As an ongoing reminder, I’d like to reiterate the goals that I will be working towards for the next 12 months and they include:
  1. Greatly enhancing our profile & public image in the community through “action” based activities & collaboration with other groups and stakeholders.
  2. Greater involvement with local youth groups, schools and partner initiatives using social media, as these young people will be the Rotarians of the future
  3. Building on the successes of our current programs & annual events through word of mouth promotion, visibility and community discussion.
  4. If we get that all working well we will then be well on our way to my club goal of bringing in 5 new members over the next 12 months because people will be seeing us out in the community, having fun and making a difference and they will want to be part of that.
  5. 3 Members attending Rotary Leadership training
  6. 10 Members attending District conference