President Elect's Report
A lot has happened in the Rotary Club of Pakenham since the last Scribe.
We had one of our newer members Brijal, and wife Dhwani, do a dual address the Club on Tuesday 12th October. Brijal gave us an insight as to his background growing up in India- very different to many of us in Aus. Also how he came to be in Australia. At some stage we will have to get a vocational insight into what he is doing now as well.
Dhwani is an “Occupational Therapist & Driver Assessor. A very interesting career path and many of us were very interested in the “Driver Assessment” side of her work. Not sure my interpretation of the road rules would “cut the mustard” as it were! But reassuring to hear Dhwani say we have all adapted over the years and know what we need to know from experience. I have always exercised the “avoidance” policy.
If anyone is interested I have a copy of Dhwani’s Power Point presentation that I can share.
It is also pertinent coming out of lockdown, when a lot of us have done very little driving over the past few months, that we take it carefully and remember we “share the road”.
The above photo is also a reminder that it was Lift the LID on Mental Health day with our funny hats- some funnier that others! So if you haven’t, now would be a good time to send $5 (or more) to treasurer Alan via the Project Account.
Alan can then finalise the Pakenham contribution to this worthy cause.
Last week our guest was none other than DG Bill Degnan and wife Judy for the official visit albeit on zoom- as have been most of his Club visits so far.
Bill gave us a rundown on his D9820 leadership team for 2021-2022. You can also find this information on the District Website and all District officers are available for advice or to answer questions at anytime.
Bill’s message is to improve the IMPACT of Rotary in our Club in our community and worldwide.
“TOGETHER we see a World
Where PEOPLE unite and take action
To CREATE lasting
CHANGE across the globe
In our communities and in ourselves”
Rotary has a reputation as a fundraiser and gives generously to other not for profit organisations. However, Rotary need to get the impact of that fundraising not just the causes who receive the funds- get the message to the community about the good work that we do as a Club and promote our existence.
And don’t forget the “engine room” the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.
The DG Partner project (Judy’s project) is not to raise funds but to raise awareness, particularly of our Club and where we meet. Some funding is available and we must make sure our “branding” is correct and current. Something we need to take seriously as a Club.
I also have a copy of the Power point presentation of the DG’s visit that I can share with members who perhaps couldn’t attend on zoom.
Well done DG Bill and Judy.
We are racing towards World Polio Day, October 24th.  TODAY!
During our life time we see many things disappear,
  • Pounds, Shillings and Pence
  • Black boards
  • VCR
  • Black and White TV
  • Floppy Disks
The list goes on and on and on!
BUT, did you think about Polio? How close are we to seeing Polio eradicated? 35 years ago it was a dream, a wish. Today its almost reality.
Here is a link to a short new video about our generation seeing the last of Polio   <Click Here>
Per PDG Mark Humphries
Next Tuesday (26th) it is a "workshop" session planned for the Rotary Club of Pakenham. But we are allowed 15 to meet in public:-
I propose going to the BBQ shelter in Rotary Park at 6.30pm to survey what further works need to be undertaken (an excuse and not a rotary meeting).
Please come and join me by bringing your own everything. I will get my takeaway from the food vans parked in the yard - at what was Stratco- near the Pakenham Hotel. There are many, and a wide variety, of take away food premises in the area that you will drive past to get to Rotary Park. If you choose not to eat I don't mind, it is up to you and we have never done anything like this before.
It will not be a meal sharing occasion.
I would prefer to only fraternise with vaccinated people and assume that all like minded Rotarians who come and share my space have, by now, been vaccinated.
If the weather should turn drastically against us we can always adjourn to the rotary shed.
Only 20 people can be seated indoors (under current rules) and that does mean not all of the members could attend a meeting indoors at the Golf Club at this time.
The Board has cancelled the Rotary Meeting scheduled for November 2nd Melbourne Cup Night. We would encourage members to do a makeup at another Club where possible.
By November 9th we (all) live in hope that the rules will be relaxed further to allow more than 20 people seated indoors which will allow us to hold a face-to-face meeting indoors at the Deep Creek Reserve with Tim Moore as guest speaker.