I spent most of the morning with my hands in women’s underwear!
It’s challenging for good corporate citizens like Big W to dispose of their surplus goods in a responsible way. When new clothing ranges are introduced some of the existing stock has to be disposed of and for business reasons they can’t be given away in Australia.
This is where Rotary shines through Donations In Kind and increasingly major organizations are choosing us to donate goods do, because they can trust us to comply with their distribution requirement.
We just received a fantastic donation from Big W, seventeen large bins of mixed clothing. This covers everything that babies, children’s and adults’ wear. All labels have to be removed and the goods sorted and packed for future projects. The number of items that fits in a carton is amazing and it costs very little to ship items that make a major difference and show people in developing countries that we care. 50 cents to fully clothe a baby, 10 cents to send a new T-Shirt.
DiK can only repurpose clothes if someone provides the money to ship them and it only costs $25 to ship a typical carton, with your Club’s name on the label. Donations can be made directly into the DiK bank account and tax deductibility may be available if required.
Helping to pack the goods could be your Clubs next Community or Environmental Sustainability Project. Subsidising the freight cost is an easy and very effective International Project.
For more information contact Roger Thornton DIK Chair 9820 rogerthornton2010@gmail.com 0418821652.
 PS I also packed a lot of other garments, but I could not resist the headline.