For the Board  Meeting; International.
DIK are looking at the costing for a 40foot container going to Durban, initial estimates are around $12000. Hopefully we will get a confirmed figure in the next couple of weeks.
I have asked the Rotary Club of Victoria Falls to get a quote for the transport from Durban to Vic Falls. We expect that quote to be less than a quote requested from here.
ADG Colin has been kept informed and he is supporting the inclusion of the cluster clubs in the fund raising. Doing this gives us the opportunity to get DDF funding for each Club’s contribution.
Once we have the costings we can then go out and pursue funding, Colin said he would help and talk to the Clubs about the project.
It is anticipated that the container would be shipped out in October this year, it is imperative that we are compliant with the DDF funding requirement that some of us take part in the web funding programme which I believe Geoff has now obtained.