Club Service Report
A good attendance last Tuesday night for Club Service. Unfortunately there is not much to report on when we have been locked down for so long over the past, nearly two years. Once we get “let out” it will need some effort to get everyone comfortable to go further than 5/10 kms and (more particularly) mix with other people.
Victoria will come out of lock-down when we reach a vaccination milestone and some serious planning will be required to lead the Club into a new era, whatever that may look like. You may also consider what you would like to see the Club involved with over the coming months- new ideas?
Alwyn and I (and others) should have been in Toowoomba this weekend for the National RVFR AGM and muster. Seems it would have been a “hot” trip up the coast as it was 37deg in Brisbane this week- but not to be- will be a virtual meeting on zoom.
Ann reported on the progress she has made with the Schools Public Speaking program that has been accepted by 6 schools and will take place before the Club at the end of November. George has some final figures for the Zimbabwe project and is now in a position to purchase a shipping container, seek further funds from local Clubs and DDF funding.
RCP AGM is to be held in the first week of December and that will require election of Board members. Some Board members will hopefully carry on but some new blood will be needed. None of the positions should be onerous as we are all volunteers and many of us held these positions and full time employment.
Under our new constitution the Board positions are:-
President         (step up from President elect- not a voted position)
President Elect            (step up from President Elect Nominee)
Vice President            (in our case Immediate Past President)
President Elect Nominee  (no voting rights at Board)
4 Directors
Important Club Positions:-
Club Protection Officer