So on Tuesday the 17th of December we had our XMAS Break Up at the Deep Creek Reserve with the theme being wear a hat.  So for all of those that attended there is no need to remind you of how much fun we all had as it was clearly a very successful night that did not end until past 9:30 pm. 
So the idea of wearing a hat was to ensure everyone participated and it certainly worked.  Each person found an envelope at their seat at the tables and we were then entertained by having people at various stages during the night opening their envelope and reading out the instructions.  Some people had to sing, some had to tell a joke and some were made to swap seats with others at a different table for 5 minutes.  So were lucky enough to win a prize and some just sat straight back down again.
During the night we also had a hat tossing competition to try and win bottles of win and the entry fee went to Rotary's Lift The Lid campaign and there were definitely some funny sights watching people tossing their hats to try and knock a bottle of wine over so they could win it.
We also had a Best hat competition which saw some very heated competition and the eventually winner was Lynne Smythe and the judges award going to Erica and Greg Peck.
To finish off the night we had a game of heads and tails and it was interesting to see everyone getting involved for the chance to win a prize, with the two winners being Jennifer North's son and Wal Mcdonald so well fone to both of them.
It was a great night and to those who did not make I am truly sorry that you missed this great event and I am certain that everyone who attended will tell you that you missed a good one.
To view more pictures from the night click on this link   photoalbums/xmas-break-up-2019