President's Report 4th of March 2018

Presidents Report March 4


Last week we were all standing and cheering on and seeing “Five Kingdom” win the “The Rotary Club of Pakenham Maiden Plate” paying an average of $6.75 win and $1.80 a place. I’m not a gambler, but  did enjoy the atmosphere of the night. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thanks you every one making the effort to support this event.  All monies raised from this will go to the Rotary Foundation as we know supports many projects around the world. The signature Foundation  project, Polio eradication is almost complete with only 22 cases worldwide last year, and this year only 3 cases in 2 districts of Afghanistan have been reported. Between the last week of January and the first week of February this year 6.1 million (6,100,000) children aged under 5 were supplementarily vaccinated around the 2 districts by 38,949 Vaccinators. An amazing feat!


Tuesday’s meeting our guest speaker Harpeet  Kandra spoke broadly about Sikh and Sikhism.  Harpeet and the local Sikh community are currently in the process of establishing a new temple in the Officer area.


Of the huge number of statistics given to us about Sikhism, the one that stayed with me is that worldwide it’s the 5th largest religion in the world. For more information about Sikhism

See -


Next week meeting will be our club service meeting and I am looking forward to every-ones input, see you all then.


Yours in Rotary,





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Our President forgot to mention that once again we drew the Jokers Wild and it is no surprise that the lucky member was




And aren't we all glad that he could not find the Joker....


So the Jackpot continues to grow.................