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Well this whole business of COVID-19 has certainly made for a very difficult and challenging 2020 and this has been the case for all of us individually and as a community.
So I thought I would just try and give you an update on where our club is placed at this time.
OK, so when this COVID-19 started the Board took the stance that we would suspend all club activities and events and hope that we would get back to some sort of normal relatively quickly, the only activity that continued was our monthly Board Meetings.  But that was not to be the case and in fact we twice thought we were about to have face to face meetings again but the outbreak got worse and our lock down became tighter and tighter.
During this time period the Board approved contributing to a global drive to raise funds for the purchase for medical supplies and equipment to help combat COVID-19 in Pune  in India and our contribution along with others has meant that they gained a grant of over  us$100,000.
We are now having official club meetings via zoom and have been for some time now.  Invites are sent out for us to meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and we have an agenda that we follow.  On the other Tuesday night's throughout the month there is a social catch up via zoom which is not an official club meeting but does give everyone a chance to socialize.
We still have not scheduled any activities or events as we are all fully aware of the sever lock down we are currently under but we do hold out some hope that the restrictions will be eased soon.
In the meantime the Board has agreed that we will proceed with the Annual Grade 6 Awards as we feel that it is important to recognize what these school children have been through this year.
Our annual Christmas Trailer raffle will not be happening and instead we will conduct an Easter Trailer raffle next year, and will do the draw of the raffle at our annual Car Show, COVID-19 restrictions permitting.
We are presently trying to determine what sort of activities we will undertake to not only celebrate the 60th anniversary of our club but also the 100 years of Rotary in Australia.
We are all hoping that we can get back to some sort of normal life relatively soon and can get back to a true Rotary Club doing various activities and raising funds to help the community be it local, regional or global.
The Club's AGM is currently scheduled for the 24th of November and is planned to be conducted via Zoom so watch out for the formal notification coming soon.
So lets all stay safe and well and hopefully it will not be too much longer and we will be out of these restrictions and able to get back to being a normal rotary club.
It may come as a surprise to some of you but our friend and fellow member Tim Ahern has been unwell of late and actually underwent some surgery.
Below is a photo which shows he is well on the road to recovery.
All the best Tim and we can not wait to see you back on your feet and out there working again.
So as you all know we participated in a global grant with the Rotary Club in Pune, India via our friend Yezdi.
Now that the funds have been provided here are some details of how the money was used.
Dear George
As you may be aware that we have received the funds for the Global Grant. Since the application in May 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic situation in our city Pune has greatly worsened and we are dealing with more than 30,000 active cases as on date. Accordingly there has been appropriate response from industry and new suppliers for supply of these equipment have come up. We have contacted all the suppliers for fresh quotations and also understanding the new developments in this business. 
A : Savings in PPE kits and Masks have been possible as in the three months since application, due to the great increase in demand, new suppliers and new manufacturers have entered the market. Competition has driven down the prices.
 B : For testing kits since submission of the GG in May 2020, Sassoon Hospital has acquired an automated RNA extraction machine. Now they need only RNA extraction kits including necessary consumables for the extraction. We are thus able to purchase 10,000 RNA extraction kits with consumables for INR 1,680,591.
C : New items - From the savings affected, we have received requests from Sassoon Hospital for the new Covid-19 dedicated wing for the following items

1.       OT Table and OT Lights costing INR 338,900.

2.        Defibrillator cost is INR 184,800.

3.       ABG Analyser The total equipment cost with consumables is INR 1,067,136.
And some photos to also show some of the equipment purchased.
More photos can be found here  photoalbums/16th-october-2020
Geoff Young and Ian Wake cleaned up the quiet area in the north east corner of the Pakenham cemetery recently, this was another project that our club did back in 2007 organised by Tim Mepstead and Stephen Fisher who under took the design and construction of the area. Rankin's nursery donated the 8 standard roses to the project at the time.  Ian Wake has undertaken the ongoing maintaining and pruning of the roses now and into the future.
Here are a few photos.
More photos are available here   photoalbums/16th-october-2020
The following has been provided by Ken Rook and may get some of you thinking.
There is a saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.”  That is why today is called the present.  In difficult times like what we are experiencing that saying has even more meaning.
What Was:
It is true, yesterday is history, it is past and cannot be changes.  That does not mean we should forget it; it is what made us who we are.
It will always be there in our memories.
There will be good and bad times, happy and sad times, dull times and exciting times, times to savour and times to regret, times to remember and times to forget.
What we must do is remember and cherish all the good times we have enjoyed and although we cannot forget the bad times, we must leave them in the past and not let them spoil the present and the future.
What Is:
As the saying goes, today is a gift.  At the moment probably not a favourite gift, but we must remain positive, look at what we have and be grateful for it.  We could be much worse off, as many are. 
If we do everything the Government requires, we will play a big part in helping to overcome this virus that is causing so much grief throughout the world. 
The world will survive and recover, as it has done before, through other pandemics, world wars and natural disasters.  Hopefully when this is over the world will be a better place.
Today is a gift, we are here, we are safe, we have the love and support of family and friends and we will get up to a new gift each morning.
What Will Be:
Tomorrow will always be a mystery.  We make plans, have things we want to do and things we look forward to.  But we never know what will be and quite often thing do not go as planned.  That will never change.
As difficult as things are, as uncertain as things seem, we must still look forward with hope and expectation.  We know things will improve; we know things will get back to normal.  Probably not back as exactly as they were, but we can expect that things will eventually be better, possibly better than before.   
The message is “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, I would add to that and include “Stay Happy, Stay Positive”.
If things are not what you want, you can be sure that they are never as bad as they could be.
Ken Rook August 2020
The following was provided by Terry Williams and is an intro to a booklet produced for the 40th Anniversary of our club.