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Trees for Golf Club George Blenkhorn 2021-10-23 13:00:00Z 0
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World Polio Day 2021-10-10 13:00:00Z 0
Hat Day 2021-10-10 13:00:00Z 0
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International Conference 2021-10-10 13:00:00Z 0
Getting on Board DG Bill 2021-10-10 13:00:00Z 0
District Conference Roger 2021-10-10 13:00:00Z 0
District Membership Development  2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0
Reveal Membership 2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0
Lift the Hat Day 2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0

Our Rotary Causes

Our Rotary Causes

Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.

Our Rotary Causes  2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0
Global Citizen Live  2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0
Jennifer Phillips Ken Rook 2021-10-01 14:00:00Z 0
October - Economic and Community development 2021-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
Scribe Report Roger 2021-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
More Light Humor Roger 2021-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
Jack Howell Ken Rook 2021-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
Last Week's Meeting Terry Williams 2021-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
Light Hearted Humor Part 2 Editor 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
Light Hearted humor Editor 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
New Rubish Bins Ken Rook 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
Rainworks  2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
Africa free of polio by Ryan Hyland 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
Terry Rowland Peter Rowland 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0

Elise Davine

Guest speaker 7th September was Elise Davine (Geoff’s daughter).
No Photo's Provided to Scribe!
Elise Davine Terry Williams 2021-09-19 14:00:00Z 0
Mafia Godfather joke Pete's Joke 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0
Word of the Week 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0
The Last of Our Membership Awards Ken 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0

Polio: Iron Will

I can’t think of a more important moment than right now in the fight against polio. 

Most people today probably don’t know what this is:

I can’t think of a more important moment than right now in the fight against polio. 

Most people today probably don’t know what this is:

I can’t think of a more important moment than right now in the fight against polio. 

Most people today probably don’t know what this is:
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Membership Channel Linda Humphries 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0
Roslyn Teirney Terry Williams 2021-07-28 14:00:00Z 0
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Guest Speaker Ken Rook 2021-07-21 14:00:00Z 0
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We Grew our Club 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
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DIK Movements for 2020/2021 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary at a Glance 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
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New Banner 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
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Gippsland Centenary House 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
East Gippsland Global Grant Jane Spiers 2021-07-14 14:00:00Z 0
Belated Awards Geoff Young 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Scribe Roger 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0

Scribe News

I can only keep the club informed of your projects if you don't send them to me, this includes Board Minutes and Chairmen reports!
Scribe News Roger 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0
Changeover night Photos Ken Rook 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0
Book Launch Ken 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0
Card Draw Roger 2021-07-11 14:00:00Z 0
Paul Thomas Geoff Young 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Gentle Giant A.A.Milne 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Awards Photos Ken Rook 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Club History Ken Rook 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
New Collar Geoff Young 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
60 Th Birthday Ken Rook 2021-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Thought of the week Thornton 2021-06-24 14:00:00Z 0
Mental Health 2021-06-24 14:00:00Z 0

RYLA Conference

Source: Nigel Cousins District 9820 RYLA Chair 2020-2021
To: Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Youth Directors.
I am excited to announce that our district will be delivering a 6 day RYLA Conference taking place from Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January 2022 inclusive, at Rawson Village, Rawson, Victoria, just north of Moe. This is where we held our last 2019 RYLA. 
RYLA Conference Nigel Cousins 2021-06-16 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Park Update Ian Wake 2021-06-16 14:00:00Z 0
June 8th Meeting Terry Williams 2021-06-16 14:00:00Z 0
Community Signs Ken Rook 2021-06-16 14:00:00Z 0

DIK Presentation

Rotary meeting 15 th June.
President Geoff was unable to attend as he had family duties to attend to.
So Past President Wal took the chair and ran the meeting- in the smaller dining room at Deep Creek Reserve.
Marta gave members an update on the proposed Deb Balls. Unfortunately with the latest Covid lockdowns the timing will not allow the event to happen this year. The information
night could not be held and there is insufficient time to allow 10 weeks of training, and then the Balls, to fit the Secondary Schools time frame before Term 4. Marta is trying to arrange a timeframe that will allow Deb Balls early in 2022 and again in August/September 2022
Our guest speaker was our own Roger Thornton speaking as District Chair of DIK (Donations In Kind). Roger’s passion for DIK was evident in his address;
however, technology would not cooperate! It is truly amazing the sheer quantity and variety of goods collected including many new items that can no longer be sold in Australia but are most welcome in overseas countries. The cost and timing of transport by shipping container is becoming a financial burden for DIK. It appears there are not enough containers available anywhere in the world to cope with the transport demand at the present time. Some of this is obviously due to the Covid pandemic that has disrupted worldwide transport.
If you ever get the opportunity to visit the DIK warehouse in Somerton you will be amazed at the size of the “shed” and the volume of goods stored.
Well done Roger.
Presentation Link for those who want to see the full presentation.
DIK Presentation Terry Williams 2021-06-16 14:00:00Z 0
Bunnings Terry Williams 2021-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
Would this be "politically correct" for those who fraternised with Priscilla?  Terry Williams 2021-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
Pete's Jokes Thornton 2021-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
Golf Club Trees Terry Williams 2021-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
Rota-Potato Project. Ken Rook 2021-06-12 14:00:00Z 0
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Mobility Walkers Roger 2021-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
Common Grounds Roger 2021-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Health Australian Rotary Health Source: Mardi Shepherd ARH 2021-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
Banners Ken Rook 2021-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
Birthday Invite Ken Rook 2021-06-03 14:00:00Z 0
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District Assembly Tim Moore 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Area of Focus 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Pakenham Art Show 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0

Quote of the week

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.
Dr. Seuss
Quote of the week Roger B Thornton 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Big Morning Breakfast Helen 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Berwick's 60th Jane Moore 2021-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Member Profile David Martin 2021-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Park Terry Williams 2021-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Card Draw Sam Biondo 2021-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Sunday Drive Ken Rook 2021-05-09 14:00:00Z 0
Members Roger B Thornton 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0
Ride to Conference Roger B Thornton 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Award

The origins of Paul Harris Fellow recognition

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. Rotary established the recognition in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships. 

Paul Harris Award Terry Williams 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

100  Years of Rotary


21st April 2021 was the Centenary of the Charter of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, marking 100 years of Rotary in Australia.

Eight years after the first Rotary meeting in Chicago Melbourne businessman Walter Drummond paid a visit to Rotary’s founder Paul Harris, after which he was convinced that there was a place for Rotary in Australia.   He returned home determined to establish a club, but the outbreak of World War 1 saw the idea put on hold for several years. 



100 Years of Rotary Ken Rook 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary On The Move’ Newsletter for May 2021 Tim Moore 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Jordan's Visit

Last Week's Speaker  Jordon Crugnale. 
Jordon  is the Member of the Legislative Assembly
for the Electorate of Bass in the Victorian State Government,
she gave a brief, but interesting talk about her background
and how she became a member of Parliament.
Jordan's Visit Ken Rook 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0

Message from India

From: Yezdi Batliwala <>
Date: Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 11:44 PM
To: George Blenkhorn <>
Dear George,
Trust all is well with everyone in Pakenham. Unfortunately, the scene in India is very bad. In fact the second wave of COVID is worse than the first with cases multiplying. 
Message from India George Blenkhorn 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0

International Report

For the Board  Meeting; International.
DIK are looking at the costing for a 40foot container going to Durban, initial estimates are around $12000. Hopefully we will get a confirmed figure in the next couple of weeks.
I have asked the Rotary Club of Victoria Falls to get a quote for the transport from Durban to Vic Falls. We expect that quote to be less than a quote requested from here.
International Report George Blenkhorn 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0
EX Member Email Geoff Young 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0

Programe Minutes

Board Report April 2021                                           
Public Relations:  
  • Dictionaries:
The dictionaries provided by Donations in Kind have now been given to 22 schools in Officer and Pakenham. 
Programe Minutes Ken Kook 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0

Question Time

Thank You Letter.
Dear Ken,
Thank you and Pakenham Rotary for a wonderful evening and an insightful conversation where I learnt more about all the amazing work you all do in our local community.
Roger was asking about the country roads 80km/hr announcement.
Question Time  Ken Rook 2021-04-24 14:00:00Z 0
Paul Harris Fellow Roger 2021-04-19 14:00:00Z 0

Bike Ride History

A short history of the D9820 Ride to Conference.
After too much red wine the challenge was a “District Bike Ride” to the next D9820 Conference 2002. Roy Knudson grabbed the opportunity with both hands as he had participated in a Round Australia ride for ARHF- also it was an ideal fundraiser for Life Education where he was a presenter.
Roy made it his business to visit Rotary Clubs throughout the District and get to know usefull people. He soon had a committee to organise a ride he had a chairman- Martin Pater, Secretary Trevor Bew, me as treasurer, experienced rider Hans van Dyke as mentor, policeman Peter Jubb- and a variety of others to call on. A done deal!
A lot of planning went into the first ride which was from Portsea to Bairnsdale (sounded simple). Roy arranged sponsorship with MacDonald’s in exchange for doing a presentation at each store as we passed – all 35 of them! Physical exercise and MacDonald’s are not really compatible!
We set off early on the Sunday morning with no maps but Roy had a spread sheet of instructions- turn by turn. All worked well until we left a park in Mornington and the riders disappeared in 3 directions. But by good luck we got to Pakenham the first night.
Bike Ride History Terry Williams 2021-04-18 14:00:00Z 0
Pete's Page Peter Rowlands 2021-03-27 13:00:00Z 0

BIG W Clothing

I spent most of the morning with my hands in women’s underwear!
It’s challenging for good corporate citizens like Big W to dispose of their surplus goods in a responsible way. When new clothing ranges are introduced some of the existing stock has to be disposed of and for business reasons they can’t be given away in Australia.
This is where Rotary shines through Donations In Kind and increasingly major organizations are choosing us to donate goods do, because they can trust us to comply with their distribution requirement.
We just received a fantastic donation from Big W, seventeen large bins of mixed clothing.
BIG W Clothing Roger 2021-02-03 13:00:00Z 0


Crocs Shoes Donation December Update.
 As we advised before, the donation was wonderful, but logistically challenging. After completing the rough sort of the shoes, we were ready to inform the local Rotary Clubs of the opportunity. Rather inform the 200+ Rotary Clubs in Victoria and encourage an avalanche of requests, we selected twenty Clubs who are heavily involved with community groups and who would be able to determine what type of shoes where specifically required.
Of the twenty so far fifteen Clubs have been  collected and distributed shoes and they have gone to around forty groups.
Crocs Roger 2021-02-03 13:00:00Z 0

Sustainable Living

by Peter Berg
Be a friend to the environment - it helps make the world a healthier and safer place for ourselves and future generations.
Every year thousands of tonnes of household waste is sent to landfill. This includes furniture, whitegoods, plastic, metal, glassware, toys, clothing, cans, batteries, mattresses, cleaning products, cardboard, books, paper products and importantly electronic (e-waste) items - computers, laptops, iPads, smart phones and printer ink cartridges. Many of these items contain valuable raw materials that can be preserved.
Sustainable Living Roger 2021-02-03 13:00:00Z 0
Member Profiles Roger 2021-01-06 13:00:00Z 0

Our Contribution to Fighting COVID-19 in PUNE

So as you all know we participated in a global grant with the Rotary Club in Pune, India via our friend Yezdi.
Now that the funds have been provided here are some details of how the money was used.
Dear George
As you may be aware that we have received the funds for the Global Grant. Since the application in May 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic situation in our city Pune has greatly worsened and we are dealing with more than 30,000 active cases as on date. Accordingly there has been appropriate response from industry and new suppliers for supply of these equipment have come up. We have contacted all the suppliers for fresh quotations and also understanding the new developments in this business. 
A : Savings in PPE kits and Masks have been possible as in the three months since application, due to the great increase in demand, new suppliers and new manufacturers have entered the market. Competition has driven down the prices.
 B : For testing kits since submission of the GG in May 2020, Sassoon Hospital has acquired an automated RNA extraction machine. Now they need only RNA extraction kits including necessary consumables for the extraction. We are thus able to purchase 10,000 RNA extraction kits with consumables for INR 1,680,591.
C : New items - From the savings affected, we have received requests from Sassoon Hospital for the new Covid-19 dedicated wing for the following items

1.       OT Table and OT Lights costing INR 338,900.

2.        Defibrillator cost is INR 184,800.

3.       ABG Analyser The total equipment cost with consumables is INR 1,067,136.
And some photos to also show some of the equipment purchased.
More photos can be found here  photoalbums/16th-october-2020
Our Contribution to Fighting COVID-19 in PUNE 2020-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

Great to see a Recovery in Progress

It may come as a surprise to some of you but our friend and fellow member Tim Ahern has been unwell of late and actually underwent some surgery.
Below is a photo which shows he is well on the road to recovery.
All the best Tim and we can not wait to see you back on your feet and out there working again.
Great to see a Recovery in Progress 2020-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

Cemetery Clean Up

Geoff Young and Ian Wake cleaned up the quiet area in the north east corner of the Pakenham cemetery recently, this was another project that our club did back in 2007 organised by Tim Mepstead and Stephen Fisher who under took the design and construction of the area. Rankin's nursery donated the 8 standard roses to the project at the time.  Ian Wake has undertaken the ongoing maintaining and pruning of the roses now and into the future.
Here are a few photos.
More photos are available here   photoalbums/16th-october-2020
Cemetery Clean Up 2020-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

Current Status of Our Club

Well this whole business of COVID-19 has certainly made for a very difficult and challenging 2020 and this has been the case for all of us individually and as a community.
So I thought I would just try and give you an update on where our club is placed at this time.
OK, so when this COVID-19 started the Board took the stance that we would suspend all club activities and events and hope that we would get back to some sort of normal relatively quickly, the only activity that continued was our monthly Board Meetings.  But that was not to be the case and in fact we twice thought we were about to have face to face meetings again but the outbreak got worse and our lock down became tighter and tighter.
During this time period the Board approved contributing to a global drive to raise funds for the purchase for medical supplies and equipment to help combat COVID-19 in Pune  in India and our contribution along with others has meant that they gained a grant of over  us$100,000.
We are now having official club meetings via zoom and have been for some time now.  Invites are sent out for us to meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and we have an agenda that we follow.  On the other Tuesday night's throughout the month there is a social catch up via zoom which is not an official club meeting but does give everyone a chance to socialize.
We still have not scheduled any activities or events as we are all fully aware of the sever lock down we are currently under but we do hold out some hope that the restrictions will be eased soon.
In the meantime the Board has agreed that we will proceed with the Annual Grade 6 Awards as we feel that it is important to recognize what these school children have been through this year.
Our annual Christmas Trailer raffle will not be happening and instead we will conduct an Easter Trailer raffle next year, and will do the draw of the raffle at our annual Car Show, COVID-19 restrictions permitting.
We are presently trying to determine what sort of activities we will undertake to not only celebrate the 60th anniversary of our club but also the 100 years of Rotary in Australia.
We are all hoping that we can get back to some sort of normal life relatively soon and can get back to a true Rotary Club doing various activities and raising funds to help the community be it local, regional or global.
The Club's AGM is currently scheduled for the 24th of November and is planned to be conducted via Zoom so watch out for the formal notification coming soon.
So lets all stay safe and well and hopefully it will not be too much longer and we will be out of these restrictions and able to get back to being a normal rotary club.
Current Status of Our Club 2020-10-05 13:00:00Z 0


The following has been provided by Ken Rook and may get some of you thinking.
There is a saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.”  That is why today is called the present.  In difficult times like what we are experiencing that saying has even more meaning.
What Was:
It is true, yesterday is history, it is past and cannot be changes.  That does not mean we should forget it; it is what made us who we are.
It will always be there in our memories.
There will be good and bad times, happy and sad times, dull times and exciting times, times to savour and times to regret, times to remember and times to forget.
What we must do is remember and cherish all the good times we have enjoyed and although we cannot forget the bad times, we must leave them in the past and not let them spoil the present and the future.
What Is:
As the saying goes, today is a gift.  At the moment probably not a favourite gift, but we must remain positive, look at what we have and be grateful for it.  We could be much worse off, as many are. 
If we do everything the Government requires, we will play a big part in helping to overcome this virus that is causing so much grief throughout the world. 
The world will survive and recover, as it has done before, through other pandemics, world wars and natural disasters.  Hopefully when this is over the world will be a better place.
Today is a gift, we are here, we are safe, we have the love and support of family and friends and we will get up to a new gift each morning.
What Will Be:
Tomorrow will always be a mystery.  We make plans, have things we want to do and things we look forward to.  But we never know what will be and quite often thing do not go as planned.  That will never change.
As difficult as things are, as uncertain as things seem, we must still look forward with hope and expectation.  We know things will improve; we know things will get back to normal.  Probably not back as exactly as they were, but we can expect that things will eventually be better, possibly better than before.   
The message is “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, I would add to that and include “Stay Happy, Stay Positive”.
If things are not what you want, you can be sure that they are never as bad as they could be.
Ken Rook August 2020
WHAT WAS 2020-10-05 13:00:00Z 0

A Look Back Some 20 Years

The following was provided by Terry Williams and is an intro to a booklet produced for the 40th Anniversary of our club. 
A Look Back Some 20 Years 2020-10-05 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Pakenham Meeting 18/08/2020

So on Tuesday night we had a club meeting via video conferencing and so here is the recording of the meeting for those members who are interested.
All you need to do is click on the link:
Rotary Club of Pakenham Meeting 18/08/2020 2020-08-18 14:00:00Z 0

Farewell Lyn Bunce

At the Official Club Meeting that was held on the 30th of June 2020 via video conferencing we had to say goodbye to Lyn as she finished her time as President of the club.
Lyn stepped in at short notice late last year and quickly took hold of the reins and got the club moving and then low and behold along came COVID-19 and that threw the whole club and the rest of the world into circumstances that we had never experienced.
It took sometime for the club under Lyn's guidance to come to terms with what was happening but we got there in the end.
It had been planned that Lyn's last meeting as President was to be a Face to Face meeting but unfortunately that was not to be.  So those of us who could, all joined in to a video conference meeting that was an official club meeting and her last official act as President.
The whole club is extremely grateful for the time and effort that Lyn has put in and for how she stepped up when called upon.
So,  THANK YOU LYN for all your service to Rotary and our Club, oh and enjoy your time as the Feather Duster and sit back and relax as our Immediate Past President.
We all know that you will still be working around the club in many ways, or at least we hope you do as you are a valued member of our club. 
Farewell Lyn Bunce 2020-07-07 14:00:00Z 0

Tree Planting in Rotary Park

Another year and another set of tree planting in Rotary Park by our members and the people from City Wide and Cardinia Shire.
So let's hope everyone enjoys the trees for many years to come and that survive all the rain and cold we are suffering at the moment.
The report on tree planting, by our Community Chair Ian Wake is, I would sincerely like to thank the members of our club for supporting George B, Terry W, Ian W, in planting 1000 trees in Rotary Park from the Rotary members in Alan C, Grant A, Geoff Y, Beth Roberts Ian’s Partner, Greg P, Stephy J,& Wal MAC ,as chief Oversea A ,and a great vote of thanks to Cardinia council for organising The CityWide contractors 12 of them in total for helping us to plant these trees they did a grand job. Many thanks to Sue Blenkhorn for the unexpected desert it was well received.
More photos click here to see them:    photoalbums/23rd-june-2020
Tree Planting in Rotary Park 2020-07-07 14:00:00Z 0


It is with great pride and a huge amount of respect that we the Rotary Club of Pakenham acknowledge that our illustrious member, and a former President of our club, GEORGE BLENKHORN has been awarded a OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) in the recently announced Queen's Birthday honours.
The details of George's award are listed below; 
Date Granted7th of June, 2020
CitationFor service to the community of Pakenham.
Media Note
Rotary Club of Pakenham
  • President, 2002-2003.
  • Chairman, Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children, District 9820 International Committee, 2002-2007.
  • Recipient, Paul Harris Fellowship, 2005.
  • Member, since 1992.
P.B. Ronald Memorial Trust Committee
  • Chairperson, current.
  • Member, 16 years.
  • Former Treasurer.
Cardinia Shire Council
  • Mayor, 2010-2011.
  • Councillor, 2008-2016.
Cardinia Relay for Life - Cancer Council of Victoria
  • Chairman, 2013-2015.
  • Committee Member, 2013-2018.
Pakenham Agricultural and Horticultural Society
  • President, 1988.
  • Life Member.
  • Member, since 1978.
Veterinary roles
  • Honorary Veterinarian, Pakenham, Berwick and Dandenong Agricultural Shows and the Royal Melbourne Show.
  • Former Racing Victoria Veterinarian for Pakenham, Cranbourne and Mornington Peninsula.
Announcement EventThe Queen's Birthday
To say that we at the Rotary Club of Pakenham are very proud of George would be an understatement as he is a true gentleman and thoroughly deserves this honour.
WELL DONE GEORGE AND CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS 2020-06-08 14:00:00Z 0

Some History of Our Club from it's 40th Anniversary

The following was provided by Terry Williams and makes for some very interesting reading.
Hi Grant
This stuff was written by Charter Member Jan Veenstra for the "40 Years on" celebration of RCP in 2001. That means 60 years in 2021 - or 2022 depending on how you count!
Some of our members may find the history interesting. Not sure how well it will produce but you will find a way I am sure.
Some History of Our Club from it's 40th Anniversary 2020-06-03 14:00:00Z 0


OK, so the question is did you know or not ????
It seems that way back in 2000 the illustrious Graeme Begg was the District Governor for our District and it seems that e was ahead of his time with the theme he used for the District Conference.  So check it out below and please note that Graeme has not aged at all......
And who else can you identify ????????
DID YOU KNOW ????/ 2020-06-03 14:00:00Z 0

Volunteers Week

The following was provided by Stephanie Jamieson and is a great reflection on the spirit we should all have on our membership of Rotary as we are all volunteers.
So from Stephanie and the Board this is for all of YOU.......
Volunteers Week 2020-06-03 14:00:00Z 0

YAKERBOO some Rotary History

The following has been provided by Tim Mepstead and we hope you find it interesting.....
Hi, fellow Rotarians in lock down.
Like many of others I have taken the opportunity of doing a cleanup.
During this I discovered some photos of Rotary in Action.” Fairies at the bottom of the garden.” At Yakerboo.
For many years Rotary would make a float at Pakenham produce. One year we had a football on a rubber band and would kick it to the crowd. We also had many different floats over the many years. Maybe you can remember some of them.
Here are some photos of the Fairies at the bottom of your garden. We always handed out boiled lollies (wrapped of course) to the crowd lining the streets.
The Fairies left to right are Jeff Janssen, Rex Williams, (woftam) Our Wal MacDonald, Tim Mepstead and Keith Arnott. (Would you like a lolly from these fairies)?
The lady assisting Keith Arnott with his fish net stockings is Bronwyn. (Keith is now a Rotarian in Queensland).
The handsome devil with the Mohawk is Tim Mepstead.
We even had a bubble blowing machine on the back constructed by Rex Williams and Barry Morris.
The floats for Yakerboo where always constructed at Peter Van Diemen’s and it was a huge event for many many years with a street parade starting at the racecourse, proceeding down King street into John Street then main street. The route changed when they opened up Main Street for stalls. Rotary always had a stall with information.
Judging was done from a truck outside Duffy and Simons’ office in John Street with our then Rotarian Mr Nar Nar (Graeme Moore) one of the judges.
If you check our cupboard/archives carefully you will find Yakerboo Trophies.
I will do that when Covid 19 stops
Take Care
Tim Mepstead
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
The following are the latest set of restriction guidelines as released by the Victorian Government and based on these we are now looking at having our FIRST FACE TO FACE Meeting on potentially the 23rd of June back at the Deep Creek Reserve Golf Club.  So keep your eyes peeled for further information and pay attention to the governments easing of restrictions bulletins.
These following proposed timelines released by the Victorian Government will be subject to the advice of the Chief Health Officer, broader compliance with restrictions, the rate of testing and the movement of corona virus within our community.
Under the proposed plan, restaurants and cafes will be able to resume:
  • From 1 June with up to 20 patrons per enclosed space
  • From 22 June with up to 50 patrons per enclosed space
  • With up to 100 patrons per enclosed space during the second half of July
All venues will need to abide by existing physical distancing requirements of one person per four square metres. Table spacing (allowing 1.5 metres) will also be enforced.
Additionally, venues will be required to take the contact details of every customer to assist in rapid contact tracing.
A number of other safety precautions will also be required, including extra cleaning, staff health screening and temperature checks.
If this is how the restrictions pan out then e would be looking at reconvening the club as of the 23rd of June and then doing weekly meetings back at the Golf Club.  We would most likely have the first four or five meetings dedicated to talking about the state of the club and how we can start to think about how we can get back to raising funds and serving our community.
So stay tuned, because  as more details can be made available, we will be updating everyone on what the immediate future holds for our club. 
If you do have suggestions as to what we could do in the first 4 or 5 weeks back at face to face meetings then please let us know via e-mail an send them to the following address
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Rotary At Work


Even in stage 3 lockdown, Rotary can still play its part in the community. 
Before COVID-19 befell us, I was involved in a quilting group - Ladies of the Swamp - working out of Estelle Cadd’s Craft Quarters in Koo Wee Rup. 
Every Friday we would come together and create quilts for charity (totally funded by ourselves). This year we earmarked the East Gippsland Bushfire Relief as the recipients of our labours BUT who, how and where to deliver? 
Enter Rotary In Action -  with District Secretary Jane Moore’s email calling for warm goodies for the E.G Bushfire Committee to distribute  - here was the answer. A few phone calls later and it was all systems GO! 
On Sunday May 3, after picking up knitted items President Lyn had sourced, Jennifer North (co-pilot) and I hit the road. Dressed in Pakenham Rotary pink - or is it fuchsia? - we met Janne Spiers to hand over a car load of quilts, knits and warm items to help those in the bushfire affected areas who desperately need them. 

Rotary and the wider community working together. 
Lynne Smythe
And from the editor NO NO NO it is never PINK it is and ALWAYS will be Fuchsia ........   
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The following was provided by George Blenkhorn and is one example of what our club has been involved in in the past.
In 2006 The Rotary Club of Pakenham decided to raise funds for ROMAC. We ran a Dinner Auction and raised $20000. This provided funds for the average cost per child. Shortly afterwards two  boys arrived from The Republic of Kiribati,  Tenimakei Boota (Tony) and Mikaere Toariri (Mike) along with  Mike's aunt Tutana Tun. Both boys had intra ventricular septal defects,( holes between chambers of the heart).
We met them at Tullamarine and both boys were in wheelchairs, ROMAC had arranged for them to be taken to an apartment near the Royal Children's Hospital.The car was a Hummer, you should have seen the boy's eyes- on stalks.   The apartment was stocked with food for them and the Manager of the building was introduced to  them.
We visited them the next morning and started the normal routine of health checks, dental appointments and specialist appointments..ROMAC has a group of dedicated supporters in Melbourne and the patients are visited twice daily on a roster organised by Sue.The apartment was only about 200 metres from the hospital. We took them to the specialist appointments and both had to walk there very slowly.
Both boys had their heart defects repaired with catheters inserted through a blood vessel in the groin. After they left the hospital they were cared for by people from the Kiribati community in Melbourne
.Both boys came to the Club a couple of times during their recovery and both were very active, running and playing with a football. 
Tony was given the all clear by the surgeon and left for Tawara, three weeks later Mike and Tutuna went to the 9820 District Conference in Bairnsdale and Tutuna spoke in support of ROMAC. A week later Mike and Tutuna left to go home. When they arrived in Tawara they met Mike who was still waiting for a boat to take him back home. ,
Two photos of the boys taken by Ken will  follow


This was a place mat that was made for the Change Over Dinner 1994 Teague Rook did the sketches.


Can you identify any?  The person who can correctly name the most will be a winner of a Bottle of Wine Red or White (Their Choice)  and no Ken Rook you cannot enter or advise people on the answers..........

Names will be in the next Scribe so entries will be accepted up to the time the next edition of the SCRIBE is created and the winner named.



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We were all 'Home Schooled' whether we realised it at the time or not...

Most of us over 65 were Home Schooled in many ways...

My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.

"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."


My mother taught me RELIGION.

"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."


My father taught me about TIME TRAVEL

"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"


My father taught me LOGIC

"Because I said so, that's why


My mother taught me MORE LOGIC

"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."


My mother taught me FORESIGHT

Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."


My father taught me IRONY

"Keep crying and I'll give you something to cry about."


My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS

"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."


My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM

"Just you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"


My mother taught me about STAMINA

"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."


My mother taught me about WEATHER

"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."


My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY

"If I told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!"


My father taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE

"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."


My mother taught me about BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION

"Stop acting like your father!"


My mother taught me about ENVY

"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."


My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION

"Just wait until we get home."


My mother taught me about RECEIVING

"You are going to get it from your father when he gets home!"


My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE

"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."


My mother taught me ESP

"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"


My father taught me HUMOUR

"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."


My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT

"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."


My mother taught me GENETICS

"You're just like your father."


My mother taught me about my ROOTS

"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"


My mother taught me WISDOM

"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."


My father taught me about JUSTICE

"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"


This should be shared with the over 65 crowd because the younger ones would not believe we truly were told these "EXACT" words by our parents...

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An Update on our Tree Plantings in Rotary Park

So how are our Tree Plantings going in Rotary Park???
So on a recent Tuesday morning at Rotary park George , Beth &  Ian had a small working bee Re moving tree guards and sticks and it just goes to show how much they have grown in 9 months, we also removed the dead ones where there were a few!
An area close by has been sprayed for plantings this year you will be pleased that we will not be planting these trees as the council has given the work to city wide Council contractors which will save our backs, we are looking into 2021 plantings possibly south of the railway line towards Henry rd.
This has been a great Rotary club project all achieved by Council beautification grant’s and many thanks to George Blenkhorn for taking this program on.
Cheers Ian Wake
Here are a few pics including one of the new bridge.

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Cardinia Shire Shows Respect

Recently the Cardinia Shire showed how much respect they have for not only our Police but also our Anzacs.
The Cardinia Cultural Centre had a lovely Tribute for the Four Victoria Police Officers who were so tragically taken.  The local paper had the following comment:   

Tonight the Cardinia Cultural Centre is lit up in bright blue to pay respect to the four fallen Victoria Police members, and to show our local police that we as a community support and honor them and the work they do.   

Thank you to all our amazing local police members for all that you do to help keep our community safe, resilient and happy 
and then for ANZAC Day the Cultural Centre looked like this,
Yes it was a brilliant Red on ANZAC Day ....

Before dawn on Saturday, the Cardinia Cultural Centre glowed red in acknowledgement of Anzac Day. 

Anzac Day is the day all Australians come together in remembrance. This year we came together in spirit rather than in person, to commemorate the lives of all Australians who have lost their lives in military operations.
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How did You Remember on ANZAC Day

OK, so with this whole COVID-19 pandemic and our strict isolation policy being enforced how did you remember the ANZACs?
Here is how at least one of our members honored the ANZACs 
And aren't these words just perfect for our current situation.
ANZAC Day 2020.

With the Covid 19 lock down there was no Rotary Gunfire Breakfast and no public RSL Ceremonies, people were asked to privately celebrate
ANZAC Day in front of their homes.

At 6:00am in the quiet, stillness of the first light we could see a few other candles in the neighbourhood, then hear the distant sound of the Last
Post from a few different directions as we played the Last Post on our phone. It was a solemn, moving experience and a very fitting way for us
for us to remember and reflect.
“Lest We Forget”.
Ken Rook
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Toilet for Rotary Park

An update on the Dunny in the Park project for those of the Membership and others that are interested.

Several of our Club members met on Tuesday 5th of May, being Terry Williams, Ian Wake and George Blenkhorn with representatives from Cardinia Shire 
(including their contractors) and WCinnovations (the toilet provider). 

So we are making progress.
Three sites were identified in the area around the BBQ shelter with the Shire "team" now researching the most feasible method of connecting 
services to the site.
WCinnovations are still fulfilling orders placed prior to the Covid19 lockdown in New Zealand, with delivery not expected until January 2021. 
So it appears that we will still have to wait for awhile before Rotary park actually gets a toilet but for those who have been there recently all that can be said is that perhaps the area will have dried out a little by then.
Stay safe stay home.
And here are the brains trust at work, or are they????????

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ANZAC DAY is Approaching

ANZAC DAY is Approaching, how will you deal with this day???
So it will not be long and it will be ANZAC Day and obviously we cannot behave or celebrate in the normal way on this very important day for all Australians, so how will you deal with this day in our current lock down situation.
We have a submission from a Mr Noel Bunce, who obviously is the partner of our Madame President and he has submitted the communication that has been distributed with in Meadow Vale where they reside....
As most residents would realise there will not be a public celebration of ANZAC Day this year due to the situation we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus. However, The Dawn service will still take place and will be televised and played through ABC radio for those who want to tune in!!

It has been proposed that at 05:55 AM on ANZAC morn that all Australians go to the end of their driveways, line the streets and share a minutes silence.

As we were to conduct our own service here in the village on the day, could we suggest that we also pay our respects but at the more civilized hour of 10:00AM.

Service Apt. Residents - simply step into your apartment corridor just before 10:AM.
Mews Residents - Again, simply step out your front door prior to 10:AM.
Villa Residents:-
Those with street access, front or rear, go to the end of your driveway.
Those with path only access, step onto the path outside your home.

The Last Post, Minute of Silence and Rouse can be accessed via Google on your Mobile Phone or Tablet!

Our ANZAC’s never let us down. Let’s not forget them on April 25, arguably THE most important day on the Australian Calendar!

SO THE QUESTION IS ---   HOW WILL WE THE MEMBERS AND FRIENDS of the Rotary Club of Pakenham celebrate this day ??????? 
I like Noel feel that getting up at 05:55 AM is just a little to early so lets all be up and standing out the front at 10 AM where ever you live and make sure that the diggers know that they will never be forgotten......  
IT IS UP TO YOU .............................................................  But please be proud and remember them no matter when or where...........

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SUCCESS,    YES SUCCESS   !!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that is right we have had success.    To all our members it is pleasing for me to be able to let you know that on Monday night the Board, yes all 8 members, had a very successful Board Meeting via the Google Hangouts video conferencing App.
I have to be honest it took more than a few attempts to get it working for all 8 members of the Board, but we finally achieved it and had a successful Board Meeting which lasted for about an hour and a half to two hours.  It was a reasonably productive meeting and definitely took a little getting use to for a majority of the Board.
I am sure our Secretary will be communicating with you all in the very near future re a potential video conferencing session for our club in the near future.
But I can tell you that in my opinion it definitely does not replace the face to face, in the same room way we would normally operate, but it will have to do under the current circumstances.
Stay tuned for further communications on this matter.........
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OK, so some of you are probably getting a little tired of waiting for this infamous Dunny in the Park, but here is the latest news and info as provided by Terry Williams......
Hi Grant and members,
Re:  Construction of Public Amenities within the Toomuc Creek Reserve project
Well we are finally (fingers crossed) on the last leg of approval to achieve a “Dunny in the Park”.
It has been a long and frustrating journey but we seem to have overcome all of the obstacles in getting the grant CDG 1464 approved- that is for $180,000.
Today (Monday) we have received the final agreement document to be signed by our Club President Lyn and the acting Program Manager, Regional Programs Branch, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (try saying that without buggering it up!).
Both Ian Wake and I have been in contact with the supplier- Exeloo- who still confirm their quote from August 2018. Yes it has taken more than 2 years to get to this point.
So the Cardinia Shire will soon be in a position to order the said “Dunny” from the company for delivery, from New Zealand where it is manufactured, to locate onsite in Pakenham. Connections of power, water and sewerage also need to be undertaken (by the Shire).
The Rotary Club of Pakenham’s obligations are to report on the progress to the Commonwealth by 31 November, 2020. Report the completion of the project by 30 June, 2021. And arrange for an opening ceremony- inviting Federal Political representation (Jason Wood) and local Shire representatives. Their maybe a little bit of room for Rotarians!
So at this stage all positive news and I will keep the Club informed as we progress.
And for those who are not aware (we have had a number of new members whilst this has been underway) the “Dunny” will be located near the existing BBQ shelter adjoining the Toomuc Creek (east side) and the newly replaced bridge across the Creek. If you don’t know where that is give me a ring and I will take you for a “walk in the park”!
Yours in Rotary
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As submitted by George Blenkhorn
1. The space between your eyebrows is called a glabella
2. The way it smells after the rain is called petrichor.
3. The plastic or metallic coating at the end of your shoelaces is called an aglet.
4. The rumbling of stomach is actually called a wamble.
5. The cry of a new born baby is called a vagitus.
6. The prongs on a fork are called tines.
7. The sheen or light that you see when you  close your eyes and press your hands on them is called phosphenes.
8. The tiny plastic table placed in the middle of a pizza box is called a box tent.
9. The day after tomorrow is called overmorrow.
10. Your tiny toe or finger is called minimus.
11. The wired cage that holds the cork in a  bottle of champagne is called an agraffe.
12. The 'na na na' and 'la la la', which don't  really have any meaning in the lyrics of any song, are called vocables.
13. When you combine an exclamation mark  with a question mark (like this ?!), it is referred to as an interrobang.
14. The space between your nostrils is called columella nasi.
15. The armhole in clothes, where the sleeves are sewn, is called armscye.
16. The condition of finding it difficult to get out of the bed in the morning is called dysania.
17. Unreadable hand-writing is called griffonage.
18. The dot over an “i” or a “j” is called tittle.
19. That utterly sick feeling you get after eating or drinking too much is called crapulence.
20. The metallic device used to measure your feet at the shoe store is called a Bannock device.
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Look to the FUCHSIA

Another submission from one of our Past presidents in Ken Rook.

“Look to the Fuchsia”


One night when District Governor Adrian was at our meeting, he made a comment about our pink shirts, someone corrected him saying they were fuchsia.  I jokingly said that we had a new motto, “Look to the Fuchsia”.

How could anyone have known how meaningful that throw a way line was.  We, with the rest of the world are experiencing an extremely strange and difficult time, with the health and financial crisis caused by the corona virus pandemic. 

Australia, with the benefit of seeing what has happened in other countries has acted quickly by imposing many strict restrictions on all of us, one meaning the suspension of Rotary meetings and activities.  It does not mean that we should stop thinking about Rotary and what we can possibly do when things get back to normal. It is a good time to keep in touch will family, friends and fellow members by phone or through social media.  

There have been a couple of things sent to us about fund raising, but I am not sure that a focus on fund raising is all that important at present, indeed I think that fund raising in the foreseeable future will be difficult. 

The well being of our members should be our main focus.  If you get a chance, give someone a call, even if you just say hi how are you, I am sure it will be appreciated.

Hopefully, this will all be over in the not too distant future when we can get back to some sort of normality and start planning ahead.  Next year is an extremely important year for Rotary in Australia and the Rotary Club of Pakenham. We will celebrate 100 of Rotary in Australia on 21st April and 60 years of Rotary in Pakenham on 30th June.  Definitely something to look forward to.

Whilst we are at home, it is a good opportunity to interrupt what we are not doing and think about what we might be able to do when we resume our meetings.  It is time to “Look to the Fuchsia”.       


PP Ken Rook

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So the Board of our Rotary Club is still trying to get itself organised so that we can conduct a Board Meeting via video conferencing but as yet we have not managed to get the whole Board connected at the one time.  We have had a number of attempts but none have been fully successful, as yet.
The Board is still hoping to achieve it and once we d owe let you all know and perhaps you could connect in on a video Board meeting just to see how the club functions at Board level.  But remember, if you do connect to a board meeting, you can only speak if you are a member of the Board or invited to comment by the President.
But hey who knows we may actually achieve a Board Meeting via video conferencing sooner than we think, but we will definitely keep you informed.......   
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The following has been provided by Ken Rook so does this apply to you as well.....
Coping with staying at home:

I thought of something I needed to do so I interrupted what I wasn’t
doing to go and do it.
When I had finished, I couldn’t remember what it was that I wasn’t
doing so I had to think of something to do.
All the thinking made me tired, so I sat down to do nothing. Then I
thought of something else to do.
So, I interrupted doing nothing to go and do it. When I had finished,
I forgot that I had been doing nothing and wondered what to do next.
I sat down to have a cup if tea. Then I thought of something else to
do. I interrupted having a cup of tea to go and do it.
When I had finished, I forgot I was having a cup of tea and when I
remember the tea was cold, so I made another one.
This went on all day and when I went to bed, I thought I had had
quite a busy day. Probably would have achieved more without all
the interruptions.
Ken Rook.
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Some Thoughts from the Past

The following has been provided by PP Ken Rook....
The following article is from our Scribe when I was
President in 1991-1992.
“Have faith and believe that belief is believable anyway,
So, believe in belief for belief is believing and believing is here to stay.”
This is an extract from the Gypsy’s song in last year’s (1991) Scout Gang
Show’s version of Jack and the Bean Stork. The song was written by my
son Teague, and after reading it a few times and untangling my tongue, I
became quite intrigued by what it has to say.
The basic aim of the Gypsy was to con Jack into swapping his valuable
cow for a supposedly worthless magic bean. As you are aware Jack
believed in the bean and the magic came true. As with all good fairy
tales Jack lived happily ever after.
Rotary is not a fairy tale, but in some ways we there is a little magic in
what we do. Rotary projects worldwide are bringing relief and happiness
to people in many ways, to those people it must seem like Rotary is
performing magic.
We can bring a variety of benefits to others by performing a little magic,
and all we need to be able to do so, is the ability to believe. We must
believe in the Ideals of Rotary, believe in the support and abilities of our
fellow Rotarians, and importantly believe in ourselves……………
I went on to talk about preparing for the next Rotary year.
I believe that now, with the current world health and economic crisis, faith
and belief are more important than ever. We as a Rotary Club and
indeed as Rotarians, will have a valuable role to play when the crisis is
over. Just what we can do and how we can do it nobody can know at
present, but opportunities will arise, and we need to be there to respond.
“If we believe, we will achieve.”
PP Ken Rook.
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Message from Yezdi

So we have heard from our friend Yezdi in India and it is repeated in full below.
Dear Friends,
How are all of you? As the world goes into a more strict and stringent Lockdown, Poroochi and I have been thinking of all friends in Pakenham. Our daughter Sharmin told us that Victoria has also declared a complete lockdown. Hope all of you are doing will with your families. We are doing well too but under house arrest since over two weeks now with another 3 to go. 
You must have heard that the whole of India is now under lockdown for a further 3 weeks till the 14th of April as of now. It is being enforced as strictly as possible. The Government is doing it's best to keep essential services going and supplies coming in but it is mammoth job considering the size of the country and the huge huge population. But in the end COVID is surely going to have a major effect on world economy. I guess we just have to do our bit on all fronts and Pray to the Lord for the best. 
Sharmin and family in Pakenham are are doing well. Sharmin's only complaint is "I am getting bored out of my wits" but it is a small price to pay for safety.
All our Rotary and Inner Wheel activities - projects & weekly meeting are suspended till end April for now. All District Events also cancelled. Our best to all members of RC and IWC Pakenham.
You all take care and keep in touch. 
Lots of love to all from us in Pune, India
Poroochi and India
Message from Yezdi 2020-04-12 14:00:00Z 0


SO lets start this edition of the SCRIBE with some nice happy thoughts....
We definitely hope that you all have had a very Happy Easter and have enjoyed the Easter break even if we have been in a state of lock down.
We should all remember to stay safe and stay healthy and to do the best we can to ensure that we all come out of this situation happy and healthy and that we can all get back to enjoying our Rotary Club as soon as possible.
SO remember everyone STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY...
HAPPY EASTER 2020-04-12 14:00:00Z 0


To all our members and friends just a little bit of information as to what your Board has been up to whilst we all suffer this Covid-19 situation.
So the Board realizing that even though the club activities have been suspended that things needed to move forward in preparation for when we are allowed to recommence club activities set about try to get set up to do Board meetings via video conferencing.
So we have had one attempt so far and to say that it was not a total success would be an understatement.  Of the 8 Board members we have, only three actually got fully connected via the video conferencing with one member getting video but not voice and then one who connected after it all was basically over....  There will be further attempts to try and get everyone on. 
It is our plan to conduct Board meetings via Google Hangout as soon as we can get everyone connected and thus ensure the club is ready to reconvene as soon as we are allowed.
Assuming that we can get everyone of our Board Members properly connected, or at least the majority of them then we will consider doing a Video Conference for all interested members probably every three or four weeks just to catch up.  So let us know if you would be interested in having a club meeting via video conferencing, obviously there would be no real agenda other than everyone getting the chance to say Hi and see some familiar faces.
If you are interested you will need to have access to Google Hangouts which is a free app available once you have a google account which is also free.  So get yourself set up on Google Hangouts and if you want to test it you can always contact our President Elect to have a trial run.........
YOUR BOARD AT WORK 2020-04-01 13:00:00Z 0

Current State of Play

Well hello everyone and lets hope you are all doing the best you can during these truly unfortunate times.
So just to make sure everyone is across the situation ALL activities connected to the Rotary Club of Pakenham have been suspended until further notice.
So this means that there are no weekly meetings, no Community Dances, no Deb Balls, no Coffee cake and Balls or any other Club activity until the restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted.
We will attempt to put out an edition of the Scribe every week or so, but it will depend on if we have any information to share with you all.  Therefore please send any information, news or gossip that may be of interest to our members to and we will try and use everything we are provided. 
Next week we will have an article provide by Ken Rook and anything else that is submitted, so do not be shy and submit something that will be of interest to our members.
So to Everyone out there please STAY SAFE, STAY WELL and KEEP IN TOUCH...................
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OK, so we are all aware of the fact that the District 9820 Conference was cancelled due to Covid-19 but those crazy bike riders went ahead and did a ride to conference which should have been titled the Ride to NO Conference......  So here is a report on the ride provided by Helen van Diemen and photos are courtesy of Alwyn Williams.  So thanks ladies for what you have provided and it just shows that obviously the men do not do much at all.
Ride to No Conference Report 2020
It does seem quite amazing now that we did get to go on the Rotary Bike Ride in Bendigo from Monday 16th – Friday 20th March. All members of the group had been alerted that the Rotary District 9820 Conference in the refurbished Jail House would be cancelled so there was no need for an extra bag of conference attire. But the Bike Ride could still proceed.
Peter and I arrived at the Ascot Big 4 Caravan and Camping Ground in the afternoon on Sunday 15th March. We found we had been allotted a Pool Villa and felt very well looked after indeed!
Afternoon Tea was served by our wonderful support team of Alwyn and Kate around 4.00pm when a short introductory meeting took place. Lots of reunions from Rotarians and friends, some who we had not seen for years, returning to do the ride once more. The participants on the Bike Ride from Rotary and Inner Wheel in Pakenham included Alwyn & Terry Williams, Joy & Rudy de Jong and Helen & Peter van Diemen.
Dinner was a delicious barbeque at the camping ground with the Bike Ride Committee coming to the fore. Lots of discussion and a few serious comments before we were all tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour.
It was decided that all bike riders and support crew would meet at the front gate at 7.45am to be ready to ride away at 8.00am. This all happened very smoothly with names being registered and a short Briefing of the ride from Road Boss Barry, who always managed to provide at least one joke!!
So, on Monday morning we set off for Goornong 25kms away for Morning Tea, followed closely by a school visit at the Axedale Primary School. This is a small country school and all the staff and students seemed to enjoy spending part of their play time with us, finding out what on earth we were doing so far from home. The Life Education program visits this school and they all remembered Harold the Giraffe. Next, we set off to ride to Lake Eppalock, a beautiful scenic park to enjoy lunch. After lunch back to the Big 4 around 2.30pm after riding 87.7kms, the hills were not too steep, and the maximum temperature was 27. Some bike riders enjoyed a recovery session in the swimming pool which was quite refreshing with lots of stretching exercises too. Dinner was at the Botanical Hotel walking distance away, for those who hadn’t been riding a bike perhaps!!
Day 2 was Tuesday 17th March and we set off at 8.00am along a safe bike path that led out of Bendigo in a westerly direction through Eaglehawk. We kept riding all the way to Bridgewater 44kms for Morning Tea, there were straight and relatively flat roads through farming country that seemed to go on for ever. The next leg had us riding towards the south with a beautiful spot for lunch at Newbridge, by this stage we had ridden 60kms. This area has been affected by significant floods in 1909 and 2011. During 2011 flood at its highest the flood was said to be 90km long and 50km wide. Many farms and towns were directly hit, flood waters cut roads including the Calder and Lodden Valley Highways. At its peak the water volumes reached 195 gigalitres a day and Melbourne uses 460 gigalitres of water each year. On the way home there was a drink stop at Marong and then after the final ride a huge 105.25kms had been clocked. More swimming in the pool and relaxing too. The dinner spot was the same and several bike riders were seen walking to the Hotel on this day!!
Day 3 Wednesday 18th March saw the group cycling away in an easterly direction with Morning Tea at Lake Eppalock. Lake Eppalock is in the heart of central Victoria’s goldfields, it was built in 1964 to supply water for irrigation, environmental and stock and domestic entitlement holders as far north as Echuca. It has become one of the recreational inland waterways in Victoria and is an ideal location for water skiing, boating and swimming. Next, we rode on to Sutton Grange for lunch after cycling 62 kms. Another beautiful lunch provided by the Support team which included rolls, wraps, every imaginable salad and meat filling, delicious cakes, slices and loads of sliced fruitJ The ride back saw the group stop at Sedgwick for a drink stop and then home again about 3.30pm along a safe bike path through Bendigo ending up in the Botanical gardens. The hills and the head wind made riding today quite difficult, there seemed to be a few less riders too. The total distance was 100kms.
Day 4 in Bendigo was a Total Fire Ban Day, so all the plans had to be cut in half. Instead of a 100km bike ride, it would have to be closer to 50kms. We did ride out earlier at 7.45am heading in a southerly direction to Lockwood for Morning Tea. If the route had not needed to be altered, we would have been in Maldon for lunch.  A reporter from the local newspaper, the Bendigo Advertiser, met us in the park at Lockwood and took photos and a story that was published in the Saturday edition. On the way back, only 11kms from home, poor Peter had to hit the brakes hard and ended up on the bitumen with blood running down his face. Luckily the cut was above his eye and apart from a few grazes and bruises and a big dent to his pride Peter survived. There is always a Doctor on the bike ride who was able to tend to Peter’s eye. Peter would have to hang up his bike for the rest of the ride, missing out on 59kms on the last day.
Lunch was back at the camp on this day with a quiet afternoon ahead. I found time to swim in the pool and do the washing of gear too. The infamous Pizza Night began at 6.30pm in the Dining Room. The Rotary District Governor Adrian Froggatt and wife Wendy, Past District Governor Tim Moore and wife Jane and past bike rider Geoff Double from Berwick attended also. There is always an hilarious Fine session conducted by long serving bike rider John Shandley from Korumburra. John keeps fastidious notes throughout the ride and manages to come up with a fine and/or story about everyone. A great fund-raising exercise too. Then the awards were presented, and it was time to say good night as we still had one day of riding to go.
Day 5 was Friday 20th March, and we were all allowed to sleep in or pack our cars to be out of the Caravan Park early. This meant the ride commenced at 9.00am when we rode to Sedgwick for Morning Tea in the south. This day was perfect for riding as it was cool with no breeze at all. Lunch back at the Caravan Park was a delightful but sad affair as it was soon time to farewell all the friends, both new and old, for another year. The comradery of this event is equalled by few others and is held in high esteem by all.
It is estimated that this ride will receive approximately $40,000.00 from the participants. An amazing effort for such a small group this year.
Helen van Diemen           Member of the Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham
More photos can be seen by clicking on this link     photoalbums/2nd-april-2020  
RIDE to CONFERENCE 2020-04-01 13:00:00Z 0

Rosa --  Our most recent Exchange Student

Tim Mepstead received a letter and some photos from Rosa who was an exchange student we had as part of our club back in 2016/2017.
Below is a copy of the letter and the photos....  So thanks to Tim for sharing......
So the top picture has the caption Last week I spent my holidays with some friends from handball in the mountains.
The middle picture has the caption Me and my brother at my graduation.
And the bottom picture has the caption This photo was made for the article about siblings of people with a handicap.
Rosa -- Our most recent Exchange Student 2020-04-01 13:00:00Z 0


Based on what our Federal and State Governments are saying about COVID-19 and what impacts it will have on us all we are definitely living in strange times.
Therefore it is strange but true that the Rotary Club of Pakenham has suspended all of it's activities until at least the end of May 2020.
This basically means the following:
There will be no club meetings at the Deep Creek Reserve each Tuesday in fact there will be no club meetings anywhere until the end of May 2020, the Monthly Community Dance held at the U3A Hall is suspended until at least the end of May. And of course our planned Comedy Night will be postponed to a date to be determined as will the Rotary Club of Pakenham's Debutante Balls.
If you want to contact the Rotary Club of Pakenham then feel free to put a message on our Facebook Page or send an e-mail to either or and we will get a response back to you at our earliest convenience. 
AFFECTS OF COVID-19 on OUR CLUB 2020-03-22 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Pakenham Debutante Balls

With regard to our 2020 Debutante Balls we are making the following statement:

Obviously we cannot 100% guarantee that the Deb Balls will go ahead, as no one can do that.

But under the current circumstances we are constantly monitoring everything and will be posting updates as changes in the situation occur.

It would be our intent at this point in time to proceed with the Debs so stay tuned for updates.

Rotary Club of Pakenham Debutante Balls 2020-03-17 13:00:00Z 0


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the Rotary Club of Pakenham has decided to cancel the April Community Dance. 
We will be constantly monitoring the situation and will keep you informed as to the status of any future Community Dances....
We thank you all for you support and look forward to seeing you again when the Community dance resumes...... 


Ladies and Gentlemen,
the following has been sent to the club and is included here for your information and consideration.
Dear Toomuc Valley residents (and friends),
Please read the request below. We all participated in the planting of the thousands of thriving trees that make this Toomuc trail such a community asset (and delight). Now we have a chance to further improve it. We are told that our chances of obtaining the necessary Federal funding depend on our showing our full support by signing the petition. Numbers count!! Please sign.
Joy (for the TVRA)
Voice your Support for Federal Funding towards the Toomuc Valley Nature Reserve Shared Path
Over recent months the Toomuc path proposal has attracted immense support from the community as there are a huge number of residents and families who actively exercise, walk, run, cycle and exercise dogs along the Toomuc trail to the south of Princes Highway. The need to extend the path north has been recognised by organisations such as SJD Homes, Toomuc Landcare Group, Cardinia Shire and is supported by Jason Wood MP Federal Member for LaTrobe. It  will provide many benefits including the safety for school children walking to and from surrounding schools.
Stage 1; the project works include the development of a 3 metre wide shared path to continue from Syme Road and extend to Brown Road.
Stage 2; will then join Brown Road to the very popular Cardinia Aqueduct Trail.   
The benefits are many including:
  • improved community & school children safety
  • all abilities access
  • use for cycling, walking, sporting groups
  • encourage tourism
  • help reduce obesity epidemic
  • improve social cohesion
  • support healthy living and social recreation.
Please show your support for this much needed project by signing the petition via clicking on this link: –
Feel free to share this message with your friends & community groups!
Kind Regards,
Simon Dunstan
M: 0412 323 712  |  433 Princes Hwy, Officer Vic 3809  |  P: 03 9095 8000
TOOMUC TRAIL 2020-03-15 13:00:00Z 0

COVID - 19     Information

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As we are all aware we are now in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic and as such I just thought I would point out a few things to you about the affect it is having on our Rotary Club and our program of events.
1.          The Pakenham Show has been cancelled.
2.          District 9820 Conference has been cancelled.
3.          Our weekly meetings will continue but please refrain from handshakes and personal contact on greetings.
4.          Anzac Day Services and our involvement are under discussion within our Board, as yet no decision has been made if we will be involved this year.
5.          Proposed Walk Against MND scheduled for the 3rd of May is under discussion with our Board, as yet no decision has been made but I doubt we will be participating.
6.          Monthly Rotary Community Dance is under discussion with our Board, as yet no decision has been made but it is possible that they will be suspended.
7.          Debutante Balls will be proceeding at this stage but will be constantly reviewed over the coming weeks and months.
So as we can all see this current pandemic situation has an affect on us all and we do need to be vigilant and do our part to protect us all.
But we do not want you all to think that everything is all bad so here is something sent in by George Blenkhorn to maybe put a smile on your faces.
The only panic buying in my life has been when the Bar Man called last orders.
COVID - 19 Information 2020-03-15 13:00:00Z 0


At this stage the 2020 Rotary Debutante Balls are proceeding but this situation will be constantly under review.  But here are the initial details for everyone to share around.
2020 ROTARY DEBUTANTE BALLS 2020-03-15 13:00:00Z 0

Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

So last week's meeting meant we had Jenny Watson along to talk to us about her time in the Northern Territory and it was definitely a very interesting evening and I think an eye opening experience for some of those present.
there were plenty of photos and some very interesting questions at the end of the talk.
If you want to see all the photos then click on this link   photoalbums/10th-march-2020     
We also had Peter van Diemen talk to us about the annual Bike Rode to Conference, and of course everyone was glad to see that Tim Ahern could not find the Joker so the jackpot gets even larger........
Tuesday 3rd of March 2020 2020-03-15 13:00:00Z 0
2020 Rotary Club of Pakenham Debutante Balls 2020-03-10 13:00:00Z 0


Our Director in charge of Foundation and International George Blenkhorn has asked me to share the following information with you 


Last year, Rotary members raised over US$360 million for The Rotary Foundation
which transforms gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.
Read our full report at


The most interesting details seem to be the income and expenditure in the "Our Finances' section. It is put very simply and clearly, it certainly shows how much is being spent on Polio Plus.


So click on this link and see for yourself


Last Week's Meeting 3rd March

So our meeting last week was a Club Service Meeting and we opened the meeting with a discussion re the venue for our meetings, the service and the meals that we received and it quickly became very clear that the majority of our members are more than happy with all aspects of our venue.  We all agreed that there were bound to be some hiccups as the staff settled in to their new facilities but these had been minor and overall the staff have been fantastic as is the venue.
During the night we received reports from all areas of the club and we were definitely entertained by the various reports provided.  It should be very clear to all our members that we are a very busy club which is involved in a lot of different activities but we do seem to get it all done.
It was reported that the working bee at Anne Taylor's property was well attended and a success and clearly shows what can be achieved when we all do our bit.
Once again we had a draw for our Jokers Wild and once again the Joker proved to be elusive and so it jackpots again.
We finished the night of by discussing the issues that were facing our Car Show due to having to share the recreation reserve on the day and the members determined that it was best to cancel the event for this year and try again next year.
It was a busy but interesting night which I am sure the members found worthwhile. 
Last Week's Meeting 3rd March 2020-03-09 13:00:00Z 0



Pakenham Branch      Association Day


Speaker Margaret McKay about


Pierre-Joseph Redoute´


The Man Who Painted Roses


You are invited to hear more about 

Pierre-Joseph Redoute´  1759-1840

painter & botanist from Belgium 

known for his watercolours of roses, liles and other flowers



  1st April, 2020, 12.30 pm


       RSL Hall, 

Cnr. James & Snodgrass Sts. Pakenham


Lunch of Soup, Sandwiches,

Slices, Fruit & including a 

Raffle Ticket $10.00

Extra Raffle Tickets available


RSVP to Secretary :- Vicky Birch on email or 

phone 0418 522 703

no later than 25th March, 2020

CWA INVITE 2020-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

24th of March Fellowship Night


C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Better Rentals\Better Rentals Log 2.jpg


Rotary Club of Pakenham: Vocational Visit and Fellowship Evening.

Date: Tuesday March 24th, 2020

Location: Better Rentals Pakenham Yard

907 Princes Hwy Pakenham

*Access will via rear gate – plenty of parking on site

Time: 6.00pm for 6.30pm Start – Finish 8.00pm.

Meal: The BBQ will be provided.

Cost:                         $10.00 each to be donated to bush fire relief 

Drinks:             BYO.


A Vocational / Fellowship evening with an opportunity to look inside the hire industry and a “hands on” experience of some of the many machines available to hire.

Ride the Cherry Picker up to 10.9m

Practise digging with mini loaders and excavators.

See the range of equipment available to assist with all the handyman/woman tasks around the home.

Manager: Peter Van Zeyl – 0404 803 745.

Image result for cherry picker

24th of March Fellowship Night 2020-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

Working BEE on the weekend at Anne Taylor's property

So last weekend the club undertook a working bee at the home of our member Anne Taylor whose property was hit by fires a year ago and it was good to see that we had 10 Rotarians, 2 Rotaractors from Casey Cardinia club plus Richard from a western suburb of Melb attend on the Saturday.  Then on the Sunday we had the 2 Louise’s Wal Anne& David her son and myself,all in all a great weekend of work fun and fellowship and I nearly forgot Tim Ahern & Geoff Young who are still working on the back fence line they have cleared it, corner posts and stays are in place ready to restrain the wires they will Finnish it this week !
So it was a good weekends work so well done to all those that helped.
NO, they really did do some work.
If you want to see more pictures then please click on this link    photoalbums/working-bee-at-anne-taylor-s-property
Working BEE on the weekend at Anne Taylor's property 2020-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

Our Meeting on the 25th of February

So at our meeting on the 25th of February we were provided with some details and information that was obtained from our President Elect at the President Elect Training that was held over the previous weekend at Creswick up near Ballarat.
We were then delighted to hear from Kate McNamara, from Bestchance, who told us about what they are doing in the Cardinia Shire and it was a very interesting talk.
Towards the end of our meeting we once again ran our Jokers Wild and this time it was Secretary Greg Peck who went on the hunt for the Joker and it would be fair to say that there was a lot of clapping and cheering when he failed to find the joker making the prize jackpot again.
Our Meeting on the 25th of February 2020-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

OUR MEETING on 18th February

So on the 18th of February at our Club Meeting we had a Rotary Information night where Ken Rook talked to the members about various aspects of our Rotary Club and how the various areas operate and other such topics.
Once again we went on the hunt for the Joker and our newest member Lynne was unable to find the Joker in the deck which means the money jackpots again.
OUR MEETING on 18th February 2020-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

Bunyip / Garfield Golf Day

OK, so our very good friends at the Bunyip / Garfiled Rotary Club are running their Golf Day soon and they are looking for people to enter and in fact they hope that our club can enter a team.  Below are the details and the entry form, so if you feel that way inclined then please do support them and register to play.
Bunyip / Garfield Golf Day 2020-02-16 13:00:00Z 0

Last Weeks Meeting 11/02/2020

So at last week's meeting we heard from Richie Howlett who told us all about what he experienced at the RYLA Camp that we sponsored him to attend in December.  It was a very interesting presentation which was enjoyed by everyone in attendance and clearly showed that Richie had clearly learned a lot from attending and that he was a far more confidant person who clearly has leadership potential.
But of course the evening could not have started without some technical issues which took more than one person to sort out.
We also were unfortunately made to suffer through a few simple little videos of the goings on at Probus, where it seems several of our Rotary members could not help but disgrace themselves.  OH and NO we will not be showing any images of that here.
The evening also saw the running of our Jokers Wild game and of course everyone was truly disappointed that Greg Peck did not find the Joker, or were they.
Last Weeks Meeting 11/02/2020 2020-02-16 13:00:00Z 0

Blazeaid Talk at the Rotary Club of Berwick

The following article was provided by Terry Williams.
“..not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives..”
Blazeaid commenced by Kevin Butler (a farmer near Kinglake) after the Black Saturday bushfires. He had a vision to help the local farmers with immediate voluntary assistance and it has grown exponentially to respond to any natural disaster Australia wide. Not unlike some Rotary programs.
Last night I attended the Rotary Club of Berwick to hear the presentation on Blazeaid. As we have been advised previously the RC Berwick has fundraised to purchase a trailer and equipment to be used in the EAST Gippsland bushfire recovery.
The Club has successfully raised funds to purchase not 1 but 2 trailers. Each trailer is constructed by a company in Ballarat – who have had to increase production to cover demand- at a cost of $7,000. The equipment is supplied by a firm in South Australia and is very extensive (cost $17,000). Trailer and equipment are united in Lexton where they are assembled into identical units. Any team should be able to take any trailer and find the same equipment in the same place.
Camps are setup in affected areas- we have seen them active at Bunyip- to provide voluntary assistance initially to help cleanup fence-lines and other debris. The immediate need is to retain whatever stock has survived by constructing boundary fences similar to what existed prior to the fire.
There are already camps at Bruthen and Corryong. Bruthen has a full complement of volunteers (50) and two trailers. Accommodation (as the name suggests) is by camping- in tents, swags, caravans, pavilions etc. Meals are provided also by volunteer organisations.
Briefing sessions are conducted after breakfast every morning and ideally teams of 6 are assigned a property. Property owners need to register and be present whilst the volunteers are working. Owners also need to acquire all necessary materials and assure the coordinator that everything is ready to commence before volunteers are assigned.
It is a very well regarded organisation and run on strict guidelines. (experience!) Anyone can register as a volunteer and contact a camp coordinator for placement. It is dirty and exhausting work but very rewarding.
The vastness of the east Gippsland fires means that a lot of camps and volunteers are needed and it will be ongoing for an extended time.
Terry W
Blazeaid Talk at the Rotary Club of Berwick 2020-02-09 13:00:00Z 0

Last Weeks Club Service

So last week we had our Club Service meeting for the month of February and we had the great pleasure of inducting a new member into our club.  We were very pleased to welcome Lynne Smyth  into our club when she was inducted by our President Lyn Bunce.
further pictures can be found by clicking on this link  photoalbums/4th-february-2020  
We also conducted our weekly Jokers Wild and it was no surprise when everyone enjoyed the fact that Sam could not find the Joker.
And the evening was finished off with the making available to our members  the hand made bags for everyone to fill with educational supplies to be distributed most likely by DIK.
Last Weeks Club Service 2020-02-09 13:00:00Z 0

2020 Pakenham Motor Sport & Car Show

OK, so everyone needs to keep Sunday the 19th of April free as the Rotary Club of Pakenham is once again running the Pakenham Motor Sport & Car Show.
So if you know anyone who may want to bring along a car to show or belongs to a Car Club then please provide them with the details below and lets work together to make this year's show our biggest and best ever.
2020 Pakenham Motor Sport &amp; Car Show 2020-02-03 13:00:00Z 0

Louise in Japan

So at last weeks meeting we had the pleasure of our very own Louise Jackel telling us all about her time in Japan as a Rotary exchange which she chose to do to complete her education.  Louise spent just on a year in Japan and study with the masters of Japan in Pottery.
We were given a very interesting talk and shown some really good pictures, it was very interesting to get another perspective about one of our members and it makes you wonder who else among us has interesting stories to tell like Louise.  Here are some of the pictures and more can be found by clicking on the link   photoalbums/28th-january-2020 .
We once again had a draw of the Jokers Wild and we have to ask was it a coincidence who was lucky enough to go hunting for the Joker and was it true that there was loud applause when he failed to find the Joker. 
And in the absence of our normal Sgt Fish, the most illustrious Graeme Begg stood in and did a wonderful job and even delighted us all with a little story. 
Louise in Japan 2020-02-03 13:00:00Z 0

Australia Day 2020

So once again the Rotary Club of Pakenham assisted with the Australia Day celebrations that were held at the Cardinia Cultural Centre  on Sunday and here are some of the photos from the day.
More photos can be found by clicking on this link :    photoalbums/january-2020   
Australia Day 2020 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0


So our Rocks have been placed in Rotary Park to commemorate the planting of the trees on the western side of Toomuc Creek and here are some pictures, plus a little hint of the new foot bridge over Toomuc Creek in Rotary park.
more photos can be seen by clicking on the link :  photoalbums/january-2020 
ROCKS in the PARK 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0

BBQ Trailer Signage

So our first lot of signage has been done on the BBQ Trailer with hopefully more to come.
BBQ Trailer Signage 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0

Coffee, Cake and Balls

So our newly developed Sunday morning fun session is on again this Sunday so why not come along and have a hit, a giggle and some nice coffee and cake.
Rotary Club of Pakenham Fellowship Sunday
Pakenham golf club
This is the Rotary Club of Pakenham's Coffee Cake and Balls on the
first Sunday of the month and it will be a monthly event.
No bookings just come and have a hit and giggle
$15 for coffee and cake and a bucket of balls.
Don’t forget to bring a golf club
Coffee, Cake and Balls 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0

Patchwork Quilters

So on Tuesday the 21st of January we had the lovely ladies from the Pakenham Patchwork and Quilters come along and give us a talk and show off some of their goods which was interesting.
More photos can be seen by clicking on this link:   photoalbums/january-2020  
We also had a draw for the Jokers Wild and it could be said that everyone was happy that Ian Wake could not find the Joker, so it jackpots again next week.
Patchwork Quilters 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0

BBQ in the PARK

So our first meeting for the year was a BBQ at Rotary Park where we made use of our new BBQ Trailer and a good time was had by all.
Here are some photos and more can be found by clicking on the link:    photoalbums/january-2020
BBQ in the PARK 2020-01-27 13:00:00Z 0

Grade 6 Awards 2019

Rotary Club of Pakenham Grade 6 Awards:
Charles Hicks was the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Pakenham when it was established in 1961. At the time he was Principal of the Pakenham Consolidated School.
After his death the club decided to honour his memory with The Charles Hicks Award to be presented to a student from each grade 6 at the Pakenham Consolidate School.  The students receive a certificate and funding to assist with their transition to Secondary School.
The first Awards were made in 1989. Since then other local Primary Schools have been offered similar awards for a grade 6 student.  These are not known as Charles Hicks Awards and the schools are able to nominate the title of the award.
In all cases the schools set the criteria and nominate the awardees. The Awards are presented each year at the School’s Grade 6 Graduation or Presentation ceremony.
In Rotary we aim to encourage the development of and acknowledge the achievement of the young members of our community.  All members of the Rotary Club of Pakenham extent their congratulations to all Grade 6 Graduates and wish them well for their future. 
Awards for 2019 were presented to:
John Henry Primary School  
“All Round Excellence”:
Sankeerat Kaur
Lakeside College
Poppy Burgmann
Lakeside Primary School  
“All Round Excellence”:
Ayomi Herath Mudiyanselage
Minaret College
“All Round Excellence”:
Jannah Dzulazwan
Nar Nar Goon Primary School
Chilli Barrett
Officer Primary School
“Academic Excellence”:
Nicholas Ball
Pakenham Consolidated School  
“Charles Hicks All Round Excellence Awards”:
Taj Prasad, Hula Taito, Austyn Flemming, Jackson Hooper.
Pakenham Hills Primary School
Anna Nguyen
Pakenham Primary School
Mitchell Heathershaw
Pakenham Springs Primary School –
Scarlett Smith
St. Brigid’s Catholic Primary School –
Blade Anderson
St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School –
Yousef Lado
St James Catholic Primary School
Sean Zimmerling-Leaver
St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School –
“All Round Excellence”
Dana Hibberson
Pakenham Consolidated School Charles Hicks Award recipients Austyn Flemming, Jackson Hooper, Taj Prasad, Hula Taito with Rotarian Terry Williams
Grade 6 Awards 2019 2020-01-05 13:00:00Z 0

East Gippsland Fires 2020

So we are all aware of the Fires that have been raging and as such the Rotary Club of Pakenham has decided to donate $5,000 to the East Gippsland Fire Aid project and this is money partially made up of the profits from our Community Dance held on Saturday Night, a Bunnings BBQ held on Sunday and our annual Golf Day. 
And on top of this $5,000 their were donations made at both the Dance and the Bunnings BBQ which totalled in excess of $900 and this will be handed over as well. 
If you wish to help you can donate directly yourself via the following:
  1. Donation to East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid Committee
    This is an account of the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale with the funds controlled by the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid Committee. Bank donations to Rotary Club of Bairnsdale – Projects Account 633000 / 165960451. Please email the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid Committee when you donate
So to the PEOPLE who attended the Community Dance and those who donated at the Bunnings BBQ we say a very big THANK YOU, your assistance is greatly appreciated.
East Gippsland Fires 2020 2020-01-05 13:00:00Z 0

January 2020 Community Dance

So on Saturday night the 4th of January 2020 the Rotary Club of Pakenham once again held it's monthly Community Dance with the attendance being an all time record. At Saturday night's dance, 167 people attended and the profit from the night was $1804.80.  Donations were also collected for the East Gippsland Fire Relief and this raised another $617.05.  It was a grand night on a very large scale and Dance Chair Ian Wake said that many thanks must go to all his helpers as he can't do it without them. 

January 2020 Community Dance 2020-01-05 13:00:00Z 0


So on Tuesday the 17th of December we had our XMAS Break Up at the Deep Creek Reserve with the theme being wear a hat.  So for all of those that attended there is no need to remind you of how much fun we all had as it was clearly a very successful night that did not end until past 9:30 pm. 
So the idea of wearing a hat was to ensure everyone participated and it certainly worked.  Each person found an envelope at their seat at the tables and we were then entertained by having people at various stages during the night opening their envelope and reading out the instructions.  Some people had to sing, some had to tell a joke and some were made to swap seats with others at a different table for 5 minutes.  So were lucky enough to win a prize and some just sat straight back down again.
During the night we also had a hat tossing competition to try and win bottles of win and the entry fee went to Rotary's Lift The Lid campaign and there were definitely some funny sights watching people tossing their hats to try and knock a bottle of wine over so they could win it.
We also had a Best hat competition which saw some very heated competition and the eventually winner was Lynne Smythe and the judges award going to Erica and Greg Peck.
To finish off the night we had a game of heads and tails and it was interesting to see everyone getting involved for the chance to win a prize, with the two winners being Jennifer North's son and Wal Mcdonald so well fone to both of them.
It was a great night and to those who did not make I am truly sorry that you missed this great event and I am certain that everyone who attended will tell you that you missed a good one.
To view more pictures from the night click on this link   photoalbums/xmas-break-up-2019
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The people of Pakenham and surrounding localities once again enthusiastically supported the combined efforts of The Rotary Club of
Pakenham and The Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham with their annual Christmas Trailer Raffle.

Members of both Clubs could be seen during November and December manning the raffle ticket selling table at entrances to local shopping
centres, supermarkets, at the Pakenham Races and the like.

The local population has come to regard the Trailer Raffle as an institution here in Pakenham. They look forward to having a chat with the
Rotary and Inner Wheel members as they purchase their tickets.

This year there was a 2nd prize, a Hamper, on offer. The main prize as usual was a trailer loaded with many goods-so many that a trailer cage
had to be used to enclose the goods in the trailer as they are on display. No, the cage was not part of the prize!

The draw took place on Sunday December 22nd at the entrance to Pakenham Market Place. The trailer was won by Nick Kenning from
Pakenham and the hamper by Ruth from Longwarry.

Very importantly, the proceeds of the raffle go to Rotary and Inner Wheel Projects. The people buying the raffle tickets can be reassured that the
community is strongly supported by both Clubs.

Both the Inner Wheel Club and the Rotary Club would like to thank the people of Pakenham and surrounds for their support again this year and
also the Club Members who gave of their time to man the table and give the local community the opportunity to support local projects.

for more photos please click on the link    photoalbums/30th-december-2019
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Grade 6 Awards

As the school year came to an end the Rotary Club of Pakenham was proud to present awards to a number of Grade 6 students throughout the district as is their usual thing at this time of year and we congratulate all recipients, unfortunately at the time of going to press we had no details.
The Rotary Club of Pakenham also presents the Ron & Sylvia Cameron Trust award and these are the details of that award.  
Ron & Sylvia Cameron Trust:
Ron & Sylva Cameron lived on a property in Toomuc Valley Road for many years where they had an orchard growing soft fruits and tomatoes.
They contributed to the Pakenham Community in many ways.  Ron through Rotary, and Sylvia through Red Cross and Inner Wheel.
They had no family and left money in trust for the ongoing benefit of the community.
 A substantial amount was given to the Rotary Health Research Fund.  A smaller sum was given to the Rotary Club of Pakenham to establish a trust to assist the education of local students.
The first award was made in 2005 and from then until 2011 the awards were made to a student from a Secondary School in Pakenham.  From 2012 annual awards are now made to a student at Pakenham Secondary College.
The student is chosen by the school and must be a high achiever, be trustworthy and show leadership abilities.
The winning student’s name is inscribed on a special plaque that is displayed in the school foyer. The student also receives a cheque for $650.00 to assist with ongoing studies.
The Ron & Sylvia Cameron Trust Award recipient for 2019 is Georgia Dore.
Georgia has just completed year 11 and has been appointed School Captain for 2020.  
Photo: Georgia Dore receiving the award from Rotary Past President Ken Rook. 
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Attendance at Rotary Leadership Institute

Recently the Board received the following letter after supporting one of our members attending the Rotary Leadership Institute 3 day course and we felt it worthwhile sharing with all members of the club.
Dear Board Members,
I write this letter in thanks.  The opportunity I was given by the board to attend RLI, has been most beneficial to myself and I encourage you to sponsor any further members new and old who would like to learn more about Rotary.
Travelling outside the cluster of Pakenham, I was able to build my network of fellow Rotarians, but also hear what their clubs are participating in and exchange how the clubs who all have the same key values, work together with the participants they have.
The first two weeks, I was in awe of the work that Rotary has done, does and will continue to do. To understand the support that is available is remarkable.  I would like to put forward a few ideas that I took away from RLI, that all clubs that were in attendance were considering.
  • Rotary Community Corps – engaging citizens of the shire, they would not be Rotarians, but able to assist and volunteer on projects and experience the activities that Rotary does for the community.  In turn – hopefully becoming new members when the timing is right for them.
  • Club Vision – I am sorry but for me I could only remember that Goran wanted to increase the membership numbers, maybe reflecting on the Club’s vision, every couple of months at Club Service Night, will have all members engaged and working on the vision.
  • Cardinia Shire is quickly changing in population, for us to reflect on what the current community needs are and added that to be a focus for the club. (I am sure that the needs that Rotary meet are beneficial but with forward thinking it’s something to consider)
  • Mentoring – both at club level and community, this is something that was discussed often
  • Rotary Learning Centre - I was no doubt told about and had not followed up on.
Please don’t think this is all I took away form RLI, these were a few jotted notes on my last day in reflection.  I look forward to continuing my Rotary journey and being able to learn and serve off what I believe to be a wonderful club.
Once again – Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to understand and learn about Rotary.
Kind regards,
Stephanie Jamieson
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Feedback on our RYLA Attendee

We received the following from Ritchie Howlett who we sponsored to attend the recent RYLA camp.
I really want to thank you guys (and the club!) for supporting me in going to RYLA.
A week ago I was looking forward to learning some leadership skills & networking with fellow participants. I never expected to come away with the amount of personal growth I have, as well as two dozen new best friends who are all going to go on and do amazing things.
I'm very much looking forward to coming back to the club to speak about my experience, and get involved in some Rotary service!
Thanks again,

Feedback on our RYLA Attendee 2019-12-29 13:00:00Z 0

Carols by Candlelight 2019

So on Saturday afternoon a few of our club set up to hand out the candles and programmes for the Carols by Candlelight being run by the Cardinia Shire at Toomuc Reserve.
It was not very pleasant weather wise and in fact it basically rained from about 5:30pm until at least 7:30pm, which made it a very difficult night for the whole event.
Eventually due to safety issues the Carols night was cancelled and people were informed that there would be no more entertainment that required electricity but that the fireworks were to be set off at approximately 10:15pm.  Most people packed up and went home including all of us Rotarians that were there but some people apparently stayed around until the fireworks.
Below are some photos from the night and more can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of the pictures.
More photos can be viewed by clicking on this link      photoalbums/15th-december-2019
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Last Week's Meeting

So last week we were lucky enough to hear from Carol Clay from the Country Women's Association.
Carol Clay has been a member of the Country Women's Association since 2011 joining the Berry's Creek Branch before joining Pakenham in 2006.
Carol has been Group president of Gippsland Hills group from 2003-2005 and a continuous member of the State Coucil from 2003-2014 and again from 2018.
In 2018 Carol was elected a Member of Honour by more than 85% of members of the Association.
Carol has an extensive history of more than fifty years of community service as a volunteer with hospital auxiliaries, Red Cross, tennis club, school and kindergarten committees and other organisations, as well as conducting her own catering and sponge making business for ten years.  She also conducted cooking demonstrations at Casey-Cardinia Libraries for past 3 years and presently is part of CWA Cardinia Community Kitchen project in conjunction with the Cardinia Food Movement and Ripe for Change.
Carol's talk was very interesting and enjoyed by all that attended.
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Pakenham Cup

So once again the Rotary Club of Pakenham was called upon to provide a Golf Buggy Shuttle Service for patrons attending the Pakenham Cup on Saturday the 7th of December and the club was also able to have our Xmas Trailer Raffle just inside the front gate to sell tickets all day long. 
Sorry but we do not have any pictures of the raffle ticket sellers but we do have a few shots of the morning shift of buggy drivers.
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So below is an extract from an e-mail which thanked us for the work we did at the March Against Violence by cooking both breakfast and lunch for the March.
This was done on the same day as our own Rotary Club of Pakenham Annual Golf Day, Friday the 22nd of November, so resources were scarce but we managed.
On behalf of the March Against Violence organising committee, I would like to pass on our sincere appreciation for the ongoing support Pakenham Rotary provide in cooking the BBQ for the March Against Violence event. Friday’s event was extremely successful.
Your ongoing support with this event helps us continue to educate the community that violence against women is not acceptable.
Please pass onto the team involved.
Kind regards
Mark Howard | Coordinator Operations | Cardinia Shire Council
Phone: +61 3 5945 3679 | Web:
PO Box 7 Pakenham 3810 | Customer Service: 1300 787 624
We value: Teamwork | Respect | Accountability | Communication | Customer focus
Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image009.jpg@01D24BEA.A2EB8460
You can show your support by signing the pledge
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LAST WEEK's Rotary Junior Community Awards

So last Tuesday we held our first ever ROTARY JUNIOR COMMUNITY AWARDS night and the night was a great success and well attended.
We do not have a write about the evening but we certainly have a number of photos which can be seen below and at the bottom of this article is a link to see all the photos.
So well done to all the students who received their Rotary Junior Community Award you have all achieved something to be very proud of.
All the awards were presented by Rotary District 9820 Governor Adrian Froggatt.
So well done to everyone involved what a great night.
More photos can be seen by clicking on this link  photoalbums/9th-december-2019
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So our very first Coffee, Cake and Balls pleasant Sunday morning gathering kicked off last Sunday and it turned out to be a fun morning.
So we started with Coffee and Cake and some interesting conversations.
And then we all went outside for a hit and a GIGGLE, some players were clearly better than others but we are not saying who were the good ones.
Some attendees did not actually swing a club but just sat around and laughed at those who did.
A really good time was had by all and the next one will be the first Sunday in February, so lets hope we see you there. 
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What Does Our President Do  ????

OK, so if anyone was wondering what our President does before our meetings start well it could be said that perhaps she goes looking for interesting photo opportunities,
So it is understood then when she saw some decorations at the back of the room from a previous function that she saw the fun side of a photo opportunity and simply did not miss it.
So was it significant that our 2 lovely Louises were seen standing at the back of the room near the decorations ?????
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Last Week's Cluster Meeting

So last week we were privileged to host a cluster meeting organised by AG Geoff Young on behalf of our District Governor Adrian Froggatt.
It was an interesting night with DG Adrian presenting some insight into the vision of the current RI President as well as some information about his own vision for the District.  Adrian also spoke about an the District Conference and other things of interest happening in the District.
Adrian had each of the tables undertake a round table discussion on different topics which he then had them present to the room.
Adrian finished off by introducing he District Youth Chair for a short presentation.
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Our Annual GOLF DAY

Rotary Club of Pakenham 18 th Annual Golf Day

“Third Time Lucky”! After two washouts in May our golf day was rescheduled to Friday 22 nd November, and what a day it was, a
sunny 20 degrees with a light breeze, ideal for golf.

Unfortunately, due to the rescheduling, and a clash with another golf day at Cranbourne our field was down to 36 players.
However, all had a good time and feedback from players was great. Mick, who has played in all 18, saying he looks forward to it
each year. After play all enjoyed a bar b q, which was followed by presentation of prizes to the winners.

Our auction was once again very successful with a bit of fun, some lively bidding and good results. Again, many of our sponsors
supported us with their generosity, which is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, we lost some sponsors, most of whom have indicated they should be back next year. In spite of all this we will
still have a profit of around $2,000.00.

Most importantly, all involved thoroughly enjoyed the day. The sponsors make it profitable; the players make it fun, and the
helpers make it happen.
Thanks to all.

Golf Day Chairman PP Ken Rook
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White Ribbon March

So on Friday the 22nd of November we provided services to the Shire for their White Ribbon Activities.
We started with George, Ian and Grant cooking Bacon and Eggs for a group of students who were doing some sort of course and then cooking Sausages and Veggie Burgers for all those who joined in on the walk against Family Violence as part of the White Ribbon Day at lunch time.
Due to unforseen circumstances a phone call to try and raise some extra troupes was put in to the Golf Day people and thankfully Ken Rook and Tim Ahern were able to escape from the Golf Day and come and help for awhile.  So a big thanks to Ken and Tim.
Once again our new BBQ Trailer was used and on display.  And do not forget we are still seeking sponsors for our new Trailer, so if you no anyone who may be interested then please let Grant know.
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Last Tuesday

So last Tuesday we had our normal meeting and had Doug Baxter talk to us about SPORTISM.
It was a very informative talk and was enjoyed by all in attendance.
We did not have a Joker's Wild session as the whole Joker's Wild kit seems to have disappeared at some stage when we moved to the new Golf Club facilities.  If anyone who assisted on the day when we moved our equipment from the old to the new Golf Club could please check to see if you have accidently taken home  the Jokers Wild kit it would be appreciated. 
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Come along to a cluster meeting at 



Tuesday 26th November at Pakenham New Golf course club rooms at Cameron way Pakenham (right at the end of road)

from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. Payment on the night $25 

Bookings must be made to (Louise Carter)  0419 539 324  via SMS  Put "Rotary DG meeting" as Subject of SMS  and ensure you include your name



The night is about having fun and 

Not only are there very important messages I bring from Rotary International and District that will influence all our Rotary experiences for the future but the event is structured to include you and all attending Rotarians in discussions by table of current and relevant topics. Each table then reports back to the whole group. This is a very unusual opportunity for club members to influence club, cluster and district leaders. 
Please make sure to book for the evening for catering and dietary requirements 

Ian Young

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Last Week's Meeting and AGM

So last week was not only our club service meeting but also our AGM.
The meeting was opened by Sergeant Fish and we then had Immediate Past President / Secretary Greg Peck inform those that were gathered that the as a result of President Goran standing down from the position of President that the club would be best served by having Past President Lyn Bunce stand in as President of the club, until the President Elect is ready to take the reins of the club after his President Elect Training which will be conducted in February 2020. 
President Lyn Bunce was warmly congratulated by those in attendance as she took control of the meeting.  After some standard procedures President Lyn Bunce suspended the meeting and handed control to Assistant Governor Geoff Young to conduct the club's AGM.
AG Geoff Young proceeded with the AGM and had the minutes of last years meeting read and confirmed as well as confirming that all present were financial members and eligible to vote.  Secretary Greg Peck read the minutes of last years AGM and they were passed as read.  Treasurer Alan Chalmers delivered the End of Financial Year report on the Club's finances and this was also passed as read.
Voting for the Executive positions of the club for the Rotary Year 2020 / 2021 were then conducted and the following were voted in to to the respective positions:
                                                                     President                                           Grant Austen
                                                                     President Elect Designate               Josie Wilson
                                                                     Secretary                                            Greg Peck
                                              and                Treasurer                                            Alan Chalmers         
There was a motion put forward to set the number of Board Members at nine and to determine a few guidelines around positions on the Board including that the terms of office can be up to two years.  After some interesting discussions and debate the motion was passed.
Assistant Governor Geoff Young then closed the AGM and handed control of the Club Service meeting back to President Elect Grant Austen who then ran the remainder of the club service meeting.                                                        
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Public Speaking Feedback

Below is a copy of a letter received by Ken Rook re our recent Public Speaking evening.

"St. James Catholic " 


Hi Ken,
             Thanks for the letter.  The event is one that my students really look forward to over the course of the year.  The students take a lot of time to write the speeches and our principal listens to these speeches to help select the students who compete. We cover a lot of objectives in the curriculum through this work!
           However, the important part of the experience is that it gives our students who participate something that is truly special.  In preparing for the night and the actual delivery of the speech, the students learn a whole new skill set.  Also, the confidence that they gain by presenting to such a big group is an amazing opportunity.
           So, please pass onto everyone who contributed to evening our school’s thanks.  You really provide something special for the students who are lucky enough to be a part of this.
All the best

So that certainly is excellent feedback and a strong pointer as to why we run these sorts of programs.
Well done Ken and all the team who worked on the Public Speaking Competition.
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Tree Planting Rocks For Rotary Park

I have been informed that the work on the rocks to be placed in Rotary Park to commemorate our tree planting efforts has been undertaken and that all we need now is for the Council to place the rocks in Rotary Park.
Here are a few pics and more can be seen by clicking on the link below.
click here for more photos:    photoalbums/9th-november-2019
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Our New Trailers First Outing

So apparently our brand new BBQ Trailer had it's first outing as some of our members did a BBQ for a Council event at the Cardinia Cultural Centre.
Below are the only pics I have of the day, but at least the trailer has been used.
Our New Trailers First Outing 2019-11-11 13:00:00Z 0


Well last Tuesday night was our first meeting as a club in the brand new Deep Creek Reserve facility and WOW what a venue.  The new venue is just absolutely wonderful and will definitely make a change to our regular club meetings in future.
So for our first meeting in the new facility it was decided to have a social night and not have too much in the way of Rotary Formalities,
We had over 60 people in attendance and this was made up of our Rotarians and their Partners, Rotarians guests and our special friends the Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham. 
With the intention that this would be a social night there were only a few of the traditional Rotary activities with the meeting being opened by Chair for the night and Past President Ken Rook and he acknowledge the Guests that were present which included our Guest Speaker Lynne Westland a Past district Governor and her family, Pam Chalmers President of Inner Wheel, The members of Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham and the District DIK Representative Roger Thornton.  We also of course had District Treasurer Jim Wilson present but that may have been simply as the husband of our member Josie Wilson.
The evening was very enjoyable and the new facilities only added to the pleasure as did the view out of the Driving Range, Practice Putting Green and some of the Golf Club Fairways. 
The early part of the evening entailed three rounds of Trivia with three different tables winning each of the rounds.
Lynne Westland gave us all a very interesting about her time as a Singer and her experiences entertaining the troops in Vietnam and then about her son and his time in the army and deployment to Iraq.
The vote of Thanks was given to Lynne Westland by Past President Lyn Bunce and then the evening closed off with some entertainment from Lucy De Silva, apparently she is Lynne Westlands granddaughter and only 15 years old, who sang a few songs for us.
A good night was had by all and everyone headed off into the night talking about the great new venue.
Further photos can be viewed by clicking on this link :  photoalbums/30th-october
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OK, so here is a sneak peek at the Rotary Club of Pakenham's brand new BBQ trailer and yes we are looking for organisations to sponsor the trailer. Details will be available in the near future of the sponsorship packages available.
SNEEK PEEK 2019-10-29 13:00:00Z 0

Other Interesting Activities

So can you identify any one in this picture and if so where is it from and what are they doing?
More information re the up coming Conference.......
and finally here is some information about an upcoming Foundation event ......
 And to finish it all off we had a number of Rotarians hard at work this morning removing all of our paraphernalia from the old Golf Club premises and move what we actually need to the new facility and the remainder we have stored in the Rotary Shed, for now.
And yes they did work hard, well they said they did anyway...........
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So on Saturday in amongst the sunshine and terrible weather we saw the opening of the new Deep Creek Reserve facility which will house the Golf Club and become our new venue for all future club meetings.
The venue was opened in front of a very large crowd, even though the weather was terrible, and it is truly an amazing facility and one we at the Rotary Club o Pakenham should be proud to call our new home.
The Golf Club Staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the opening could go off without a hitch and despite the terrible weather it was truly a magnificent opening and it is a wonderful facility that everyone should check out for themselves.
Below are a few photos of our Rotary Members at work at the grand opening and a big thank you to those members who did help out on the day. 
Other photos can be found at this link :   photoalbums/28th-october-2019
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Primary School Public Speaking 2019

Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2019

Our 22 nd Primary School Primary School Public Speaking Competition saw 20 students representing 11 schools from Nar Nar Goon, Officer
and Pakenham present their speeches on a wide range of interesting and complex topics to an audience of 100 or so.
Once again, the quality was outstanding and judges Lyn Bunce, Helen van Diemen and Barry Morris, had an extremely difficult task.
Scores were so close it took scorer Grant Austen and assistant Alan Chalmers quite a while to finalise the winners.
Champion Speaker: Hamesha Habibullah from Minaret College.
Topic: ‘How we look is not important, who we are on the inside is what counts.”
2 nd Place: Madison Perez, St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School.
“Inspirational People”
3 rd Place: Charlie Robins. Maranatha Christian School.
President’s Award: Remi Simunic. Maranatha Christian School.
Encouragement Award: Shae Langley. St. James Catholic Primary School.
“Bunyip Bushfire Effect”.
All students were excellent and once again their choice of topics was amazing. Other topics included “Homelessness”, “Gaming Addiction”, “Voting age should be 16”, “Why we should have 3 School Days per Week”, “A Sense of Humour is Essential”, “Animals in School”, Should Australia Day be Celebrated” and “Put it in the Bin”.

Before awards were presented George Blenkhorn gave a report on Rotary’s efforts to End Polio, which was very interesting and well received. The students gave him a score of 10. (Out of what?)

Feedback from teachers, parents and students was once again outstanding and our Fuchsia uniforms looked great. Thanks to co-chair David Martin and all who assisted and attended.

PP Ken Rook.
Further photos can be seen by clicking on this link :   photoalbums/28th-october-2019
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A Little Humour 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Working Bee in Tonimbuk

Details from our own Geoff Young Assistant Governor re a working bee for the Tonimbuk Fire victims so lets hope a few can get along and help.
Hi all
We are holding a working bee and we would like as many people there as possible
Jobs are
  1. Chain sawing wood
  2. Splitting wood
  3. Stacking wood
  4. Clean up of property
  5. Roll up old wire
  6. Cars with trailer
  7. Staple wire on posts
working bee  Sunday 27th October   at Tonimbuk, starting at 8.30am.
We will be there all day so if someone come for an hour, half day or stay all day, all welcome
Lunch will be a Rotary BBQ.
Many hands make light work
More people we get we can do more property’s
Can you let me know how many are coming from your club or friends this will help me with arranging jobs
Ag Geoff Young
0413 708 774
PS. I will send through more details closer to the time.
Working Bee in Tonimbuk Geoff Young 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Change of Venue for Wednesday 6th Nov

Hi All.
Please note: That there is a change of venue for the Prostrate Cancer Night we are doing with Bunyip-Garfield on the Wednesday after Melb Cup Day, being the 6th of November.  Remember there is no Pakenham Club Meeting on Melbourne Cup Day.
So the new location for the evening is
Bunyip Football Club Social Rooms, Bunyip Recreation Reserve
Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry Rd,


Change of Venue for Wednesday 6th Nov 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Trivia Night 

Local Fundraiser to try and raise funds for local identities, Lorna Hogg who worked at Millhaven Lodge for over 25 years and her husband Richard both were seriously injured in a motor bike accident in Italy and are currently in hospital in Austria in a serious condition.
Trivia Night 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Magical Getaway Foundation Family Day

So yesterday was the Magical Getaway Foundation Family Day which was a fund raising event held in Keysborough and was supported by the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
As you can see from a few photos the day enabled our club to get the message out to the public and gain excellent PR.
And the gang who helped on the day got to meet and talk with the Magical Getaway Foundations two Ambassadors being Kat Stewart (Acclaimed Actor) and Steven Bradbury (Winter Olympics Gold Medalist and recent contestant in Australian Survivor) as can be seen below.
Magical Getaway Foundation Family Day 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Millhaven Lodge Market Day

So this Friday Millhaven Lodge is conducting a market day and the more people who can get along and support them the better.
So come on and get along to support our community owned aged care facility.
Millhaven Lodge Market Day 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

End Polio Now Day 24th October

With us celebrating End Polio Now Day on the 24th of October we have the following article submitted by George Blenkhorn.
End Polio Now Day 24th October
Poliomyelitis (Polio) or Infantile Paralysis as it has been known for many years is caused by a virus which is very infectious and while most infected children only have flu like symptoms 1 in 200 have paralysis.The degree of paralysis varies from a mild loss of muscle function to a total paralysis and death in extreme cases. There is no cure for the paralysis today.The first vaccine to protect children against polio was developed in 1955 and  was used widely in developed countries.
In 1979 when Rotary decided to start a campaign to eradicate polio there were an estimated 350,000 cases of paralysis occurring  worldwide each year. In that year Rotary started the campaign by vaccinating 6 million children in the Philippines.
After this successful start Rotary launched Polio Plus in 1985. The first ever internationally co-ordinated private sector support for a public health initiative with the aim of raising US$200 million and expanding the campaign to other countries.
Three years later the World Health Organisation joined the campaign along with many National Governments taking the campaign worldwide.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started to contribute in 2009 with the offer of US$2 for each US$1 that Rotary raise.  To date the worldwide cost is has been over US$8 Billion and Rotary has contributed just over US$1 Billion. Still more money is needed before we are able to have the world declared Polio Free. The Rotary Club of Pakenham has contributed US$100 for each member of the Club annually for many years. This money is obtained through our fund raising activities in our community.
This year only two countries are polio endemic, Afghanistan with 16 cases and Pakistan with 72 cases. This is very disappointing as at this  time last year there were only 28 cases in those two countries. However this is a reflection of the difficulties in getting sufficient children vaccinated to prevent passage of the virus. The Governments of of both countries are very supportive of polio eradication. In Pakistan in August 8.3 million children were vaccinated in a case response campaign and 39.4 children were vaccinated in their most recent National Immunisation Day. All children are vaccinated as they cross the border each way between the two countries.
Sue and I went to India in 2010 to assist in their National Immunisation  Day. Whilst vaccinating children  the Grandfather in the photo heard that Australians were there vaccinating the children. He brought his grand daughter to the small shrine where we were and asked us to take a photo of his daughter who had been crippled by polio. He said this very important as we needed to take the photo back to Australia and show people there what Polio does and how important it is to eliminate the disease. A very emotional moment I can assure you.
End Polio Now Day 24th October 2019-10-20 13:00:00Z 0

Our Meeting Last Week

This report gratefully received from Stephanie Jamieson....
With a few members away this week, it was relatively quiet on numbers though we ensured that we kept the momentum of the meeting going and were pleased to hear from Ritchie who is an applicant for RYLA 2019.  Ritchie came to Rotary off his own research of opportunities in the shire.  Ritchie spoke about his community involvement, his passion for being a leader and how attending RYLA will assist him in his future.  He responded well and with earnest to questions from members after his spiel to obtain sponsorship from the club; it could be said that he spoke with such sincerity that he provoked compassion and admiration form the members.  It will now be up to the board if we were to sponsor Ritchie for RYLA and if he does, we look forward to working with him as he completes the second stage of his commitment with volunteering to assist on Rotary projects. 
Our guest speaker tonight was one of our very own - Mr Ken Rook, the night has been planned for a while with Ken asking for feed back on what we as members need/should know about Rotary and our club.  There were a few responses given to Ken in which he has advised we may have to have another night in the new year.  Tonight, Ken covered the topics of board structure, which was good timing for members to reflect on how it is presently managed and the proposed changes.  Next Ken discussed programming of meetings and how speakers are sought and who is responsible to assisting/planning and implementing for our enjoyment and ensuring a range of topics are covered both from community and members.  Ken handed over to Grant, to explain communication methods and using Club Runner.  A side note is that ‘Grant will happily and patiently assist any member who may need some guidance on using Club Runner’.  The night was informative for new members and a reminder to those that have been with the club for a while.
Jokers Wild was drawn by Ritchie and as the Sergeant couldn’t find his glasses at the time, Ritchie readily called out the number, where David was lucky enough to try his luck at finding the illusive joker.  Lucky for us, the deck continues to dwindle and waits for next week’s lucky winner to try their luck.
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Last Week's Meeting

Our Club meeting last Tuesday was just a little different then normal as our Sergeant Fish was unwell and his replacement caught everyone of guard.  So when acting Sergeant Tim Mepstead called the meeting to order there was a definite air of caution in the room.
So last week we had the pleasure of having the CEO of the Cardinia Shire, Carol Jeffs,  as our guest speaker.   Carol gave a very interesting talk and then answered questions from the floor from members.  It was a very enlightening session and hopefully we can have a strong working relationship with Carol and the Shire staff to ensure that we can provide the best results in our activities for the community.
We of course also had another round of Jokers Wild and this week it was John Boon who had his ticket drawn out but he could not find that elusive Joker.
We finished the meeting of with our regular Sergeant's session and Tim did a good job standing in for Fish, thanks Tim.
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NEXT WEEK's MEETING  22nd October

Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2019.
DATE: Tuesday 22nd October 2019.
VENUE: Pakenham Golf Club, Oaktree Drive Pakenham.
TIME: The competition will commence at 6:30pm SHARP.
NOTE: No meal will be served at this meeting.
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So this little article is a FORMAL APOLOGY to one of our members
So last week in the SCRIBE there was a terrible mistake made and so we are hereby apologizing to that member.
The mistake could have been put down to bad typing but that would mean it was my mistake, or it could have been put down to poor proof reading oh damn that is me too, so we finally put it down the scribe editor not doing his job properly.  OH damn that is me as well, so I guess the blame rests with me so here is the Apology.
SAM, the crew here at the production office of our weekly SCRIBE do humbly apologize for the error in last week's SCRIBE.  From all of us here being me, myself and I we humbly apologize to SAM BIONDO for the error. 
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Thank You from Henry Heat Basketball Club

After a group of our members provided their services for a BBQ to the Henry Heat Basketball Club.
If you want to view the actual certificate then please click on the link below.
There message is shown below.
Good Morning,
Thank you for all your help with running our barbecue at our girls basketball clinic on Friday 6th of September.
We appreciated the assistance and the friendly rotary members were great to have around.
Thank you again
Melissa Faith
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Last Weeks Club Service

So our club meeting last week was a Club Service meeting and we were given reports on various aspects of the club from the following people:
Greg Peck                                      Secretary's Report
Alan Chalmers                              Treasurer's Report
Ian Wake                                        Community Service Report 
Josie Wilson                                  Youth & Vocational Report
Ken Rook                                        Public Relations and Membership Report
There was no report for Foundation and International due to George Blenkhorn's absence.
We were also given updates by other members of the club on various things such as a report on our duties for the Pakenham Cup Day, which was provided by Peter van Diemen.
We also had a Jokers Wild session and to say that everyone was happy that Sam Biondi was unable to find the joker would be an understatement.
Our President  Elect also gave a presentation about the status of Our Club and some high level details of a proposal that will be submitted to the members for consideration at our AGM in November.   The proposal talked about changing the structure of our Board and also setting some guidelines about how the club should proceed into the future with regard to our the gap between the very experienced members of our club and the relatively sizable number of members with very little or no rotary experience.  There was some very enthusiastic discussions around this presentation and the President Elect promised to send a copy of the presentation to every member of the club.
The discussions ended up causing our meeting to go later than normal but no one seemed to want to leave.
I think we can say that a good night was had by all and there certainly was a lot of communication. 
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Melbourne Cup Week Meeting

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, as per our standard practice there will be no club meeting on Tuesday the 5th of November  due to the fact that it is Melbourne Cup Day.  But as is our normal practice we encourage everyone to attend the meeting of the Bunyip/Garfield club on Wednesday the 6th of November.
Details are as below.
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Last Weeks Meeting

So last week at our meeting we started by presenting a cheque to the Follow Baptist Church in support of their Food Van Project and we were lucky to have Dave Young in attendance to receive the cheque.  Dave told us that they were very appreciative of our support and that our donation would go a long way in helping them.
We then had the pleasure of inducting another new member into the club and this time we inducted Mehananthie Sivarasa, or Meha as she told us to call her, into the club. Meha's further adds to the count of females in our club and certainly improves the average age of the club as well.
So welcome Meha and we look forward to you getting really involved in our club.
The club was then treated to a really interesting Behind The Rotarian Talk by Louise Jackel who did really well and actually kept breathing all the way through her talk.
After Louise was introduced by Wal Mcdonald we learnt from Louise that she was born and raised in Wangaratta and did her her schooling at Wangaratta Tech and Bendigo Institute. At the end of her schooling Louise headed off to Japan , sponsored by her Dad's Rotary Club. In 1192 Louise headed off to Queensland to live and started working with Australia Post.  She returned to Victoria in 2001 due to her father's ill health and then having met Louise C (the quiet one) in 2004 and they pooled their money and bought a property in Clyde.
Louise was a member of the Clyde CFA for 6 years and finally retired from Australia Post in 2012.  Then in 2018 they needed to move to a less built up area and chose Pakenham as the place. And as such she has now become a very active member of our Rotary Club.
This is just a summary of the extremely interesting talk given by Louise and so if you were not present then you certainly missed a a good talk. 
After Louise had entertained us all we then had our weekly Joker's Wild and a lot of people thought it suspicious that Louise Carter's ticket was drawn but the crowd were more relaxed and happier when she failed to find the joker.
The evening finished with a relatively quiet Sergeant's fine session and we all got to head off home a bit earlier than normal.
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Some early details of the District 9820 Conference to be held in Bendigo on the weekend of the 20th - 22nd of March 2020.
Reasons to come to conference:
  • Early bird special until the 1st December, 2019 of $295 per person (normally $345)
  • Price includes Jail House Rock Gala Saturday night dinner
  • Special pricing for new Rotarians and Rotaractors
  • Fantastic program of speakers, entertainers and fun
  • Meet old friends and make new ones
  • Learn more and interact with others
  • Optional events:  Fellowship Friday dinner, Leadership Breakfast Saturday morning for Presidents, President Elects, Leadership team members and partners, Friday Golf Day at Bendigo Golf Club with light lunch, Friday Winery coach tour finishing at Balgownie Estate with light lunch and a glass of wine!  (some number limits apply)
If you need any help please feel free to contact our On To Conference Chair.
Also if you are considering going then  please let our On To Conference Chair know so we can hopefully organise accommodation for us all at the one location. 
Here is a link to the Conference Website that has a promotional video, a draft program and registration information.
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17th September Weekly Meeting

Our weekly meeting was fortunate enough to have John Waterhouse attend and share his knowledge of Toomuc Valley.  What a trip down memory lane for many it was and the newer folk to Pakenham a great history lesson on where and how the town has changed over time.  Johns knowledge extended on from Patricks history talks given earlier this year with a lot of local knowledge of where buildings/houses and even cars were used around Toomuc Valley into Pakenham. 
John spoke about local schools and how some of the buildings have been moved many times over the years and how consolidated primary came about but not before showing us pictures of a very young Ken Rook.
The history behind Toomuc Valley Orchard and discussing the cold rooms of getting the apples to European countries via train and boat led to some later discussions.  Knowledge on local David Bourke who establish the Pakenham Race Course or about the IYU Estate in Koo Wee Rup to a good old-fashioned wheelbarrow race in Toomuc.  Not forgetting the Aqueduct and how the pipes were originally for the naval base and not for housing.  To have written a children’s story book reflecting on the history of Toomuc is very inspiring. A tremendous talk on history that we can all appreciate and reflect on how times have changed.
Jokers Wild – I’m not sure how Josie didn’t have the winning ticket as she had tickets either side of the lucky number, but Peter VanDiemen held the lucky number. Although he too couldn’t find that elusive joker, so the kitty keeps building for another week.
Article provided by Stephanie Jamieson......
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On to Conference Nbr 2

So last week you were provided with the details below, and so this week what we are looking for is an indication of who is contemplating going to Conference and what sort of accommodation you would want to stay in, assuming that we would all like to stay either at the same place or at least places close together.
So if you are contemplating going to Conference then please let the President Elect know and also indicate which form of accommodation you would want to stay in.
Over the next few weeks we will circulate a sheet for people to indicate if they are going to Conference and what sort of accommodation you want.
In the meantime here are the details we have at the moment
Some early details of the District 9820 Conference to be held in Bendigo on the weekend of the 20th - 22nd of March 2020.
Reasons to come to conference:
  • Early bird special until the 1st December, 2019 of $295 per person (normally $345)
  • Price includes Jail House Rock Gala Saturday night dinner
  • Special pricing for new Rotarians and Rotaractors
  • Fantastic program of speakers, entertainers and fun
  • Meet old friends and make new ones
  • Learn more and interact with others
  • Optional events:  Fellowship Friday dinner, Leadership Breakfast Saturday morning for Presidents, President Elects, Leadership team members and partners, Friday Golf Day at Bendigo Golf Club with light lunch, Friday Winery coach tour finishing at Balgownie Estate with light lunch and a glass of wine!  (some number limits apply)
If you need any help please feel free to contact our On To Conference Chair.
Also if you are considering going then  please let our On To Conference Chair know so we can hopefully organise accommodation for us all at the one location. 
Here is a link to the Conference Website that has a promotional video, a draft program and registration information.
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On To Conference 3

So last week you were provided with the details below, and so this week what we are looking for is an indication of who is contemplating going to Conference and what sort of accommodation you would want to stay in, assuming that we would all like to stay either at the same place or at least places close together.
So if you are contemplating going to Conference then please let the President Elect know via an e-mail and also indicate which form of accommodation you would want to stay in.
Over the next few weeks we will circulate a sheet for people to indicate if they are going to Conference and what sort of accommodation you want.
In the meantime here are the details we have at the moment
Some early details of the District 9820 Conference to be held in Bendigo on the weekend of the 20th - 22nd of March 2020.
Reasons to come to conference:
  • Early bird special until the 1st December, 2019 of $295 per person (normally $345)
  • Price includes Jail House Rock Gala Saturday night dinner
  • Special pricing for new Rotarians and Rotaractors
  • Fantastic program of speakers, entertainers and fun
  • Meet old friends and make new ones
  • Learn more and interact with others
  • Optional events:  Fellowship Friday dinner, Leadership Breakfast Saturday morning for Presidents, President Elects, Leadership team members and partners, Friday Golf Day at Bendigo Golf Club with light lunch, Friday Winery coach tour finishing at Balgownie Estate with light lunch and a glass of wine!  (some number limits apply)
If you need any help please feel free to contact our On To Conference Chair.
Also if you are considering going then  please let our On To Conference Chair know so we can hopefully organise accommodation for us all at the one location. 
Here is a link to the Conference Website that has a promotional video, a draft program and registration information.
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Last Week's Meeting 10/9/19

Last week's meeting saw us have as our guest speaker the pocket rocket Sarah McDougal  who was visiting the Rotary Club for the third time and she gave us a talk about her studies and her recent trip to Indonesia.  Once again Sarah was extremely passionate about what she had done and gave us an insight to what she had experienced in Indonesia and where she thought her University studies might lead her.   Sorry but the editor was not provided with a write up of the talk so this is all the info we have for you.
Once again our Jokers Wild did not go off and the crowd were quite happy that Ken Rook could not find the Joker.
Check out this link for further pictures from the night.    photoalbums/10th-september-2019
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Koo Wee Rup Lang Lang Golf Day 2019-09-15 14:00:00Z 0

Club Service Last Week

So our Club Meeting last week was Club Service and so we heard from various members of the club on their relevant areas of operation.
We started with a report from our Secretary and then moved on to a report from our Treasurer both of whom provided information on the status of the health of our club and what we have coming up as well.
We heard from our Youth Avenues of Service Chair who told us about news on the Youth Exchange and RYLA Programs with in Rotary.  As our Community Service and International Chairs were not  in attendance we did not receive any report.
We then heard from various areas of the club such as the Deb Balls, Program and Membership.
And do not forget all reports need to be sent to the Secretary via e-mail for inclusion at the next Board Meeting.
We were then provided with a report on our International Project in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Riverside in India by our guest/friend in Yezdi Batliwala some of which is shown below.
Our President Elect then opened up the floor for some discussions around e-mail addresses for use within the club, and the fact that he intends to talk to each and every member of the club about what they want from Rotary, what they want from our Rotary Club, what our club can do better and what Avenues of Service they are interested in.
Our President Elect then explained to those in attendance how our club's membership breakdown shows that over 81% of our club is older than 60 and that over 63% have been in Rotary for more than 5 years with 41% being in for more than 20 years.  And that of the 14 members who have had 5 years or less two have had 5 years, which means that one third of our club is very new to Rotary.
There was also some talk about the App for mobile phones provided by Club Runner which all members should consider having on their mobile phones.
The meeting was then handed back to the Sergeant for our Fines session.   
But a good night was had by all.
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OK, so we are now looking for someone from within our membership to accept the challenge and be come an active and integral part of this wonderful club.
So what is the challenge you ask, well we are looking for someone to take on the role of looking after our Facebook Page and undertaking to learn how to be our SCRIBE Editor and take on the role in earnest early next year so that our current Editor can finalize his preparation to become the next president of our club. 
So if you are interested please make contact with our SCRIBE Editor, who is also our President Elect, to get further information and details of what it takes.
I can assure you that it is not overly difficult, especially if you are already computer literate, as the SCRIBE is produced from within Club Runner and is extremely easy to learn how to use it.
SO COME ON, there must be some one out there who is interested in becoming more involved with our Club.
WHO IS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE 2019-09-01 14:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker from OZ Skin Cancer Clinic

On Tuesday the 27th of August we were delighted to have as our guest speaker Dr. Qi Xu  or Archie as he is better known to give us a presentation on Skin Cancer and how it can be not only treated but prevented.
Archie's talk was very entertaining as well as highly informative and it might have helped that there were at least a couple of his patients amongst our membership that were present on the night.  In fact one such member tried to get his appointment for the next day done whilst Archie was at our Rotary meeting and when he failed to organise that he tried to ensure that they would provide him with a cup of coffee in the morning in the Rotary Club of Pakenham mug that we gave him in appreciation of his talk.  
There were lots of questions at the end of Archie's talk and we believe a few people were trying to get consultations done on the night, but it was a worthwhile talk and made us all more aware of the dangers of skin cancer.
Here are just some of the photos from the night,
More photos of the night can be seen by clicking on this link       photoalbums/27th-august-2019      
The night also had another draw for our Joker's Wild Jackpot and of course everyone was so disappointed that George was unable to find the Joker, or was the noise actually a whole bunch of people cheering??????
The night was finished off with one of our very lively Sergeant's Sessions and as usual there were fines flying all over the room and of course in the true spirit of Rotary we had numerous good deeds and fines from the floor as well.
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Last Tuesday Night we had the great pleasure in watching two of our very hard working members be honoured with Paul Harris awards.  The two members were Peter Rowlands who was awarded his first Paul Harris fellow for all of his tireless work that he has done whilst a member of our club and the second member was Terry Williams who was awarded a 2 Sapphire Paul Harris award for his continued efforts in supporting Rotary and all that the Club is involved with.
Those present on the night showed by their very loud applause just how worthy these two gentlemen were and how proud we are of them both.
WELL DONE PETER and TERRY..................
The club is very proud to have you both as members and you thoroughly deserve these awards......
See more photos from the night by clicking on this link     photoalbums/27th-august-2019
PAUL HARRIS FELLOWS 2019-09-01 14:00:00Z 0

Still Looking ......  Surely someone out there is interested

OK, so we are STILL  looking for someone from within our membership to accept the challenge and take on the challenge of looking after our Facebook Page and undertaking to learn how to be our SCRIBE Editor and take on the role in earnest early next year so that our current Editor can finalize his preparation to become the next president of our club. 
So if you are interested please make contact with our SCRIBE Editor, who is also our President Elect, to get further information and details of what it takes.
I can assure you that it is not overly difficult, especially if you are already computer literate, as the SCRIBE is produced from within Club Runner and is extremely easy to learn how to use it.
SO COME ON, surely there must be some one out there who is interested in becoming more involved with our Club.
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OK, so we are now looking for someone from within our membership to accept the challenge and be come an active and integral part of this wonderful club.
So what is the challenge you ask, well we are looking for someone to take on the role of looking after our Facebook Page and undertaking to learn how to be our SCRIBE Editor and take on the role in earnest early next year so that our current Editor can finalize his preparation to become the next president of our club. 
So if you are interested please make contact with our SCRIBE Editor, who is also our President Elect, to get further information and details of what it takes.
I can assure you that it is not overly difficult, especially if you are already computer literate, as the SCRIBE is produced from within Club Runner and is extremely easy to learn how to use it.
SO COME ON, there must be some one out there who is interested in becoming more involved with our Club.
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Rotary INFORMATION Night  15th Oct

OK so it is your last chance to put forward some suggestions or questions to Ken Rook re what sorts of things you would like covered at our Rotary Information Night to be held in October.......
We are planning a Rotary Information Night for
Tuesday 15th October 2019.
The aim is to discuss Rotary topics of interest to all members.
If you have a topic that you would like discussed, explained or clarified please email a request to me by Monday 7th October.
Also, let me know if you would like to talk about a particular topic.
We will endeavour to make this as interesting and informative as possible and hopefully have time for some questions from the floor.
Program Chair / Rotary Information Chair
Ken Rook
Rotary INFORMATION Night 15th Oct 2019-08-25 14:00:00Z 0

SAVE THE DATE Magical Getaway Foundation BBQ Duty

So we as a Club have committed to run the BBQs on this day for the Magical Getaway Foundation so you need to keep this date free.  It was originally thought that it was going to be held on Saturday the 26th but it is now schedule for SUNDAY the 20th of October.......

Join us for our annual fundraising event of the year!

Save the Date!
TIME: 10am - 3pm
WHEN: Sunday 20 October 2019 
WHERE: Pirate Park, Keysborough
COST: Free Entry (activities $2 each)

An event for the whole family!

We would love for you to join us on Sunday 20 October for a fun filled day with live entertainment, animal farms, jumping castles, prizes, delicious food and MUCH more! 

You will have the opportunity to meet our amazing Ambassadors, Kat Stewart & Steven Bradbury, as they judge our Postcard Competition, where the two winners will receive a 7 day fully funded Family Holiday to Inverloch or Phillip Island!

Put it in the calendar and start talking about the day with your family and friends! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 20 October!
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So last week we had the PB RONALD Dinner and the following is the report submitted re night by our own Stephanie Jamieson
This week’s club meeting was replaced to host the P.B. Ronald memorial trust dinner at the Pakenham Racing Club.  A warm welcome was given by George who reminded everyone of turning their phones off but thankfully Sergeant Fish was on the ball and knew who would have their phones on and gave Mr Young, a call to see if he understood the request.  Mr Bill Ronald informed the room of the trusts history and importance of its continuance for the Agricultural and Horticultural Industry of the area and Australia.  Some notable facts were that China is leading the way in buying Australian land to support its culture with food for the future, Australian’s Primary Industry provides enough to feed 61 million people around the world each year and 93% of fresh produce is supplied by Australia.  Primary Industries are being undervalued though the education system and this year the committee were pressed to find recipients for the award.
 Luckily two young ladies submitted applications and were successful in both receiving much need assistance for future studies.  The first awardee was Courtney Dickson who is in her last year of Vet Science at James Cook University in Townsville and will return to the Pakenham district and her family on completion of her studies. The second awardee was Isabella Ronald who explained how far the Primary Industries have come regarding technology as she is completing a Computer Technology degree and explained how technology is changing the ways out in the field.  Both recipients will no doubt benefit from the award both financially and academically for their resumes.
Rotary Club of Pakenham, Cardinia Shire Council, Pakenham Show Society and Pakenham Racing clubs have all donated a cheque for future recipients and some extra cash was raised on the night with a raffle of lots of baskets of fresh produce (either fruit/veg baskets or wines) with some plants and a painting all raffled off.  Rotary members did well with Jennifer, Loris Begg, George, Louise Jackel, Goran and Geof Young, all heading home with some extra goodies to sample.  A special thank-you to Tim Ahern for being the MC of the evening which created a wonderful night by all who attended, and we look forward to next year’s event already.
More pictures can be seen by clicking here photoalbums/pb-ronald-dinner-2019
The P B RONALD DINNER 2019-08-25 14:00:00Z 0

Bunnings BBQ

So last Wednesday we got a call from Bunnings in Pakenham asking were we able to handle a BBQ cancellation for Saturday the 17th and we jumped at the opportunity.
I would like to personally thank the following for jumping in on short notice and helping out on Saturday it was truly appreciated.
Morning crew of George Blenkhorn, Sam Biondo, Terry Williams, Wal Macdonald, Lyn Bunce, Noel Bunce and Stephanie Jamieson and the Afternoon crew which consisted of Grant Austen, Linda Austen, Peter Rowlands, John Antonie, Jennifer North, Ian Wake and Beth.
So to all of you that helped a really HUGE THANK YOU.
Our efforts on the day meant we had a profit of over $1,200 which will always come in handy.
I am sure we will get more opportunities to do more cancellation at Bunnings and I do hope we will always be able to get a team together to do it.
Bunnings BBQ 2019-08-18 14:00:00Z 0

Last Weeks Meeting 13th August 2019

So last week we inducted another new member to the club and this time it was Anne Taylor who was nominated by Tim Mepstead.  After a number of visits as a guest we finally had the pleasure of welcoming Anne as the newest member of our club.  I am certain she will be a great asset to the club and a worthwhile Rotarian.
We then proceeded to have our Joker's Wild draw for the night and once again the crowd were pleased that Louise Carter was unable to find the Joker especially as this was not her first attempt at this and her mate Louise Jackel has also recently tried to find the joker.  Bad luck girls and the jackpot continues to grow.
We were then delighted to receive a talk by Rotarian Bill Clapp of the Bunyip / Garfield Rotary Club on the subject of Air Traffic Control.
The report provided goes like this.
Our Speaker tonite was Bunyip/Garfield Rotarian Bill Clapp, speaking about his working life as an Air Traffic Controller.
Bill started work at Moorabbin in 1973 after starting his training in 1968 and in 1979 Management decided that a happy employee was best and therefore Bill worked at Moorabbin as an Air Traffic Controller for 40 years.
He retired 18 months ago.
Aviation matters are generally standard air space classification
A                     Highest level above 20000 feet
C                      Control Towers
D                     This level meant you worked at Moorabbin, Albury, Launceston or Tamworth
E                      The controller can work up to 6000 feet
Moorabbin was a training airport for the past 20 years from basic to Airline Standards and catered for a lot of nationalities. E.g Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabs and takes around 18 months of training.  The pilots spend hours and hours doing take off s and landing and there could be at least 1000 movements per day.
Tullamarine is now the training airport.
Tim Ahern gave the vote of thanks to Bill and was warmly received by all Rotarians.
Lyn Bunce
The night then finished off with our standard Sergeant's Session ably run by Sgt Fish.
Last Weeks Meeting 13th August 2019 2019-08-18 14:00:00Z 0
An Inspiring Story From Interplast 2019-08-10 14:00:00Z 0
Snippet From Terry Williams  2019-08-10 14:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Club Service

So last Tuesday night we had our first Club Service night for the new Rotary Year and as such we received reports from Ian Wake our Community Service Chair, Alan Chalmers our Treasurer,  Ken Rook our man in charge of Public Relations amongst other things, Tim Ahern updated us about the P.B.Ronald Trust night and Geoff Janssen brought us up to date about the Deb Balls.  We also heard from Lyn Bunce re ordering our new Winter Hoodies in the club colour of Fuschia.   Tim Mepstead also informed the group that he was no longer available to do the Grade 6 Awards and did a really good sales job on Anne Taylor who is to be inducted next week and she is going to take over the Grade 6 Awards from Tim.  All members present were each provided with 20 New Rotary Club of Pakenham Business Cards for them to use when trying to introduce new people to Rotary.
Our President Elect also had John Antonie run the Jokers Wild but to everyones enjoyment, Oh I mean disappointment Sam did not find the Joker.
The President Elect then opened up the floor for discussions around tow questions, they being:
                        What do the Club Members want to get from their Club Service Nights?
and                 What do the members want from their President Elect for the next 12 months?
And there was some really good discussions.
Finally we finished with a good Sergeant's Session with Sgt Fish......  Oh and what was that on Peter Rowlands head??
Last Week's Club Service 2019-08-10 14:00:00Z 0


Please see the letter below which is their thank you letter we received from Millhaven Lodge after our recent donation to them.
THANK YOU from MILLHAVEN LODGE 2019-08-10 14:00:00Z 0


P.B.Ronald Trust:
So Tuesday the 20th of August there is no club meeting as it is the annual P.B.Ronald Trust Dinner and as such there will be no normal Rotary Meeting  instead we encourage as many members as possible to head out to the Race Course for a great night.
Following the sudden death of Peter Bruce Ronald in July 1989 our club instigated the formation of the Trust which received great support from the Pakenham Racing Club, Pakenham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, the then Shire of Pakenham (now Cardinia) and the public.  The Trust was established with in excess of $40,000.
Scholarships are presented each year to students from within the Shire of Cardinia to further their studies in agriculture, horticulture or local government.  Three areas in which Peter was enthusiastically involved.
Peter had a sheep farm on the site of the Heritage Springs Estate on McGregor Road.  He was an outstanding citizen of the shire, having been a councillor for 23 years, serving two terms as Shire President.  He served on the committee of the Pakenham Racing Club for 45 years and the Pakenham A & H Society for 50 years, serving as President of both.  He also served many years on the committee of the Royal Agricultural Society, being President in 1973.  He was actively involved in several other organisations within the shire.
In 1979 Peter was honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and appointed a Companion of the order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) for his exceptional community service.
The first P.B Ronald Trust Dinner was held on Tuesday 26th October 1991 to raise fund for the Trust.   Since then Scholarships have been presented to students in their chosen fields of study.  The dinners are official meetings of the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
Ken Rook
Rotary Information Chair.  
PB RONALD TRUST 2019-08-04 14:00:00Z 0

Last Week 30th July

OK, so last week instead of having a social night we had a normal Club Meeting and we were graced by one of our MUNA representatives coming along to tell us all about her experience with MUNA.
For those of you who missed it, WOW it was a really good night and we were treated to a very enlightening and entertaining talk by one of our young MUNA representatives.
Here are just some of the photos from the night and you can see more by clicking on the link at the end of the article.
And there are just a few of the photos so if you want to see more then please click here photoalbums/30th-july-2019     
We also had another draw of the Jokers Wild and everyone was so disappointed to see that Jennifer did not find the Joker, or were they????/
And of course to really surprise us all the night started with these two fine gentlemen putting on a fashion show.....
I do not think we can say much about this..............  At least they were in our uniforms colours..................
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Louise Carter Rotarian Behind the Badge

Rotary Talk


What is a Technical Writer?

Before I became a TW, I worked in E.D.P. which was the forerunner of I.T. I held several positions: computer operator, programmer, systems analyst & business analyst.

I started as a TW when I was working for NAB, writing documents for various systems that the bank used.

I also worked for Mayne Pharma (now Hospira) in the Research &Development section. I wrote SOPs & OIs describing the equipment used by the scientists to develop new drugs, esp. anti-cancer drugs. I worked closely with the scientist in the laboratory, observing how the equipment was used, noting any messages that were displayed & how the scientist fixed those messages, and cleaning procedures.

I also have written manuals for users of software packages, FAQs, policies & procedures, forms and lists.

My Background

Carter is my married name – my maiden name is Bortnoski.

Depending on where the boundaries were at the time, this is either Polish or Russian name.

I am also Jewish.

My paternal grandmother was born in Odessa on the Black Sea. She and her family fled Russia in about 1905 to escape the pogroms against the Jews. The family landed in Cyprus before coming to Australia.


The Bortnoski’s owned a dairy farm in Cranbourne behind where the golf club is on the South Gippsland highway. They also owned a dairy in Carlton behind the Carlton football ground. The milk from the farm was shipped from Cranbourne to Carlton.

My grandfather served in WW1 in the Australian Army.

My father was a sheet metal worker who started his apprenticeship in 1939 at the Government Aircraft Factory at Fishermens Bend.


My other grandparents were living in the East End of London.

Around 1939, Lord Haw-Haw who was a Nazi follower, started broadcasting hate speeches against the Jews.

My maternal grandfather decided that London was not a safe place for Jews and decided to emigrate to Australia. They arrived in Perth in September 1939 as war was declared. A German submarine was in Perth at the time but slipped its moorings as the ship my family was on sailed into Perth.

My maternal family name was Abromowitz which my grandfather thought would be too difficult for Australians to cope with. The first sign that he saw when they sailed into Perth was Phillips which the family changed their name to.

My grandfather was a carpenter by trade. He had also served in the British Army in WW1.


I am the eldest of 3 children.

When I was younger, I played hockey , mainly as a goalie and cricket as a spin bowler. I was Secretary of both sporting clubs.

I am currently a non-operational member of the Clyde CFA Brigade and I have just earned my 10-year service award, which will be presented in September at our annual dinner. I was Secretary of the Brigade for 2 years and also wrote grant submissions for the Brigade.

Any questions?

Louise Carter Rotarian Behind the Badge 2019-07-28 14:00:00Z 0

Last Week at Rotary

So last week we were privileged to be given a Rotarian Behind the Badge talk by our own Louise Carter and it was an interesting evening indeed.  The detail of Louise's talk can be found in a subsequent article and the vote of thanks was given by Stephanie.
We once again had a Jokers Wild draw and our new President Elect failed to find the Joker.
Of course we closed the evening off we a fine session by Sergeant Fish and the money just kept on rolling in.
Last Week at Rotary 2019-07-28 14:00:00Z 0

Last Week

SO last week was the first meeting for the new Rotarian year and to start the night we had a short presentation from our friends
in the Sudanese community seeking assistance.
We then had our President talk about his vision for the year and we were also blessed to hear from our own AG Geoff Young.
We also had another draw for Jokers Wild and this time it was Louise Jackel who could not find the Joker and so the money continues to jackpot.
We then finished the evening off with our first Sergeant's session under our new Sgt Fish or Stephen Fisher for those
more formal and it closed of an interesting evening.
Last Week 2019-07-22 14:00:00Z 0

Tonimbuk Fund Raising

So the Editor received this e-mail and information and so we share it with you.
Please could you include the attached flyer and information, if possible, in the next couple of Scribes……..
I am writing to let you know about a local fundraising concert to assist people affected by the recent bushfires in the Tonimbuk area.
Some musical, generous and caring people have banded together to organise a concert at Gumbuya World on Saturday 3rd August 1.00pm – 4.00pm with all proceeds to go to the Tonimbuk people affected by the fires.
Please read the Concert Flyer and further information. The cost is $10.00 per person or $20.00 for a family of 4. You do not have to pay any extra fee to enter Gumbuya World who are donating the cost of the venue for the event.
To book tickets   or pay on the day😊
I have been singing with the Maryknoll Fire Choir for 2 years (something that has put me way out of my comfort zone when it comes to concerts) and I hope this event will be a huge fundraising success.
Please do contact me if you have queries.
Thank you for your time and patience to read my email.
Yours IN Friendship
Cheers Helen

Supporting the Recovery 


It’s just over three months since fires raced through the Bunyip State Park, and impacted on our neighbouring communities to the north east. Twenty-nine homes were destroyed, along with numerous sheds, over 500 km of fencing and many more properties.  People lost their homes, their livelihood, tools, hay and much more. With winter now set in, there is still a long way to go along that journey of recovery for all those people impacted. 


Those of us spared from this disaster, are grateful as always for the courageous and selfless work of our local CFA brigades, and brigades that travelled some distances to fight the flames. We also appreciate the efforts of the Forest Fire Management Teams.  


An opportunity is being provided for people to contribute financially to those who have suffered from the fires, by attending an upcoming extraordinary afternoon of music. 

Further donations can be given through the trybooking site

Upcoming Extraordinary Afternoon Event  

Saturday, 3 August 2019 

Featuring: The Dusty Millers, The Swamp Dogs, & The Maryknoll Fire Choir 


The Dusty Millers is a unique collaboration of three intimately connected and highly respected voices: 

Lisa Miller-9-time Aria nominated renowned singer-songwriter 

Tracey Miller-soul jazz queen, Director Maryknoll Fire Choir 4 years and  

Loretta Miller– Lead singer, Jazz Party;4 world tours with "Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes". 


Each of these women are established artists in their own right. Their distinctive voices blend to create a rare and very moving sound with their perfect three part harmonies, and giving classic songs a beautiful twist, and breathing new life to some of Lisa and Tracey's original songs. 

They will be joined on stage by one of Melbourne’s finest guitarists, Sam Lemann. 


More Info and videos here: 


This concert has come about because of Tracey’s association with the people of Maryknoll through the Choir, At the time of the fires, she offered The Dusty Millers to perform free of charge at a benefit for those effected. 


The Swamp Dogs: a Gippsland band featuring an eclectic set of music and infuse their own flavour from rollicking foot-tappers to beautiful ballads.


Band Members: Greg Mackinnon - Rythym guitar; Chris Page - Lead guitar/lap steel/harmonies; Kingsley Price - Keys/Fiddle; Andy Clementson – Bass; Peter Koryn – Drums; Bones Mackinnon -Vox 





The Maryknoll Fire Choir: established in 2012 initially under the guidance of Tracey Miller, and now being directed by Clancye Milne 


All funds raised will go to supporting those who have been impacted by the recent Bunyip State Park fires, with the assistance of the Community Bushfire Recovery Centre, Tonimbuk.

For further information: Bones Mackinnon 0418 429 025



and their flyer looks like this so click here to see it......


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Tree Planting in Rotary Park

So on Thursday, Friday and Saturday some of our members and some volunteers undertook tree planting in Rotary Park.  A HUGE WELL DONE to those who assisted which included Geoff Young, Sam Biondi, George and Sue Blenkhorn, Ian Wake and Beth, Peter Rowlands, Peter van Diemen, Henry van Diemen, Alan Chalmers and Stephanie Jamieson with some children from Lakeside College which included Stephanie's children and friends as well some families from the Lakeside Scout Group.
For more pictures click on the link here :   photoalbums/tree-planting-july-2019
Tree Planting in Rotary Park 2019-07-14 14:00:00Z 0

Change Over

So last Tuesday night we had our Change Over Dinner and we said goodbye to the outgoing Board and welcomed in the new Board, we had the pleasure of having or brand new District Governor give us a talk as well as extend President Goran for another year.
There is no actual written report for the night but we did have some Paul Harris Fellow awards given out and they went to Ian Wake and Marica Rook, both of whom deserved their awards for the great work in the community.
Photos of the award presentations and the other events of the night can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom.
Click to see more pictures :   photoalbums/change-over-july-2019 
Change Over 2019-07-14 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Monthly Community Dance

So on Saturday night the 6th of July the Rotary Club of Pakenham once again conducted the monthly community dance but this month was the BALL and so it was a really nice occasion with a vast majority of the attendees on the night getting into the swing of it all and be really dressed up.
A good night was had by all that attend and the two bands provided great music to dance to.
There was several prizes on the night including best dressed lady, best dressed man and best dressed couple which were selected by our out going Secretary and his wife, or was it mainly his wife.
Here are some pictures but you can see more by clicking on the link at the bottom of this story.
So these were the Best dressed Lady and then the Best dressed Man and the of course there was the Best Dressed Couple
Here is one of the bands and some of the dance floor action.
See more pictures by clicking on this link :     photoalbums/july-2nd-and-6th-2019
Rotary Monthly Community Dance 2019-07-07 14:00:00Z 0


This coming weekend we have 1000 trees to plant on the Toomuc Reserve.
On Thursday we will be moving mulch to make space for the trees and punching holes in the spaces. On Friday and Saturday we will finish making the holes and plant the trees. We will also be putting the weed mats around the trees and staking the tree guards.
We have the planting hole makers and plenty of hammers to put the stakes in but will need a few more garden forks to move the mulch so if you have them please bring  them along.
Last year with the same time table we planted 1500 trees and finished about 2pm on the Saturday so hopefully we will finish earlier this year. We will be starting at 9am each day and will have hot and cold drinks available.
The more helpers we have the easier it will be for all those doing the planting. 
TREE PLANTING --- Can You HELP 2019-07-07 14:00:00Z 0

The Week that WAS

So at last weeks meeting we had a very eventful night which was a very full and enjoyable evening.
We started the night by handing over some cheques to worthy recipients that had been granted funding from our end of year financial distribution as determined by our Board some of which came as a result of suggestions from our members
The first recipient was Paddy's Kitchen which is connected to St Patrick's School in Pakenham and feeds the homeless and needy. 
We then moved on and presented a cheque to the Pakenham Dance Studio in support of their Special Needs Disco.
We then moved on to present a cheque for a special project to produce Calico Bags, for a DIK Project, which are filled with school supplies.
This was followed by a presentation of a cheque to the Magical Getaway Foundation who provide Holidays for disadvantaged children who have never had a holiday.
After dinner we were then provided with a talk from the three young ladies that we sponsored to attend the recent RYPEN camp and they told us about their experiences at the camp and what it meant to them.  it was a very interesting talk by the girls and all that attended were pleased that the girls had gained so much.
The evening was then finished off by the presenting of a cheque to the CEO of Millhaven Lodge with the funds to be used on the purchasing of special weighted blankest to assist with the care for residents with Dementia.
All in all a really good night was had by all and it was rounded out with another brilliant Sergeant's session by Graeme Begg that had everyone in fits of laughter and definitely increased the amount of money available to be distributed to a worthwhile cause recommended by our out going Sergeant .
More photos from the night can be viewed by clicking on this link  :     photoalbums/july-2nd-and-6th-2019
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What Shined On Last Week

OK, so last week we had a special meeting where we witnessed the presentation of a Shine On Recognition award and were also entertained with some African drum music.
For those who were present it was a really good night and everyone was impressed with the Shine On recipient and the people involved.  The Shine On Award was presented on the night by Past District Governor  Charlie Speirs.
It was a little off putting when our Shine On Award recipient responded to our Secretary ( and SCRIBE editor ) when he said He was the STAR, by saying yeah but She was a SUPER STAR.  Not much more was heard from our Secretary after that.
But the Shine On Award recipient fully deserved her award and was an absolute delight on the evening.
I am certain that we all wish to congratulate Claire on her achievements. 
See more photos by clicking on the link    photoalbums/25th-june-2019   
There was no Joker's Wild this week so the jackpot is still waiting to be claimed and Sam once again did a great job filling in for Sergeant Graeme. So next Tuesday is the last meeting prior to our Change Over Dinner so come along and enjoy the fellowship with your fellow Rotarians and see out the Rotary Year with a bit of fun and fellowship.
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What is the story Behind this Shine On Award

The Shine on Awards: “Recognising exceptional community service by a person with Special Needs
Rotary’s Shine on Awards recognize those with who have special needs/ disability, who challenge themselves and provide service to the community for the benefit of others.
This is an annual Australia-wide Rotary award recognising exceptional service to others by people with special needs/ disabilities.
 Eligible Nominees are people who are actively involved in community service and have demonstrated a significant level of achievement whilst managing a specific medical disorder/disability.
The Shine on Awards acknowledge individuals in recognition of their commitment to helping others who are aligning themselves to Rotary’s values and who by their actions in the Rotary spirit of "Service Above Self", serve as "shining examples" to the community by providing a significant and positive contribution to the community.
This year the awardee nominee is Claire Wilson.
Helping in the community has been an active part of Claire life, Claire takes real pride in her work and is a very dedicated to getting the job done. Within 4Cs she is known as the “eggspert” where Claire sorts eggs and repackages them.
Claire has a warm and compassionate heart for people and can carry herself quite confidently in the community.
She has not let multiple disabilities dissuade her from her creative pursuits and has developed many strengths and achievements in adult life and has grown in independence, to be the best “Claire” that she can be.
This is why Claire has achieved and improved herself and touched many others in her life especially through volunteering in the community.
Claire has volunteered at 4Cs Crisis Centre in Pakenham for over 5 years, Claire has also volunteered at the Kooweerup hospital kitchen.
Claire enjoys many creative pursuits and is an active ballroom dancer, where she has completed her Bronze Bar. She has sung in the “All Together” choir with Jonathan Welch’s combined choirs “School of Hard Knocks”
Claire has designed and has her own sewing label “SewWot” and with her creative mentor Maree they design and sew baby items for sale and for pleasure.
Claire has also had the opportunity to design a unique set of designer Tea Towels for drought relief in co-operation with Claire Templeton from Square Mile Meats. Claire has personally raised more $2,000.00 in funds in selling these specially design tea towels for the drought relief program.
What is the story Behind this Shine On Award 2019-06-29 14:00:00Z 0

Bunnings BBQ on June 10th

So we were back doing a Bunnings BBQ on the Queen's Birthday Holiday and made over $1,100 dollars on a day when the weather was not very kind to us and it was wet and cold but hey we have another one on the 7th of July so lets make sure we have a good day that day.
Bunnings BBQ on June 10th 2019-06-23 14:00:00Z 0

What a Week We Had

OK so last weeks meeting was a good one and here are some of the highlights:
Firstly we had the induction of a new member to our club with the transfer of Jennifer North from the Rotary Club of Batemans Bay, I am sure it is their loss and our gain.  Jennifer was accompanied by her two sons and some special guests who were pleased to see her inducted into the Rotary Club of Pakenham.  Here are a few photos but you can see more buy clicking on the link here:   photoalbums/18th-june-2019
So then we were privileged to have John Legione from the Rotary Club of Bunyip / Garfield who gave a really interesting talk on the Say No To Bullying that they run.  It was a very informative talk and you can see more pictures by clicking on the link :   photoalbums/18th-june-2019   
We also had Jokers Wild again and some how it went totally wrong when Louise Carter had her ticket drawn out  meaning that both Louise's have had their ticket drawn in the past month and Josie had her's drawn out in the week between them, these women are taking over everything.
We finished the evening with Roger Thornton giving his farewell talk about Timor Leste before he heads off to join the Rotary Club of Berwick.  
What a Week We Had 2019-06-23 14:00:00Z 0

Rauli Report

The following information was provided by Roger Thornton
From: Kris Webb
Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 7:58 AM
To: Ricardo Krauskopf ; David Dippie ; Roger Thornton 
Subject: Railuli
Hi everyone,
Here are some photos from Agostinho’s meeting last week with representatives from Ai-Asa and Faluwai Schools. Also photos of Railuli from that visit - I’m told that it will all be ready by the opening date of Tuesday July 23.
The Maliana Ministry of Education asked if we were happy with the Railuli school being painted the same colours as Belola - they said they’d like to use the same colours for all schools produced by our partnership. Seems like a good idea to me.
Check out the pics below and see more in the photo album by clicking on this link :   photoalbums/18th-june-2019
Rauli Report 2019-06-23 14:00:00Z 0

The Week That Was

OK, so once again we do not have any detailed reports with regard to this week's meeting but we can tell you that we had Sandra Allars, one of our own, give a Rotarian Behind the Badge Talk.
There was no Jokers Wild and the meeting was very very short.  But we did here that our Bunnings BBQ had made us about $1100 which was very good consider the weather we had on Monday.
Our Past President Greg who ran the meeting in the absence of our President asked Sandra to provide a brief summary of her Rotarian Behind the Badge talk and we were provided with the following:
Taking Care Mobile Massage (TCMM) proudly provides quality and professional massages to clients right across the great city of Melbourne. Founded by Sandra Allars, who has been a massage therapist since 2000, the service began in the suburb of Berwick but has since expanded to cover all of metropolitan Melbourne with a team of twenty five dedicated therapists.
All of our qualified team members are specifically trained and love what they do. TCMM takes the time to care and bring respect, connection and wellbeing to hundreds of clients from all walks of life. With over fifteen years’ experience, we are proud to be making a tangible difference in their lives through professional and tailored treatments.
The majority of our work is in the aged care sector. We have a large number of clients who benefit from regular treatments as part of their Home Care Packages (HCPs) organised through their service providers. TCMM has grown an enviable reputation through word of mouth as a result of many long-standing clients and partners. We are proud to be a trusted service provider to over thirty partners including Australian Unity, Benetas & Mercy Health.
We see the benefits of massage in our clients’ lives on a daily basis and we want to help more people experience this as we take mobile massage to the less mobile and isolated around our city. 
The Week That Was 2019-06-13 14:00:00Z 0

Board Meeting On Monday Night

To All Our Members,
Do not forget that we have a Board Meeting on Monday the 17th of June and as per a previous request from George Blenkhorn which is repeated in part below if you have any thoughts please let us know before 2 pm on Monday. 
The Club has an amount of unallocated funds in the Project Account and we normally disburse these funds at the end of each Rotary year.
Please have a think about this and if you have any thoughts or suggestions on where to disburse some funds then please let the Board know before Monday. All suggestions will be considered by the Board at their June meeting.
Board Meeting On Monday Night 2019-06-13 14:00:00Z 0


Rotary has been offered six Debutante dresses NO charge to loan to any new Debs , to endeavour to have more Debs on either Friday or Saturday nights.
Any possible extra Debs please stop in at Dance studio, we shall be there half hour before practice starts 4pm this Sunday, if you would like to discuss and view the dresses.
Friday 23rd August Ball training times are from 4.30 – 6.00 pm commencing Sunday June 16th
Saturday 24th August Ball training times are from 6.30 – 8.00 pm commencing Sunday June 16th  
Dance Studio 2/907 Princes Hwy Pakenham
Thank you
Geoff Janssen 0428863453    Committee chairperson
DEB BALL OFFER 2019-06-10 14:00:00Z 0

Youth Update

So we have had some feedback on some of our youth programs and are here some samples of the feedback.
Hi Josie, 
The students at St. Patricks are well on their way with their rotary community award. Students have been helping at Paddy's kitchen, volunteering in animal shelters, learning to knit and attending the community dawn service. 
I have been checking in with a few of the students and their parents, and they have been really enjoying the program and becoming more involved in their local community.
Kind regards, 
Lauren Rietschel
Classroom Teacher
St Patricks Pakenham
And some more feedback is below
Youth Update 2019-06-10 14:00:00Z 0

What Happened Last Week

OK, so last week was anothe Club Service night but unfortunately we do not have a report about the night.
But what we can tell you is that our Membership continues to grow with Stephanie Jamieson being the latest inductee into our club.  Stephanie was inducted into the club in front of her Daughter and her Brother, who is also a Rotarian and president of his club.
So welcome to Stephanie and I am sure you will all make her feel very welcome.
We also had another run with the Jokers Wild and again this weeks lucky person was unable to find the Joker.
What Happened Last Week 2019-06-10 14:00:00Z 0


OK, so apparently there was a write up about the PB Ronald Trust in the local paper and so for those of you who missed it here is the article below and a big thanks to Greg Peck for submitting the article.
P B RONALD 2019-06-02 14:00:00Z 0

Monthly Community Dance

Well once again our Wakey has run the monthly community dance and it was reported that about 110 people rocked up for the night of fun and dancing and a profit of over $1,000 was made.  Ian would like to pass on his thanks to all of his helpers.
Monthly Community Dance 2019-06-02 14:00:00Z 0

Tonimbuk Activity

OK, so some Rotarians have been working up at Tonimbuk again and once again we are told that Wakey was working but we have no visual proof of that fact.
Tonimbuk Activity  2019-06-02 14:00:00Z 0

Last Week "Looking Back"

So at last week's meeting we were privileged to have a talk given by one of our own in Tim Ahern and he talked about the History of Pakenham as he knew it and how it related to the Ahern family.   Below is Tim at the lectern ensuring he got his story straight.
Once again we had the Joker's Wild and this time one of our newer members was the lucky one but Louise could not find the Joker even when encouraged to use her womanly ways to sneak a peek under the deck.
And as Louise did not find the joker perhaps next week we can find out how much the jackpot actually is.
Last Week "Looking Back" 2019-06-02 14:00:00Z 0

Rotarians Away

Apparently a bunch of Rotarians were away for a few days or was it longer, do not know but maybe it was not long enough.....
We will not reveal who supplied the photo but it is up to our high standards and one must ask
Which one is the Parrot ?????????
No prizes for guessing which one it is.....
Rotarians Away 2019-05-26 14:00:00Z 0

Was there a Election Recently

OK, so there was we believe an election recently and this may well mean that the long awaited toilet for Rotary Park may be funded but we still need to confirm the design and some one suggested that this is the most appropriate design.
So which part of this design do you think works best ??????
Was there a Election Recently 2019-05-26 14:00:00Z 0

Last Weeks Talk re Playground Relocation to Overseas Countries

So last week we had the great pleasure of having a talk from Peter Cribb 
Some of the info he provided can be seen below:
Peter had his wife with him on the night.
And of course our lovely Lyn Bunce gave the Thanks from the whole club.
We also had Jokers wild and once again it jackpotted.......
Last Weeks Talk re Playground Relocation to Overseas Countries 2019-05-26 14:00:00Z 0

Millhaven to DIK

Posted by Greg Peck
At a meeting some time ago I put my hand up to pick some items from Millhaven 
Mystery Item Tell Me what it does and I'll buy you a drink.
Items in at Millhaven ready to be picked up.
Millhaven to DIK Greg Peck 2019-05-23 14:00:00Z 0


So we have also been provided with a photo of our MUNA representatives but have not been given any details so we do not know if it has happened yet...
And NO, we did only have two representatives, so we are not sure who the third person is or how young they are........
MUNA 2019-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

What Happened Last Week

OK, so last week we had David Martin give us a talk on the Rotarian Behind the Badge as can be seen below but we were not provided with any details of the talk.
Our part of the Car Show Committee handed over a check for $1200 as the club's share of this years donation.  The Car Show made a profit of just over $1500 this year but the committee felt that they had enough money in the bank to be able to handover $1200 to each club.
And of course the Joker was not selected and so jackpot again, but no photo of that thank goodness.
But we did get a few photos of people who perhaps should be fined, by the Sergeant.
And then of course there was John who tried to make us all look common.... so perhaps he can be fined as well.
What Happened Last Week 2019-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Golf Day

So our Rotary Golf Day which was suppose to be held on Friday the 10th of May was postponed due to the weather that was forecast and it was suppose to be worse than my Golf and that is pretty bad.
So the new date for our Golf day is Friday 31st of May with Registration from 10:00 am and Hit Off at 11:00 am
Rotary Golf Day 2019-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Pakenham Art Show

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have been provided with the invite to the Pakenham Art Show by George Blenkhorn, so check out the details as you may want to attend.
The Art Show Pakenham runs for three days being 24,25,26 May 2019 and is held in the Pakenham Hall.
Pakenham Art Show 2019-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Junior Community Award Diaries

So over the last few weeks and most recently this week Josie Wilson has been out and about with the Rotary Junior Community Award Diaries and has been to St Patrick's as well as Pakenham Springs and John Henry Primary school getting the kids involved in the program and handing out their diaries. 
Well done Josie and here are some photos of her with the various groups of kids.
Rotary Junior Community Award Diaries 2019-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Club Service Last Week

Well there has been no report provided in regard to our Club Service meeting that occurred on Tuesday but we can rest assured it was not as much fun as the wedding.
But thanks to Ken Rook we do have some photos.
So first of all Peter van Diemen did not find the Joker so the pool jackpots.
Then of course Wal was away so some how Terry was left to count the Money, do not know if that is wise....
And then of course there was the ever popular Sergeant Sam who continues to take our money and of course there was our President.
But do we know what actually went on that night..........
Club Service Last Week 2019-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

The Going Away Outfit

Alright, stop complaining here is the going away outfit.....  
Front                                                                                                             and                                                       Back
Make sure you do check out all the photos here   photoalbums/may-2019-the-wedding       
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OK, so on Partner's Night someone, Graeme Begg, had the idea we would have a Rotary Wedding so here are some Pics of the night but you can see them all by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article....
There was even entertainment on the night, but they did need help.
And then of course there was the going away outfit that had everyone a little concerned.
Oh sorry you will have to check the next story for that............................
Oh and here is the link to all the photos     photoalbums/may-2019-the-wedding      have fun looking at all the photos ....
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So, on Saturday the 4th of May we supported the inaugural local WALK for MND at the amphitheatre behind the cultural centre buy cooking sausages for the Family Day.
We also how our donation box there and managed to collect over $315 for the Walk Against MND
Check out the PICS...
We will be asked to do it again next year as well.
Thanks to all those that came along and helped out on the day.
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SO last Tuesday we had a Partner's Night organised by Graeme Begg, but you will have to read more of the SCRIBE to find out what actually happened.
So keep on reading.......
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Rotary in the Park

OK, so on Saturday morning at a time, that I did not know existed, being 7:30am a few Rotarians in Fuchsia turned up at Rotary Park to here Jason Wood make a pledge of $180,000 for a toilet in Rotary Park subject to his re-election and a win for the Coalition in the up coming election.
And he made this announcement just before the start of the weekly Park Run that is conducted in Rotary Park every Saturday morning.
You will see in the next photo just how enthusiastic the Rotarians are about running.
Yes, that is right they are all standing around watching, not running.
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2019 Car Show

OK, so on Sunday we woke to find that the skies had opened up and we were experiencing a RAINY say, just what we did not want.
But the early start crew were present at 5:30 am to do all of the setup work for the Car Show even if it was raining.
Once the day got under way the weather slowly, and I do mean slowly, improved but of course the poor weather at the start of the day did put a dampener on the day.
But it was great to receive all the help we did get throughout the day and it would be wrong to not make a special mention of a number of people who worked all day long and with out whose help we would really struggle.  The people outside of the Car Show Committee that should get special mention are Sam Biondi, Ian Wake, Lyn Squires,  Peter Rowlands and Bill van Diemen. With a special mention to Geoff Young who was there at 5:30 am and walked until he had to leave to go to the Avenues of Service.  If I missed someone then I do apologize, but everyone knows that I am not perfect.
To my fellow committee members Graeme Squires, George Blenkhorn, Tony Murray, Geoff Janssen and John Legione all I can say is a huge thank you and it is a pleasure to work with you all.
Here are some photos and obviously there are more that you can see by clicking on this link photoalbums/2019-car-show   
All exhibitors of vehicles on the day were given an entry in the random prize draws during the day and we gave away 9 minor prizes before we did the draw for the major prize, of a weeks accommodation at Inverloch, which was won by Lee Murray pictured here collecting the prize and with his car.
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Pre Car Show Meeting

SO last week we had a pre Car Show information night at our weekly meeting.
It was a short presentation that attempted to make sure everyone knew what would be required on the day and what the proposed layout of the grounds would be.
It was great to have some representatives from the Bunyip Garfield Club present  and the Car Show Committee except for Tony Murray ( who was away ) were presented to the meeting.  Not that we did not know who they were or some of their history with our club.
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OK, so the Racing Club offered us the chance to conduct a Rotary BBQ at the Good Friday Eve race meeting which we gladly did and we even made a profit of about a $150 in cash and have some stock left over as well.  So a BIG THANK YOU for all that attended and helped on the night.  So to Wal, Louise, Louise, George, Ian, Alan, Sandra and Simon, Ken and Marcia, Terry,  Marta and of course my wife Linda      THANK YOU and if I missed your name then I apologise.
And lets be honest how many Rotarians invite their wife to go to the races for dinner and a night out and then get them to cook as well.
See more photos in our photo album click here photoalbums/18th-april-2019
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MND Research and the Florey 

OK, so I got the e-mail below from Sue Blenkhorn and so below is the detail from the Inner Wheel newsletter.
Hi Grant & Goran
I write the newsletter for Inner Wheel
The attached is my work in progress for the month of May
I have tried to send you only page 6 as it contains an article from the Florey in Melbourne re IW & Rotary
I have added to it as many of our members are new & would not know about the money we raised for MND following the death’s of IW Member Betty Pritchard & Rotarian Rowley Harman.
At PROBUS Today I learnt of an MND Walk around the Lake on Sat 4th May at Noon & hope to get an IW Team Together
Rotary may like to get a team together in memory of Rowley & to raise much needed funds for Research for MND
So I am sending you our newsletter so you can get the info off if you want for the Scribe ( if you think its appropriate)
Your computer skills are so much better than mine so I am sure you will be able to do so even though I couldn’t!!!!!!
Oh and just so everyone remembers we have committed to running the BBQ for this event on the 4th of May, so lets hope we get a lot of helpers on the day.
More details re helpers will be forth coming.......
MND Research and the Florey 2019-04-19 14:00:00Z 0

Tonimbuk Fire Clean Up

So it has been reported to me that several of our esteemed Rotarians have been assisting with the clean up operations after the Tonimbuk fire,  it has been reported that Ian Wake helped as well but there do not seem to be any photos to confirm this.  He says he took the photos but we have no proof of this only Ian's word.  Oh alright we will give him some of the credit along with Geoff Young, John Boon and Terry Williams.
WELL DONE GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Patrick Ferry and WW1

Last Week’s Meeting:
Last week our guest speaker was Patrick Ferry, who was accompanied by his wife Janet.
Patrick is a professional archivist with the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne, which sounds
like an interesting topic in itself. 
He is also an historian and has written two books about St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Pakenham.  He has also written a book about World War 1 volunteers from the Pakenham District called: “A Century After the Guns Fell Silent”.
Patrick gave an extremely interesting and entertaining talk about the book with particular reference to some of the well known local identities and their families. It is an excellent book and was contracted for distribution to Historical Societies, Libraries and was not for sale to the public.
Free copies were given to families of the WW1 veterans featured in the book. The book can be accessed on the internet through:
Patrick is currently research for another book about people from the Pakenham District who served in World War 2.  
Report Courtesy of Ken Rook...
Oh and of course we had our usual Jokers Wild with our guest speakers wife drawing the winning ticket
And of course all that attended and those that did not attend were bitterly disappointed that our illustrious Secretary was unable to find the Joker.
Or were THEY ????
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Finish of Rotary Park Seats

OK, so I am told that the seats in Rotary Park have all been finished now and here are some pics that supposedly prove it.
At least this time there was no one sitting down on the job.
Finish of Rotary Park Seats 2019-04-14 14:00:00Z 0

Oh No Shed Fairies Have Been

OK, so all I know is that somehow I received some photos and it looks like the SHED FAIRIES have been at work in our Rotary Shed, and of course the big question is will it stay this tidy????
Oh No Shed Fairies Have Been 2019-04-14 14:00:00Z 0

Inner Wheel Invite

We have been asked to include the Invite below by the Inner Wheel of Pakenham, so if you can support their function than please do so.
Inner Wheel Invite 2019-04-14 14:00:00Z 0

AMP CAMP Last Week

So last week we had the privilege of listening to Therese and Jack Howell and here are some details and pics, thanks to Ken Rook.
Last Week’s Meeting:
We were fortunate to have two guest speakers last week. Therese Howell and her son Jack. 
Jack was born without a left hand and is classified as an amputee.
They were present to tell us about AMP CAMPS, a special camp for 12 – 21 year-old amputees.  These young people may have been born with a limb or limbs missing, like Jack, or may have lost a limb or limbs through accident or illness.
The 4 day camp is held each year in NSW for participants from throughout Australia.  Much of the information can be seen in the photos.
They gave an excellent and inspiring presentation which left us all highly impressed with the excellent work the camp is doing.
15 year old Jack is a promising triathlete having just finished 2nd Nationally in his age group against able bodied competitors.  He has qualified for training for the Paris Paralympics in 2024.
We will watch his progress with interest.
see more details here photoalbums/15th-april-2019    
Oh and of course we had Jokers Wild but Bill could not find the Joker....
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Cluster Event

OK, so our President received the flyer below and has asked me to put it in our SCRIBE, the e-mail that came with the flyer read as follows:
Hi fellow presidents,
We have managed to book a great guest speaker for Thursday May 9th and thought it would be a fantastic oppotunity for a cluster event.  This is not in order to raise money but to enjoy a fun night of fellowship.  We will also have a special presentation on the night for one of our members.
It is a partners night and I would love to see you there for a catch up on how our year is going.
The full details are in the attached flyer.
yours in Rotary,
President, Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills.
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Tree Plantings 

What a difference some time, say about 12 months, make to the trees we planted in Rotary Park.
Here is a young gentlemen, who planted this tree last year.
And here is the same young gentlemen a year later with the same tree, and my how they have both grown.
Tree Plantings 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Pakenham Rotary Golf Day

So the Rotary Club of Pakenham Golf Day will soon be with us so if you are interested you need to fill in the Entry Form and you may want to check out the Rules detailed below as well...
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Fire Assistance 

So after last Friday night I received the e-mail below from Terry Williams and it was discussed at last night's Board meeting.
Hi Grant

One thing we learnt on Friday night at Tonimbuk was the need for basic 
gardening tools, and tools in general- immediately.

Those who have lost everything don't have basic equipment to undertake 
the cleanup.

So thought the Rotary Club could ask members and friends for any tools 
they have that are excess to requirements for donation. The Club can be 
the collection point and I am sure Geoff Young would be happy to 
coordinate distribution. I have more hammers than I can use at any one 
time without having to look too far. I recently gave tools away and my 
neighbour took stuff to the tip as no one wanted it- their is a reason 
we hoard stuff!

Not sure if you need Board approval or just the approval of Pres. Goran- 
you can work on that.
The outcome is that Peter van Diemen has offered up Pakenham Produce as a drop off place for anyone who wants to donate tools to the Fire Relief program  and Geoff Young will co-ordinate the distribution of what ever is donated.
So check out your sheds and toolboxes and if you have spare tools then please drop them off at Pakenham Produce to help the fire relief effort.
Oh and again great thinking by Terry and anything we can do to keep Geoff Young busy is a good thing.
Fire Assistance 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Tonimbuk Fire Relief

OK, so the story goes that we were asked by the Shire if we could provide BBQ facilities for a Community Meeting being held at the Tonimbuk Hall as part of the Bush Fire Relief Program and even though it was initially announced that the BBQ was done by Lions, but quickly corrected to be Rotary, I believe our services were greatly appreciated.
So a big THANK YOU to George  for getting the meat, and to Ian and Terry for taking our trailer BBQ and then to Tim, Ken (with Marcia keeping an eye on him) and myself for doing the cooking.  Oh and of course a big WELL DONE to Geoff Young who is continuing to play a large part in the relief efforts and also a large part of the eating exercise. 
Well done to all involved......... 
Tonimbuk Fire Relief 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Club Service Last Week

OK, so last week we had a Club service meeting and we had a few of our club members talk to the group but we did not receive any write up of the evening but we do have some pics.  So you can work out what they may have been talking about.
Oh and yes the Jokers Wild was held again and it was with great regret that our Secretary was unable to find the Joker and of course everyone present was bitterly disappointed, or were they???? 
Club Service Last Week 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Inner Wheel

OK, so again we have pics but no write up but we can tell you that our president Goran attended the recent Inner Wheel meeting and handed over a cheque for their share of the Trailer Raffle profit.
Also in attendance was Geoff Young, who seems to be every where, and apparently he spoke about the Bush Fire Relief efforts...
Inner Wheel 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Biggest Morning Tea Invite

So please see below the information re the invite we received from the Inner Wheel for their Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday the 23rd of May.
Biggest Morning Tea Invite 2019-03-31 13:00:00Z 0

Tee Up For Kids

So in the wee small hours of last Friday, well to me they were wee small hours, we had three Rotary Club members set up and run the BBQ for the Bendigo Bank Tee Up For Kids Charity Golf Day.  It was a 5:30 am start at the Rotary Shed for myself and Louise Jackel, who had her first experience with the Rotary Shed, and a 6:15 am start for Des Wynne at the Golf Course.
To say that Des did a brilliant job of impersonating a Light Pole would be an understatement and Louise did a great job serving our hungry golfers as well as promoting the fact that the sausages were free.
So between the three of us we had a fun morning, well some one said it was, and we were finished by 8:30 am.
So a huge THANK YOU from me, to Louise and Des ........
Tee Up For Kids 2019-03-31 13:00:00Z 0

Our Visit to the Sikh Temple

So last week we did not have a normal club meeting but instead we had a visit to the new Sikh Temple in Officer.
Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the evening as we have no write up for the night, but we do know that there was about 22 Rotarians and partners and 17 Inner wheel people as well as some from the RSL and several local Police Officers.
More pictures are available in our photo album    photoalbums/26th-mar-2019-sikh-temple   
Our Visit to the Sikh Temple 2019-03-31 13:00:00Z 0

WORKING BEE or was IT???

It is reported that 9 hard working Rotarians placed 4 new seats in the ground last Saturday in trying conditions, wet to start with then hot and humid weather. Then around the other seats we dug around  boxed up and poured concrete around them, well all except 2 as they ran out of concrete.  They will organise another working bee in a couple of weeks to finish this part of our project.
I wish to thank all that participated in this worthwhile project cheers Ian Wake
Check out the photos below and one has to ask, did they work or just sit around in the park?????
WORKING BEE or was IT??? 2019-03-24 13:00:00Z 0

Last Week at the Races

OK, so last Tuesday there was no Club meeting as our meeting was transferred to the Thursday night at the Pakenham Race Club and it was good to see that we got 59 people to attend the night which was to promote The Rotary Foundation.
I am sure that everyone who attended had a really good night and we do need to offer a special thank you to District Governor Janne Spiers and her husband Charlie for attending along with all the other fine people who are not members of the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
To our own members who attended thank you from George Blenkhorn and the Rotary Foundation as your support is greatly appreciated.
There are no pictures as we did not want to incriminate anyone by their actions on the night nor highlight those who did not attend by their absence from the pics.
Oh and we do need to get a report from George as to how much money the DG made by making successful bets with the pool of money we contributed, or did she lose money?
Last Week at the Races 2019-03-24 13:00:00Z 0

Pakenham Show

Well the Pakenham Show has been and gone and went.
Yes the Rotary Club of Pakenham  once again was part of the Wally Wombat Trail at the Show, even though we did not officially see Wally the Wombat there are people who say they saw someone who was as large as Wally Wombat and just as slow but we can not be sure.
Many thanks to Tim Mepstead, Ian Wake, Peter Rowlands and Grant and Linda Austen for manning our stand for the day and not only promoting Rotary but also our upcoming Car Show.
Pakenham Show 2019-03-16 13:00:00Z 0

Meeting Last Week

NO meeting report was provided for last week but I can tell you that we inducted two new members being Louise Carter and Louise Jackel and we do hope they both enjoy their time with us at the Rotary Club of Pakenham.
We also had Jokers Wild and of course everyone was very pleased to see that Roger, even though he is thought to be a Joker, could not find the Joker in the deck and as such the prize jackpots.
We were privileged to have as guest speaker Jeffah Thabach who told us all about his journey from the South Sudan to eventually end up as a resident in Pakenham and of the struggle that not only he faced but also the South Sudanese community in our Shire.   It was an amazing story and Jeffah should be very proud of what he has achieved and we wish him nothing but prosperity  and happiness for the future.
Meeting Last Week 2019-03-16 13:00:00Z 0

5th of March Meeting

OK, so last week was a Club Service meeting and even though a lot was discussed not a lot was reported but we do have a couple of photos.
So our own  Josie Wilson gave a talk about the Rotary Junior Community Awards and our beloved Graeme Begg talked about the efforts of Rotary in the past during previous bush fires in the area, you can work out which is which from the photos.   Or can you ?????????
And then of course we had our normal drawing of the Joker's Wild and lots of people cheered when our Sergeant-at-Arms could not find the Joker, so the prize pool slowly grows bigger.....
5th of March Meeting Grant Austen 2019-03-10 13:00:00Z 0

Our Monthly Community Dance

How we deal with Issues ---
We conduct our monthly community dance at the U3A hall in Pakenham but as a result of the fires in Bunyip and surrounds on the night of March the 2nd we had to find another venue to conduct the dance.  This was quickly achieved by Dance organizer Ian Wake and so the club set about ensuring that those who did roll up could have a good night.  Below is Ian's quick report and some pics.....
Hi Grant, I thought you would like a report on this, we were advised by council that we could not use the hall for our monthly dance so had to look for another hall hence were able to use the Pakenham dance studio where 48 patrons turned up on such a very hot night,fortunately they had some fans and Peter Rowlands brought down 2 industrial fans which were a great help with the small number we still had a great time .I wish to sincerely thank all of my helpers on the night.
Cheers Ian
Our Monthly Community Dance 2019-03-10 13:00:00Z 0


OK, so it should be no surprise as to who it was that featured in the Berwick Rotary news letter this week, yes our one and only Josie Wilson...

Rotary Junior Community Awards

Our guest speaker this week was Josie Wilson from the Rotary Club of Pakenham, who presented information on the Junior Community Awards Program.
The Junior Community Award was originally designed by late Mitchell River Rotarian and school principal David Hawkey, to help develop resilience in young students.
It is specifically designed for students in grade 6. It is non-competitive and can be achieved by children of all physical and mental abilities. 
The program engages students in four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year:
  • community service - undertakes community volunteer work, such as 10 weeks of service of 1 hour per week assisting an individual, or an organisation
  • social experience - takes part in a community event, or attends an art exhibition, or experiences a different culture
  • physical recreation - shows personal improvement in a physical activity
  • skill development - learns a new skill, or improves an existing skill
A key component of the program is that the student maintains a diary, in which they present one page reports on their experience and achievements.
Rotary Clubs sponsor the schools, but the teachers and parents organise all of the experiences required to enable students to meet their goals. 
Rotary Clubs provide the diaries and inspect the finished products to determine whether an award is merited.
The Award promotes, leadership, confidence, self-worth, knowledge of the community, skill for life, positive values and social values.
Josie reported that 36 students from Pakenham Springs and St Patrick's Primary Schools received the Award recently.

February  25th Meeting

Well at last week's meeting we had the pleasure of having an interesting talk by our one and own Ken Rook on his passion for Butterflies and Bugs and it was very interesting to hear what he had to say and all of us that were in attendance were so glad he did not make us sit on the floor.
Here are a few of the pictures
and there are some more on our website which you can access via this link.     photoalbums/february-25th-2019
Oh and of course we ran the Jokers Wild again starting off a fresh after the annoyingly lucky Alan Chalmers had cleaned us out the previous week for the second time.  So the jackpot total is not a lot so maybe that is why this weeks winner did not select the joker, it would have been hardly worth the effort.  But the jackpot does start to grow again....
February 25th Meeting 2019-03-03 13:00:00Z 0
Shine On 2019-02-25 13:00:00Z 0

Yezdi  the Trainer

We received the following message from Yezdi with the photo.
Hi Grant,
Always a pleasure to read the contents of the Scribe. Keeps me connected to all friends in RC Pakenham. 
I have been appointed Assistant District Trainer for my RI District 3131 in Pune. We had the pleasure of RIDE Mark Malony attending the recently concluded President Elects Training Seminar. Attaching a photo of the District team with him.
Warm regards to you, Linda and all friends at Rotary Pakenham

Yezdi the Trainer 2019-02-25 13:00:00Z 0

7 Days Ago

Last Week, yes 7 days ago we had our normal weekly meeting during which we had a talk from James Raftery from Your Body Hub in Officer and James spoke to us about the value of Exercise Physiology in which he is fully qualified.
And during the night we had another draw of the Jokers Wild and to everyone's disappointment our not loved any more member Alan Chalmers drew the Joker thus making it the second time he has won the jackpot.
Perhaps we should ban him from ever winning again........
7 Days Ago 2019-02-25 13:00:00Z 0

The Meeting Last Week 

OK, so there was no information provided about our guest speaker last week but we do know that it was a talk about Angel Flight and the presenter David did a wonderful job of explaining Angel Flight to us all.  It was definitely an interesting talk and a meeting that was well run considering that our Past President Greg had to run the meeting on very short notice and the ever reliable Sam helped out as Sergeant and of course they both did a great job.  Thank you to both of you....
So some pictures from the night...
Oh and of course we had our Joker's Wild session and it was so sad when Josie did not find the Joker, and if it was so sad why did everyone clap when she missed out.
The Meeting Last Week 2019-02-17 13:00:00Z 0


OK, so we are looking for someone to donate a TV for our POP Up SHOP and if you check out the image below you will get an idea of what we are after.....
Oh and so you can get a feel for what our Pop up Shop will look like here is an artists impression, or at least someones idea, of what it will look like.
Our POP UP SHOP 2019-02-17 13:00:00Z 0

2019 Combined District Conference

So the 2019 Combined District Conference was held on the weekend and apparently some of those who attended from Our club got together on the Friday Night for dinner. 
And then during the Conference our very own Terry Williams was seen mixing it with the Big Wigs and was photographed presenting our District Governor Janne Speirs with a Ride to Conference Top to help recognise that they have raised over $1 million over the 18 years it has been held. 
Oh and Peter and Helen van Diemen were recognised for the fact that they have been involved in all of the rides so far, well done Peter and Helen....
2019 Combined District Conference Grant Austen 2019-02-17 13:00:00Z 0

Australia Day Done and Dusted

Well Australia Day has come and gone for another year and our Rotary Club definitely did it's bit.
A big Thank You to everyone who helped out on the day and made George Blenkhorn's job just that little bit easier.
Australia Day Done and Dusted 2019-02-03 13:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 29th January 2019

Last week we had the pleasure of receiving a talk from Stroke Safe about various aspects of stroke including how to tell what the warning signs of a stroke are.  The talk was given by  Rebecca Hogan a local girl who had everyone's attention and was a enthusiastic speaker.
Here are a couple of key points for you
The FISH gave our vote of thanks to Rebecca t the end of her very enlightening talk.
During the night we once again conducted our Joker's Wild and a lot of people were glad that it did not go off and jackpots again.
Last Week's Meeting 29th January 2019 2019-02-03 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Shed

So the work we have been doing on the front of the Rotary Shed has now been completed with Ian Wake and Geoff Janssen finishing of the painting of the clear way area.
It all looks really good now, and well done to all involved.
Rotary Shed 2019-02-03 13:00:00Z 0


So on Saturday Night there was another Community Dance held and someone failed to turn up to help clean up afterwards after promising to help, I wonder who that was......
But more importantly the numbers were the biggest yet for our monthly dance 161 people rocked up and a profit of $1930 Was raised.
Ian Wake the Dance Convenor would like to sincerely thank all of his helpers on the night without you these dances would not happen, next months dance looks to Ian like it will be 170+, do we need a bigger hall?
Cheers Ian
Dance Convenor.
WAKE'S DANCE 2019-02-03 13:00:00Z 0


What is Vocational Service?
Vocational Service is one of Rotary’s Avenues o Service.  Vocational Service calls every Rotarian to:
  • Aspire to high ethical standards in their  occupation;
  • Recognize the worthiness of all useful  occupations, and;
  • Contribute their vocational talents to the problems and needs of society.
  • Rotarians, clubs, and districts should implement the following strategies in their support of Vocational Service:
  • Strengthen the emphasis on vocation and classification in new member recruitment and induction.
  • Identify means of emphasizing vocation in club activities.
  • Create a stronger emphasis on business networking with integrity in Rotary at the club and district level.
  • Focus more attention on business networking with integrity as a means of attracting and mentoring the new generation.
  • Emphasize the connection between the Four Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct (formerly called: Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions) and their importance to the values of Rotary.
When professionals join a Rotary club, they do so as a representative of their classification – their particular business or profession.
Rotarians have the dual responsibility of representing their vocation within the club and exemplifying the ideals of Rotary within the workplace.
One of the central goals of Vocational Service is to promote and advance Rotary’s high ethical standards. Two useful tools Rotarians have to assess these standards are
VOCATIONAL SERVICE 2019-02-03 13:00:00Z 0


Please do not forget that we are representing the Rotary Club of Pakenham at the Australia Day Celebrations on Saturday at the Cardinia Cultural Centre and the wonderful George Blenkhorn is still looking for people to assist so if you can help either between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm or 1:30 pm an 4:00 pm then please let George know by e-mail at your earliest convenience his e-mail is thanks for all those who do help on the day..........
AUSTRALIA DAY 2019-01-23 13:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 22 Jan 2019

Last Week’s Meeting:
We were fortunate to have two guest speakers last week.  Past District Governor Brian Norris and his wife Kerrie.
Kerrie is the District Youth Service Chair and she gave us a brief overview of youth programs in the District.  Kerrie also complemented our club on the excellent youth program we conduct.
Brian is the District Youth Protection Officer and gave us a detailed overview of the importance of policies the we must have to ensure the safety of the youth in our community.  He covered the Working With Children Act, Insurance implications and Rotary Policies.  He also complimented our club on our compliance with all regulations.  It was reassuring to know that we are doing thing the correct way.
We also restarted the Joker's Wild but it did not go off so the money now starts to build again.
And once again we had Lyn Bunce's special friend from England,  Allen Davis, and he was given one of our club Caps to wear to Rotary back home. 
Hope to see you all there again next week...... 
Last Week's Meeting 22 Jan 2019 2019-01-23 13:00:00Z 0

This Week's Agenda 29th January 2019


Pakenham Rotary Club Weekly Meeting – Tuesday 29/1/19

Tuesday Nights

6.45 pm – 8.00 pm


6.15 – 6.45

Welcome – Meet & Greet (Ian Wake)

All members to make guests/speakers feel welcomed & to meet & greet each other.

6.45 pm – 6.55 pm

Sergeants Opening

  • Toast
  • Any remarks/anecdotes etc. (Optional)
Presidents Address:    (Greg)
  • Welcome Members & Guests
  • Acknowledge Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Provide update on the nights proceedings
  • Secretaries Update
  • Treasurers Update

6.55 pm – 7.20 pm


  • General Member updates/announcements
  • (BBQ’s, Conference, International mother language day.)

7.20 pm – 8.00 pm


  • Guest Speakers Presentation + Questions
  • Rebecca Hogan - StrokeSafe
  • Chair:
  • Sergeants session     
  • Close

8.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Fellowship – Conversation - Collaboration



This Week's Agenda 29th January 2019 2019-01-23 13:00:00Z 0

Last Week 15th January 2019 

Well I am certain that everyone who attended last week had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality offered by Keith and Susan Shelton. 
It was extremely pleasant having a lovely Pot Roast Dinner with everyone having plenty to eat including very nice Coleslaw etc.
Keith was generous enough to show us around the Coolstore and give us an insight into the history of the place and it certainly had some history.
It was great to see so many members and guests turn up on a lovely balmy night and it certainly ensured we had some really good fellowship as well.
Here are a couple of Photos from the night
The photos are of course courtesy of Ken Rook.
You can check out all the photos in our photo gallery via this link photoalbums/january-15th-2019   
So once again a huge thank you to Keith and Susan Shelton for their hospitality and to Ian Wake for organising the great night.
Last Week 15th January 2019 2019-01-20 13:00:00Z 0

President's Ponderings for 2019 nbr 1

Hi All,
What a start to the year weather wise, hope everyone has been slapping on the sunscreen and enjoying the fabulous Melbourne weather. As you are aware unfortunately I have to be on a cruise for the next 2 weeks sailing around NZ and Tasmania and can’t be with you but it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make. It’s been a great beginning to the year with the visit to the new Golf Club premises and  Shelton’s cool store. It really is impressive what we have in our local community. Well done to Roger, Ken & Ian for organizing everything. While I’m away you will be in the more than capable hands of Past President Greg Peck, who will be taking the next couple of meetings. Australia day is also fast approaching and if it is anything like last year we will again have a huge role to play and further promote our club and the Rotary brand. George is doing a great job in coordinating the day so please assist where you can.
Don’t forget that conference is only a few weeks away now, thank you to everyone who had already registered and for those unsure it is still not too late register. It will be an amazing few days and provide a great stimulus for the rest of the year.
Have a great couple of weeks everyone & I’ll see you all in early February.
 Coming up:
  1. Brian Morris – District Youth Protection
  2. Saturday 26th: Australia Day @ Cardinia Cultural Centre
  3. Tuesday 29th: Rebecca Hogan – StrokeSafe
  4. Feb 15th: District Conference
President's Ponderings for 2019 nbr 1 2019-01-20 13:00:00Z 0

Last Weeks Activity

Firstly let me say that between Past President Greg and Sergeant Graeme and the great job they did no one noticed the absence of our President.
OK, so last week we had the pleasure of Greg Peck and Roger Thornton giving us a very interesting talk on their recent trip to Balibo.
It was very informative and gave us all a true look into what it is like in Balibo not just for the children but for everyone. 
It was good to see a number of partners and guests attend our meeting and I am sure we all walked away with a much better understanding about life in Balibo.
There was no Jokers Wild this week and I guess it will start again in the next few weeks and lets hope no wins anything before I get back and that the pot builds. 
Oh and by the way from now until January our Past President Greg will be filling in for me whilst I take a break to South America.
So from me and my wife have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Your Scribe Editor and Secretary.
Last Weeks Activity 2018-11-02 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Shed Face Lift

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our Rotary Shed has received a face lift and as can be seen below it is now very clear as to whose shed it is and that we do exist.
Well done Ian Wake for getting this done so quickly.
Rotary Shed Face Lift 2018-11-02 13:00:00Z 0


Primary School Public Speaking Competition 2018
Our 21st Primary School Primary School Public Speaking Competition saw 24 students representing 12 schools from Nar Nar Goon, Officer and Pakenham present their speeches on a wide range of interesting and complex topics to an audience of around 110.  This was a record entry and record attendance.
Once again the quality was outstanding and judges Lyn Bunce, Helen van Diemen and Barry Morris, had an extremely difficult task.  Scores were so close it took scorer Des Wynne and assistant Alan Chalmers quite a while to finalise the winners.
Champion Speaker:  Paige Martin.  Chiaro Christian School.   Topic: “Lifestyle Differences Between South Africa and Australia.”
1st Runner Up: Joshua Ralph.  St. James Catholic Primary School.  Topic: “The Debate Against Public Speaking.””
2nd Runner Up: Vanessa Luong.  St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.  Topic: “Poverty.”
President’s Award: Maddison Wilkin.  St. Clares Catholic Primary School.  Topic: “Why Girls Should Have the Choice to Wear Pants.”
Encouragement Award: Hannah Waterhouse.  St. James Catholic  Primary School.  Topic: “Real Learning Does Not Occur in the Classroom.”
All students were excellent and once again their choice of topics was amazing.  We heard about all sorts of things including:  Ned Kelly. Creativity, The Positive Power of Laughter, Respecting Women, The Drought, Mindfulness, Comfort Zones, Electric Cars, Autism and The Richmond Football Club to name a few.
Feedback from teachers, parents and students was once again outstanding and our new Rotary shirts looked great scattered around the room.  Thanks to all who assisted and attended.
PP Ken Rook.
PUBLIC SPEAKING 2018-10-28 13:00:00Z 0