OK, so with this whole COVID-19 pandemic and our strict isolation policy being enforced how did you remember the ANZACs?
Here is how at least one of our members honored the ANZACs 
And aren't these words just perfect for our current situation.
ANZAC Day 2020.

With the Covid 19 lock down there was no Rotary Gunfire Breakfast and no public RSL Ceremonies, people were asked to privately celebrate
ANZAC Day in front of their homes.

At 6:00am in the quiet, stillness of the first light we could see a few other candles in the neighbourhood, then hear the distant sound of the Last
Post from a few different directions as we played the Last Post on our phone. It was a solemn, moving experience and a very fitting way for us
for us to remember and reflect.
“Lest We Forget”.
Ken Rook