Guest speaker last Tuesday at rotary: Roslyn Teirney

Roslyn is a Past President of the Rotary Club of North Hobart, D9830 International Service Chair and is the Assistant Regional Public Image Co-Ordinator, Zone 8. Roslyn has a passion for Rotary and Public Image. She stressed that Rotarians are “People of Action, believe in Service Above Self, participate in our Community, Increase our Impact, Expand our Reach and Adapt to a Changing World”.

Rotary have a brand (our wheel) and we should adopt the current version and colour for use across all of our signage and correspondence. It is very recognisable as a worldwide logo. You would never see the likes of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Apple or McDonalds using anything but their well recognised and consistently used logo.

A photo of people in action (doing something like planting trees) is a better image of Rotarians than a “smiley” photo of someone posing and doing nothing. The photo grabs attention and tells the story especially on Facebook- try to put a brief catchy label on it. Try to keep all mediums up to date with relevant Club information; this promotes the correct image to the community- compassionate and active. It is thru consistent messaging with relevant information that new members will be attracted.

Roslyn encouraged all members to sign into “My Rotary” to utilise the abundance of material, information and training guides available (sometimes clumsy and confusing to use- American-sic).

Always try to get publicity in local newspapers, radio and television where you have a project or event that shows smart and caring “People of Action”.

Thankyou Roslyn for the time and effort you put into preparing and delivering your address.