OK, so what has the ROTARY Club of Pakenham achieved since it's inception in 1961 you may well ask.
Well listed below is a summary of the club's achievements by Rotary membership year.
ROTARY CLUB OF PAKENHAM Inc.                       PROJECTS:
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Drouin.
Chartered 30th June 1961.                  Updated 11th January 2017  
YEARS 1 -10
1) 1961-1962 – Charter President: Charles Hicks
Ambulance Service & Station
Historical Society
Red Cross Blood Bank
2) 1962-1963 – President: Keith Bishop
International Exhibition
2 children to Lord Mayor’s Camp Portsea
Funds for “Those Who have Less”
3) 1963-1964 – President: George Shelton
Toomuc Festival of Nations
Miss Victoria Quest – Elizabeth Greig
Pakenham Bush Nursing Hospital Fence
Fund raising for new Guide Hall
4) 1964-1965 – President: Les Futcher
Sun Youth Art Show
Club development
Feasibility study for White Elephant Sale
5) 1965-1966 – President: Len Rushton
Festival of Nations
Carols By Candlelight
Hay to India
Visit by group of Indian Students
6) 1966-1967 – President: Eugene Drosseart
Vocational Service Awards
Sun Youth Art Show
Feasibility study for Pakenham High School
    7) 1967-1968 – President: Bruce Plummer
       Senior Citizens Club established
       First White Elephant Sale
    8) 1968-1969 – President: Jan Veenstra
       Youth Careers Night
       Hay, Semen & Equipment to India
       Decorated float in Berwick Centennial
       Hosted Group Study Exchange Team from USA
   9) 1969-1970 – President: Charles Huyskens
       Festival of Nations  
       Hay & Semen to India
 10) 1970-1971 – President: Doug Darby
       Hay to India
       Sponsored school girl in India
       Support establishment of Little Athletics
       Rotarians Doug Darby and Don Weber “Those Who Have Less” visit to India
YEARS 11 - 20
11) 1971-1972 – President: Frank Kenworthy
       Senior Citizens Clubrooms
       Extensions to Pakenham Hospital
       Youth Careers Night
       High School Student Citizenship Awards
       World Convention Sydney
12) 1972-1973 – President: Bill Fletcher
       Hobbies and Craft Show
       School Citizenship Awards
       Sponsored school student in India – Kokila
       Car Trial 
13) 1973-1974 – President: Reg McLeod
       Meals on Wheels  
       Care For the Aged
       Hobbies and Craft Show
       Hosted Group Study Exchange Team from Japan at regular meeting
14) 1974-1975 – President: Bill White
       Arts, Hobbies and Craft Show expanded
15) 1975-1976 – President: Kevin Clarke
       Fund raising for local community
16) 1976-1977 – President: Russell Kaye
       Pakenham Nursing Home 
       Member involved in FAIM project in New Guinea – Hans Van Der Velde
       Bark Painting Exhibition
17) 1977-1978 – President: Barry Wallis
       Rota Potato Project
       Workshop Unit at Minibah (Outlook)
18) 1978-1979 – President: Con Boon
       First Novice Gymkhana
       Clearing Sale added to White Elephant Sale
       Hosted Group Study Exchange team from England
19) 1979-1980 – President: Austin Bastow
       Herb Thomas Memorial Trust Established
       Pakenham Race Club meeting
       International Youth Exchange – Daryl McLaughlin from Canada 
20) 1980-1981 – President: Graeme Perrin
       Pakenham Hospital Small Change Barrel
       Pakenham Rotaract Club formed
       Repairs to Pakenham Scout Hall
       International Youth Exchange – Soji Sukuma from Japan
YEARS 21 - 30
21) 1981-1982 – President: Peter Durkin
       Feasibility study for Retirement Village
       Festival of Nations
       Mobile Catering Caravan
       Bus of Knowledge
       Tourist information Board
       Hosted Group Study Exchange Team Member from USA
22) 1982-1983 – President: Roly Hewson
       Ash Wednesday Bush Fires
       Sponsored Rotary Club of Bunyip/Garfield
       Eddie Charlton Snooker Demonstration
       Hosted GSE from India
       Bikes for fire victims
       International Youth Exchange – Leonell Rocha from Brazil
       International Youth Exchange – Jennilyn Noack to USA 
 23) 1983-1984 – President: Lindsay Adams
       Community Igloo at Upper Beaconsfield
       Charter of Bunyip/Garfield
       President Elect Seminar
       Electric Bar-b-q in Burke Park
       Colonial Ball
24) 1984-1985  - President: Neil Preston
       Hosted the Shire President’s Ball 
       Ro Tree Planting                  
       First Yakkerboo Parade Float
       First Herb Thomas Trust Dinner
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       International Youth Exchange – Michelle Knecht from Canada
       International Youth Exchange – Sharon Millet to Denmark
25) 1985-1986 – President: Tom Slattery
       Ascott Day fundraiser
       Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship – Francine Houlihan
       Golf at new Pakenham Golf Course
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       International Youth Exchange – Mandy Squires to Sweden
26) 1986-1987 – President: Peter van Diemen
       Charter of Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham
       Indoor Swimming Pool
       Catered for Car Rally in Deep Creek Road
       25th Anniversary Dinner
       Ascott Night Fundraiser
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       International Youth Exchange – Kathy Mitchley from South Africa
27) 1987-1988 – President: Felix Russo
       “Brushmen of the Bush” Art Show
        Indoor Pool Fence
        District RYLA Seminar
        Bangladesh Well and Pump
        Bar-b-q Trailer
        Sportsmen’s Dinner with Bunyip/Garfield 
        Peer Support at High School
        Ascott Night Fundraiser
        Rotary Race day at Pakenham Race Course
        International Youth Exchange – Paul Thomas to South Africa
28) 1988-1989 – President: Jeff Lempriere-Hogg
       First Debutant Ball
       Pakenham Probus Club Chartered
       President Elect Collar
       Paddy’s Market
       Last Novice Gymkhana
       International Youth Exchange – Jorgen Linquist from Sweden
29) 1989-1990- President: John Boon
       P. B. Ronald Trust Fund Established
       First Charles Hicks Awards
       Hosted GSE from Columbia
       Underprivileged children to Gang show
       Dr. Wade Alzheimer appeal
       Spinning Wheel at Pakenham Show
       Pakenham Rotaract Club disbanded
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       International Youth Exchange – Joanne Fulston to Japan
       International Youth Exchange – Yukiko Fujima from Japan
30) 1990-1991 – President: Kevin Sheean
       Rotary Shed
       “Best of Australia Outback Artist” Art Show
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
YEARS 31 - 40
31) 1991-1992 – President: Ken Rook
       Millhaven Gardens
       Project Vests
       Healesville Sanctuary sponsorship started
       Talking Books to Neighbourhood House
        ARHRF Art Book to Pakenham Library
        First P. B. Ronald Trust Dinner
        Hosted GSE team from USA for day
        International Youth Exchange – Lachlan Simpson to Japan
        Port Crock Fund Raiser for Barry Wallis Memorial Garden
        Past Rotary International World President visits Bunyip/Garfield
32) 1992 -1993 – President: Graeme Begg
       Rotary World Convention Melbourne
       Neighbourhood House Toy Library Building
       Millhaven Hostel front fence
       Hosted GSE team from Bangladesh for a day
       International Youth Exchange – Nicolai Krough from Denmark
33) 1993-1994
       Business Breakfast – President: Peter Herrington
       Business Development Group Established
       Shrine of Remembrance Appeal
       Paul Harris Fellow Dinner
       First Convoy for Kids
34) 1994-1995 – President: Fred Bekker
       Charity Dinner Auction
       Initial planning for Toomuc Creek Park
       Clean-Up Toomuc Creek Park
       Spinning Wheel at Pakenham Show
35) 1995-1996 – President: Rowley Harman
       Hosted GSE from France
       Highway Community Service Signs
       Extensive investigation into Toomuc Creek Park
       Spinning Wheel at Pakenham Show
36) 1996-1997 – President: Malcolm Tivendale
       First Lady Members
       Supported 4C’s Food Bank
       Paint Your Heart Out – 4C’s premises
       Continued planning for Toomuc Creek Park
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       International Youth Exchange – Eloise Linklater to Belgium
       International Youth Exchange – Akko Iwata from Japan
37) 1997-1998 – President: Laurie Hudgson
       Toomuc Creek Bridge #1
       Customer Service Seminar
       First Sportsperson of the Year Award
       Operation Livewire
       Apprentice/trainee Wards
       Youth Suicide Forum
       Last Convoy For Kids
       Paint Your Heart Out Project – 4C’s Premises
       Member Wal Macdonald and Margaret – Friendship Exchange to USA
38) 1998-1999 – President: David Roff
       Toomuc Creek Park path
       New Generations Committee formed
       Youth needs survey
       First Primary School Public Speaking Competition
       Bike Registration Day    
       Hosted Friendship Exchange from USA
       Citilink Domain Tunnel & Bolte Bridge openings
       Melbourne Cup Badge sales
       New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
       Club Fellowship Weekend at Rosebud
39) 1999-2000 – President: Graeme Squires
       Member District Governor – Graeme Begg
       Hosted District Conference
       Opening of Y Zone Youth Centre
       Health Hedge
       Used Spectacle Drive
       Camelot Castle Night
       Apprentice/Trainee Awards
       Bike Registration Day
       WES moved to Toomuc Reserve
       Club Fellowship weekend at Rawson 
40) 2000-2001 – President: Terry Williams
      City Link Burnley Tunnel opening
      Primary School Science Projects
      Health Portfolio
      Hosted GSE Farewell Dinner
      Community Information Booth at Coles
      Used Spectacle Drive
      Opportunity Shop Collection Bins
      Central Park Bar-b-q’s
      New Zealand Twin Youth Exchange
      Club Fellowship Weekend at Mt. Bulla
      Meetings moved to Pakenham Golf Club
YEARS 41 - 50
41) 2001-2002 – President; Ian Wake
      Toomuc Creek Bridge # 2
      ROMAC Dinner Auction
      Hosted 2 ROMAC children from Kiribati   
      First Annual Golf Day
      First Ride to Conference
      Blue Hair Day
      ARHRF Mental Health Forum
      Hosted GSE team from USA
      Used Spectacle Drive
42) 2002-2003 – President: George Blenkhorn
      Opening of Cardinia Cultural Centre
      Tools For Timor
      Used Spectacle Drive
      First Safeway Sausage Sizzle
      Visit to Loy Yang Power Station
      Christmas Break-Up on the Yarra River
      Club Fellowship Weekend at Marysville
43) 2003-2004 – President: Jim Armstrong
      Pakenham Secondary College Interact Club established
      Dinner Auction for ROMAC & Interplast
      Naming of Rotary Park
      Start Rotary Park picnic shelter
      Member on Interplast to Indonesia as observer – Kevin Sheean
      Tools for Timor
      Patrol Bicycles for Pakenham Police
      International Youth Exchange – Maiju Saari from Finland
      Club Fellowship Weekend at Omeo
44) 2004-2005 – President: Darren Spargo 
      100 years of Rotary
       Police Checks for all members
       Rotary Park Picnic Shelter                                  
       Hosted District RYPEN Seminar 
       Pakenham/Berwick Rotaract Club established
       Song “One Hundred Years of Rotary”
       R & S Cameron Memorial Trust established
       Cemetery Rose Garden
       Naming of Rotary Centennial Walk
       International Youth Exchange – Leara Keysers to USA
       Hosted Group Study Exchange Team from Scotland
       Club Fellowship Weekend to Yarram
45) 2005-2006 – President: Barry Morris
      E. W. Tipping House landscaping/gardens
      Rotary park tree planting
      First ANZAC Day Dawn Service breakfast
      Pakenham East Probus Club Chartered
      Hosted District RYPEN Seminar
      Interact Club disbanded
      International Youth Exchange – Tetsuo Fujioka from Japan
      Member Andrew Walsh – Donations In Kind trip to India
46) 2006-2007 – President: Lynette Squires
      Hosted District RYPEN Seminar
      Working With Children Legislation
      First Annual Christmas Trailer Raffle
      Wally Wombat Trail at Pakenham Show
      First R & S Cameron Trust presentation
      Garage Sales at Tip
      International Youth Exchange – Robyn Speck to Sweden
47) 2007-2008 – President: Gary Board
      Opening of Pakenham By-Pass
      Small Farm Field Day (Assist KWR/LL)
      Matching Grant, Chamabondo School, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
      New Rotary Shed, Toomuc Reserve
      Dinner Auction for “Children in Distress”
      Monthly “Old Time” Dances commence
      Wally Wombat Trail at Pakenham Show
      Garage Sales at Tip 
      Cricket at Rotary Park
48) 2008-2009 – President: Julie Crawford
      Go Country Expo with KWR/LL
      Sponsored Shire Youth Bus
      Club Management Review
      Labertouche Bush Fire Recovery
      Garage Sales at Tip
      Cricket at Rotary Park
      Fellowship Weekend to Yarram
49) 2009-1010  - President: Tim Ahern
      Go Country Expo with KWR/LL
      Implementation of New Leadership Plan
      Monthly Farmer’s Market
      Pakenham Central Probus Club Chartered
      Labertouche Bush Fire Recovery
      Labertouche School Garden 
      Hosted GSE from Germany with Berwick
      Australian Welsh Male Choir
      District Literacy Project, “Books for Babes” – Mem Fox Night
      Member George Blenkhorn and Sue – Polio Plus Trip to India
50) 2010-2011 – President: Graham Tudge
      Go Country with KWR/LL
      Dinner Auction for Victorian Flood Victims
      District Literacy Program, “Books for Babes” Launch
      Sponsored Group Study Exchange Team Member to Finland – Denise Markovski
      VLE Special Livestock Sale for Queensland Flood Victims
      50th Anniversary Dinner
YEARS 51 - 60
51) 2011-2012 – President: Tim Mepstead
      Support Wombat Mange Eradication Project
      Fellowship weekend car rally on Mornington Peninsular
      Working Bee at E.W.Tipping House
      Sponsored Student Leadership Group at Pakenham Secondary College
      Rotary Adventure in Citizenship – Bridgitt Shea
      New Pakenham Hall opening
      Cardinia Railway Station opening
      Tandem trailer to Labertouche bush fire relief
      Support for Queensland and Victorian Flood Relief
      Day out to Tesselaars Tulip Festival
      Pakenham Secondary College Homeless Sleep out
      Vocational visit to Steve Cole’s Turf farm
52) 2012-2013 – President: Geoff Janssen
      Hosted Group study exchange team from Holland
      Established Club Facebook site
      Installed seats in Rotary Park
      Working Bee on E.W.Tipping house gardens
      Renovated Rotunda at Pakenham Cemetery
      Catering for first Relay for Life
      Visit to Mt. Burnett Observatory
      Fellowship Cruise on Georgianna McHaffie – Westernport Bay
      Introduced new Board of Management structure
53) 2013-2014 – President: Roger Thornton
      Changed Club Management Structure as required by Rotary International
      Breathometers installed in local licensed venues
      Promoted Bowel Scan through local pharmacies
      Working Bees at Millhaven Hostel
      Police Uniforms for Donations In Kind
      Finance fences at Bichuk School, Katmandu, Nepal
      Supported L 2 Ps Driver Education Program
      Equipment for Officer Special School
      RYPEN Camp
      Supported 39th Battalion
      Relay for Life
      Working Bees at Tipping House
      Supported Tonga Project (Frankston North)
      Donation to disabled children in Nepal
54) 2014-2015 – President: Vivienne Armstrong
      Mark Bouris Business Dinner
      50th and final White Elephant Sale
      Relay For Life
      Donation from Stafford Fox Medical Research to The Florey Institute of $3,000,000 for
      Motor Neuron Disease research
      Youth Mental Health Forum
      Picnic Shelter @ Heritage Springs
      RYPEN Camp
55) 2015-2016 – President: Wal Macdonald
      Activity Rooms at Millhaven Lodge
      Disposal of Surplus Council Office Equipment
      Local Food Fest
      Fitness Station in Rotary Park
      Relay for Life
      RYPEN Camp
      Student Attend National Youth Science Forum
56) 2016-2017 – President: Lyn Bunce
      International Exchange Student – Rosa Schnebli
      Car Show
      Support St John of God Hospital Berwick
        1965-1966 – Carols By Candlelight (Taken over by Council about 2000)
        1965-1966 – White Elephant Sale
        1978-1979 – White Elephant & Clearing Sale (Discontinued 2015)
        1979-1980 – Herb Thomas Memorial Trust
        1981-1982 – Vocational Service Awards
        1982-1983 – Mock Job Interviews
        1987-1988 – Bar-B-Q Trailer
        1988-1989 – Debutante Presentation Ball
        1989-1990 – P. B. Ronald Memorial Trust
        1989-1990 – Charles McKay Hicks Grade 6 Awards (Pakenham Consolidate School)
        1989-1990 – Community Service Awards
        1991-1992 – Project Vests
        1991-1992 – Healesville Sanctuary Sponsorship
        1993-1994 – Convoy For Kids (moved to Footscray 1998)
        1994-1995 – Grade 6 Awards (Other Primary Schools)
       1994-1995 – Toomuc Creek / Rotary Park
       1997-1998 – Sports Person of the Year Award (Discontinued 2002-2003)
       1998 -1999 – Primary School Public Speaking Competition
        2001-2002 – Charity Golf Day
        2001-2002 – Ride to Conference
        2002-2003 – Safeway Bar-B-Q (Discontinued 2012)
        2004-2005 – R & S Cameron Memorial Trust
        2005-2006 – ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast
        2006-2007 – Christmas Trailer Raffle
        2007-2008 – Rotary Community Dance
        2008-2009 – Go Country (suspended 2011)
2009-2010 – Farmer’s Markets (Suspended 2012)
         Australian Rotary Health research Fund (ARHRF)
Bowel Scan
Disaster Aid Australia
Donations In Kind (DIK)
Lord Mayor’s Camp
Model United Nations (MUNA)
National Youth Science Forum
Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM Australia)
Rotary Adventure in Citizenship
Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)
Rotary Fellowships
Rotary Friendship Exchange
Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC)
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
Shine On Awards
Shelter Box
The Rotary Foundation
The Siemens Youth Science Forum