So after last Friday night I received the e-mail below from Terry Williams and it was discussed at last night's Board meeting.
Hi Grant

One thing we learnt on Friday night at Tonimbuk was the need for basic 
gardening tools, and tools in general- immediately.

Those who have lost everything don't have basic equipment to undertake 
the cleanup.

So thought the Rotary Club could ask members and friends for any tools 
they have that are excess to requirements for donation. The Club can be 
the collection point and I am sure Geoff Young would be happy to 
coordinate distribution. I have more hammers than I can use at any one 
time without having to look too far. I recently gave tools away and my 
neighbour took stuff to the tip as no one wanted it- their is a reason 
we hoard stuff!

Not sure if you need Board approval or just the approval of Pres. Goran- 
you can work on that.
The outcome is that Peter van Diemen has offered up Pakenham Produce as a drop off place for anyone who wants to donate tools to the Fire Relief program  and Geoff Young will co-ordinate the distribution of what ever is donated.
So check out your sheds and toolboxes and if you have spare tools then please drop them off at Pakenham Produce to help the fire relief effort.
Oh and again great thinking by Terry and anything we can do to keep Geoff Young busy is a good thing.