Ladies and Gentlemen,
The following are the latest set of restriction guidelines as released by the Victorian Government and based on these we are now looking at having our FIRST FACE TO FACE Meeting on potentially the 23rd of June back at the Deep Creek Reserve Golf Club.  So keep your eyes peeled for further information and pay attention to the governments easing of restrictions bulletins.
These following proposed timelines released by the Victorian Government will be subject to the advice of the Chief Health Officer, broader compliance with restrictions, the rate of testing and the movement of corona virus within our community.
Under the proposed plan, restaurants and cafes will be able to resume:
  • From 1 June with up to 20 patrons per enclosed space
  • From 22 June with up to 50 patrons per enclosed space
  • With up to 100 patrons per enclosed space during the second half of July
All venues will need to abide by existing physical distancing requirements of one person per four square metres. Table spacing (allowing 1.5 metres) will also be enforced.
Additionally, venues will be required to take the contact details of every customer to assist in rapid contact tracing.
A number of other safety precautions will also be required, including extra cleaning, staff health screening and temperature checks.
If this is how the restrictions pan out then e would be looking at reconvening the club as of the 23rd of June and then doing weekly meetings back at the Golf Club.  We would most likely have the first four or five meetings dedicated to talking about the state of the club and how we can start to think about how we can get back to raising funds and serving our community.
So stay tuned, because  as more details can be made available, we will be updating everyone on what the immediate future holds for our club. 
If you do have suggestions as to what we could do in the first 4 or 5 weeks back at face to face meetings then please let us know via e-mail an send them to the following address