At the Official Club Meeting that was held on the 30th of June 2020 via video conferencing we had to say goodbye to Lyn as she finished her time as President of the club.
Lyn stepped in at short notice late last year and quickly took hold of the reins and got the club moving and then low and behold along came COVID-19 and that threw the whole club and the rest of the world into circumstances that we had never experienced.
It took sometime for the club under Lyn's guidance to come to terms with what was happening but we got there in the end.
It had been planned that Lyn's last meeting as President was to be a Face to Face meeting but unfortunately that was not to be.  So those of us who could, all joined in to a video conference meeting that was an official club meeting and her last official act as President.
The whole club is extremely grateful for the time and effort that Lyn has put in and for how she stepped up when called upon.
So,  THANK YOU LYN for all your service to Rotary and our Club, oh and enjoy your time as the Feather Duster and sit back and relax as our Immediate Past President.
We all know that you will still be working around the club in many ways, or at least we hope you do as you are a valued member of our club.