The following has been provided by Tim Mepstead and we hope you find it interesting.....
Hi, fellow Rotarians in lock down.
Like many of others I have taken the opportunity of doing a cleanup.
During this I discovered some photos of Rotary in Action.” Fairies at the bottom of the garden.” At Yakerboo.
For many years Rotary would make a float at Pakenham produce. One year we had a football on a rubber band and would kick it to the crowd. We also had many different floats over the many years. Maybe you can remember some of them.
Here are some photos of the Fairies at the bottom of your garden. We always handed out boiled lollies (wrapped of course) to the crowd lining the streets.
The Fairies left to right are Jeff Janssen, Rex Williams, (woftam) Our Wal MacDonald, Tim Mepstead and Keith Arnott. (Would you like a lolly from these fairies)?
The lady assisting Keith Arnott with his fish net stockings is Bronwyn. (Keith is now a Rotarian in Queensland).
The handsome devil with the Mohawk is Tim Mepstead.
We even had a bubble blowing machine on the back constructed by Rex Williams and Barry Morris.
The floats for Yakerboo where always constructed at Peter Van Diemen’s and it was a huge event for many many years with a street parade starting at the racecourse, proceeding down King street into John Street then main street. The route changed when they opened up Main Street for stalls. Rotary always had a stall with information.
Judging was done from a truck outside Duffy and Simons’ office in John Street with our then Rotarian Mr Nar Nar (Graeme Moore) one of the judges.
If you check our cupboard/archives carefully you will find Yakerboo Trophies.
I will do that when Covid 19 stops
Take Care
Tim Mepstead