Below is a copy of a letter received by Ken Rook re our recent Public Speaking evening.

"St. James Catholic " 


Hi Ken,
             Thanks for the letter.  The event is one that my students really look forward to over the course of the year.  The students take a lot of time to write the speeches and our principal listens to these speeches to help select the students who compete. We cover a lot of objectives in the curriculum through this work!
           However, the important part of the experience is that it gives our students who participate something that is truly special.  In preparing for the night and the actual delivery of the speech, the students learn a whole new skill set.  Also, the confidence that they gain by presenting to such a big group is an amazing opportunity.
           So, please pass onto everyone who contributed to evening our school’s thanks.  You really provide something special for the students who are lucky enough to be a part of this.
All the best

So that certainly is excellent feedback and a strong pointer as to why we run these sorts of programs.
Well done Ken and all the team who worked on the Public Speaking Competition.