Greg Peck (The early days)Well, I Gregory Frederick Petkevitch was born at the West Gippsland Hospital in Warragul on the 30th April 1955 (note: the right end of the month). In 1950 my parents who migrated from war torn Europe decided to immigrate to Australia. My father was born in Czechoslovakia and my mum in Switzerland. We spoke Swiss-German at home and I am still fluent in German, but now, I am a bit rusty, as I have not been overseas for some time.
 Well, when I was in grade 4 my parents decided that Petkevitch was too difficult to pronounce by most Aussies, so he shortened the family name to Peck.  I became Gregory Peck! Growing up in Warragul was uneventful until I got my license. I was over school and started my first job at V.P.C. a Stock and Station business as a clerk. It was interesting work as I was at the sale yards twice a week, recording the sale prices of the stock auction.  At the end of the Auction, my Boss went to the Pub and socialized with the Buyers and our Clients.  I had to go to the office and start the invoicing from the days Auction while my office manager worked out the Venders side of things. It was a slow process before computers. Everything has to balance before cheques and invoices were sent.
After working there a couple of years I saw an advert for a Trainee Train Driver. I was about 18 and wanted an “out door” type of job where I was not locked in an office or factory; this seemed to “tick” all the boxes. I was out doors without actually being in the elements.
Things started to move. I met and married my first wife Debbie. The railways provided us with a Departmental Residence (DR) with the rent about $10.00 per week, a real bargain at the time!
We had two wonderful children in Warragul and then I passed my Train Driver’s exam. I was informed that there were no Train Drivers jobs in Warragul and that I would have to transfer to Melbourne.  I would be allocated another DR in Newport which made the move easier. New house, new children.
We had another two wonderful children.
After a couple of years of driving suburban trains I was enticed and given an opportunity to change careers and profession. I, with some friends and family started Amicron. Initially Amicron was a business supplying a unique range of welding consumables to the maintenance and repair industry. Amicron then with new associates, started a new venture processing and milling manganese dioxide for the brick industry in North Melbourne. Amicron Minerals didn’t last long, however Amicron Welding continued to grow, peaking with representation in all eastern states and Papua New Guinea. 
Next week. How and where I met Erica and the fate of Amicron!