, 2017
Hi All,
Our Fireside meeting was chaired by P.P. Roger Thornton as President Lyn is away. Generally our numbers were down due to some members still returning from conference, or playing Golf. We did have two visitors Bev and Jan who must have enjoyed themselves as they are intending to return to the next meeting. Our fireside meetings did not go ahead due to numbers being too low and Chairman not being present.
Terry gave us an insight on the “Ride to Conference” that has been going for 17 years. This year the riders averaged between 60 to 70 Kilometers per day. The longest day ride was about 90 kilometers. They have raised a significant amount over the years, their target being 1 million over 20 years. They are on budget to achieving this.
Ian reported on the successful and profitable community dace.
Tim and Jan A, together with Graeme and Loris B. and Bill v D. did an outstanding effort in organizing and running a sausage sizzle at Fred Taylor’s clearance sale in Nar Nar Goon North. Tim informed me that they were all tired but had a very successful day.
Roger informed us about the latest at DIK and Essendon Men’s Shed making building blocks for Timor Leste. Roger gave one to Alan who will take it to his Men's Shed.
Have a great day all,
Pres. Elect. Greg
Fireside Meeting Mar 28 Greg Peck 2017-03-29 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Mar 27, 2017
“Children are our future” was the theme for the fantastic conference held at Wrest Point last week end.  
Five Pakenham RC couples made their way there, and were filled with and an exciting program.
More info in next scribe.
District Conference 2017 Greg Peck 2017-03-26 13:00:00Z 0
Rotary Foundation Centenary Feature Race Evening
The Members of the Rotary Club of Pakenham Invite You & Your Guests
to Attend a Twilight Meeting
at the Pakenham Races
TIME:  6-9PM
COST:  $65.00 PER PERSON     Includes Entry to the Racecourse plus
                                                                   2 Course Dinner in the Skyline Dining Room   
 VENUE:  Pakenham Racecourse, 420 Nar Nar Goon – Longwarry
                                                       Road, Tynong VIC 3813   
DRESS:  Neat Casual 
     Please book on line - on the Pakenham  Racecourse Web Site :- 
 Click Here  ----> 
Rotary Foundation Race Day George Blenkhorn 2017-03-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by George Blenkhorn on Mar 09, 2017
The Rotary Club of Pakenham hosted a very successful evening on Thursday at
The Pakenham Racing Club to celebrate the Centenary of The Rotary
Foundation. Rotarians from 9 Clubs and their guests attended and would like
to thank The Racing Club for their assistance and service on the evening
The Feature Race on the evening was named The Rotary Foundation
Centenary Handicap. The race was won by Nic Nac, trained by Greg Eurell and
had 19 owners in the Syndicate. The race trophy, generously donated by the
Pakenham Racing Club was presented by The Rotary 9820 District Governor,
Lynne Westland.
The Rotary Foundation started in 1917 with the aim ‘to do good in the world’.
Since the first donation of $26.50 the Foundation has spent $3.4 billion making
the world a better place. By far the largest programme is Polio Plus, aimed to
rid the world of Polio, which commenced in 1988. Since that time The
Foundation has spent in excess of $1.5 Billion on the programme. Over the
years other organisations have joined the effort to eradicate polio. In 1988
there were 350,000 cases of polio worldwide, 37 in 2016 and 3 to Feb 28 this
year, two in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan.
The Rotary Club of Pakenham has used Foundation Grants, to develop Rotary
Park and the facilities along the Toomuc Creek pathway. Internationally the
club obtained a grant to build a three classroom building in a school in
Zimbabwe. Also, the club has hosted children from SE Asia who came to
Melbourne for major surgery. Mainly cardiac surgery that could not be
performed in their country of origin
Foundation Race Day George Blenkhorn 2017-03-08 13:00:00Z 0
YES, this is your last chance to be part of a great night of fellowship for both Rotarians
and Non Rotarians
BOOKINGS will definitely close at 5pm on Monday the 6th of March....
So come on and make your booking...... 
Rotary Foundation Centenary Feature Race Evening
The Members of the Rotary Club of Pakenham Invite You & Your Guests
to Attend a Twilight Meeting
at the Pakenham Races
TIME:  6-9PM
COST:  $65.00 PER PERSON     Includes Entry to the Racecourse plus
                                                                   2 Course Dinner in the Skyline Dining Room   
 VENUE:  Pakenham Racecourse, 420 Nar Nar Goon – Longwarry
                                                       Road, Tynong VIC 3813   
DRESS:  Neat Casual 
RSVP:  6th of March
     Please book on line - on the Pakenham  Racecourse Web Site :- 
 Click Here  ----> 
Last Chance for Race Night George Blenkhorn 2017-03-08 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Mar 07, 2017
Club Service Meeting 7 March.
We had an interesting Club Service meeting.
Main points discussed were:
          Rotary Youth Exchange. It was agreed that our club continues to support this in future years.
          Rotary Centenary Race meeting is going to be well attended.
          Pakenham Show on the 18 March we are organizing “Wally Wombat Trail.” This is where Children purchase a booklet for about $10.00 and then “track around” all the stands and get a participation stamp and gift. At the end of the Trail they should have received gifts to the value of about $100.00.
          Debutant Balls information night is 15 May. More information on this is on our Web Page (
          District Governor’s visit will be Tue 31 Oct.
P.E. Greg Peck
PE Report March 7 Greg Peck 2017-03-06 13:00:00Z 0
Please note change of information night as of 14/03/17
The information night, registration night and dance lessons will be held at the Pakenham Dance Studio, 2-907 Princes Hwy Pakenham
Information night Sunday 7th May
Registration night Sunday 28th May
6pm to 8pm on both nights
All Debutantes please attend registration night, preferably with parent or guardian
Partners are not required to attend (can do so if they wish)
All Debutantes must arrange their own partner (Rotary will not arrange a partner)
Payment required on REGISTRATION night
Costs are still being finalised at this stage and will be explained on information night
Geoff Janssen Committee chairperson
Deb Balls to be held Friday 25th August, Sat 26th August (possible Thurs 24th August) in the Cardinia Cultural Centre.
Rotary Club Deb Balls for 2017 2017-03-05 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Terry Williams on Mar 05, 2017
Relay to conference participants having a relaxing break including
Rosa and friends.
Ride to Conferance Terry Williams 2017-03-04 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Terry Williams
The four local Bendigo Bank Branches (Lakeside, Pak Main St, Beaconsfield & Berwick) are holding a fundraising golf day on Friday March 31 at Pakenham GC - 7.30 start.

It is to raise funds for Tee Up For Kids Foundation and funds will stay within our local community.

Would you like to join me in a team? See flyer attached.

Rotary have been asked to do a BBQ prior to hitoff and I will ask some of our Lakeside Directors to assist with that- all food will be provided
Tee Up For Kids Terry Williams 2017-03-02 13:00:00Z 0
Posted on Feb 28, 2017
On Tuesday night, we had the pleasant company of Michael O’Brien, a friend of George
Blenkhorn and who is a prospective new member. Thanks for coming Michael and we hope to see
you again next week.

We have finally received updated financials for the years ending 2015 and 2016, thanks to a lot of
hard work by Kamya.

The general meeting of the Club was suspended while we held a Special Board meeting followed
by an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting. Both of these meetings passed the motions to
accept Kamya’s revised figures. One thing that came out of it was we have underpaid GST by
more than $2000. This is being rectified.

After the Special Meetings, it was time for firesides, but due to the absence of Committee
Chairman and their Deputies, not a lot was achieved.

Wal Mac
PP Wal Macdonald Feb 28 2017-02-27 13:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report                                                             21st February 2017
Our “normal” Rotary meeting turned out to be anything but normal.

We had as our guest speaker Mr Ian McKenzie who is a retired Secondary School Principle. Ian spends a
few weeks each year in Cambodia with a group called Teachers Across Borders Ian is trying with
extremely limited resources, conducting workshops to teach Teachers to speak English. Then the
teachers are able to teach their own students English which is very important in their culture, such as it
is, as the tourist industry is the only way many of the people can make a living.

Ian has had a lot of support from the Beaconsfield Men’s Shed and was introduced to our club through
Wakie and Alan Chalmers.

The money the men’s shed donated to Ian was enough to buy books for the 560 students he teaches
giving them one book for the year, with pens and pencils. The school needs $200 a month to operate
and at the moment try to get by with $35 this means that most of the teachers are working as
volunteers. It was noted that some children have never been/seen a school.

This was a heartfelt story considering the hardships the people have to endure which started with the
Pol Pot regime and is still continuing today. This country is in abject poverty and UNICEF statistics quote
20000 children die in Cambodia each year from poverty. They do not have clean drinking water that we
would drink and are in need of fresh water.

I am sure as a club you would be willing to donate to this cause and try and alleviate some of the
hardships these people have to endure. I am going to take this request to the Board and would like the
support of the whole club. However small our donation, I am sure it will be well received and this
humble man Ian would put it to good use.

If anyone would like to donate personally go to the website
Then go to link and mention Ian McKenzie’s name in the message box. If you need any
more info please contact me.

Don’t forget to be involved with the RELAY FOR LIFE this Friday/Saturday. If not yet registered please
contact Peter Rowlands or just turn up on Friday at say 4pm to give him a hand with marquees and

Bad luck to Fish for not choosing the Joker from the pack. Better luck next week Fish
If you haven’t booked into to go to the Raceday on 9 th March you need to do so by 24 th February. This
will be a fantastic opportunity for Rotary to showcase itself in the community.

Next week’s meeting is our Service Committees meeting and Wal Macdonald has kindly hosting the
meeting in my absence.

Have a great week.

Lyn B
Presidents Lyn Report 21st Feb Lyn Bunce 2017-02-20 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Feb 15, 2017
Macular Degeneration (MD) - Australia’s Leading cause of blindness
Donna Hendry senior education officer from the Macular Disease Foundation Australia outlined the
importance of eye health to Pakenham and Bunyip/Garfield Rotary clubs at a joint meeting on
Wednesday 15 th February. The meeting was well attended by Pakenham Rotary.
Although there is no cure for MD, there are treatments that slow down its progress. Early detection
of the problem is vital and it is important that older Australian’s have their eyes tested every year.
MD begins in the back of the eye when the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) breaks down. The RPE
is like a “garbage collection system” it breaks down the waste products from the retina. When it
does not work fatty deposits build up and these can be seen as yellow spots by a professional eye
Reduce the risk
 Have a yearly eye test and make sure the macula is checked
 Don’t’ smoke
 Keep a healthy lifestyle, control weight and exercise regularly
 Eat a healthy well- balanced diet
 Eat fish two to three times a week, dark leafy vegetables, nuts and fresh fruit daily. Limit fats
and oils
 Use an ‘Amsler Grid’ daily to check for symptoms of MD (Grid below)
Cover one eye, focus on centre dot. If lines are not straight or centre dot is blurred or missing
have your eyes checked!
 Provide adequate protection for your eyes from sunlight exposure
Bunyip Garfield Joint Meeting (MD) Greg Peck 2017-02-14 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Feb 07, 2017
Presidents Report     7th February 2017
Last week being Club Service we missed PE Greg, to host the meeting but we managed.

As usual we had some lively discussions and hopefully everyone who had input was satisfied with
the result.

For those of you who weren’t at the meeting the main points for you to take on board are as

Sunday is the Valentine’s Day dance organised by the Bunyip/Garfield details in the Scribe.

Peter Rowlands as Chairman of Community is putting together a team for the Relay for Life on
Friday 24th through to Saturday 25th February. Peter needs a lot of help so please try and help out
even for a couple of hours from 4pm setting up until 12pm next day. You can contact Peter
directly or catch him next week.

We are helping with the Wally Wombat Trail at the Show on the 18th March. As well we are
manning a Rotary Information booth, so please contact Sandy or Tim Mepstead for any details
Bunyip/Garfield’s Golf Day on 1st March.

And last but not least our Rotary Foundation Race Day on 9th March, please book your seats and
even try and get a table organised as this is a big event for the Rotary Club of Pakenham marking
100 years of Rotary Foundation.

Next week we are at Bunyip/Garfield Club of WEDNESDAY 18th Feb for a Macular Disease
presentation so there will not be a meeting at Pakenham.

Till next week,

Lyn B
Presidents Report 7th February 2017 Lyn Bunce 2017-02-06 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Back in September last year a request was received and a motion passed to provide two Garden / Veggie boxes to the Pakenham Community Garden.
I went passed there in Jan to see first hand how they were going. These photos say it all.
Community Garden Greg Peck 2017-02-03 13:00:00Z 0
Casey Golf DAy RC Casey 2017-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
DEADLINE Extended so get your Iconic Photo in NOW
We are Looking for an ICONIC photo.
Yes, that is right we are looking for an iconic photo that truly reflects Pakenham and the surrounds.
So we are running a competition for Rotary members to submit a photo that they think truly reflects Pakenham, past or present, to be used as our banner.
The winner will receive 3 bottles of wine.
So if you have a picture that you think is a winner, login and go to the members only stories for more details.........
If you are not a member of the Pakenham Rotary Club you can still enter by sending your Iconic Pakenham photo to our webmaster
Make sure your provide your contact details in case you win !!!!!!!!!!
We Need an ICONIC Photo of Pakenham Grant Austen 2017-01-31 13:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 31, 2017
Partners Night                        31st January 2017

We didn’t know what to expect at our Partners Night on Tuesday night, then Peter Rowlands took the
dais to give us an insite into his life..What an interesting talk you gave us Peter, it was informative,
funny, especially some of the stories you told.

For those of you who missed the evening, you will need to catch Peter on another night as I am sure
there are a lot more stories to come

Looking forward to catching you on Tuesday 7
th as it is our first Club Service for the year

Till then

Lyn B
President Lyn Report 31 Jan 2017-01-30 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Jan 31, 2017
It has been another busy week at Rotary. The Bowls meeting at Bunyip Garfield went well, see p.p. Wal’s report. We had two fund raising Sausage Sizzles. One at Bunnings last Saturday was a huge success exceeding our expectations and the other at the Pakenham Racecourse last Wednesday didn’t quite meet our expectations. A big thank you for all the Rotarians who were able to make time to support these Sausage Sizzles.  I think it is important that we are our there in our local community, doing a variety of activities so we remain relevant.
The Rotary Leadership Institute Workshops are starting Saturday Feb 4. If you are interested in learning more about Rotary and possibly taking on a leadership role, this is for you. Please let me, or President Lyn know if you are interested.
P.E. Greg Peck
PE Report Jan 31 Greg Peck 2017-01-30 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Wal Macdonald on Jan 25, 2017
Wednesday 25th January 2017 saw 11 members of the Pakenham Rotary Club, many
with their partners visit Bunyip Garfield Rotary Club at the Garfield Bowling Club for the
annual lawn bowls event. No competition bowling, but everyone enjoyed the friendly fun
and fellowship. Grant Austen must have had too many weetbix for breakfast, as he kept
putting his bowls into the ditch at the other end of the green. Geoff Young looked like he
was playing for sheep stations with lots of concentration for each bowl. Graeme Begg had
serious competition from his granddaughter Tahlia, who quickly got the hang of the
biased ball. Ended up about even.
A tasty meal of roast beef, BBQ sausages and pork crackling went down well with a big
variety of salads. When it came to sweets, Geoff Young must have had some payola as
he had a huge bowl of icecream.
A very friendly night with lots of camaraderie.

Wal Mac
Bunyip/Garfield Bowls Jan 25 2017 Wal Macdonald 2017-01-24 13:00:00Z 0
Hi There Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hi to all, just a reminder that next week, there is no meeting at Pakenham.  Bunyip/Garfield are catering for our club at their Bunyip/Garfield Bowls Night and they need to know numbers for attendance.  Can you please let them know as soon as possible.
Regards Lyn Squires
Next Weeks Meeting Grant Austen 2017-01-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 17, 2017
Presidents Report                                                                                                    17th January 2017
Hello to all our Rotarians and friends, I am writing my report sitting in the sun in Ballarat. I know what
you’re thinking but yes it is very sunny in Ballarat today.

What a great meeting we had last week with our guest speaker David Farrelly from the local Cardinia
Neighbourhood Watch program

David spoke passionately about the program which has changed to the view we had of the “old”
neighbourhood watch. They now have a 3 pronged approach which includes the new banners/posters.
This when you see them around the community, include Crime Stoppers, Eye watch (Vic Police) and the
Neighbour Watch Cardinia (New Logo). Many thanks to Caz for talking to David and asking him to speak
at the club
Sad news about Stephen Fishers mum passing away our thoughts are with both Steve and Christa
Sam drew the Jokers Wild again and better luck next time
No regular meeting next week as we are holding our meeting Annual Barefoot Bowls at the Garfield Bowls
Club with Bunyip/Garfield and Koo-wee-Rup Clubs
Please advise Peter van Diemen by Monday if you ar not coming.
Till next week
Lyn B
Presidents Report Jan 17 Lyn Bunce 2017-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
Bunyip Garfield Valentines Dance 2017 RC Bunyip/Garfield 2017-01-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Jan 10, 2017
Presidents Report 10 th January 2017
Happy New Year to all of you and I hope the Christmas/New Year was a lot of fun
Now back to reality with the new 2017 Rotary Year upon us
Our first meeting back was very informative with Grant Austen showing us how to operate the Clubrunner
system that we are using
This system as most of the Rotarians noted, was how user friendly it is
Grant by the way has done a great job with the Website and is always updating and organising the same
He would like to know if any member would be able to supply a better photo for the masthead
The present one that most of you would notice when you logged in is of a group of houses in Lakeside, so
something more appropriate would be great. Send in your ideas to grant via email if possible
Roger along with D.I.K. asked for help in collecting various exercise books/pens/pencils etc for our Balibo
project. Many thanks to Wal, as he had been to Aldi and got a huge amount, also thanks to Noel for
helping me as we spent all day yesterday depleting all the available stock in Pakenham. So we look like we
will be able to send quite a lot to fill the container when we find out how much has been sourced by the
other clubs
Sam’s ticket gave him the chance to have a go at Jokers Wild yet once again and much laughter prevailed
as Grant tried to rip him off with his own ticket...
No final figure on the Trailer Raffle but according to Tim A he is sure we have gone over the previous
year’s total. Rotarians and Inner Wheel members should pat themselves on the back for such a fantastic
effort. Great to see the two clubs working so closely together.
Don’t forget the BBQ on Saturday. Volunteers need to be at the shed at 9.30 to go to Windermere Blvd
which is the shopping centre opposite the Golf Club The BBQ is in the park on the left just up the hill past
We had a few sniffles when reading the email from Michelle to do with the Balibo Project. We saw photos
of the two wheelchairs we sent via D.I.K. To think these children haven’t been mobile since birth and now
can get around of their own volition is extraordinary
That’s all from me this week and look forward to next week’s meeting. Our guest speaker is to be DAVID
Farrelly from Neighbourhood Watch, so that should be interesting
Till then
Yours in Rotary
Lyn B
Presidents Report 10th Jan Lyn Bunce 2017-01-10 00:00:00Z 0
Remember the Wheel Chairs,
Back in September of 2016 we ran the story of the young girl in Balibo who desperately needed a wheel chair and how through Donations In Kind we were able to ship several Wheel Chairs along with other things in a Container.
Well the container arrived and the wheel chairs were delivered.
The E-Mail that was received in part says
A wonderful day today with delivery of wheelchairs to Cecilia and Sr Johannes. Both were over the moon. We took Cecilia to Balibo hospital so that the Doctor could fit her for the chair and explain it's workings to her mother. She didn't want me to take her home and made her mum wheel her 5kms home so she could take in the sights. I don't know if you realise but she is carried everywhere by her mum or cushioned between 2 people on a motorcycle for long distance travel. 
I was so overwhelmed with emotion.  She radiated so much joy that can't be captured in a photo. People gathered around and were so happy for her. Rotary has given so much joy not only to Cecilia but her family and friends.
And we have pictures as well......Check out the Photo Gallery by clicking here PhotoAlbums/wheel-chairs-by-donations-in-kind
REMEMBER the WHEEL CHAIRS 2017-01-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Peter van Diemen
Hi Rotarians
A reminder that holidays are over and next Tuesday will be our first meeting in the new year, normal time at the Pakenham Golf Club. It will be an interesting meeting as Grant Austen will explain to us the workings and information available to us on  Club Runner, hopefully we will see many members attend.
Also to remind everyone that the golf Club would like numbers for our Tuesday  meetings on Monday afternoon, which means I need apologies by  1.00pm on the Monday,
Board Members please note there will be no Board Meeting in January, next Board Meeting will be Monday 13th February. unless otherwise advised.
Yours in Rotary
Peter van Diemen
Rotary Club of Pakenham
Next Meeting Tue Jan 10 Peter van Diemen 2017-01-08 00:00:00Z 0
Letter received Eade Calderwood  Pakenham Racing Club.
Hi Peter
Now the dust has settled (literally & physically), just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the wonderful support by Ian & you and the Rotary Team on Saturday.
Dealing with your designated buggy drivers was an absolute pleasure and I could not have wished to have a more pleasant group of volunteers to assist. They were great with our customers, drove very safely, assisted when we needed to change travel routes, and patient when I needed to make calls on the run.
Given the overwhelming success of the car park shuttle concept, we have already booked in more buggies for next year (2x6 seaters and 6x 4 seaters)
Can you please earmark a repeat of the same next year with 8 drivers in two shifts (maybe a slightly earlier start time).
I will be processing the December Community Grants funding meeting next week, so look forward to allocating and banking your funds before Christmas.
PS: Would be great if you or Ian could pen a few words to us on how you found the day and any improvements you would recommend for next year.
Pakenham Cup Thank You 2016-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Dec 13, 2016
Presidents Report                        13th December
Hi to everyone, where has this year gone. I know we hear it all the time but this year seems to have
galloped along and we are nearing 2017
Last Tuesday,we welcomed Gordon Sampson from KWP/LL and Neil Lucas along with Rhonda O’Connor as
guests of our Club
Rhonda and Neil both gave us a very information talk on the new Cancer/Heart Centre to be opened in
Berwick. The schedule is going according to plan and they both spoke of the options patients will have
The oncology unit is already up and running, and helping people from the area as well This is a huge
benefit whereas before there was the long trek into the city and such
So glad everyone is getting behind Helen with the Trailer Raffle Roster. It is such a huge job and I do hope
Helen knows how much our club appreciates her input. If you haven’t put your name down there is still
time and every little helps.
After a short Board Meeting it was decided along with Sandy that she will only take on the role of
President Elect for the year 2017/2018. Many thanks for that Sandy and I know you will enjoy the Role
with a view to being President in 2018/2019
That leaves the Club with a dilemma as we need a Secretary to help Greg in his year as President
2017/2018. This is a challenging role to say the least but there is a Rotarian our there who would fill the
shoes well, we will be talking to you in a little while. Also our current Secretary Peter van Diemen will
definitely be there for training and guidance.
Needless to say there is not a lot of extra for me to say this week, only remember the Xmas Break-up at
the “Cardy Pub” on Tuesday 20 th . Booked 6.30pm
Catch you on Tuesday
Presidents Report Dec 13 Lyn Bunce 2016-12-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Dec 06, 2016
Rotary Club Service Meeting 6th Dec
The meeting started with a Rosa giving all our members a St Nicholas (Swiss Santa Claus) hand made bag filled with nuts and chocolates. The naughty boys, the two Geoff’s were given a stick.
It was also Rosa’s birthday and we all wished her well and celebrated by singing “Happy Birthday” to her.
It is a very busy time of the year and we were given a run down of past events.
John B. reported, that the Pakenham Race Day was a huge success with the buggy chauffeur service well received. The Drivers were overwhelmed with the many thanks and praise given.
Terry W. reported that The Trailer Raffle had excellent ticket sales.
Ian W reported that The Community Dance, as always, was an out standing success. However last Saturday the hall was a mess and this will be discussed with the Council.
It all started on July 22 when:-
(Quote from District Youth Exchange Face Book Page)
“It was wheels down in Melbourne early this morning for the first of our 2016-17 Inbounds, Rosa from Switzerland. Rosa is hosted by the Rotary Club of Pakenham.

Welcome to District 9820 Rosa!"
We were privileged to have the District Youth Exchange 9820 experts Charlie Spiers and Paul Harris give us an update about the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Charlie gave a presentation about how and where to find Youth Exchange information on their District Web Site.  
The meeting closed with a jovial Sergeant’s Fine session
President Elect.  Greg
Rotary Club Service Meeting 6th Dec Greg Peck 2016-12-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Dec 04, 2016
The Children’s Christmas Party was well attended with 12 Adults and Children having a great day.  The day started with a Tractor Ride. Face Painting and coloring in was a great hit also. Soon it was almost lunch time when Santa arrived in the Nar Nar Goon Fire Truck with sirens and bells blowing. Santa’s was really hot and wanted the coldest water we had. (Pic Santa with a frozen water bottle!) It was just amazing, as he had exactly enough presents for all the kids there. After Santa left with the same bells and sirens blowing it was time for a delicious lunch which Erica had prepared . Then with a lot of fast eating most children and some adults had a swim with others relaxing with a glass of wine, Champagne or a beer
Go to our web Page and then to Photo Gallery  to see more photos.
Children's Christmas Party Greg Peck 2016-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim Ahern
For all members, please review the information below and
consider “where do you fit in?”.
Are you an active member, the kind that might be missed?
are you just content that your name is on the list.
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock?
do you stay away and then criticise and knock.
Do you take an active part and help the show along?
are you just satisfied to be the kind and belong.
Do you ever go visit or ring a member who is sick?
do you leave the work to just a few, and then call them a “clique”.
Think it over members, you know right from wrong
be an active member and don’t just belong
Membership Participation Tim Ahern 2016-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Geoff Young
Pakenham’s Rotary Trivia night

Well, well Pakenham Rotarians … if you have my husband in charge ….. Beware … always
looking outside the box with any adventures but he is always a stickler - a certain quality or
type of behavior which most people wouldn’t know! Because on most occasions he is very
light hearted to the unknown. I say never judge a book by its cover! 
Our evening’s Trivia night was MCd by Ken Rook, ably announced with pronunciation on all
aspect from - “Who painted the Nebuchadnexar series? (Answer: Arthur Boyd) to what is Kylie
Monigue’s lingerie line called? (Answer: Love Kylie) and even approximately how many rabbits
are there in Australia today (Answer: (c) 300 million! I would have thought more in Pakenham).
The evening was certainly a light-hearted experience for all who attended and
Wakie, Geoff, John, Goran, Marta, and Peter Team” overall winners on a great night’s
All together there was 6 teams on the night, each team had their own problems and at the end
of the night Geoff handed out the awards for best come back, bad luck, needs work, problem
Rotary Trivia night Geoff Young 2016-11-29 00:00:00Z 0
Our Trailer Raffle is making steady progress.
Here Terry and Caz at Aldi's Lakeside kept the ticket sales going.
More helpers are still needed.
Trailer Raffle 2016-11-27 00:00:00Z 0
Gala Dinner 2016-11-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Nov 22, 2016
Presidents Report 22nd November

Hi to everyone, well what another great week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham
A special welcome was given to our District Governor Lynne Westland and her husband Trevor who were
our special guests at our meeting last Tuesday night, along with our Assistant Governor Ian Symonds and
his wife Judy. A big welcome.
It is always a pleasure to welcome Rotarians in this capacity to get a little more of an insight as to
how/where our club is heading
We started with a meeting with Lynne and the Board members and had a really good meeting. Lynne was
impressed with the club as a whole and as such all of Rotary Club of Pakenham should take a pat on the
Rosa gave us her talk on her coming and goings of the past few weeks and it sounds like she is really
enjoying her stay in OZ
So glad everyone is getting behind Helen with the Trailer Raffle Roster. It is such a huge job and I do hope
Helen knows how much our club appreciates her input.
If you haven’t put your name down there is still time and every little helps.
Tim Mepstead has organised the end of year School awards. Tim will let everyone who put up theirs hands
at the meeting with the date and times to refresh your memory.
For those who attended the 100 th Year Celebration at the CCC last night I am sure you will all have had a
great time AGD Janne Spiers along with husband PDG Charlie Spiers were the main instigators of the
evening and thanks must go to them for a really good night.
That’s all from me only to say remember the Partners Night on Tuesday night 29 th ..I am sure this will be a
lot of fun and our last meeting for the year will be our Christmas Breakup on the 20 th December ant the
Cardinia Club Hotel in Beaconsfield
Catch you on Tuesday
Lyn B
Presidents Report 22nd November Lyn Bunce 2016-11-22 00:00:00Z 0
Car Show Nov 2016 2016-11-20 00:00:00Z 0
On Tuesday evening we were very privileged to have Shirley and Belinda from The Salvation Army visit us.
The topic they gave was 'Days for Girls', Shirley was so inspired by this sad TopicSandy, she wanted to make a change.

Sadly when young girls get there period they are banned from school till it's finished, due to hygienic reasons. These girls go and hide in shame, sometimes kidnapped and sold to the sex industry. Others are made to marry at such a young age. These girls miss out on school and education.
Shirley and Belinda and many others have come together to help support these girls with hygienic kits. School are slowly changing there ways to by providing incinerators.
It was an inspirational eye opener and we wish them well in there Endeavour to move forward and help so many more girls in this situation.
Roger on behalf of DIK has offer to work with Shirley and Belinda with supplies of material to help make more kits.

Report 15 Nov Greg Peck 2016-11-20 00:00:00Z 0







Date of event & Time





Location of event

Name of award

School contact






5 December


Lakeside College





Cardinia Cultural Centre


Excellence Award




5941 7544





6 December


Lakeside Primary







Cardinia Cultural Centre


Academic Excellence


Gary Norbury





9 December


St Patricks Catholic Primary School Pakenham





St Patricks School



Pakenham Rotary Award


Gab Bryan

5940 2888





12 December



Pakenham Hills






Pakenham Community Hall (opposite Library)



Citizenship Award


Dehne Charry





13 December


Nar Nar Goon Primary School







Nar Nar Goon Primary School



Academic Excellence


Jackie Neville






13 December


Pakenham Springs Primary School








Pakenham Springs School Gym



Community Citizen Award


Renee Cotterell



6.00pm MASS


14 December


St James Catholic Primary School

Nar Nar Goon






St James Church Nar Nar Goon



Community Engagement Award


Rob Vermeer





15 December



Primary school




School Gymnasium

2 Rundell Way, Pakenham


Grade 6 Excellence Award


X 3


James Burnside






19 December


Officer Primary school






Pakenham Golf Club



All Round Excellence


Yolande Kerin

5943 2315





19 December


Cardinia Primary School





2405 Ballarto Rd,

Cardinia Primary School


Citizenship Award


Trudie Esler


Grade 6 Rotary Awards Tim Mepstead 2016-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
Shopping Tour Caz Walsh 2016-11-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
President Elect Report Wed 2nd Nov.
Hi All, with President Lyn away she asked me to fill in this weeks news.
Bunyip/Garfield Joint Rotary Meeting Wednesday 2nd Nov.
We had a great night at with Bunyip/Garfield Rotary Club at their meeting. Pakenham Rotary Club was well represented.
The meeting began with a progress report about the preparation of our combined Pakenham Car Show to be held on Sun 13th.  A roster was also passed around for all the jobs to be filled. (This has been also been emailed to members) Please make an effort to give your support with this on the day.
After our delicious meal Jennie Haughton gave an interesting presentation about her passions and work she has been doing.
Jeannie is a well known Playwright, Producer, Freelance Writer, Facilitator and is also involved with OFF THE LEASH THEATRE Inc is an exciting independent Gippsland theatre company based in Warragul.
Jeannie also spoke passionately about the history of Gippsland and its indigenous people and explorers. She particularly spoke about Angus McMillan, who was an important figure around the time of European exploration and settling of Gippsland.
McMillan's legacy is prominent in Gippsland, with the Federal Division of McMillan named after him in 1948, as well as school houses and buildings around Gippsland.
With more research Jeannie wrote
"I started by bringing together the stories of Gippsland and how McMillan was involved and fairly quickly became obvious from all the reading I was doing he was a very self-serving greedy man, he looked after himself and was very ambitious," Jeannie said.
“A lot of history is very distressing and this history is dark and tragic but it's about illuminating that story to give people access.”
Historians have now linked Angus McMillan with various massacres of indigenous people throughout Gippsland.
On a brighter note, the first SHOPPING TOUR is on this Saturday (Nov 5th). Caz has done an outstanding job making this project a success. Ventura Bus Lines have donated their bus and David is doing the driving. Many local traders have supported the day by offering special deals to the participants of the Shopping Tour. Well done Caz!!!
Finally, I know how time poor we all are, particularly at this time of year. But   please make some time available to support our Trailer Raffle.    
All the best to all.  Greg Peck.
President Elect Report 2 Nov Greg Peck 2016-11-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Rook
Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2016
Our 18 the Primary School Primary School Public Speaking Competition
saw 13 students from 7 schools from Nar Nar Goon, Officer and
Pakenham present their speeches on a wide range of interesting and
complex topics to an audience of around 70. Once again the quality
was outstanding and judges Barry Morris, Grant Austen and Goran
Galic had an extremely difficult task.
Champion Speaker: Skye Bethea. Pakenham Springs Primary School
Topic: “Poverty”
             1 st Runner Up: Dhuvaragan Senthuran. Beaconhills College.
Topic: “Discrimination”
             2 nd Runner Up: Angelica Starakis. Pakenham Hills Primary School
Topic: “Where Have All The Bees Gone?”
President’s Award: Libby Matthews. Officer Primary School
Topic: “Oscar’s Law”.
Chairman’s Award: Moesha Griffin. Beaconhills College
Topic: “Women’s Rights”
Encouragement Award: Rama Salah. Minaret College.
Topic: Why Should Animals Have Rights”.
All students were excellent and once again their choice of topics was
amazing. We heard about all sorts of things including: “Three Minute
Showers” and “Inspiration For Swimming”.
Feedback from teachers and parents was excellent.
Thanks to all who assisted and attended.
PP Ken Rook.
Primary School Speaking Competition 2016 Ken Rook 2016-10-27 00:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report                                                                                                                 18th October 2016
Hi to everyone, well what another great week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham, especially as I am typing this report whilst sitting with a glass of Azahi in Bermagui. We have been travelling since Wednesday with a few stopovers and arrived here today. The lake looks inviting and I may have to cast a line in tomorrow.
Business as usual and Caz told us what a huge success the Foundation Dinner was she attended with David Greg and Ian Venables. Geoff Young and George Blenkhorn also helped out with the auction albeit they were paying guests, good work to everyone.
Our guest speaker was Lisa Boyd representing the East West Overseas Aid Foundation. This foundation supports an orphanage in India and she had a very interesting story to tell. Lisa wears two hats as she is also a director of the company “Seasol” of whom many of you would know and use the products
Goran was the Chairman for the night and George gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Club
Joker’s wild was drawn by Goran and fortunately for the Club he didn’t pick out the Joker. There is always next week Goran
Don’t forget to get behind the Shopping Tour on 5th November, there are still a few seats left on the bus. For those interested please contact Caz
Please don’t forget the Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition to be held as usual at the Golf Club at 6pm next week the 25th October. This is a fantastic event and those who have attended in the past are amazed by the standard of these primary school children.
Margaret & Wal Macdonald are again hosting a Cup Day Champagne breakfast at their home on 1st November. The cost is $15 per head and we hope you had put your name on the sheet as attending that was handed out at the last meeting. There will be an email for any latecomers to reply and you can also call or email me for the final numbers
There is no Club meeting on the Tuesday night as we have our Annual combined meeting with Bunyip/Garfield at the Garfield Bowls Club on Wednesday 2nd November at 6.30  Please make sure you have advised Lyn Squires of your attendance so she can finalise the catering
Last but not least the bookings are closing fast for the Rotary Foundation Centenary Dinner at the Cardinia Cultural Centre on 26th November.  This is a very special night for any Rotarian. So please let George know of your attendance as he is handling the tables for our Club. The cost is $60 p/head with drinks at bar prices.
That’s all for me so have a great week
Lyn B
Presidents Report 18 Oct 2016-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report                                                                                                                 10th October 2016
Hi to everyone, well what another great week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham
It was business as usual at with great input from all members
We will have a rotary Club presence at the Cardinia Foundation Dinner on Friday 14th with setup/auction spotters/clean up crew.
Ian V and Sandy gave us a report on the time spent at the Portsea Camp with various maintenance duties.
David Walsh was our guest speaker and it was interesting to hear David’s story from when he first met the love of his life (Caz) in Tech school and his subsequent journey with various positions primarily with Mechanical Engineering as his forte.  His bout with Cancer which thankfully is in remission. Our thoughts are with you on your journey.
Greg was informing us about our plans for our Indian friends visiting next year from the Rotary Club of Poona Downtown.  If you are able to host any of the visiting Indian Rotarians please inform Greg as we need as many homes as we can
Joker’s wild was drawn by Henry and fortunately for the Club he didn’t pick out the Joker. There is always next week Henry
Don’t forget to get behind the Shopping Tour on 5th November, there are still a few seats left on the bus. For those interested please contact Caz
Margaret & Wal Macdonald are again hosting a Cup Day Champagne breakfast at their home. The cost is $15 per head and we will be handing a sheet around again next week for final numbers
Have a great week and enjoy the sun for a change after our terrible weather of last week. We must feel sorry for Tim & Jan Ahern as they had 28 or so trees fall over, on their property. Hopefully things are on the mend.
Lyn B
Presidents Report 10 Oct Lyn Bunce 2016-10-16 00:00:00Z 0
Hi all

As I stated at last nights meeting the Ride to Conference C'tee have decided to dispose of the "Bike Trailer" that has served us for the past 16 years (and was old when we obtained it).

The trailer is constructed like a caravan with timber frame, metal cladding on the outside and timber lined internally. It is capable of carrying 22 bikes suspended from hooks in the ceiling. Some extensive maintenance and reconstruction has been undertaken over the years but now, sadly, requires more rebuilding of the frame and water proofing.

The trailer has not been used for transporting bikes for 2 years and is not required in the forcible future. As it is registered in the name of the Rotary Club of Pakenham, Board permission is sought to dispose of the trailer.

Make an offer now. 
Bike Trailer Make an Offer Terry Williams 2016-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Pakenham Car Show Countdown Grant Austen 2016-09-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce
Presidents Report                                                                                                                 27th September.2016
Hi to everyone, well what another great week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham
I believe the joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Berwick went off well albeit quite a few of our Rotarians, me included were unable to attend due to this nasty Bronchitis that has taken a few of us down. Not for the count though as we are mostly up and feeling better. Caz Walsh has really had a bad trot though so our best wishes Caz
Goran was present at the Joint meeting with Berwick last Wednesday night. They talked about the Balibo project, in Timor Leste, which we were a part of along with the Berwick Port Melbourne and Cranbourne Rotary Clubs, These clubs along with our initial donation of $3000 and the help of equipment supplied by DIK, provided building and fitting out a Dental Clinic. Now we are involved in a joint matching grant to be able to achieve more funding for more projects such as Computers and Sporting equipment for the various kinders, primary and secondary schools in the area. Goran also mentioned how interesting it was to learn more about Rotary from a different club and to see how Rotary Clubs work together and their shared vision. He also mentioned Roger was fined for his love of 10ply tissue..I guess you had to be there.
Roger gave his report on behalf of the Car Show Committee so we will need to make the 13th November a huge success, so keep the date free for an all club member to be involved on the day. We will need quite a few people on the ground from the both clubs including manning 3 BBQ’s. The gates, parking etc.Rosters will be sent around next week.
Greg was informing us about our plans for our Indian friends visiting next year from the Rotary Club of Poona Downtown. They will be starting with a few days being hosted by our club and then off to Conference. If you are able to host any of the visiting Indian Rotarians please inform Greg as we need as many homes as we can
Jokers wild went off with a very late ticket purchase from Roger but thankfully he didn’t pull out the Joker, bad luck Roger, so it will jackpot again till next week.
Greg was telling us of the BBQ we held at Lakeside, purely to help out the “Fish for Life” day to support kids with Cancer. The weather was pretty awful but this didn’t deter the winner who reeled in a 44cm fish. Not a bad effort .
Peter Rowlands advised the second of the two Shopping tour days on the 6th November has been cancelled due to a lack of support.  I do hope the Rotary Club members and if possible the Inner Wheel club of Pakenham will get behind us with the remaining Shopping Tour to he held on 5th November as the numbers for this day are coming in very slowly. Many thanks to Caz for all her work on organising this outing and please let’s get behind her and to  support the Clubs fundraising efforts.
Good luck to Peter Rowlands for a couple of hospital visits he will be having over the next week or so
I do hope you all have a great week and along with Noel can I say “GO DOGGIES”
Lyn B
Have a great week
Lyn B
Presidents Report 27 Sep Lyn Bunce 2016-09-27 00:00:00Z 0
This an extract from the Rotary Club of Berwick re our combined meeting on Wednesday 21st of September 2016
A great meeting with members and partners from the Rotary Club of Pakenham joining us.  A fantastic way to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. 
David Dippie from Donations In Kind (DIK) spoke about the Balibo Project Partnership.  The clubs in this project are Berwick, Carlton, Keilor, Pakenham and Port Melbourne. 
Geoff presenting Roger Thornton with a Service Above Self award for 12 hour on the toilet at Balibo.
Extract from Berwick News Letter 2016-09-27 00:00:00Z 0
Annual General Meeting:
Our club Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th November as part of our regular meeting.
The election of President Elect (to be President 2018-19), President Elect Designate (2019-20), Secretary (2017-18)
and Treasurer (2017-18) will be decided at this meeting.
We have a Board Nominating Committee, which has the responsibility of considering suitable candidates and ensuring nominations are lodged for each position. This committee is the President, President Elect and Immediate Past President.
All club members have the right and the opportunity to nominate someone for these positions.  Nomination forms are available from the Secretary and must be completed and lodged with the Secretary at least one week before the AGM.
If there are insufficient nominations, further nominations can be called for during the meeting.  If the number of nominations exceeds the positions available an election by ballot will be conducted.
Annual General Meeting 2016-09-22 00:00:00Z 0
It’s Spring Time! The weather should be getting warmer and the birds should be singing.
But the winter chills have caught up with our President Lyn, and quite a few other Rotarians are feeling under the weather.
A good rest and relaxation are the best remedies. So please all rest and all get well so you can make it to our next meeting.
Under the weather 2016-09-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck
Fish for Life BBQ Support
The ”Fish for Life” kids Fishing day was a great success with over a hundred fish being caught on the day. The largest being a Rainbow Trout 44 centimeters long.
Fish For Life BBQ Day Greg Peck 2016-09-21 00:00:00Z 0
Hi Roger, we are also trying to source a wheelchair for a 12 y.o mentally and physically disabled girl. Her only mode of transport is being carried by her mother. She came to our attention through the Dental Clinic as she lives in one of Balibo's outlying villages. Should I be contacting Daryl in Dili or is this an appropriate channel? Regards Michele
We sourced a few and the pink one looks to be adjustable 😄
We organised for it to be shipped and got the following response.
Bonoite Roger,
Thank you so much for your help and support. This chair will give Cecilia a better quality of life. She spends all day either being carried by her mum or laying on the floor which is also her bed day after day. I am so grateful for your assistance.   It breaks my heart to see this type of thing but knowing through the generosity of others we can make a difference restores my faith in humanity. My profuse thanks and appreciation.  Kind regards Michele
Rotary at Work and doesn't it make us all very proud...........
Wheel Chair Needed and Rotary Delivered Roger Thornton 2016-09-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Sep 13, 2016
Presidents Report                                                                                                                  6th September.2016
Club Service on Tuesday was again a fantastic meeting with all Rotarians having input in some form or other
We welcomed Vicky Perera back into our Rotary Club after a nine months spell
Tony Murray from Bunyip Garfield gave us a quick overview of the Pakenham/Bunyip/Garfield Car Show to be held on 13th November
Wakies dance made a good profit once again, well done Ian
Caz tabled the Community Service Committee report whilst Goran and Geoff Y spoke about International and Youth respectively. Copies of these reports can be emailed if requested.
Geoff advised the annual “Mock Interviews” went well at the Secondary College on Friday, Marta was particularly impressed
Marta made a presentation to the club regarding what she and Sandy have been doing with regard to membership. The couple have been working and from the sound of it have lots of new and exciting ideas. This is exactly what we need and not to be patronising but please encourage them if they need anything from any of you
Ian Wake along with George Blenkhorn has been talking about getting a market up and running at the “Footy” ground. This now seems to be viable as the Football Club is opting out of the first and third Sundays. This is a great opportunity for our Rotary Club to pull together as a team and support this venture. George is looking into it more extensively and will report back to the club at his earliest.
Sergeant George was up to his tricks taking over from Ken in his absence and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Peter van Diemen
Suggestions were made to have more community based projects and I personally would like to give the Baptist Church who runs the food van a bit of help in their setting up etc. I would like to pass this to Peter Rowlands, Chairman of Community for him to discuss with his team and eventually involving the Rotary Club as a whole.
Next week’s meeting our speaker is Pam Martin from a company we supported on their opening day “Together We Can”
Have a great week
Lyn B
President Lyn  Lyn Bunce 2016-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce
Presidents Report                                                                                                                  13th September.2016
Another hectic night at the Rotary Club meeting, welcoming David once again
We also welcomed Pam and Fiona from the Council initiative “Together We Can”   The girls talked about Family violence in the community and it was extremely scary as to the number of families having terrible trouble with violence in the home.  One of the statistics in Cardinia Shire is that there is a violent incident relating to some form of family trauma every 75 minutes. As you can see there is definitely the need for this program to be introduced. Children are most affected when there is violence in the home and it is evident in the way a lot of these children treat other children at school in the classroom and the playground. They are copying what they see at home and there is a definite need for education both with the parents and the family as a whole.  Of course there is also the need for intervention with police and community groups when a family structure breaks down. Initially it may be that the mother and children need a safe house for a time.  The push at this time is to get the mother and children back into the family home and with monitoring by police and other authorities they can at least feel safer with the male not given access.
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Geoff Young
Trevor Bailey came to the club to give us a matching speaker to the one he gave us last year. A big thank you to Trevor and now we may be able to get some of the more technical members to sort out the sound system at last.
There is no meeting at the golf Club on Tuesday as we are joining Berwick Club for a combined meeting to learn more about the Rotary Foundation Grant on behalf of the Balibo Project Partnership.
Please make sure we have a good turnout from our Rotary Club
Have a great week
Lyn B
Presidents Report For 20 Sept Lyn Bunce 2016-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Greg Peck on Sep 09, 2016
Rotary Fellowship Weekend at Nagambie
 BBQ Dinner
As advertised the participants all had a relaxing weekend at the Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park. We (Erica and Greg) arrived late and the rest of the group were kind enough to wait, so we all have a cook up together at the parks BBQs on Friday night.
No steadfast plans were set. Rather we all enjoyed the beautiful surrounds at our own pace. Some took the River Cruise, others visited friends, while some visited the wineries. At the end of day, Saturday night we decided to meet up at the Royal Mail Hotel for a marvelous dinner, even though we had to wait an hour for our meals to arrive. The Hotel was “flat out” due to local sporting clubs celebrating.
On Sunday after some fishing and a swim we met up at the local Bakery to say our farewells. After a quick stop at Avalon or was it Avenel market we made our way home.
Greg Peck.
 Pics: Greg adjusting the the flood Gates. (He said with the summer coming). Wild Horses, Goulburn Weir and Sandy cooling off at 8.00AM (Temp about 10c)
Nagambie Weekend 9th to 11th Sep Greg Peck 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lyn Bunce on Sep 06, 2016
As the old song says “oh what a night” It surely was, “The newbies” headed by Caz Walsh and Ian Venables took us on a journey, last Tuesday night 
We arrived at the Golf Course and were treated to some delicious nibbles.


Caz, Ian and their team were selling Raffle tickets and also handing out Lucky Dip prizes to quite a few of the party

From the Golf Course we carpooled and headed off to the Cardinia Club for a delicious meal and were well looked after by the manager Luke.

Again there were lucky dip prizes and wine all organised by the “A” Team

Once again we were on the road, and this time we arrived at “Club Officer” where we enjoyed fantastic desserts, with the last of the Lucky Dips and the drawing of the various Raffle prizes.



I overheard lots of laughter when some of the party opened their “Lucky Dip” prizes

A huge “Thank You” to Caz for her exceptional effort in getting this the “Inaugural Progressive Dinner” off the ground. (are you up to it Caz???) Ian, David, we couldn’t have done it without you and many thanks to all the other members for their support. 

Have a great week and remember our Club Service meeting on Tuesday 6th Sept. 

 Lyn B
President  Lyn Report Sept 06 2016 Lyn Bunce 2016-09-06 00:00:00Z 0
Progressive  Dinner 30 Aug 16 Pics Progresive Dinner 2016-08-30 00:00:00Z 0
Dear Rotarians
I write to thank you for your wonderful support for the dental clinic, the kitchen and the volunteer accommodation in Balibo. I will be sending out a newsletter next week but I wanted to give you a quick update first. The opening went very well and we managed to get former President and Nobel Laureate – His Excellency Jose Ramos Horta to officially open the clinic and to be the first patient! The clinic looks great – our first dentist Dr David Bladen is a bit shocked at the state of oral health in the area – periodontal gum disease, missing teeth or stumps – so he is performing quite a few extractions and some heavy duty cleaning. The kitchen worked well and Michele and the CLC staff produced great food for the opening. Michele’s accommodation has a good feel to it – there is still some work to be done to get the water flowing etc but she is happy there. Please find attached some photos of the clinic and our dentist David Bladen with an assistant working on a patient – the assistant is a Salesian brother from nearby Maliana who has had some dental training; a Timorese veteran in the chair with Jose Ramos Horta (the veteran had very few teeth left!); the lounge in the volunteer accommodation and the kitchen in full use. Once again without your support we would not be able to provide these vital services to the Balibo community.
Warm wishes
Terry Terry Bracks
Executive Officer Balibo House Trust
Balibo Dental Clinic, Kitchen and Volunteer Accommodation  Roger Thornton 2016-08-29 00:00:00Z 0

As planned for our big cook up everything when to plan A
The day began at 7.30Am at the shed where the BBQ trailers were cleaned and ready to go. Thank you again David. We arrived at the  Pakenham Culture Centre and set up ready to cook at 8.30AM. The weather look very onimus, so we took extra precautions to make sure we stayed dry. We had 10 Rotarians and 2 Rotary supporters there and we cooked the   550 Lamb chops, 550 Burgers and 1,100 Sausage just in time to be platted up 12.15PM. The massive wind storm missed us, but the rain started settling in.
Ken Rook was invited to give an insight about Rotary at the event, which I believe was well received. 
BBQ Organizer,   Greg Peck,
Big Boys BBQ 2016-08-22 00:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report
The Rotary meeting for 16th August was a huge meeting
 Rosa gave a short talk about her week and is now staying with the Venables family. This will be great for Rosa as there are children her age and younger in the household.
Rosa has told us of the definite No No’s relating to her stay in OZ. which are, No Driving, No Drinking, No Drugs and No Dating. There are two more that have had to be added to the list No Tattoos or Piercings.
After a meeting attended by Bronwyn Mepstead who along with myself is Rosa’s counsellor, she advised us of some of the issues that Exchange Students have to deal with.
The main one is respect and we as Rotarians need to take care of our language as these students are young and vulnerable. Another thing is their mobile phone use and they have been told NO Mobile Phones at meetings and yet they see other Rotarians using their phones so a bit confusing to them about our double standards. Everyone needs to be polite and courteous to each other. We will be conducting a more intensive session about this important issue at Club Service.
Our guest this week was Mark Fawcett based at the Cardinia Cultural Centre in Lakeside. What an impressive presentation about CCC in the present and the future aspirations for this venue in the not too distant timeline
Mark brings to Cardinia a wealth of experience in his working life. Working in theatre in London and many venues in Australia from Mackay in Qld to Melbourne to now his tenure with the CCC
A reminder, about our Partners Night on the 30th August. Don’t forget to bring your partners as we are set to have a fantastic night and many thanks to the “Newbies” for organising this event. We also are planning a great weekend away in Nagambie on the 9th September. 21st September is a combined meeting with Rotary Club of Berwick, more on that later
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Lyn S – second time not lucky.
All our best to Helen van Diemen with her struggle at the moment we are all wishing you well.
Next week’s meeting is to be our Service Committee meetings (Firesides) and all Chairman need to allocate a committee member to take minutes to be sent to Peter van Diemen for presentation to the next meeting on 6th September
Have a great week
Lyn B
Presidents Report 16th Aug Lyn Bunce 2016-08-22 00:00:00Z 0
Car Show Banner Tony Murrary 2016-08-15 00:00:00Z 0
Nagambie 2016-08-15 00:00:00Z 0
Our guest speakers this week were Caz Walsh and Greg Peck from our club. Talking to us about what it’s like to be a Metro Train Driver.
We learned about a day in the life of a train driver. What there daily duties entail. Everything from reading a complicated roster. To the day to day encounters with weird and wonderful passengers. The different Trains Metro run on our lines and even the speeds they can drive. 115kms and hour from Pakenham to Dandenong. But they too have strict speed regulations also checked with a speed camera. Watch your speed Guys… Driving tests every six months and repairing their own trains too.
Was a great talk over all Thanks?
Train Talk Greg & Caz 2016-08-15 00:00:00Z 0
Presidents Report
The Rotary meeting for 9th August went off again without a hitch.  Rosa gave a short talk about her week and was pretty happy with “Fish” for taking her to the MCG. They went to watch the Saints. I guess there is always a down side to things. Rosa was really impressed with eating in the dining room and when I asked her did she have a “Pie”, she said she sure did, with a huge grin as I expect a few people had already asked her the same question.
Wakie gave a report on his dance last Saturday and said the numbers were down a bit but who can blame people for not coming out on these cold evenings. Many thanks to his helpers as we were stretched with both the dance and the Deb Balls
Geoff J gave his report on the previous Friday and Saturday night Debutante Balls. They were a huge success and as a guest I was truly honoured to be representing our club. Noel and I along with Sue & George Blenkhorn on the Friday night and our Mayor Jodie Owen on Saturday night were the official party for the Debs to be presented. It always amazes me to see the boys and girls in their street clothes at rehearsals and then to see them morph into these amazing looking young confident people. It is a credit to Geoff and his team, (namely Marta, Caz, Goran, Greg, David and even Wakie got into the action helping out at rehearsals) for all their hard work over the previous 10 weeks. Marta and Caz, the Cultural Centre Ballroom looked a picture. The tables were gorgeous with the balloons and roses. Again thank you to Henry, Bill and their team for dismantling the stage etc., at the end of the evening.
Sergeant Ken was up to his tricks and the Jokers Wild was again another success for the Club as the Joker wasn’t picked from the pack, so sad Wal.
All our best to Helen van Diemen with her struggle at the moment we are all wishing you well.
Next week’s meeting we have as our guest Mark Fawcett from the Cultural Centre with Wakie as Chair.
Lyn B
President's Lyn Report Lyn Bunce 2016-08-14 00:00:00Z 0
Week 5 Another fantastic week at the Rotary Club of Pakenham What a good job Greg made with Club Service and covered everything really well, look out for the year 2017/8 we certainly have a new President in the making. It was great to see both our Assistant Governor Ian Symonds and our Rotary Exchange Student Rosa Ian Venables is to be thanked as he found out it was Switzerland’s National Day on 1st August. He made laminated place mats with various scenes of Switzerland to place on the tables. Of course this was for Rosa as her home country is Switzerland. A great idea Ian and I am sure Rosa loved the touch. Thanks to Peter for finalising the Rotary Booklets Our Deb Balls have gone off with the usual aplomb we have come to expect of the Deb Ball Committee, namely Geoff Janssen, Marta Faithful and Caz Walsh along with their band of helpers. Great to see Jodie Owen attending in her capacity as Mayor in all her finery. Ian Venables to close the meeting next week Lyn B
President's report President Lyn 2016-08-08 00:00:00Z 0

Photos from Tuesday's Meeting

PE Greg First Meeting.
A Paul Harris Double?
New Room Layout
Tuesday Pics 2016-07-11 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting 5th July

President’s Review

The first meeting for the new rotary year was conducted by myself and President Elect Greg Peck

We started the night with a new seating format which was well received and will be streamlined next week.

We have started a new weekly "Game" for Rotarians only. It is called Jokers Wild and for those who were not present it will be explained next week. Bring along a shiny $2 coin to be eligible each week

Wakie gave an update on his Annual Ball held last Saturday and estimated a profit of over $2000 He thanked all of his helpers and especially Lyn Squires who handled all the catering. Wakie also gave an update on Milhaven and a big thank you to Bill van Diemen for lining the store room with new shelving

PE Greg Peck gave a report on the BBQ at the Polling Booth last Saturday and estimated the profit would be around $2300. This was reported by Roger to be a record and everyone, especially Greg was thrilled with the result

We announced to the Club a new Project in the form of a "Car Show" that was previously muted. There is a committee set up at the moment which includes 3 Rotarians each from Bunyip/Garfield Pakenham clubs. We will be updated as plans are firmed. Lock in the date, 13th November 2016 as this will be a big event for all club members.

Put this date for the Kids Xmas Party in your diaries, the first Saturday in December (3rd December 2016)

Another date for the diary will be the Xmas Breakup early in December (date to be Confirmed) to be held at D’Angelo’s Winery. A suggestion was made by Treasurer Lyn S. that she will accept money on a weekly basis from any Rotarian who wishes to use this facility to save for the Xmas Break-up Party

Sergeant Ken was great on the night and ended the meeting with a true story. We look forward to our members taking a turn with ending the meeting with an anecdote/Joke/whatever Tim A next week to close the meeting

Have a great week and a reminder our guest speaker next week is Mark from JB Hi-Fi Pakenham

Lyn B

President's Report 2016-07-09 00:00:00Z 0