Club Support for Student Consumables

Happy New Year.   


Some of our members will be heading off to Balibo this year and one of the things they will be doing on their trip is giving consumables to the schools they visit.   

NOW is the time to buy them.  So we are hoping you may be able to help.  What ever you can obtain can be given to Roger Thornton either at one of our meetings or at his Office.  

If you tell the people in the stores why you are after the goods there is a chance you can arrange a bulk purchase.  It’s an easy thing for our Club Members to support and some people enjoy the challenge.



The Students in Balibo need your help.


Providing students in developing countries with basic material is one of the most effective ways of ensuring they have a better future.  The schools we are supporting in the Balibo, one of the poorest areas in Timor Leste are detailed in the attached.  The basics they need are very affordable when the “Back to School Specials” are on.  Unfortunately it is difficult to arrange bulk orders when the goods are on special, so we are seeking your help.   We are not looking for heroics only asking people to be on the lookout when they are shopping and to buy a few items.  If you have the chance to obtain a bulk order the Project will cover the cost.


I hope you will be able to assist.



These are the stores where the goods we need are generally available.  Yellow = In stock  Green = available 10/1



Good value


K Mart

Big W





Exercise book

Up to 15cents

15 cents

15 cents

15 cents





Pen pack of 10

Up to $1.00








Pen pack of 12









Pencil pack of 10

Up to $1.00








Coloured pencil pack of 24









Coloured pencil pack of 10

Up to $1.00

Pack 12 Keji 99 cents