Recycling House hold Items.
After reading the article in last week’s Gazette about the Purton Road Pre-Loved Op shop as a halfway home for victims of domestic violence and the homeless people, which are on the increase in the Pakenham area.
I spoke with Angel who has been running the Pre Loved Shop since 2018, to see how Rotary can assist her and came away with a list as long as my arm.
To start with I can and did provide her with a mobility walker for someone who needs it ASAP, this came from DIK the same day. I have since had further requests for another 2 walkers and 2 hospital beds, which will be provided once the lock down has been lifted.
I am in the process of organising a list of new clothing from her that she can use thru the shop from DIK on a regular basis when they are available at DIK.
Which brings me to another idea, as it’s coming to the close of winter, why don’t we all go thru our drawers and cupboards to see what we as a club can provide to the shop, this would consist of the following:
Sheets sets all sizes, towels, blankets, clothing of all sizes for adults down to babies, toys, books especially children’s ones.
If you have something to provide, please contact me or bring them along to our meetings once the lock down is lifted.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Roger (DIK Chair 9820)