So as you all know we participated in a global grant with the Rotary Club in Pune, India via our friend Yezdi.
Now that the funds have been provided here are some details of how the money was used.
Dear George
As you may be aware that we have received the funds for the Global Grant. Since the application in May 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic situation in our city Pune has greatly worsened and we are dealing with more than 30,000 active cases as on date. Accordingly there has been appropriate response from industry and new suppliers for supply of these equipment have come up. We have contacted all the suppliers for fresh quotations and also understanding the new developments in this business. 
A : Savings in PPE kits and Masks have been possible as in the three months since application, due to the great increase in demand, new suppliers and new manufacturers have entered the market. Competition has driven down the prices.
 B : For testing kits since submission of the GG in May 2020, Sassoon Hospital has acquired an automated RNA extraction machine. Now they need only RNA extraction kits including necessary consumables for the extraction. We are thus able to purchase 10,000 RNA extraction kits with consumables for INR 1,680,591.
C : New items - From the savings affected, we have received requests from Sassoon Hospital for the new Covid-19 dedicated wing for the following items

1.       OT Table and OT Lights costing INR 338,900.

2.        Defibrillator cost is INR 184,800.

3.       ABG Analyser The total equipment cost with consumables is INR 1,067,136.
And some photos to also show some of the equipment purchased.
More photos can be found here  photoalbums/16th-october-2020