Congratulations go to our lucky Pakenham family who won our Annual Christmas Trailer Raffle which was drawn on 23rd December.
The raffle is our major fundraiser for the year, run jointly by the Inner Wheel and Rotary Clubs of Pakenham. Thank you to everyone who supported us by
making donations or purchasing tickets. Once again it was another great success and the proceeds are donated annually back into the community.
The raffle will once again be run jointly by the Clubs at the end of this year, just in time for Christmas.  New Members are most welcome to come and join
our Clubs and work voluntarily along side other Community minded Members whilst having fun and making new friendships. 
Alma Elliott (Inner Wheel) and Tim Ahern (Rotary) with the winners Ayuen, Athang,  Awai,  Longrau, and Arou.