What is REVEAL?
  • It is a  home grown district 9820 membership project to support clubs who desire to grow their membership numbers and health.
  • It is an ongoing conversation with some of your leadership team
    • recommend President, President Elect, President Nominee and Membership Chair
  • To empower you to develop your club to be even more effective and generate new members
How it works
  • It is about you! – Your club, your context, your goals and your context (one size does not fit all)
  • We will get alongside you to support you to set some goals, strategize, discover insights and next steps for your club
  • It’s about action – your action
  • Each session you will determine a few action steps - you may be surprised how quickly you progress towards your goal
  • Each time we catch up we will review how you went. What went well, what you might ‘tweak’ and what is next
  • Each session will be via Zoom – an online meeting (a simple computer platform where the facilitator will send you a link)
What it isn’t
  • It’s not training – in training the trainer sets the agenda.
  • For this process you set the agenda
  • Its not authoritarian – we will be supportive, but you will be in control. The responsibility to decide and act is up to you
What is our hope
  • We hope there may be significant changes
  • Better clarity and insight for your club to move forward
  • Simple goals are set
  • More members in your club – enabling your club to create lasting change and make a difference in your community and throughout the world
Attached is the Reveal document 'Rotary Club Preliminary Consultation Information' I am sure you will gain insight and value for your club by taking up this offer.