Zoom dinner
The Rotary Club of Pakenham have traditionally held the fifth Tuesday of the month (twice per year) as “partners” nights with some type of social function. Last Tuesday 31st was no exception- yes it was because we couldn’t meet- however, yes we did have a social dinner via zoom. 
You may well ask how could this happen? Well it was simply via zoom. Everyone had dinner at their own table in their own home but shared the experience with a “device” showing everyone else also having the dinner experience. Fifteen devices experienced the event including Pat Harman who is living at Rosebud, John Legione and Vanessa Kelly who are Bunyip/Garfield members.
We started with the usual frivolity (drinks) then shared our entree with a small group, came back together for a short time before another experience sharing main course with another small group of different people and repeated the experience with a further small group who shared desert. The “small groups” (4) comprised 3 or 4 people who we could group together on the zoom platform. We also had a poem penned some years ago by Ken Rook about one of our past members.
From the comments I have received since, the concept was well received by all. It does take a bit of effort to organise such an event and I must thank Alwyn for most of it.
Future meetings:-
Looks like a long haul with ongoing restrictions and no face to face meetings for some weeks. The Delta strain has taken hold and whilst the lockdown may have slowed the spread it doesn’t seem we will get back to zero cases in Vic anytime soon- if ever.
Vaccinations will be our only saviour.
We will continue to hold weekly meetings via zoom with a guest speaker. If you have anyone you know who has an interesting storey to tell please let Ken Rook know.
Snippets from the DG’s newsletter:-
MUNA has been underway during August.  This year has been quite novel with the student delegations being asked to present their response to the United Nations proposal by video.  The students still need to undertake research of the country they are representing’s stance on this proposal.  The videos will be judged, and a winning delegation selected.  Fifty-eight students registered and are representing 29 countries.  This is a record number of registrations for MUNA in our District.  Credit goes to Di Harrison and her MUNA planning committee for pulling this all together.
Registrations for the District Conference to be held in Traralgon on the weekend of 25-27 February 2022 opened last week.  It is pleasing to see members have already started to visit the website and commit to this exciting event.
Posted by DGN Linda Humphries
The District membership page has been updated with new material and 3 survey links. I encourage you all share this information with your club members and encourage them to complete the online surveys. Your District team will look at the survey answers and discuss the findings at the membership development days in August and September.
In August and September, we are going to start by running our first series of workshops
Have you completed your survey about membership? It only takes five minutes of your time!  
The results of this survey will be discussed at the Membership workshops. at various locations around the District, focusing on looking within our Clubs, then providing some ideas and tools to help you start looking at your community.