So our Club Meeting last week was Club Service and so we heard from various members of the club on their relevant areas of operation.
We started with a report from our Secretary and then moved on to a report from our Treasurer both of whom provided information on the status of the health of our club and what we have coming up as well.
We heard from our Youth Avenues of Service Chair who told us about news on the Youth Exchange and RYLA Programs with in Rotary.  As our Community Service and International Chairs were not  in attendance we did not receive any report.
We then heard from various areas of the club such as the Deb Balls, Program and Membership.
And do not forget all reports need to be sent to the Secretary via e-mail for inclusion at the next Board Meeting.
We were then provided with a report on our International Project in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Riverside in India by our guest/friend in Yezdi Batliwala some of which is shown below.
Our President Elect then opened up the floor for some discussions around e-mail addresses for use within the club, and the fact that he intends to talk to each and every member of the club about what they want from Rotary, what they want from our Rotary Club, what our club can do better and what Avenues of Service they are interested in.
Our President Elect then explained to those in attendance how our club's membership breakdown shows that over 81% of our club is older than 60 and that over 63% have been in Rotary for more than 5 years with 41% being in for more than 20 years.  And that of the 14 members who have had 5 years or less two have had 5 years, which means that one third of our club is very new to Rotary.
There was also some talk about the App for mobile phones provided by Club Runner which all members should consider having on their mobile phones.
The meeting was then handed back to the Sergeant for our Fines session.   
But a good night was had by all.