Crocs Shoes Donation December Update.
 As we advised before, the donation was wonderful, but logistically challenging. After completing the rough sort of the shoes, we were ready to inform the local Rotary Clubs of the opportunity. Rather inform the 200+ Rotary Clubs in Victoria and encourage an avalanche of requests, we selected twenty Clubs who are heavily involved with community groups and who would be able to determine what type of shoes where specifically required.
Of the twenty so far fifteen Clubs have been  collected and distributed shoes and they have gone to around forty groups.
Matching the shoes to the needs became the next challenge. Mixing the children’s shoes was fairly easy, but the adults required more effort. The needs of Fit for Work one of the groups who received the goods where they will be used to dress women who are trying to re-enter the workforce, when they go for job interviews, was very different to elderly ladies in an aged care home.
 Its impractical to provide details on every donation but this report from the Rotary Club of Central Melbourne will give you an idea of where sixteen cartons of shoes went.
“We delivered shoes to :
Exodus Community West Heidelberg which supports the African families in the Housing Commission flats in West Heidelberg Good Samaritan, East Preston supporting women and children fleeing family violence. Trinity and St Joseph’s Primary Schools North Richmond who support children in the Richmond Housing Commission flats.
We can assure you that all of the groups were very appreciative of the donations, especially at this time of year and wish to pass on their thanks to Crocs Australia and Rotary International.” Around 80% of the shoes have been distributed and we will have no problems finding a home for the others when the Store re opens in the new year.
Projects of this size require a significant amount of effort, but it was a joy for everyone involved. Victoria has just ended an extended COVID19 lockdown and for many this was a chance to work with friends while socially distancing and wearing masks.