President's Report 11th February 2018


Presidents Report Feb 11 2018


Last week’s service meeting chaired by Goran whet very smoothly as expected. We also had a wonderful experience listening to Sarah McDougal thanking us for supporting her attendance at VCE Summer School at Melbourne University. Sarah was filled with enthusiasm as she spoke about her expectations for the future, and in particular starting her VCE year.



I received an email about our Cluster (Zone) Fundraiser that is being planned. The idea is to hold a Trots Night on Saturday 12th May at Cranbourne. We would have a 3 course meal in the Members Enclosure on the first floor of the Grandstand, a race book, drinks at standard prices, fully waited with Tote facilities, and T.V. monitors.
The cost would be around $85.00 per head. All funds raised would be for Trachoma a project of Ian Riseley.
I will mention this at next Tuesday meeting to see if there is any interest from our club to support this.

There are many events happening in the near future, particularly the weekend of Feb 16th to 18th, with many of us going away. We have been asked again this year to organize the “Wally the Wombat Trail” at the Pakenham Show which is on Sat 17th. Please contact Tim Mepstead if you are able to help.

Once again the Joker did not get found and we may have to question what goes on during the draw, especially by people who are not overly tall.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I am looking forward to catching up with you next Tuesday.

Best Regards to all,


Greg Peck