From: Yezdi Batliwala <>
Date: Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 11:44 PM
To: George Blenkhorn <>
Dear George,
Trust all is well with everyone in Pakenham. Unfortunately, the scene in India is very bad. In fact the second wave of COVID is worse than the first with cases multiplying. 
WE are just not moving out at all unless absolutely essential. Even shopping etc is down to stocking up for 2 or 3 weeks so we do not have to expose ourselves. The Australian Embassy is closed and with the current situation I do not know when Poroochi and I will be able to renew our visa which has expired. The way things are I hope we can renew our visas and make a trip down under this year. It is almost two years since our last visit. 
Now, some news about the two joint Global Grant with Rotary Pakenham:
1. GG 1867527 - Happy Schools jointly with Rotary Club of Pune Riverside. Unfortunately last year due to the COVID situation the club slipped up and the interim report of 31 March 2020 was not sent. They have now completed the report and  uploaded it on the RI site. It requires your and Ian Young's Authorization for this year's interim report.dt. 31st March 2021. Actually all the work is complete but Auditing of accounts etc is pending as everything is shut down here and that is the reason they cannot send a completion report. It will be done once the situation improves. I am attaching a screenshot of the authorisation page for easy reference.
2. GG 2013088 - Enhancement of COVID related medical equipment at Naidu and Sassoon Hospitals jointly with my club Rotary Club of Poona Downtown. As I mentioned to you a few days back over the phone the work is complete. All the money is used up. We will be returning only a small amount of about $ 500 or so, which is the interest portion of the total Grant value. The Bank account of this grant is already closed and we will be filing a Completion report shortly. This being a related Grant everything was worked out on an emergency footing hence we were able to get everything in place so fast. I will keep you updated once the closure report is filed.  
My regards Sue, you and to all friends in Pakenham.