A long-established tradition in Rotary was the exchange of banners.  Each Club had their own Club Banner and whenever a Rotarian visited another club, it was an accepted practice that his club banner would be presented to the President of the Club visited.  In response the President would present the visiting Rotarian with his club banner.  This was particularly applicable when travelling throughout Australia or overseas.
Over the years most clubs accumulated several banners, and, in many cases, they were sewn onto larger banners and hung around the walls during meetings.  This was the case with the Rotary Club of Pakenham for many years.   It was a good practice as with the banners gave the room a defined Rotary appearance and enhance the atmosphere for the meeting.
Unfortunately, over recent years the practice has diminished, maybe because the number of banners accumulated became too many to display, or perhaps the tradition just lost its appeal.  Many clubs stopped purchasing banners as supplies ran out, so the exchange of banners became less popular.  
When our club supply ran out a couple of years ago there was mixed feelings as to whether we should purchase more, some of the longer serving members felt we should, some of the newer member did not see the need.  Some felt our current banner design was out of date and if we were to get new ones, we needed a more modern design.  
Our current banner design depicted Pakenham’s commercial, industrial and rural aspects and it was felt that as Pakenham had become more of an outer suburb of Melbourne that design was out of date.  It was also felt that a new more modern design would be better but needed to retain the traditions of past Pakenham.  We invited all members to submit a design for consideration, only one was received.   It met with a mixed reaction and no decision was made to repurchase or renew.  So, we no longer have a Club Banner.  Whether this tradition will ever be reactivated, only time will tell.
Ken Rook: 2021
Editors Note:
The banners where collected and sorted from the old shed and was attached to the blue banner you see in the photos, by my wife Lesley prior to me becoming President in 2013/2014 for safe keeping.